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My thanks to CajunBear73 and Sentinel103 who have provided inspiration, plot hole detection and valuable editing and even more valuable kicking around ideas on parts of this story. Any remaining problems with this story are entirely my property. :)

All the Kim Possible characters belong to Disney, Kala the Mangani was the brainchild of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and nobody owns little kittens, they own you. The name "Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow" is from Steve Jackson's game Illuminati.

Partner in Life

Kim was too anxious to wait any longer in her lonely apartment for Ron to return. Her condition, a case of blood contamination from Drakken's Super High Pollinator formula, was getting worse. The contamination, almost like an algae slime in her blood, interfered with oxygen transport. Strong light shining directly on her body was the only known treatment.

After turning on her vacuuming bot to clean the place, she got in her car and drove through a strangely deserted Middleton looking for him.

Kim drove back from the lake after finding no one was there. She drove by Ron's house even though she knew that his parents were out of town and Ron was out. Sure enough, no one was home.

A convertible with the top down drove by blasting out an old O'Boys tune, the glint of blond hair and mirrored sunglasses reflecting the setting sun caught her eye - Ron! She quickly turned her car around, but the car was gone. She was sure it was Ron. 'Maybe he is looking for me', she thought. She drove back to her apartment thinking she had to get to where she could be found. Running up to her apartment, she nearly passed out, it was getting so hard to breathe. "Kim!" said Eric, "Is it the plant mutation again? Let's get you in the toaster.". Eric quickly undressed her down to her panties. There were great dark green blotches spreading over her body. He picked her up in his arms in a bridal carry and was carrying her toward the bed with its bright lights when Ron walked in the door. "KP, Drakken said I needed to… KP? What's going on?"

"Ron, I can explain," Kim gasped, "just a minute."

"KP, I think I see what is going on. I won't be a bother to you any longer" Kim noticed that Ron was not looking at her, but at the floor by the door. Without looking back, he walked out of the apartment. Kim struggled to get free, but she didn't have any strength. Eric put her on the bed and under the lights saying, "Don't worry Kimmy, I won't make you crazy, and your throwing surprises my way won't make me scream."

The blotches quickly shrank as the bright lights shone on them. Kim raised her head and looked at the floor where Ron had been looking. Next to the door was her spare mission pack, next to that was a strange backpack. Her stupid vacuuming robot had pushed Ron's backpack into the corner.

Kim struggled to get to the door. Looking out she saw Ron sitting at a picnic table in the courtyard, tears in his eyes. Raising his hand, he called "Lotus Blade". A short sword flew into his hand. Somebody shouted, "Sir, put the weapon down!" She tried to cry out to him, call the Blade, anything, but she had no breath. "Tanto" he commanded, putting the knife handle on the table and resting his head on the blade with its tip under his chin. Ron issued one last command, "Katana!"

Kim woke up in a cold sweat with a scream.[1]

Yori was instantly at her side, sliding into the seat next to her, "Kim! It was only a dream! It was only a dream…" She put her arm around the distraught teen.

"Can you tell me what it was about?", Yori softly asked.

"I was looking for Ron. I couldn't find him and when he found me, he thought I had replaced him and he," Kim choked back a sob, "he killed himself with the Lotus Blade."

"Let me get you some water," Yori said, handing her a small towel.

"Please and thank you, Yori." Kim used the towel to blot sweat from her face and neck.

Kim's thoughts strayed back to a conversation she had with her mom after the family meeting.

After the family had decided where they were all staying for the summer, Kim still found herself obsessed with Ron's response to her asking him to marry her. Her question was meant to be light hearted, although it was honest. If Ron had said "yes" like she expected, then the discussion would have turned to when and she expected the date to be after they finished college.

Cornering her Mom in the kitchen, she had asked, "Mom, why doesn't Ron want to marry me?"

"Don't know honey… but do you know this Cassie person that your brother Jim is tutoring?"

"No idea who she is," Kim tried to get her Mom back on track, "But I know Ron loves me…"

"Is this a private conversation, or can any mom join?" Jean pulled up a chair and sat down with a cup of coffee.

"Sure Jean, we are trying to figure out how your son's brain works, feel free to chime in. You haven't heard of a nursing student named Cassie, have you? Apparently, Jim is now tutoring nursing students in physics."

"Well, Mrs. Anderson has a daughter named Casandra, I think she is studying to be a nurse…", Jean looked thoughtful.

"MOM! Mrs. Stoppable! Please!"

"Oh, all right Kimmy. Why do you want to marry Ron?" Ann asked.

"Because I love him and want to do the together forever thing," Kim thought that part was obvious. "And I guess I am worried about this Blue Heart Society sitch and upcoming separation splitting us up somehow," she added in a smaller voice.

"Jean, why did you and Gene get married?" Ann asked.

"Well, our families had been pushing for us to marry for a while, we did like each other, and we wanted to start a family."

"Kimmy, why do you think I married your dad? I had his love and undying devotion, I had him taking me to his bed, He had given me you, what else did I need?

"You decided that you loved him back?" Kim made the obvious guess.

"Kimmy, I do love your dad, but that wasn't the reason. My status as a surgeon buys me very little outside of Middleton General. If your dad is in a strange emergency room, saying 'I'm a surgeon. I want to see James now' carries no weight. But now, I can say, 'I'm James's wife, get the hell out of my way, I want to see my husband!' That's why I married him. The question to ask is what does Ron see marriage as and what does he want from it?"

"I actually know the answer to this," Gene wandered over, "We had a father and son discussion about it once. Marriage is a partnership between people who will go through life together sharing all that life brings, good and bad."

"But Ron is already my partner!" Kim almost wailed.

"Kimmy, I'd bet that if I asked him right now, he would say he was your mission sidekick and if I really pushed him, he'd say that he was your mission sidekick until someone better for you came along…" Ann declared then added, "You know in your heart what I am telling you is true considering how Ron thinks of himself.".

When her Mom said that, Kim thought it was silly for Ron to think that he was a replaceable sidekick. On the heels of her nightmare, she decided that it was absolutely unacceptable for Ron to think that way.

Lately, she had tried to tell him he wasn't a sidekick, that he was important to her and that she was never going to find a more capable mission partner. But she feared that her words were not going to be enough. So, it had to be shown with actions.

It was only a matter of time until Ron did something so spectacularly heroic that even Ron would have to realize that he was "Really all that", and that there was nobody better for her as a mission partner. But people who did that are often praised as heroes at their funeral. To be honest with herself, she hadn't really talked about wanting Ron as a life partner. She had foolishly thought that he should already know that.

She knew that Ron was disappointed that she left almost two weeks early, but she had to leave early because…

Because why? She called Ron her partner, but blowing him off to attend an unplanned training opportunity the day after she had gotten upset with him for not believing he was good enough to be her partner was pretty stupid. She turned to Yori who was now holding out a bottle of cold water to her.

"Thanks, Yori. You would make a good mom," Kim took a drink from the bottle.

"You are welcome and thank you, Kim-san"

"We are stopping in San Francisco to refuel, right?"


"I have to get off and go back to Middleton. I'll go to China directly and meet up with Hirotaka in two weeks. I'll come for Lotus Blade training at another time."

"Is something wrong?"

"Just need to show myself what I am made of."

"This training is important, Kim-san. You may need it in the future."

"Yori… I have to work on getting the future I want first."

1) Kim's nightmare was taken from a songfic I had started, but not completed. Can you guess the song? The irony is that the song is about love that endures.

Our Story So Far

(Imagine this summary of "Graduation in MAYhem" scrolling up your screen with dramatic music playing…)

On a backwater planet named Earth, Ron had a curse put on him at birth that makes people get his name wrong. (Handy if people are trying to find you to wipe out your genetic line, a pain in the butt for everything else, like college applications.)

Intervention by someone who was quite happy to help split him and Kim apart has gotten him accepted into Eastern State University. After the events of "Graduation Day", Kim decides that not doing the planning and work to go to college with him was a mistake and her new plan is to "spend a semester or two to find herself" while Ron gets a semester or two under his belt to "find himself, plus get some college credits" and then they will continue college together.

Rufus has found that he has children courtesy of DNAmy (AKA Lady Amelia Fiske-Hall) and is taking time away from Ron to be with them. Rufus being a sensible mole rat knows where he is and sees no reason to look anywhere else for himself.

Both Kim and Ron are products of the Blue Heart Society. This group is dedicated to the elimination of diseases with genetic roots by strictly voluntary selective breeding and more recently, gene editing. In Ron and Kim's case the goal was producing people with special qualities. Both are expecting to get a request to have children with a selected partner. Ron, in fact, got a contract offer at the close of the story.

Kim and Ron have developed a very physical side to their relationship. Pretty much everything except penetrative intercourse as the MMP's Avatar believes that doing that will, in their case, produce pregnancy with an almost 100% chance. Still, as both can attest, one can still give and receive lots of pleasure even with that constraint.

Kim and Ron disagree on who the Chosen One is. Ron was pretty crushed when he realized that Kim was supposed to get the Mystical Monkey Power when the jade statues broke and feels like he is a fake who will have everything taken away from him when the mistake is discovered.

It is accurate to say that Ron and Rufus are the hosts of the Mystical Monkey Power and Kim can call the Lotus Blade to her hand. It is less generally known that it will also come to Joss. Unlike other people, Kim and Joss need not be imbued with MMP to handle the Lotus Blade. Ron and Rufus can imbue others temporarily with MMP. Ron also hosts the MMP's avatar which he and Kim have communicated with.

During the attack of the Lowardian landers, Dr. Drakken defended Chicago and surrounding cities using his mutant high pollinator formula. After Ron and Kim defeated (gruesomely killed to be exact) Warhawk, Drakken and Shego carried Team Possible to safety along with a Lowardian crewman, "WP", who was there to video record the "hunt for the prisoners Kim and Ron". WP is the only survivor of the Lowardian attackers, has a thing for romance novels and likes to imagine himself as part of a Three Musketeers novel.

After the events of Graduation Day, Dr. Drakken used his rejuvenator to make himself roughly ten years younger. His motivation was to make himself more attractive to help him woo Shego, which he is surprisingly successful in doing. It also helps that Shego is not put off by a "lover with leaves".

Dr. Drakken has gone straight and is currently working with the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida. Or as he puts it, the "real scientists, not mad scientists".

To make a long summary of an even longer story short, Kim, Ron, and Rufus have all parted ways and plan to reunite in the not too distant future.

Children of God

(Turn up low frequency rumbling from surround sound speakers, please)

The Imperial Heavy Cruiser Peacemaker flashed out of hyperspace two light weeks from Celestial Object catalog number 1e884f1f-dc50-4694-8e72, an ordinary water world orbiting an ordinary star in the middle of nowhere. They were investigating a report that rebels had hired a pirate light cruiser and two factory ships in search of something called "The Great Blue" to help them overthrow the Empire. The two light weeks distance effectively allowed them to see two weeks into the past, to see if they should charge in with guns blazing or approach quietly.

Commander Pakshok didn't believe for a moment that any single planet could have something that could threaten the Empire. No matter what color it was supposed to be. While the telemetry techs setup the thousand meter array, he decided to get some sleep, his experience was that those technical people took their sweet time calibrating everything just so.

Later, rested and awake, he went to the Battle Command Center. Replacing Lt Commander Paksescu at the command console, he inquired, "What has telemetry got for us?"

"Sir," Paksescu replied, "We've moved in with micro jumps to within seven light days." He brought up a slightly fuzzy picture of a blue planet hanging in space. "We believe these two orbiting objects are the factory ships and this smaller one is the light cruiser. The light cruiser drops out of orbit several times with factory ships in a stable orbit until here." The picture changed. "We believe that something happened on the other side of the planet. The factory ships should be seen in this picture, but instead, we see the remnants of a debris cloud. The light cruiser never appears again. We believe that it is on the ground, destroyed or captured because that type of cruiser requires special facilities to land on a planet's surface."

Pakshok flipped through the various pictures, snapshots in time really. "Perhaps this planet has teeth. At the very least, we are over a week late to the party. Helm, ease us quietly into geosynchronous orbit around the planet. If this planet has teeth, we don't want to get bit. Standard Raider procedure is to deny a planet the use of its communications satellites. We have people to meet and perhaps a bit of a good deed on our part would be a good calling card."

Nu Omocron Pi Epsilon

Jessica Fields raised her hand. Ayalisse Dennis, chairperson of the membership committee of the Pi Epsilon chapter of the Nu Omicron Benevolent Society rolled her eyes at her, "Jessica speak up, don't wait for permission. NOPE isn't one of these societies that exist to serve fraternities and other lapdogs of the patriarchy."

Jessica almost dropped her ever present smile. She still hadn't figured out when Ayalisse was trying to be ironic and when she was being serious, "Uh right. You handed me this student information packet on someone that housing wants us to take in."

"Yes, housing's tight this year and they're pushing some of the freshmen directly into fraternities and sororities. I saw that Ronica Trappable came from Middleton High School and was hoping that you'd know her."

"Well," Jessica's smile grew, "Ronnie was on the cheer squad junior year as team mascot and spotter. Nobody on the team ever got hurt from a fall while they were within fifty feet of Ronnie. Even saved the team from a run in with some mutant guy. Sort of a goof, but you couldn't ask for someone better to be watching out for you. Their cooking skills are amazing. But there's one little problem."

"Alcohol? Drugs? Slacker academically? Fan of the Twilight movies?"

"No, no, they really brought up their grades senior year, and actually I think they are a Bricks of Fury fan."

"So, what's the problem?"

"There's a mistake on the paperwork. I recommend that we admit them after we correct the papers that were sent over. The name on the papers should be Ronald Stoppable."

"You want us to allow a guy into our house? Are you crazy?"

"We aren't admitting a guy, we are admitting Ron."

Jessica Fields

Jessica flopped back on her bed and called home.

"Hi dad, it's me."

"Fine, Taking Statistics as a summer course is going to be OK, I guess. The instructor has a heavy Indian accent, but I figure another day or two and I'll be able to understand her just fine."

"No, there aren't any 'Merican teachers I can transfer to. It's math, how much language do you really need? Oh, remember I was supposed to watch out for Ronald Stoppable? Well, his paperwork showed up at the house wanting us to let him stay here."

"No, we're not co-ed, they made a mistake and the paperwork showed him as a girl."

"No, we decided to accept him."

"Dad, he's not a boy, he's Ron. Remember the team mascot and spotter junior year? That's Ron. The cheerleaders had no problems with him hitting on them or anything."

"No, he's not gay as far as I know, he was going out with Kim Possible all senior year."

"Yeah, the girl that was snatched by the aliens. Rumor is that he was on the team that rescued her."

"No, I'm pretty sure that Ron and Kim are a couple even if that article in Humans suggested that she was in a secret relationship with that woman from Team Go."

"If you talk to anybody from the Blue Heart Society, let them know that I am going to watch out for Ron. Tell mom I love her and if you talk to Kaity before I do, tell her I said thanks for making me a legacy here, this seems like a pretty nice bunch."

Jessica laughed, "Right, bunch of girls plus a Ron who is not a boy. Love you, bye."

Jessica had only recently been told about the Blue Heart Society. Her family, on her mother's side, had a long history of sons who died from heart attacks in their early thirties. Due to the work of the Blue Heart Society, she was the last in her family line to carry the related gene. To make sure she was the last, she would need to have her children's genetics checked and possibly edited practically at conception. They had claimed that there was no charge or price for this service. Recently her father was contacted and told that Jessica might be able to help them out and if so, they would be grateful. If she couldn't, then there would be no penalty. The help they asked for was simply to help watch out for an incoming freshman named Ronald Stoppable.

Jessica agreed, she knew Ron, a nice guy, a bit of a goof, and had a hairless rat for a pet. Certainly not dating material, but probably OK for a friend. She'd watch out for him. It'd be a small price to pay to thank a group that was going to make sure that any sons or grandsons she had outlived her.

Best Part of Waking Up

Ron woke to a sunny day. Sunny but quiet… and lonely.

The ninjas were gone to England to help with legal details of making "Lady Amelia Hall-Fiske" a legal reality and setting up a new naked mole bat nest with Joss and Rufus on the Fiske estate. Yori was gone, back to Yamanouchi, taking Kim with her so Kim could squeeze in a couple of weeks of advanced Lotus Blade training before going to Nana's old Shaolin stomping grounds.

Ron suddenly realized that someone was in his private shower because he heard it shut off. A moment later a naked Kim with her hair in a bun to keep it dry padded over to his dresser and pulled out underwear from the bottom drawer where she kept her spare clothes.

"Morning Ron," she said with a straight face, although the effort of not grinning at the look on his face nearly killed her.

"Uh, Hi Kim, I thought you went to Japan?"

"I was on the plane when I realized that I didn't have my favorite pink sports bra, the one with black straps. Have you seen it?"

"It's in the tree house. Seriously, not that I am complaining, but I am surprised to see you."

"You were expecting some other naked woman to walk in on you this morning?" Kim scowled a little, but then broke into a grin while pulling on jogging shorts, "I was on the plane and realized I had things I needed to do before I left. I am cutting the class in Japan, spending two weeks with you, then going straight to China. Then coming back here to see you for a week before going to Georgia for Airborne class. Would that be keeping you from doing anything?"

"No! Not at all!" Ron said, "Uh, does Mom know you're up here?"

"Yeah, I told her I was coming up here for a shower. She told me that she was going to send up Hana in a bit to make sure we didn't get carried away saying 'Good Morning'."

Pulling on a tee shirt, she sat on the bed leaning over to give Ron a kiss, "Ron you really are important to me. Let's have two weeks of you and me in the context of us and family. No missions, no ninja training, no villains, no assassins, just us hanging at the lake, spending time with parents, Skeeball with Hana while eating awful pizza… stuff like that."

The next day, they made a video of them playing Skeeball at J.P. Bearymore's Pizza Party-Torium with Hana. Kim and Hana were close in score and Ron did a short victory dance with each of them whenever they rolled a 50. Hana cheered with delight when Ron danced with Kim and shrieked with glee when Ron danced with her. Kim had to wash her hair that night to get the burnt pizza smell out but went to sleep convinced that Ron would be a perfect partner for her.

Late in the week, Ron got a call from Antonio and Nick saying the insurance paperwork had gone through and his replacement bike was ready for pickup. Wade called in a favor for Kim and Ron and the next day they parachuted into their Harley Davidson dealership's parking lot to pick up the bike.

While they could have made the trip back to Middleton in a very long day's ride, they spent three days taking the scenic route back to Slim's Ranch. There they met Bethany, took long walks in the pastures until Ron started to privately think of Kim's 'Meditation Meadow' as 'Makeout Meadow' and generally just hung out with people while James and Slim "upgraded" Ron's bike. Finally, their vacation was up and Ron dropped Kim off at the airport to catch a commercial flight to China. As before, Ron felt a part of his heart leave with Kim, but somehow it didn't hurt as much this time.

Team Possible was scattered across the planet. Kim should be in China in a day or two, Rufus was in England and Ron figured that he should pack up and head out to Eastern State early and try his chances at the walk on tryouts for the football team. After all, housing sent him a letter saying he was assigned to stay in some fraternity or something...