After 2 Long and tiring weeks of putting together animatronic parts, voice boxes and painting it. It was ready, ready for Flaky's ego to have a shot at it for her self. Sniffles had spent the last 2 weeks creating a body that looked very identical to Flaky with the minor exception that he made the eyes purple rather than ruby colour, satisfied with his new found creation he made sure everything was in working order, he checked the hands first, making sure the fingers curled up and out smoothly. He covered every single animatronic part and device to prevent them from rusting at all and making the move to stiff. He then checked the flexibility of the arms and the legs, ensuring they moved and stopped where they were supposed to, it did making a little irritating sound but it's really the only thing he was unable to fix so they'll hopefully get used to it. After checking just about everywhere, it was time to call Flaky, and bring her over. He walked over to his table and picked up his cellular, he scrolled through his contacts until he was met with Flaky's, he tapped her name and put the phone against his ear as he waited for a response, he couldn't wait to tell her the great news.

Flaky: H-Hello? Sniffles: Hey Flaky.

Flaky: Oh, hey Sniffles, what's up? Sniffles: I just finished working on something your ego may like for the past two weeks, and I was wondering if you could come over and get your ego ready for it.

Flaky went silent on the line before speaking. Flaky: I'll be over, just, give me a few minutes, ok. Sniffles: Alright then, but don't take too long now, I think I might just drop from all the non-stop work I've been doing. *Hangs Up*

Sniffles eyelids began getting heavy as he made his way towards his coffee machine, he got out a mug, but, before he could even place it down, he collapsed to the floor, resulting in the mug smashing against his head as shards lodged themselves into him like nails on a plank of wood. He would've screamed but due to his tiredness he didn't feel the slightest of pain, at all.


Flaky drove down the street and made a right turn to Sniffles lab, it was high noon so she was careful not to hit anyone at all. After merely avoiding cub 3 times, she finally made it to his lab. Flaky: Pop, really n-needs to learn to control c-cub, something could happen to him one day... She let that thought drain out her head as she made her way towards the front door, she knocked 3 times and waited for a response... but nobody came, she knocked again, this time 4 times and slightly louder, still nothing, she started to panic as she began banging on the door. Flaky: S-S-Sniffles, a-are in there? A-Answer me p-please! She then ran around the back, luckily for her, Sniffles always kept a window open due to how hot it got in his lab whenever her did work. She painfully pulled out two of her quills and ascended up the wall. She reached the window and climbed right through it before falling onto the floor below her, unfortunately for her, when Sniffles passed out he had also unintentionally knocked over a box of tacks, causing them to spill all over the floor.

Flaky: AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH! Ow Ow Ow, God d-damn, Owie. She got up and looked at her self, tacks had lodged everywhere in her, luckily non hit her eye but a lot got into her palms and arms. She began pulling them out, painfully as for everyone that was pulled out, a little bit of blood began leaking out. She eventually got them all out and saw Sniffles next to her passed out on the floor, she gasped in shock and quickly ran to go find the first aid kit. She grabbed it off the counter and began slowly removing the glass shards one by one out the side of his head, she then applied plasters all over before bandaging her arms and carrying him to his bed. She went over and got out a mug and made him some coffee while she waited for him to wake up. She nearly fell asleep waiting for him when he finally rose, he felt the side of his head, feeling the plasters, it did sting a little bit as he winced slightly, he turned over to see Flaky who brought him some coffee.

Sniffles: Thanks Flaky, wait, how did you get in, exactly? Flaky: You left one of your windows open so I used my quills to climb up the wall and get in.

Sniffles: And what happened to your arms? Flaky: When I dropped in, I landed on tons of tacks that were on the floor, you must've knocked the box over when you passed out, infact, I suggest you drink a little bit of you coffee before you show me what you done.

Sniffles: Ugh, fine. He took a sip from his coffee, it was annoying having to stay in bed for a few minutes but he couldn't blame Flaky, she hardly took risks and wanted to make sure whoever she was taking care of was taking care of them properly and safely. After a few minutes, he got up and took her to a completely blackened room. Flaky: S-Sniffles, I c-can't see anything, w-w-what g-going on? Sniffles simply chucked, freaking her out a little more before he hit the light switch. Flaky shielded her eyes due to the sudden brightness, but once she moved her arms away from her eyes, she was amazed by what she saw.

Standing in the centre of the room was an animatronic version of her, it looked exactly like her except for the eyes of which they were purple in colour compared to her ruby ones. Flaky: H-How did you, I, WHAT!? Sniffles: This explains the photo I took of you 2 weeks prior. Now let me get it setup. He got a chair and placed it parallel to the animatronic, he got Flaky to sit down as he placed the dream helmet back on her, only this time round, he made sure he could undo the straps. Sniffles: Now I've adjusted the settings so that it will only transfer you ego and not you, understood? Flaky: Y-Y-Yep. She said as she shook nervously. Sniffles: Alright then, lets go! fŁàKŷ: ŴäìT, ŴhÅtŠ gøÏńG O- AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH. Sniffles flipped the switch as bolts of electric sparked everywhere, Flaky shook quite violently during the process, after 10 seconds it deactivated and Flaky undid the straps herself as she took it off, she held her head in great pain.

Flaky: Owie, my head h-hurts. Sniffles got out an ice pack and placed it on her head, she at first was surprised by how cold it was. She then heard robotic parts moving.

fŁàKŷ: What the? fŁàKŷ placed her hands on her mouth in shock as she realised she could now speak clearly and no longer creepy at all, she at first found it quite hard to walk as she had never been in an animatronic body before cheering with joy, she now finally had a body of her own. fŁàKŷ: Yipee, yaya. Sniffles walked up to her. Sniffles: Welp, how you liking the new body I made for you?

fŁàKŷ: Its amazing man, I can finally speak clearly, I can move freely and best of all, I don't sound creepy at all, ha ha. Sniffles: Good, now Flaky, if any problems occur, bring her back and I'll fix her, ok. Flaky: Will do Sni-

?: FFFFFFFFFFForgettttting- ing- ing ssssomeonnne...

Everyone jumped at the sudden voice that boomed the room, it sounded old and rusty. Sniffles: Who's there.

?: Who do you tttttttttttthink, the the the- *Distortion* tttthink, the pizzzzzzza delivery gggggguy? Heheheheh.

The laugh made out how it was all too clear for them to not know who it was, they didn't even get a chance to say his name as he walked into the room. Flaky: What d-do you w-want now? Springtrap sighed and waited in silence for what felt like minutes before he spoke.

Springtrap: I wwwwwanttt you, to killlll me. Flaky: WHAT!? M-Me, b-but why me

Springtrap: Because you, are ttttthe one who has truly- ly- ly- lay defeated mmmme. He then pulls out his machete, drops it on the flor, and kicks it towards Flaky. She trembled at first, before picking up the blade. She slowly walked over towards him, she slowly lifted the blade above her head as she prepared to strike, Springtrap simply just stood there as he held his arms stretched out in a T-Pose. It set of a memory she had when she saw him die, the animatronic parts broke lose as they shifted back into the T-pose, killing him in the process. The mental images raided her head, causing her to drop the blade. Flaky: I c-can't, I just can't. Springtrap then walked over and picked up the machete, he looked at it one last time before he pressed it against his neck.

Springtrap: I guess if youuuuu what things ddddddddone, you gottttta do it your- our- our- our ssself. He then drew the blade right through his neck, causing his head to slowly drop of and land right in front of Flaky, causing her to faint in shock. Sniffles and fŁàKŷ sighed in relief.

The nightmare, was now finally...

Over... as the lights behind Springtraps eyes slowly... but surely...

Faded to nothing but darkness...