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Gentle Hearts – Chapter Fifteen

Three Weeks Later

Hermione sighed as she sat in her spot, looking out on the grounds, as her grandfather read through his mail. "Was I a late baby, grandfather?"

"You arrived two weeks early," Her grandfather answered as he moved, so that way he was sitting beside the young woman, and placed his hand on her stomach, "You were always ahead of time, since the moment your mother gave birth."

"Why is she late than?" The young woman asked, as she wiped a lose tear from her eyes, "I hate being so tired, and not having my abilities. Even though I know it will all be worth it, when I hold my daughter for the first time."

"I am glad you guys agreed to stay in the mansion, the last three weeks until you have the baby, takes one less worry from this old man," Xavior explained, taking his granddaughters hand in his, and giving it a little squeeze, "I can't wait to hold my great-granddaughter."

The young woman smiled as she stared back out the window, before standing to her own feet, "I am going to the kitchen, and getting a cup of hot coco, with some sugar cookies."

"Alright sweetheart," The older man explained, going back to behind his desk, "I'll see you guys for dinner."

"Alright," The young woman acknowledged, as she left the large office.

Peter was at the stove preparing the hot beverage, when his wife entered the kitchen, "I think you want coco, glad to know I am right."

"You know me so well," Hermione explained, as she came to stand beside her husband, who was now pouring the beverage into two mugs, "How do you always know though?"

"I not no how, just know beautiful wife," The large man answered, setting the drink on the islands, before helping his wife onto one of the stools, "Out of sugar cookies, but found chocolate chip, just as good yes?"

"You're just to-" She automatically brought her hand to her stomach, when she felt a wetness between her legs, "Peter, my water just broke!"

"Take to Dr. Gray," Her husband explained, easily lifting his wife in his arms, and starting to jog towards the elevator, "Breath."

The young mother to be just glared, as she clung to her husband, "Just hurry, Peter!"

An Hour Later

Hermione smiled as she stared down at her daughter, who was eagerly nursing, "Can't believe she's here."

"Twelve pounds, and fourteen ounces." Gene explained, as she looked down at her patients, and stroked the new babies cheek, "She is very healthy."

"She is beautiful, just like mother," Peter smiled down at his daughter, as he placed a gentle kiss to his wife's forehead, "I love you."

The young mother smiled at her husband, after placing her baby in the baby cot, before looking at her husband, "I love you too."

"Can I come in?" Came the voice of her grandfather, who was standing in the empty doorway, with a wide smile to his face, "Wish someone told me sooner, than I would had been in here."

"Wife needed Dr. Grey, not think of anything else," Explained the new father, and he made room, for the new great-grandfather. He took the baby from his wife, and handed him to the older man, "Meet our daughter?"

"What would be the name of my great-granddaughter?" Asked the happy grandfather.

"Ella Rose Rasputin," Answered the new mother, as she smiled at her grandfather, who had managed to put her daughter to sleep, "I can't wait until Harry, and Bobby, come home from there vocation."

"They will be upset, that they missed Ella's birth," Peter explained, still staring at his new daughter.

'Can you here me, Mina?' Thought Dr. Grey, smiling when the young woman looked at her, with a small smile on her face, 'I take that as a yes.'

She looked excitedly at her husband, as she took a hold of the other womans hand, "I could hear thoughts again." She closed her eyes, and concentrated on Draco, 'Call Bobby, and Harry, tell them that we had the baby,' instructed the new mother, knowing the blonde would hear her, since he was still at the school.

Within a matter of minutes, Pansy, Draco, and Blaise, appeared in the doorway, all three of them with looks of awe.

"I sent Bobby a text, and why didn't you tell anyone, set an alarm off or something?" Draco asked, as he came to stand next to the Headmaster, and stared down at the baby.

"Can I hold my goddaughter?" Asked Pansy, as she stood at the foot of the bed, wearing a pair of pajamas. She was probably asleep with Draco, when he got the message, because he was wearing his own silk pajamas.

Xavior smiled as he handed the bundle, to the waiting godmother, "Ella, this young woman here, she's your godmother."

Hermione smiled, as he husband came back to her side, and sat beside her on the bed, "We're parents now, Peter."

"You make me Papa, I love my girls," Smiled the large man, as he watched there friends, with his daughter.

Blaise looked down at the baby, before smiling at his friends, "I had just arrived home, when I saw Draco dragging Pansy down the hall, without knowing the reason. I am happily surprised to see you had the baby, she is beautiful."

"Thank you for being here, you are her Aunt, and uncles," Explained a now sleepy mother, as she closed her eyes, "I think it's time to get some sleep, the three of us?"

Peter took his daughter from the witch, and layed her in the side cot, smiling at his wife, "She is good sleep already." He looked to his friends, "You can see Ella tomorrow, for now we go to sleep."

"Come along guys, it's time to go to bed, let the new parents get some rest," The Headmaster instructed, leading everyone except the new family out of the room, giving them some time alone.

Gene smiled as she walked beside the Professor, "She did a great job, even cast a shadow as the baby came out, which she didn't realize."

"The baby must be a shield of some type, if she was able to keep her mother from using her abilities," Thought the Professor, as the elevator closed on the group, "We will just have to see."

Today was a good day.