October 22nd 202X

6 years have passed since the incident with Springtrap. While everyone had completely forgotten about it, one porcupine certainly hadn't, that porcupine being Flaky, who still remembers the event in every gruesome way possible, she always remembered what happen on those days whenever Halloween was near. Last year she went to the horror attraction as Flippy was going and for once, she actually wasn't as scared as she used to be, as Flippy was cuddling her at all times. She was shot straight out of her thoughts as her phone began ringing, it gave her a little shock at first before picking it up to see that it was her old time friend Cuddles, she hadn't heard from him since last year as he went on a climbing trip to Mount Everest. Excited to hear from her old time friend again she smiled as she answered.

Flaky: Hello Cuddles. Cuddles: Heya Flakes, long time no see eh.

Flaky: Y-Yeah, how was the trip, did you g-get hurt at all? Cuddles: Nope everything went quite smoothly actually... Aside from when I thought landing belly first onto hard ice was a good idea. Hearing that, Flaky's mood didn't change, she knew how much of a daredevil he was, so she wasn't surprised to hear that he had injured himself. Flaky: Oh, are you o-ok now? Cuddles: Yeah, I'll be discharged in about a week once I see the X-rays, apparently I broke one or two of my ribs but I don't feel anything. Flaky: W-Well it's probably best to check and see if you h-have, it could be serious Cuddles. Cuddles: I'll be find Flakes, you just worry too much that's all. Flaky: A-Alright then, see you soon Cuddles. Cuddles: See you soon Flakes *Hangs Up*

Flaky looks over at her clock checking the time, 8:37am her normal wake up time. She was the early bird of the tree friends and for one good reason, she wanted to get everything and do everything she needed before disaster struck. She gets out of bed and begins heading downstairs to have breakfast before going out to the mall.

With it being October the sun waited until the later hours of the morning before it decided to hang itself in the sky. Birds were chirping, the grass moved in pattern with the wind as it blew it in the northern direction. The leaves that once were on trees had fallen down to dominate the footpaths.

As Flaky made her way towards the mall, being careful by always checking her surroundings every minute or so, she noticed someone sitting on a bench in the park. Flaky: Is that... Flippy?! Now Flippy was never an early bird tree friend, far from it but rather, he was a night owl. But for some reason or another, he was there, sat on the bench in the park. Since most of the tree friends don't wake up until around 10AM, she had about 30 minutes to see him, so she did.

Flippy heard footsteps coming towards him and looked up to see no other than Flaky coming towards him. Flippy: Heya Flaky. Flaky: H-Hi Flippy, what are you doing up so early. Flippy: ... Flaky: F-Flippy, your scaring me, w-w-what's w-wrong?

Flippy: I had a nightmare of the events that occurred 6 years ago, and I have a feeling that he's still around. Flaky: Well, you n-not the only one, I've remembered that s-same event for the last s-several years. Flippy: Yeah, but what if he is still around, what if he had survived the fire. Lumpy: Survived what fire?!

The couple turn to see Lumpy butting into their conversation. Flippy: Lump's what the hell are you doing up so early? Lumpy: I just came to tell you that when me an handy were rebuilding your house 6 years ago I found a body, and since I didn't want to be accused I kinda put it in your basement. Flaky's eyes began to shrank, did lumpy find Springtraps body and put it in Flippy's basement.

Flippy: What did the body look like, Lumpy. Flippy's eyes were beginning to twitch in anger of what Lumpy had done. Lumpy: it looked like a very dark green rabbit with a black head, there was also a costume head so I just sticked it onto your basement table. Flippy: So all this time, you have put that 'thing' in my base Kent and NOW YOU TELL ME ABOUT IT!? Flaky had a very hard time trying to hold Flippy back, he was a lot stronger than flaky and even though Flaky was now 5ft 2, Flippy was 5ft 10.

Flaky: Flippy, p-please calm down, we could j-j-just ask him to b-bury him? Flippy stopped for a moment, taking Flaky's idea into consideration before going with it being the perfect plan to dispose of him. Flippy: Yes, in fact, Lumpy, you can come with me and we are going to bury him, and I want him deep down. Lumpy: Alrighty then. Flippy: I'll catch you later Flakes, i have to take care of this. Flaky: o-ok then. She watched them walk off in the direction of Flippy's house, she checks her watch, 9:30AM 'shoot' she thought as she quickly raced off to the mall to gather her shopping.

As she was shopping she was glad, they were going to finally get rid of the nightmare that haunted them both for the last 6 years, they were finally going to put it to an end...


Lumpy and Flippy begin their decent into Flippy's basement, being careful not to trip as the light switch was at the bottom. As they reached the bottom Flippy hit the switch and the lights flashed on, revealing before them the animatronic. The costume was burned and charred everywhere, very few parts of the costume were left uncharred, its right hand was missing a finger, the chest was extremely damage to the point that simply touching it could cause it to fall to pieces, the head still had the costume head on, but only the top half, the lower jaw was missing, exposing the lower jaw of the rotting head inside. The top half of the head was severely damaged, the holes around the eyes were much larger and a few of the teeth were missing. Flippy didn't even flinch at the sight of the animatronic that stood before him, he began approaching it before slamming his hand into Springtraps left eye and pulled it out, causing the eye to fly off somewhere and for wires to poke out of the socket that was once inhabited the left eyeball.

Flippy: Alright Lumpy, let's get this thing outside. Lumpy: Okie dokey. Together they lift the animatronic out of the basement and towards the graveyard where tree friends had permanently died. They together dug a 15ft hole and used a ladder to climb out of it, then came to Flippy's favourite part, shoving him into the coffin and into the hole. But as they did so, in the distance, a figure watched on as they buried Springtrap.


The hole was filled and now Flippy could rest in peace knowing that the nightmare that haunted him 6 years ago was now put to rest. Flippy: Thanks for helping me out there lumpy, you don't know how bad this thing was. Lumpy: How bad was he? Flippy: Lets just leave it at that, ok. Lumpy: But how ba- Flippy: Just leave it at that Lumpy, ok. They left the graveyard and went on with their normal lives.

Later that night, Flippy at his home thought it would be a great idea to take Dlajy on a date as in celebration of what had happened just over 6 hours ago. He picked up his phone and dialled her number and as if only a second has passed, she answered.

Flaky: Hey Flippy. Flippy: heya sweet cheeks, listen, I was wondering if you...

Flaky: If I..? Flippy: Would like to go on a date with me? He held his breath and waited for a response.

Flaky: Of course I would, I've never actually been on a date before so I'm g-glad your the first, where do you want to have our d-date? Flippy thought about it for a moment before taking the Happy Tree cafe as his best bet.

Flippy: How about the Happy Tree cafe? Flaky: That sounds great, w-what time? Flippy: Anytime you want sweety. Flaky: How about maybe 4PM tommorow. Flippy: Perfect, I'll see you there sweetheart. Flaky: see ya *hangs up*

Flippy cannot believe what just happened before him, he had set up a date for the first time in his life with someone who hasn't even been on a date before.

Flippy then looked at the time, 10:32PM. He thought to himself 'I better set an alarm for 2:30PM so that I have plenty of time to get ready. He sets the alarm and heads of to bed to rest for the night.

At the graveyard, it was a dark and stormy night, the rain began shooting down hard at the ground, puddles forming within minutes. At Springtraps grave of which lumpy had stuffed his shovel into the ground where Springtrap laid, lightning struck, sparks scattered everywhere. Inside the coffin, the body began shaking violently twitching in inhumanly ways. His eye shot open as a sudden rush of strength dashed through his circuits as he broke the coffin lid. The ground that laid in front of the tombstone began rumbling before an arm shot out. He pulled himself out and check pea around him before speaking once more.

Springtrap: tttttttthe soul- oul- oul stillllll livesss...