Draco's POV

"What do you mean I have a sister?!" I shouted in shock at the news my mother and father gave me, "yes her name is Alaya, your little sister" my mother spoke. "Where is she?" I ask, "we don't know, the dark lord just found out and is searching for her" my father told me as I nod hoping someone finds my sister.

"Why wasn't she here?" I ask them while my father looked down, "she is your half sister Draco, I cheated on your mother once and when the woman told me I sent her away" he said as I saw my mother look at me. "Hope they find her" I said while my mother smiled, "of course they will" she said.

Alaya's POV

I sat on the couch with my legs crossed while I read a book, I rubbed my stomach and smiled. Nik doesn't know but I found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago, I am happy to be adding to the family. I heard little footsteps as I look up and smile seeing Hope being chased by Rebekah, 2 years has passed since I had her and how everything changed in New Orleans.

Now the witches have a little freedom, they can do magic but they can't hurt any vampires or humans. If vampires attack them they can use magic to protect themselves, but its a rule that no witch is to be harmed. Werewolves are free to rome around, they just can't be around the town when its a full moon.

"Ma" I heard Hope as I helped her up on my lap, "Hello little wolf, have fun with Aunt Bekah?" I ask while I watched her nod. After she was born, I decided to be there with her always to protect her from Nik's Enemies. Nik worked with Marcel to make New Orleans safe for Vampires, Witches, and Werewolves.

After a few years, everything has been going good with a bit of trouble that we worked together to get through. Nik has changed most, he trusts his family and Marcel which Rebekah is happy that all the family is together. I heard a tap as I look at the window, I frown seeing an Owl as I put Hope down and got up.

Taking the letter, I made sure to water and feed the owl as I sat down. Rebekah picked up Hope as I opened the letter.

"Dear Alaya, You don't know me, my name is Draco Malfoy and I am your brother. My father is Lucius Malfoy, I found out about you and without my parents permission I decided to write to you. I fear my father wants you back, I do not know the reason but the dark lord expressed interest to meet you. I found out father knew your mother from Hogwarts, I fear that if the dark lord finds out where you live he will kidnap you. If you need help, Remus Lupis is a old friend of your mother. Stay safe little sister, Draco."

Reading the letter I look up to see Rebekah looking at me in worry, "I have a brother" I told her as I took Hope while she took the letter and read it. "That last part worries me" I told her, "I will inform Nik, no need to worry Alaya" Rebekah told me while I nod. After an hour, I put Hope to bed as I move downstairs. Rebekah went to tell Nik and Marcel, I walked into the living room and stopped.

"Hello Alaya" I heard the snake like male say as I frown, "Who are you?" I ask while I stay by the door. "My name is Lord Voldemort, I know your father and he has been looking for you" he spoke, "leave" I said in anger glaring as I saw him smirk. "Not without you" he said as I used my magic to push him out the window and put up the wards.

I move quickly upstairs as I picked up Hope, I could feel him try breaking the wards which were put up by the witches. After a while I feel that he left, I sigh in relief as I kiss Hope's forehead.

The reason I re-wrote the chapter is because I couldn't figure out what to write next, so here is the new chapter and I will update the story soon :)