Honeymoon pt 1

Honeymoon pt 1

(On the Fast Attack Shuttle just after takeoff, Kim and Ron are looking at the note in the envelope that Ann had given them at the reception.)

Kimberly, Ronald,

We have set you up in the same EGBT safe house that Drakken and Shego use. You are registered at the resort under the names of Ronnie Smith and Kimmy Peers. The staff knows who you really are and have been told that you are trying to avoid the press and paparazzi.

Use your room key cards for shopping. Try to remember to sign charge slips with your cover names.

I've taken the liberty of asking a trauma counselor, an Edmee Reveuse to check up on you two. Her business card will say. "Dr. E Reveuse, trauma counselor and kitchen remodeling".

We all love you. You are booked for the resort for three weeks. Take advantage of this calm period. If nothing else, please give us Moms a break where we can have a normal, non-exciting life without worry. Just three weeks, that's all we ask.

Love, Ann & Jean

PS What are you guys doing for last names?

"So, what are we doing for last names, KP?" the new groom put the note back in the envelope and split the cards and 'walking around cash' with the new bride who actually had a money/card clip and pockets in her dress to put them in, thanks to her Fashionista BFF.

"Don't know. Stoppable-Possible has too many 'ables' in it and I like you calling me KP. KSP or KS just doesn't have the ring. We could try going up higher in our family tree. What do you think of Stormrider? Or Jones?"

"If we spell Stormrider with a silent P on the front, then you can still be KP or maybe I should change my name to be Psoppable," laughed the new groom.

Ron stared down at the iris-style hatch in the floor as it dilated open. Twenty minutes into the sub-orbital flight, the fast attack shuttle had docked with a drop ship long enough for the newlyweds and the three Emperor's Blades to transfer over. Warluse walked over carrying equipment cases that he dropped into the now open tube.

"Since you two are so small and skinny, we'll drop you both in the same tube. The two of you plus the equipment should be heavy enough for proper ground penetration on landing," the team leader said, picking up Ron and unceremoniously dropping him into the tube.

Warhong lowered his bride into his arms as if she understood how precious the redhead was to him, saying,

"Mad Dog, these are pretty much foolproof. Static fields will automatically engage to support you and help cushion you on impact. That's why we can drop you without any special clothing or body armor. This is a Commander's Tube, and you will be able to look around as you drop. Oh, congratulations on the marriage thing."

Before Ron could answer, he heard a feminine voice announce, "Hell port launch sequence initiated, crew to stations. I repeat, crew to stations." The iris above them closed and there was darkness.

"Ron?" 'Oh, Man,' Ron grumped to himself, 'KP's right here. I thought that in space no one could hear you scream.'

A soft, unseen pressure push the two together and into the center of the tube.

"Ron?" the voice repeated as the young heroine squirmed against the pressure of the static field until she was face to face with her Ron. HER RON.

"Yeah, KP?" he replied, sliding his arms around her and thinking, 'OK, maybe I can manage not to scream if I concentrate on how good she feels pressed against me. Booyah!'

"Thanks, honey, I know you don't like doing this kind of stuff, but…"

"I know, you heard the offer and jumped at the chance."

"Yeah. Anyway thanks. Oh, and Ron?", she softly murmured, squirming up his body until she was lip to lip with him "I never mentioned this before, but the adrenaline rush of a jump makes me a bit horny… I expect this will be more intense…"

Ron's response was overridden by his scream of courage and her whoop of excitement as their tube was launched.

'Combat drop my butt,' Ron would later complain to Felix, 'they didn't just drop the tube, they fired us out like a bullet.' There was buffeting and shaking as their tube shot down to the beach. At first, looking outside through the transparent walls was interesting, but as the novelty wore off they took advantage of their bodies being pressed together and kissed until some sort of braking cut in and they were no longer weightless. They looked out in time to see the beach and ocean rushing up to meet them. A few seconds later there was a jarring impact and things were dark as the tube had buried itself in the sand on impact. The iris hatch opened and the floor raised with a mechanical whine pushing them and their equipment cases up to ground level.

Managing to remain standing with his KP wrapped around him, he heard, "That was so cool!" When she saw the look on his face, she laughed, "Let's do it again!"

"Maybe we should practice the kissing part first…"

The combination that Ann had given them unlocked the little beach house. Carrying the equipment cases into the kitchen, they saw that the refrigerator and pantry were stocked and there was a map with places to eat with comments hand-written by Drakken and Shego.

The equipment cases turned out to be filled with some of their clothes and a few gifts. One case contained a "Tex-Mex kit" packed in dry ice to keep the ingredients cool. From the scribbled note, it was from Rufus, Pippa, and Brina. Other packages contained enough candles for a monastery, small bottles of wine and champagne, small articles of wispy clothing that Kim snatched away, plus a basket of fruit, cheese, and pastries.

Putting things away that needed to be put away, the young couple found themselves looking at each other with nothing that had to be done.

"So…" said Ron.

"So…" repeated Kim with a smirk, "Join me for a quick shower before…?" she started toward the bathroom with a sway in her hips, dropping her dress neatly over a chair and leaving a trail of undergarments in her wake.

"Booyah…" Ron murmured, mesmerized for a moment before following her leaving a trail of clothes behind. He had almost caught up when she discarded her last article of clothing. Not willing to take his eyes off the prize (so to speak), his feet got tangled up in his boxers, and he tripped.

"Ron! If there was any soap down there, I think you'd have found it by now!" the wet redhead squealed while dodging the equally wet blonde who claimed he had to make sure all the soap had been rinsed off by tasting her. All over. The beach house's hot water was provided by a solar heater on the roof and it was limited. Driven out of the shower by cooling water, Ron's "KP soap tasting" was cut short and after drying each other off, he tried to insist on "moisturizing" her skin.

"Nuh uh, Monkey Master, I get to go first," she declared, producing the small bottle that Eir had given them. Dodging out of his attempt to grab her, she spun away and plopped back on the large bed. Taking advantage of the delay caused by his laughter, she poured a small amount of oil into her hand.

Into her dark gray artificial hand. For some reason, she hadn't thought of her artificial hand or scarred body when they were tussling in the shower. Maybe because even wet and naked, they were playing a lot like they might have when they were much younger. Well, Ron trying to taste her all over was new, but in general, it was child-like play. This? This is… Adult? No, not adult, this is the beginning of forever and she was damaged goods. She had been calling him 'her lover' for a while now, but it just got real.

Ron came up short when he saw her looking at her hand with tears forming in her eyes. Dammit, he killed Loki too quickly. Crawling onto the bed, he sat back and took her artificial hand in both of his.

"I'm sorry," she said softly, not sure whether she was sorry to be damaged goods or to have broken the mood.

"I love this hand!" he said praying that Wanda had been correct in the lecture he had listened to.

"What?! But it's not real…"

"It's part of you and I love it," he replied slowly slipping one of her dark gray fingers into his mouth and sucking on it, "Mmm, minty"

"Minty?" she smelled the bottle, puzzled at the apparent non-sequitur. Even though the hand was artificial she felt a small shiver of electricity travel down her arm from the finger he had in his mouth.

"Strange, I would have thought cocoa, maybe milk chocolate…"

Blinking away tears, thinking maybe to him, she wasn't damaged goods, but something that could be treasured. She lay flat on her back as he got on his hands and knees and moved toward her.

She was surprised when he stopped with his face dipping down to kiss her between her breasts. Slowly moving down her body, she realized that he was kissing her scar!

"I see this scar and it reminds me to never forget how precious you are to me, how I almost lost you," he murmured, slowly kissing each inch of the ugly mark that was a reminder to her of the ugliness inside her. "This mark tells me of the hero who nearly died," he cleared his throat and continued, "nearly died defending a land against attackers."

A hot drop of something wet fell on her stomach. Was… Was that a tear? She struggled and managed to sit up, bringing them face to face, almost wailing, "But it was for nothing! That land was full of people who were already dead, some more than once!"

"KP, you did what your heart told you to do given what it knew at the time," he replied, putting his hands on her face and pulling them together for a tender kiss that turned longing after a short time. The kiss burned away the rest of her tears and rekindled a flame in her soul.

'C'mon Possible, pull it together!' she chided herself, 'You've got a guy here that is smoking hot, thinks the world of you, you're both naked, and your hands are oily, so get a grip, take Freya's advice and get laid like tile!'

She reached down with those oily hands and discovered that while she might have killed the mood, her lover's body was quick to forgive and quick to bounce back.

Moaning into her mouth, he gently pushed her onto her back and rose to his hands and knees. When he positioned himself over her, she grabbed a now very hard part of him, stroking his shaft and delighting in the trembling of his muscles gone rigid and the look of pleasure on his face.

"Well, well," she grinned, giving a good impression of a supervillain's evil chuckle, "it appears that I have you in my clutches, Mr. Stoppable. We shall see if a hard man is truly good to find."

Regaining the use of some of his muscles but apparently not the power of speech, he growled and started nibbling on her shoulder and neck, threatening to turn the heroine in control of this sitch into a puddle of compliance ready to be passively pleasured.

Positioning him at her entrance with one hand, she wrapped her legs around him to prevent him from pulling away. With her free hand, she pulled his face up to hers, growling, "Ron, I want this. Do it. Do it now!"

"But, I need to get you ready…" he managed to blurt out.

"Pay attention to the lips that are talking. I'm ready. I want it. Do it, now."

Ron knew that her pleasure was his duty. He remembered the slides on foreplay from his dad's talk, but her hand on his shaft slowly sliding up and down was driving him crazy and his tip was teased by the heat from her entrance. He started slowly, gently pressing his well-oiled shaft into her when she growled,

"DO IT!"

Losing control, he slid into her in one smooth, quick thrust, all the way in. The pleasure of her core's tight grip plus its heat had him teetering on the edge of orgasm. Too soon! Fearing her disappointment, he pulled on the blue to help his control.

She felt him slide into her in one swift, smooth movement. No real pain, no pulling of adhesions, just a pleasurable feeling of him filling her up and stretching her out a little. She was starting to feel herself adjust to him when his body ignited in blue flames and the flames spread creating an aura that covered her body, touching her all over with gentle caresses. This time when he withdrew and thrust again, the sensations from his blue covered flesh penetrating her nearly made her scream with pleasure.

The blue aura surrounded and lifted them off the bed. They were making love, floating weightless from the Mystical Monkey energy that surrounded and permeated their bodies.

That was actually a problem. When Ron thrust into her, what he was actually doing was letting gravity pull his body down into her while the same gravity held Kim on the bed and prevented her from drifting away.

The young lovers had just started to realize the importance of gravity to the missionary position when strong coils wrapped around them, pressing them together. Ron, the 'never be normal' Master of Mystical and Arcane Monkey Power took advantage of its blue aura, realizing that he controlled it. Just as his aura had a mystical monkey's tail that had a physical component in addition to visual, he found that he could use his aura to create mystical sets of hands. This was what his beloved was feeling and he could, in fact, feel himself touching her in many places simultaneously. He soon was able to direct the coils of Kaa the Avatar, wrapped around the floating couple, allowing him to resume thrusting into her.

Kim was becoming lost in her lover's arms and the touch of the blue aura. The mystical touch of the aura gave her a direct connection to his emotions that was as real as the aura's physical touch. As strong as the physical sensations were, they were almost overshadowed by the mystical emotional connection carrying his burning love and adoration for her.

She fought for control, for the power to give back pleasure, but the physical sensations on top of his feelings for her threatened to overwhelm her.

Then the girl who could do anything did what she had only done once before in all her missions. What she had done on that fateful night of the Attack of the Diablos: She surrendered. But this time she surrendered to Ron; gave herself to the touch and taste of his mouth on hers; the touch of his hands in her hair, and at the same time caressing her back. She felt a firm pair of hands squeezing her butt, other hands holding her hands with their fingers interlaced. In the locker room, she had heard other girls comment on how their boyfriends seemed to have extra hands at times, but this was beyond her imagination.

There was a softer touch, more like lips or a tongue on each breast teasing her nipples. Lower down she there was a gentle sucking on the little bud and the lips at the entrance of her core. All this happened as the grip of strong coils gripping her legs and wrapped around her abdomen pressed him into her and pulled him back out with long, deep strokes.

She thought she heard someone screaming as the pressure from the myriad sensations cascaded into waves of physical release. Realizing those screams were from her, she felt his blue aura collapse back into his body, travel through his physical connection to her and explode into her core filling her with enough love, lust, and energy to push her over the edge once again. This time she thought some of the screams might have been from him.

Coming back to full awareness, she lifted her head to see why the bed was tilting.

The bed frame was mostly turned to splinters with one corner having a large enough piece left to make the box springs tilt a little. The rest of the room seemed to have survived, but she was pretty sure that the dresser used to be on the other side of the room. And the vase of flowers that used to be on the dresser was now on the nightstand which somehow moved next to the doorway to the living room.

The redhead smiled to herself as she thought, 'Behold the power of the mystical monkey thing. Ronnie's gotta handle on how to use it a heck of a lot better than I ever thought he would. Who could have guessed that he could reenact "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife"…'

Trying to stand, she made it on the third attempt. Seeing her mate laying on the mattress panting, she wobbled into the kitchen to get them something to drink. She would never scoff again at a romance writer whose heroine said that they were "wrecked" by a lovemaking session. Afraid she lacked the fine motor skills needed to open the cabinet and get a glass without dropping it, she pulled two unbreakable water bottles out of the fridge and managed to stagger back to the bedroom.

Handing one bottle to Ron, who had made a major effort to rise onto one elbow, he gratefully chugged half the bottle.

"Tell me that wasn't in your Dad's slides from 'The Talk'," Kim laughed.

"No, we've gone past all my training," he laughed in reply, "I don't think it appears in any of Yamanouchi's ancient scrolls either. Otherwise, the statues would never have been lost for so long. I guarantee that Montgomery Fiske would never have wanted to become Monkey Fist if he knew about this."

Feeling bold, she took his empty water bottle and placed both of their bottles on the floor.

"Need a bathroom break?" she asked.

"No, I'm fine. Why?"

"I want to drive this time," she swung her leg over him, sitting on his chest, facing his feet. Using her hands to grasp his flaccid member, she examined it in detail, saying, "Hmm, you seem to be soft and floppy and no good for me anymore. Maybe I can fix that," she adjusted her position so she could bend down and take him into her mouth.


She raised up still sucking and letting him slide out of her mouth with a 'pop', "Sorry can't talk, my mouth is busy with a resuscitation."

It was interesting to feel him slowly lengthen and harden in her mouth. She soon realized that she hadn't fully thought this out when she felt his mouth brush over her sensitive opening. She clamped down on him and growled, then stopped for a second to laugh delightedly after she heard him say something and felt his head fall back on the mattress. This was HER RON and this was HER TURN.

He was soon too long to fit in her mouth and she needed something to make her hands slipperier. Managing to grab the little bottle of oil, she stroked his length with oily hands while using her lips and tongue on the end. She was a bit disappointed that he wasn't twitching or moaning. Somewhere, somebody surely had training courses for this kind of thing. Something more authoritative than the article in the "Women's" magazine that she and Monique had looked at. She'd have to look. In the meantime, she remembered the saying that 'if you aren't cheating, you aren't trying', so she pulled the blue. Soon her body and particularly her hands and mouth generated tiny blue sparks where her aura touched him.

Ron was about to lose his mind. He had expected her to be on top this time and was a little saddened because he thought that she faced away from him because of her scars. Well, he would have to work on that. His disappointment on not having an amazing view of her front disappeared when she unexpectedly bent over and scooted back putting an amazing butt along with other very sexy parts practically in his face.

And then she started working on him with her mouth. Oh, Lord. Surely only a pig would just lay there and let her do all the work. So, he pulled her just a little bit closer while raising his head so his mouth could reach her damp curls and his tongue could do things that appeared on one of the more advanced slides from The Talk.

He was blindly groping for a pillow to prop up his head when he felt her clamp down on his member and felt a deep growl.

"Uh, KP, I'll just be laying here, let me know if I can do anything for you," he said, dropping his head back on the mattress.

Hearing her delighted laugh, he grinned to himself, 'Well, OK, if it makes KP happy, I'll just man up, lay back, and take it…" He sank into the sensation of her warm lips and tongue along with her hands sliding up and down his shaft and fondling his sack. He knew he couldn't last long and wanted to ask her to go slower, but he had lost the power of speech. Again.

She pulled the blue and her warm, wet, slippery touch became just a little electric, it felt like her hands, lips and mouth were covered with a fine coating of tiny electric sparks and the extra stimulation brought him within a minute to such a massive completion that his convulsing body nearly threw his tormentor off the mattress. He thought he tried to say something, he knew he vocalized sound, but he still had not regained the power of speech.

When he opened his eyes, he realized that he might have zoned out. His red-haired angel was lying beside him, propped up on one elbow and looking at him with a happy grin.

"I think you are behind one. Or maybe I'm behind," he grinned.

"Not a contest or a race, lover, but if it were, I think I am one point ahead," she laughed and rolled into his arms.

They lay wrapped in each other's arms, enjoying the afterglow. Not just the typical afterglow of a couple that has just made love, they were actually still covered in a faint blue glow. They were lying flat this time as no part of the bed frame larger than a toothpick survived and even the box springs seemed to be converted into scraps of cloth and fluff. This time, it appeared that the bedroom furniture was mostly back in its original place. The vase had survived, but petals from the flowers were scattered about the room.

Kim held up her hand putting her thumb and forefinger together and watching a blue arc of electricity form briefly as she pulled them apart.

"Whoa, honey, I think you pumped me full of this stuff." Her musing was interrupted by a gurgling noise. "Was that you or me?" she asked.

"Me, I think," he answered, "we probably should think of getting some food, at least something to drink. How about as soon as I can crawl to the phone, I'll order a pizza and they can slip it through the mail slot?"

"How about we go snack on the fruit, cheese, and pastries in that basket, take a shower, sleep a bit and by that time we can take a nice evening walk on the beach to the little restaurant area and check out the Indian place?

"You have the best ideas, KP!"

"Maybe, but I think we should take turns driving," she said grinning.

"Ready for another ride?"

Kim flopped over on her back, arms and legs spread out, red hair pooling out like a halo around her head. "Take me, you Mystical Monkey Master stud, I'm all yours!"

He struggled to his hands and knees, crawled over, collapsed weakly face down onto her belly, and blew a raspberry.

She gave a squeal of laughter, pushing him off her stomach, "Come on, I hear pastries calling my name. Besides, that Mystical Monkey Penis of yours deserves a rest."

The newlyweds walked back from The Curry Tree, a little Indian restaurant down the beach from their house, closer to the main hotel at the resort complex. Being pretty much on the other side of the planet from Middleton, their days and nights were pretty screwed up. Mr. Wade "I haven't tried it, but I hear it works" Load was recommending that they just push through without naps to adjust the fastest. Ron was delighted to find out that at least for today, Kim was 'all about the marinating with my husband'. After they dug into the fruit basket and had taken a quick shower, they had napped with the windows open letting in a cool sea breeze.

The Indian restaurant was great. They both liked the spinach-cheese-curry dish, Kim stuck with vegetarian selections, Ron went with the butter chicken. The evening was a little cool, but with the brisk walk, they were fine. Tomorrow, they would hit the shops for appropriate beach wear. They got back to the beach house to find a middle-aged dark-skinned woman dressed in jeans and a white tunic with lace trim waiting on the porch for them.

I'm Dr. Reveuse, she said, handing them a card that said, "Dr. E Reveuse, trauma counselor and kitchen remodeling".

They looked at the card. "Kitchen remodeling?" Kim asked.

"Yes, Ms. Peers," she replied, "you'd be surprised how often kitchen remodeling is either a cause for trauma or part of the treatment. Anyway, we need to talk."

"About?" Ron asked.

"The maintenance folk reported that they replaced a bed that was found shredded and moved furniture back into the right spot," the woman explained, "By the way, they said to thank you for the one-hundred-dollar tip you left them. Such destruction is a sign of the kind of PTSD nightmares that you were reported to have by a…" she checked a notebook before continuing, "Pavlina Hinton and Rhona Reuben who reported that they woke you up while you were having a nightmare where the room was lit by a blue glow and furniture was starting to move. Several others in the sorority who asked that I not record their names told similar tales."

"Ron?" asked Kim, "How often did this happen?"

"The nightmares…" the blond started to answer.

"Not the nightmares, having women in your room at night!"

"KP, Bishop would monitor my sleep and as soon as a nightmare started, he would send someone down to poke me with a pool noodle to wake me up. I never broke any furniture that I know of," Ron spoke quickly.

The redhead threw herself into his arms, "I'm sorry, I should have been there. In the future, I will be there for you. Always."

"Excuse me, but didn't you two just get married?" the doctor sounded puzzled, "Ms. Peers, why weren't you with him today? They had to use a spatula to pry me off of mon Mari for the first two years we were married."

Kim's face nearly matched her hair, "Dr. Reveuse, we weren't asleep, we were, uh, doing other things."

The good doctor's laugh rang out over the beach, a laugh of joy celebrating that this one time at least, she wasn't dealing with the aftermath of a nightmare but joie de vivre instead.

'I guess deep down in my heart, I should have expected this,' Ron thought glumly as he moved over to start another rep on the chest press machine, 'I guess I was lucky to get the one day of marinating.'

The new couple was in the workout room in the basement of the resort's main hotel. Kim had woken him up at the crack of dawn so happy and excited to start the new day that he didn't have the heart to object. They had been out for a morning run on the beach, executed the basic 24 form of Tai Chi twice as a cooldown, then headed for the hotel pool to swim a couple of laps before lunch. A cool rain had started, so they adjourned to the workout room.

"About ready for some lunch… Ron, what's the matter?"

Ron lowered the weights down and looked over to Kim. She was wearing a one-piece bathing suit that covered her abdomen, running shorts, and canvas sneakers. Her hair was tied back in a loose ponytail. She was stunning and his heart did a little flip at her smile.

"What? No, nothing's the matter…"

"Ronnie, forever's too long a time for us not to be communicating things."

"Well, I was sort of hoping to marinate a little more. I mean, I know that we have to keep in shape and all, but…" the blonde looked down and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Why didn't you say something this morning?"

"You were all happy and stuff, I didn't want to rain on your parade…"

"I was just so excited when I woke up, got some coffee, saw the sun starting to rise over the ocean and I thought, 'My first married day is going to be so perfect!'. I should have talked to you about your perfect day."

She lifted up his chin and kissed him. "OK, how about this for a general honeymoon plan, we get up, work out in the morning, have lunch, go back to the house a little after noon and marinate two hours. Then later, we can see a movie, walk on the beach, get dinner and whatever. We'll schedule counseling sessions outside of marinating hours. That work?"

"Hmm, only two hours marinating sounds a little skimpy…"

"Add 'happy-naked-fun-time' as an approved marinating activity and we can make it three hours."

"Booyah! KP, it's a deal."

She pulled him to his feet and they started jogging up the stairs to the lobby. About halfway up, the battery-powered emergency lights in the stairwell went on when the regular lights went out and the constant thrum of the hotel's A/C system was replaced by silence.

"Probably just a breaker tripped," said Kim, slipping a blue and white bangle off her wrist.

"The pizza place has a wood-burning pizza oven, let's eat there," Ron suggested, pull a short piece of wire out from behind his ear, a faint blue glow surrounding his body.

"Sounds good to me," Kim slowly opened the door into the lobby just a crack. Her body also had a faint blue glow and her bangle was replaced with a round shield. Ron handed her a mirror when a pair of three round bursts ripped through the door.

"So you and Ronnie were about to peek out when the first gunman opened fire. Can you tell me what happened next, Ms. Peers?" Edmee Reveuse was older than she looked. She had been trained in treatment and management of trauma caused by violence and had served two tours with GJ special forces teams on the sharp end of fighting terrorists. Her husband was not happy with her doing that but had still supported the love of her life. In return, she had taken early retirement but was called by a former troop she has helped in his first tour. Will Du had asked her to come back to help Ron and Kim, just counseling, no field work. GJ even sweetened the deal by putting her and her husband up in the rooms of their choice at the resort. She had been getting ready to meet her husband for lunch in the penthouse of the hotel and all hell had broken loose below her. The hotel was seven stories tall and by the time she got to the lobby, it was all over.

Kim looked over at her beloved Mystical Monkey Master. His eyes were returning to normal but still scanned their surroundings. She and Ron sat cross-legged on a beach blanket, their backs to a metal fire pit for warmth as the sun set below the trees in front of them.

"I was stunned for a second by the gunfire, it pierced the door and struck my shield. Ron kicked the door, tearing it off the hinges and striking the man who had fired. There were five men that we could see holding some sort of machine gun pistol. I screamed, 'Drop your weapons now!'. At least I think I did, it could have been Ronnie or maybe we both did. The security cameras should show all this."

"I want to hear what you remember, that's more important than any video," calmly replied the older woman.

Kim took his hand and pressed it to her lips. "The lobby is pretty small, two or three steps and we were in hand to hand combat range. We took anyone still holding a weapon down hard. That was maybe ten, fifteen seconds. Ronnie and I were standing back to back when I saw three men come running in the front door, they were shouting something, but I couldn't hear them because of the monkeys."

She paused waiting for a question, but the counselor just nodded for her to continue.

"The monkeys were screaming at the man on the right. All three carried weapons, but only the one on the right upset them. So I threw the Lotus Blade at him, it hit him in the shoulder. He spun around and fell. I called the blade back and eventually, security showed up and took over."

"What did Ronnie do when these new men showed up?"

"He watched my back," Kim again took his hand and kissed it, a tear running down her cheek, "He trusted me to take care of whatever happened behind him like I trusted him to protect me against anything behind me."


Just want to thank anyone who commented and especially CajunBear73, Sentinel103, and Daccu65 who over the course of many, many emails helped me with the characters, plot and such. Plus just bouncing ideas around with these guys has been a total blast.

The Kim Possible, Tarzan, and Jungle Book are the property of Disney and if not Disney, then Edgar Rice Burroughs or Kipling.

The name "Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow" is from Steve Jackson's game Illuminati.

Wanda Wang, Suzie Chin, Antubi Noratu, Judge Q. Hector Snobblestone and his shotgun appear courtesy of Sentinel103.

The idea from "Kim Possible: The Call of Wind Chimes" by CajunBear73 was taken with his kind permission.

Several sections of intense interpersonal dialog were provided by Daccu65. (example, the exchange between Ron and Jessica in the NOPE kitchen)

"Edmee?" a voice called from the path running in front of their beach house, "Is it safe for me to approach?"

The older woman started and quickly looked at Kim and Ron, both were calm.

"The monkeys say he is OK," said Ron.

"Over here," Edmee called out, standing up.

A short dark-skinned man, wearing sandals, shorts, and shirt, showing off muscled arms, walked over and fiercely embraced their counselor, "Mon Cheri," he whispered fiercely as he kissed her soundly. "You were supposed to be only doing safe missions!"

Edmee turned to the teens, saying, "Mon Amour, let me introduce you to the newlyweds Ronnie Smith and Kimmy Peers, my friends, this is Thibaut Amoureux, my husband and an officer in the Office of Inspector General for Global Justice."

Thibaut looked at the pair, "Pleased to meet you. Wasn't sure that you had time for food, so I brought you this," he said handing them a couple of bags.

"Strange things going on today. It looks like an unknown super villain was trying to kidnap a mad scientist," he gave them a rundown of what security had found out while Kim checked the bags. One had two containers of red beans and rice, one with spice encrusted shrimp, which she handed to Ron. The other seemed to be a vegetarian version. Kim looked up at the man with a raised eyebrow.

Laughing, he replied, "GJ Office of Inspector General is a detective group, mon ami. It is my job to pay attention to details such as your recent preference change to meatless meals and that Middleton residents have never acquired the taste for sweet tea."

Getting serious once the teens started eating, he continued, "It all seems all too cut and dried to me. A new supervillain appears and his first action is a kidnapping in a hotel with you two in the basement. Non. I think it was a setup for Team Possible. If you see them, tell them to be extra careful. We don't want to make even more work for ma belle femme, now do we?"

"Don't go getting these young people all stirred up, you old worry wart," said Edmee, "they're on their honeymoon. Speaking of which, it is getting late…"

The older couple stood and waited for Ron to cover the firepit with sand. They were walking to the beach house when Thibaut related, "I remember when our friends Boudreaux and Marie were having their first fight after their honeymoon, and it was a big one. After a while, Boudreaux said 'When we got married, you promised to love, honor and obey.' Marie replied, 'I know. But I didn't want to start an argument in front of all dem people at the wedding.'"

The teens came to a dead stop with a stunned look on their faces. Edmee put her arms around her husband laughing, "God help me, but I love this man. Goodnight, kids."

The older couple walked down the path to the hotel holding hands.

Kim grabbed his hand, pulling him inside the front door, "C'mon Ronnie, we're behind schedule, we got to get marinating."

Final thoughts

I finally have Ron and Kim married off, seeing a counselor, and Rufus is at least on the same continent, so I am declaring the team members have stopped looking for themselves and this arc is complete. There are several loose threads that I will work on in much shorter stories. For example, there are

Slim and Ron both have children who are due real soon.

The Lowardian Commander was serious about sponsoring Joss to become one of the Emperor's Own.

Carlynn and Sigbjorn - I figure Ann and the Stoppables get to sort this out.

Thora, Tim, and Jim - This one I blame on Daccu65 although I really like the pairing. (tripling?)

And of course, Kim is not going to put up with marinating on the beach forever. And to be fair, I figure Ron will be soon ready to move on also.

This has nothing to do with this chapter, but I had referenced Dr. Nagoski's work in an earlier chapter. I obviously did it very poorly as that was the chapter where I got the comment that "You portray Kim as a slut, I will never read your stuff again."

Anyway, she has a recent TED talk out and I think it is an interesting topic in general. In one case, erotic fiction, a lot of the writing gets it totally wrong. It's the part where the villain/hero says "Your lips say no, but your body says yes…" Her point is that you have to "listen to words, not bodies". To put it crudely, "you have to pay attention to the lips that talk."

Do a web search for "Ted Talks Emily_Nagoski the_truth_about_unwanted_arousal"

Kim staggered into the kitchen. Good thing Mr. Amoureux didn't give them sweet tea, she wouldn't have stood a chance against her lover if he was jacked up on sugar. The pecan pie plus the half dozen beignets were bad enough. Still, the score was currently even and she had a wicked smile as she planned to go back and get one point ahead.

When she reached halfway across the living room, a blue glowing falchion suddenly appeared in her hand before the plastic water bottles she had been carrying hit the floor. The leather-jacketed man with an eye patch sitting on their couch looked calmly at the softly glowing naked woman who suddenly had a glowing sword in her hand and… and was that murder in her eyes? No problem, dealing with temperamental heroes was his specialty.

"Miss Possible, I apologize for the poor timing, but I really must talk to you and Mr. Stoppable about this initiative we are putting together…"

There was a crash as the man shattered the front door on his way out.

"I think I might be getting too old for this crap," he said looking up to see a pale-skinned dark-haired woman looking down at him.

"C'mon Fury, I know a place by the hotel that makes the best beignets," she said as a man with bluish skin and… leaves? Reached down to give him a hand up.

"Let's give the newlyweds some alone time, maybe in the morning they will be up for a visit," she continued, steering him down the path towards the hotel.

"Maintenance?" the blue-skinned man was on his cellphone, " Can you replace the front door on number 9 and do it very quietly? OK, thanks!"