A/N: Alright so for this fanfiction, I am making Colassal (Peter Rasputin) year 1980 and, Hermione's 1981, just because I want her younger than him). That way I could involve the HP characters. Because that is who I want her to end up with, especially since I noticed there isn't any fics with that pairing, and I thought it would be a challenge.

I will use Colossals real name, when he talks, but Hermione, and the teachers, will call him Peter while the other students call him Colossal.

Hermione's nickname is Mina.

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Gentle Hearts

Hermione Jane Granger, was the only living granddaughter of Charles Xavir, and being the only family he had she grew up learning all about different mutants. She learned about Cyclop's ability of emitting lazors from his eyes, Storms power over Storms, and Jean Grays power that were much like her grandfather. She had been rescued from an orphanage, after the murder of her real parents, and came to live in the Mansion. She counted this place as her home, and couldn't think of anywhere else she would want to be.

She often sat in the window bay of her grandfathers large office, and listened as he gave history lessons, to the older students knowing all the lessons by heart. She had been recognized as a mutant, when she turned eight years old, and was able to do the same thing as her grandfather, and was also able to shadow travel , much to the amusement of her piers.

Xavier came up beside the young woman, after he finished with his lesson, and rested his hand on her shoulder, "What is the matter my, Mina?"

"What were my parents like, Grandfather?" She asked turning to face him, as he took her hands in his.

"Your mother was able to sense when people were lying, and she loved to learn whatever she could, and made me proud every single day. She loved you more than the moon, and the stars," Her grandfather explained, with a soft smile, "You look so much like your mother, My Mina."

"And my father?" She grimaced as she watched his face tense, and took his hand, "If you hated my father so much, than I hope I am nothing like him, because I hate seeing how man just mentioning makes him."

"Your father was a part of a whole other world, he was a very dark man, born a loveless child. He had tricked your mom into believing him, when he said he loved her for all life, but only wanted her purity. The only good thing that ever happened, was that I got to have such a beautiful granddaughter." He rolled back to his desk, pulled a paper from the door, and handed it to the young woman, "This is your birth certificate, and you should keep it safe, never let anyone see it unless they can be trusted. You are Sixteen now, so I think you are old enough, to learn the truth about your family, but I can not be the one to tell you."

She stared down at the Italic print, wondering how bad could her father 'Thomas Riddle' really be, " Is this his real name?"

"Yes, and I had your name changed to your mothers, because your father didn't deserve you," Xavier answered, smiling as he noticed a large form in the doorway, than looked back at his granddaughter, "I believe someone is waiting for you, now please let me get some grading done, while you go have fun it's your birthday after all."

She smiled at her grandfather, as she hurried to where she was being waited on, taking a hold of the large mans hands, "I was talking to Grandfather, I hope you weren't waiting to long."

"I wait eternity for you, Mina," Explained the large man, as he slipped an arm around her waist, leading her out towards the garden, "You have good talk with Professor X, yes?"

She smiled as he asked, loving that no matter how long he lived in America, his accent was still strong. "I asked him about my mother, and father," she sat in his lap, as they reached there spot under the tree, "He said the same thing as always about my mother, but instead of dismissing me when asked of my father, he told me about him being evil. He gave me permission to learn about him, so he gave me this birth certificate, so I know how to look him up. I think this summer I will go to Scotland, and see what I could find there, hopefully get some answers." She turned to the large man, and smiled, "Peter, I really want to learn about him, even if he is this horrible being. I thought he was dead."

"I go with you to Scotland," It wasn't a question.

"Do I ever go anywhere without you?" She teased, as she kissed his cheek, before getting back to her feet.

"You leave me every night, when I force to share room with Bobby, and you share room with Kat," Peter answered, with a smirk sneaking it's way to to edge of his lips, "But that is alright, because I see your beautiful face, when I come down for breakfast in morning."

She always ended up blushing around the large man of steel, "How did I end up with an amazing boyfriend like you?"

"You not say no when asked to movies," Came the honest answer in return, "It is time for dinner, and Storm, she bake you Apple Delight for birthday."

"Colossal, I don't think you were suppose to tell me that, it's suppose to be a surprise," Bobby commented, as he started walking with the couple, heading towards the dining room.

Hermione laughed as he boyfriend blushed cutely, before turning to look at her best friend, "So how was the field trip?"

"Pyro ruined it again, always trying to start trouble, when we get chances to leave the school," Bobby complained, not particularly caring for the fire starter.

"I go get you plate, you find us seat," Peter pulled a chair out for his girl, kissing her cheek, before going to the kitchen with Bobby. "I not know, Apple Delight, was surprise."

She loved living here...

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