"You know, I haven't been to the fair since I was your age," Greg remarked as he pulled his van into the parking lot. Steven had been sitting in the car for two hours and was dying to get out.

As soon as the van was parked Steven flung open the door and flew across the parking lot. "Last one in the gate is a rotten egg!" he taunted his father.

"We'll just see about that," Greg playfully boasted.

The two of them spent the entire day at the fair. They looked at farm animals, rode on the rides, ate a bunch of weird food, and saw a magic show. It was late in the afternoon when Steven sat on a bench as he waited for Greg to get out of the bathroom.

"I'm so telling Connie about how much fun we had," he said to himself. He took his phone out of his pocket, and just when he glanced up, he saw an unusual sight. Amongst the crowd of people, he saw a woman. She was about average size but she had silvery skin and long pale pink hair that went past her lower back. She wore a white princess dress that had many layers of see through lace to it. At the point where her neck was connected to her body, she had a hexagon shaped grey colored gemstone.

Her body was completely transparent like a ghost. Her entire body spasmed every couple of seconds. Her eyes were filled with what looked like static from a TV. Steven could see her mouth was moving, but it wasn't until she got closer to him, that he could hear her tiny voice over the crowd. "Biotite…Biotite…Biotite…" she was chanting endlessly.

Steven was becoming more and more uneasy as the strange girl was coming closer and closer to the bench. Steven stuck his head into the bathroom and yelled "hey Dad! I think you need to come out here!"

"I'm busy!" Greg called back.

"DAAAAAAAAAAAD!" Steven screamed.

"What is it?!" Greg yelled as he ran out of the bathroom.

"Th-there was this Gem out here and she was nobody I knew," Steven started. By this point, the mysterious woman was gone.

"Why would a Gem be hanging out at a state fair?" Greg asked. Steven shrugged his shoulders.

"I think you just had a long day, and we better go home. It's getting late," Greg said as the two of them headed out the gate.

They just about made it out to the van when Steven heard a familiar sound. Greg heard it too and turned his head around. "Biotite…Biotite…Biotite…"

"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Greg cried out as he pointed to the mysterious woman walking around aimlessly in parking lot.

"That's the Gem!" Steven cried. "And it looks like she has been hurt. I know what to do." Steven put his hand to the sides of his mouth and in the loudest voice he could muster shouted "BIOTITE!"

The Gem stopped pacing and ran towards him. Steven licked his hand and as soon as she got close enough he put it on her Gem. Upon closer inspection, he saw that the top layer of her Gem had been bent back. It reminded Steven of a broken fingernail.

He could feel his heeling saliva starting to work as her Gem started to glow. Her body became opaque and stopped glitching and her eyes returned to their normal pale mauve color.

"Thank you," she said. She seemed surprised that she could say something other than "Biotite".

"Just doing my job, Biotite," Steven answered.

"Biotite?! Where?" She frantically looked around.

"I thought you were, Biotite," Steven asked confused.

"No, I'm Muscovite. I'm just looking for my friend Biotite. We got separated a long time ago," she lamented.

"I know some other Gems. They might be able to help you," Steven suggested.

"Okay," Muscovite said with a smile. "I hope I get to see my Biotite."

"After you milady," Greg said in a suave voice as he opened the back of the van for her. Steven climbed in after her.

"I'm going to call Connie and tell her about Muscovite. Is it okay if she comes over?" Steven asked.

"Sure, if it's okay with her parents," Greg answered. "Also call the Gems just to give them the heads up that we are on the way home." He started up the van and the three of them drove home just as the sun was about to set.