Alaya's POV

I sat on the ground with my legs crossed as I played with Hope, Rebekah is with Marcel upstairs while Nik is out with Elijah. Its been a week since everything happened, I have been thinking about heading to England to find Remus Lupin. 'Promise me, if he finds you to go and find Remus Lupin' I remember my mother telling me, I remember when I was a child and the stories my mother told me of her time with her two friends.

I felt the wards being attacked as I grab Hope, I saw Rebekah and Marcel run down and stand next to me. "You need to go Alaya, protect Hope and the baby" Rebekah said as she is the only one who knows. "Tell Nik I love him" I said as Rebekah hugs me and I nod to Marcel, "you guys go" I told them before holding onto Hope and grabbing a bag along with the portkey.

"Love you guys" I said holding onto Hope and portkeying away, I landed safetly outside a few homes. "Mama, Dada?" Hope said as I kiss her forehead, "Away my little one" I whisper as I took out a paper. I saw a house appear as I bite my lip and walk up to the house, I knock holding Hope close to me.

I heard the door open to see a red head woman, "yes?" she asked in worry, "I am looking for Severus Snape" I told her while she looks around outside, "come in" she said as I enter. Draco had sent me a letter a few days ago with a portkey, his godfather gave it to him for me just in case something happens.

I look around the house while Hope holds my top, "Violet" I heard someone whisper as I turn to see an older man. "Remus, this young lady is looking for Severus" the read head said as I stare, "your Remus Lupin" I said while he nods. "You knew my mother" I said while he looks at me, "your Alaya" he said as I nod, "Molly inform professor Dumbledore and Snape" he said watching the older woman nod.

"What happened?" he asked as I follow him to the living room, "someone was attacking the wards to my home, I knew it was him" I told him while he frowns. I heard someone enter, "Snape" Remus said as I look at him and he looked releaved. "Lupin, Dumbledore is coming and Alaya it is good to see you are alright" he said while I nod and Remus looked confused, "Draco has been in touch with me, he sent me a portkey" I told him.

"Thank you Severus" Remus said as he nods, "Wolf" I heard Hope as I saw Remus tense up and I chuckle. "Its okay Remus, I know you are a werewolf like my mother" I told him, "are you?" he asked while I smile, "Yeah" I told him. I saw someone else enter, "Hello my dear, my name is Albus Dumbledore. May I know your name?" he asked. "My name is Alaya Mikaelson and this is Hope Mikaelson" I told him, "Severus has told me you are related to Lucius" he said as I tense, "sadly he is my father" I told him.

"Alaya, how did your mother fall pregnant with you?" Remus asked as I look at them and look down to see Hope had fallen asleep. "My mother told me that she doesn't remember much, only that the dark lord ordered her to be punished" I told them as I saw Severus looking pale, "he raped her didn't he?" he asked as I nod.

"She ran after that and when she found out she was pregnant she left the country" I told them, "where is she?" Remus asked while I look at him. "She died protecting me" I told him as he looked sad, "Severus, have you found out why the dark lord wants her?" Dumbledore asked as I look at him.

"A letter I found by someone named Mikael, it told of different kind of vampires" he said as I stare at Severus, "Mikael" I spoke while I stare at the fire. I felt my phone ring as I took it out and saw it was Rebekah, "Hello" I answered ignoring the looks, "are you safe?" she said as I heard angry shouting.

"Yes, what is going on?" I ask, "Elijah is gone, they were going for Nik but Elijah got in the way and they took him" she said as I hold Hope close. "Nik is angry, we are heading to England tomorrow. Be safe Alaya, Nik told me to tell you he loves you and Hope" she said, "be safe Bekah" I said hearing the call end, 'Elijah' I thought as I looked up at them.

I am back, I will be slowly updating my stories. Sorry for being gone, I had major writers block and I needed to take a small break. Now I have returned, should be updating my stories during the week.