Greetings from Aperture!

This is difficult to explain. So if you have been reading my RWBY: Legacy of Remnant crossover, I have mentioned that I've been drawing a sci-fi comic story called Solar Battlefields, a comic/fiction that takes place in the Solar System civil war against the Federation of the Solar System of Eartha and the Liberationist government of Neptune. It has space warships, laser guns, etc. I've been thinking about what would happen if I integrate my story with RWBY. Solar Battlefields was inspired by Space Battleship Yamato, Halo, StarCraft, Sins of a Solar Empire and Ace Combat.

However, when I did publish two chapters of Team GNMD, judging by how nobody reviewed, I've concluded that nobody understood the concept behind Soalr Battlefields. FORTUNATELY, I've started playing Titanfall 2 since three weeks ago. HOLY MACKERELLOSYNTHESIS IS THAT GAME AMAZING! I loved it so much that I've decided to convert the story into a Titanfall crossover.

Anyway, here's the prologue.


August 23rd, 2235

Orbit of planet Tarlan

MCS Ulsan, The Fourth Expedition Fleet of the Frontier Militia

Stars of the cold deep dark of the space glittered without a care of the state of the Frontier. Its beauty was able to compete the finest of the Miss Universe candidates and a black counter of a chef littered with sugar. On the front of the scene was the giant gas planet of dazzling colors of red, yellow, orange and occasional blue. The most prominent piece of this planet was its red colossal storm in the southern hemisphere. This is the planet Tarlan, a gas giant orbiting around the star Thiassi Prime. This star system was located somewhere near the sine quadrant of the Frontier.

If one believes that this region of space is peaceful as the silence of the unforgiving void, he or she is absolutely wrong.

For decades, the Frontier was contested by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corps and the Frontier Militia. Having enough of the exploits of the IMC, the rebels of the Frontier formed the Militia in hopes to repel the Corps and gain freedom. Thanks to the sacrifices and the victory of the Battle of Demeter, the Militia managed to cripple the IMC forces stationed in the Frontier and actually organize into a proper spearhead of war and leaving the Corps struggling to survive until reinforcements from the Core Systems arrive. The Militia gained an even better upper hand with the victory on Typhon thanks to the efforts of Pilot Jack Cooper and the Vanguard-class titan BT-7274 who successfully destroyed the Fold Weapon, a planet destroying weapon.

With a bright flash, fifteen ships of Militia origin exited warp jump in space. This is a fraction of the Fourth Expedition Fleet exiting from warp jump, ending in an orbit of Tarlan. The fleet was comprised of fifteen ships; a massive Capital ships in the form of the new Cosmos-class battleship Ulsan, a 5.6 kilometer long warship armed to the teeth with weaponry such as the superheavy bow-mounted railgun and multiple broadside batteries pointed in all directions. It was a supercapital designed purely by the Frontier Militia and was the first ship classes to not utilize IMC designs. Five were stationed on each of the nine fleets of the Militia, with the Ulsan being the newest addition of the fleet. Currently, the supercapital was being escorted by six MacAllan-Class carriers and eight frigates.

"We have arrived at the location of the anomaly, admiral." Commodore Jim Sterling, a prodigal twenty-eight year old commander with black hair and an impressive battle record of the Fourth Expedition Fleet said via holographic live footage of the Fleet's admiral.

"Good. We're detecting your fleet's signal near the designated area. Remember your mission Sterling. You are to investigate a spacial anomaly detected at the orbit of Tarlan. We will be reviewing the data that ship will send us." The Admiral said.

"Yes sir." Sterling saluted before the feed turned off. He switched his tactical console to check in his contingent of Titan Pilots aboard the Ulsan. However, among the twenty, two of them stood out to him the most.

The first is Captain Jack Cooper, a veteran pilot with the age of 36 was the leader of the Pilot team. He is the very hero that saved the Militia from the Fold Weapon that was stationed in the former planet Typhon. Although his titan BT-7274 was sacrificed to destroy such horrid weapon, it was later revealed that the Vanguard Titan's AI was stored in Cooper's helmet, thus letting Militia engineers restore BT's CPU and put him into his new Vanguard body. The new body of BT let him use two weapons, one being the XO-16 Chaingun and the other being the Plasma Railgun used by Northstar Titans.

The second is Cooper's very own student Lieutenant Sooyoung Lim. She had long black hair and brown eyes. Conscripted by the IMC at a very young age of 14, she defected to the Militia when she seemed overrun as a normal grunt. Seeing her excellent skills as a rifleman, Captain Jack Cooper decided to take her in as a personal student. Sooyoung's titan is JS-1998, a Ion Prime-class Titan directly given by the Advocate, a mysterious group of people that gave assets to both sides of the war.

"All ships, this is commodore Sterling. Remember that we are in IMC territory. Keep your eyes peeled until we leave this damn place." Sterling reported.

"Yes, sir." The crew of the ship replied before returning to their stations. Sterling turned back to the bridge window to marvel at the beauty of the largest gas giant of the this star. Despite being in service in the Militia Navy even since he was nineteen, the cold, dark but bountiful void of infinite always got him.

Due to all of the sacrifices he had to commit to save innocent civilians from the maws of death by the IMC and pirates, he was promoted to commodore, making him the youngest to hold that title in Frontier history.

Sterling looked at his tactical console table in front of him, which was displaying holographic interfaces and a map of the fleet's current location, along with a green marker that marked the coordinates of the anomaly. Then, Ulsan's captain came up to him.

"Commodore, we're approaching the anomaly. We'll begin sending probes and research craft now." He said.

"Understood, Captain Zuliani." Just before Sterling turned back, he noticed that the captain's face was filled with awe. "What is it?"

"Sir, you're not going to believe this! The anomaly… this… this… it's causing massive distortions in space! I… I…"

"Calm down, captain. What is it? What does the scientists theorize?"

"They say that this… is a wormhole!" With the captain's exclamation, Sterling's eyes widened. Indeed, he looked up the window to see a round object with bright green spiraling images in the center. The anomaly was creating distortions in the space around it, making the stars look like curved lines and the part of the image of Tarlan warped. He looked around to see the bridge crew staring at the wormhole with awe. Despite spending more than a third of his life in space as a naval officer, the anomaly looked so… otherworldly. Sure, he has seen spacial distortions caused by ships either warping in and out of one part of space like it was a Sunday activity, but… This was something off.

Meanwhile in the mess hall, the crew along with the twenty pilots were also struck with awe with what was shown on the window.

"...This is like what my favorite artist drew two years ago." a female pilot said behind her breath, which another replied with a nod.

"Bloody nutsacks, that's beautiful."

"Looks dangerous to me. It's like a portal to the final boss." Sooyoung shrugged.

"Sooyoung…" Jack sighed.

Their mission was going smooth, with the Ulsan deploying science drones to investigate things such as fluctuations in gravity while the rest of the fleet surrounded the area to protect the ship from Pirate incursions. The Cosmos-Class been constantly sending reports back to Sterling about how the anomaly, the wormhole, was reacting to various experiments currently being conducted. So far, scientists have confirmed the fact that the wormhole leads to somewhere since all sixteen probes sent into it have returned. Even better, communications seemed to work through the wormhole as the probes have reported that they have ended up in low orbit on a terrestrial planet. That was the eye opener for everyone in the fleet.

"This is fascinating, sir! All of this… this could be the answer for interstellar travel! Oh, the possibilities! Imagine what HQ would say with this-"


"WARNING. SPACIAL DISTORTION DETECTED IN SECTORS B3 AD F4. IMC FLEET INBOUND. IMC FLEET INBOUND." Ulsan's onboard AI said through the sirens. Startled by this, Sterling steeled himself.

"All hands, battle stations! I repeat, battle stations! Prepare for combat!" He yelled to the entire ship. "How big is the expected attack?"

"Estimated size of fleet: 60 ships." Sterling felt his body chill for a second. The fact that he will be facing an enemy four times the number of his fleet is never something one would like to hear, especially when they are approaching from two places, leaving Jim in a disadvantage. "Warning: cannon batteries detected on the moon of planet Tarlan. It is opening fire on our fleet." The following quote made Sterling drop a heavier sweat. The Militia was in a sever disadvantage, with two contingents of ships approaching and anti ship guns firing at them. There was one thing he could think of...

"...Pilots, stand by for Titanfall!" That was enough to get the Pilots scrambling towards the Titan airlocks. Sooyoung specifically followed Captain Cooper. When all twenty people reached the airlocks, they entered the elevators that lead to their individual titans, with the MRVNs making final checks on the metal Goliaths. Jack Cooper was the first to board and release the couplings. His Titan, the legendary BT-7274 walked around the one hundred and nineteen docked Titans for briefing.

"Alright, Pilots. This is it. The IMC has placed gun batteries on this planet's moon to attack our ships. Our mission is to neutralize them." Cooper said.

"Sir, what's our expected resistance?" A pilot asked.

"We can expect quite amount. All Pilots, prepare for titanfall." The captain replied as he walked to his drop station which was next to Sooyoung's Titan, JS-1998. "You remember our training, Lim?" Cooper asked his student.

"Yes, sir. Just like that gamer mech!" Sooyoung replied.

"Good." Cooper nodded, closing BT's hatch.

"Commence Titanfall."

All twenty Titans dropped to the atmosphere less moon.

'God damnit, why can't it be just pirates? At least they're easier than the fucking IMC…' the commodore swore as his tactical console portrayed that the enemy ships have exited warp jump. He could see the red blips giving out smaller orange and red blips, which signaled cruise missiles and strike craft.

What concerned him the most was that this fleet was comprised three battleships (A/N: Think of the IMS Malta from Titanfall 2). The best choice for a situation like this is to warp out of the battlefield, but to do so, the ships must divert at least 97 percent of their power to their warp drives, which makes their shields weak and weapons useless.

There was no choice. The Militia fleet had to fight.

"All ships, set up formations and fire all weapons at the capital ships! All hangars, deploy strike craft!" With the order, gun batteries aimed and opened fire with a barrage of bright blue bolts of energy and shells, which slammed onto the enemy ships' shields, which responded with blue flashes on the points of impact. In return, the cruise missiles struck the shields of the Militia ships, flaring them as well. Interceptors tore through each other and their enemy's bombers with light plasma fire and bombers launched their torpedoes of nuclear and plasma. A IMC corvette had its shields shattered by a heavy plasma volley from a Subjugator-class destroyer, which fired another volley that utterly destroyed it. The Ulsan fired its superheavy volley that dealt heavy damage to a IMC Battleship, which was finished off with a saturated bombing run. However, the Militia battleship was responded with more missile and plasma volleys, cutting down their shields even more.

However, despite the Militia's efforts, their fleet was slowly becoming weakened. Three frigates have been severely damaged due to missile attacks.

Meanwhile, IMC forces deployed anti-ship batteries on a large captured asteroid somewhere near the battle, giving pain to the Militia ships. The twenty Pilots were deployed there to destroy the batteries. However, they were met with resistance in the form of IMC grunts and Titans.

"Wolf Two here, taking fire!" A Militia Ronin titan said as he evaded missile fire from an enemy Northstar.

"Watch it! Watch it!"

"Damnit, Wolf seven is gone!"

"We're taking heavy fire!"

It was total chaos. Explosions, blood, metallic scrap, bullets, missiles, shells and beams flew around each other, giving unfortunate people with showers of death. Despite the Militia's push, they have already lost twelve Titans and their respective Pilots. Meanwhile, IMC Grunts, spectres and Titans poured out from the gun emplacements, pinning down the remaining Militia Pilots.

Meanwhile, Captain Jack Cooper and Lieutenant Sooyoung Lim had just destroyed their fifth gun emplacement.

"Fifth gun down, Captain! Looks like they've upped their difficulty!" Sooyoung yelled as she dodged a barrage of bullets by diving into debris.

"Pilot, I recommend you boarding. We must proceed with our objective and destroy the remaining six cannons." JS-1998 said.

"JS is right, Sooyoung. Go in!" Cooper added. Without hesitating, the young Pilot climbed on board and JS's hatch closed.

"Cooper, there are two Titans guarding what seemed like an unattended mound of ammunition." BT said to Jack.

"Alright, guess it's time to light up some firewor-"


The two Pilots looked left to see a huge explosion where four Militia Titans were. When the smoke cleared, all that was left was debris.

"Pilot, we must act quickly. There are only four Militia Titans remaining." BT said. Just then, two IMC Northstars lifted to the ground and spewed barrages of missiles at BT.

"Captain, look out!" Jack and BT's savior in the form of Sooyoung and JS dashed in front of her captain's Titan and activated her vortex shield, catching the missiles. When the enemy fire stopped, she released the shield, sending the missiles back to their senders, blowing them up.

"You're a lifesaver, Lim. Reminds me of Lastimosa for some reason." Cooper thanked.

"No need, sir! Just leveled up!" Sooyoung replied.

"Well done, pilot. A positive attitude will help in morale. Also, our combat efficiency has increased to 88%." JS added. Taking the chance, Cooper aimed BT's Acolyte pods at the said munitions and fired a barrage of missiles. They hit their marks, causing a chain reaction of explosions that lead to the battery's interior. All of this caused the cannon to be ripped apart form the insides, rendering it inoperable for the good of the Militia. However, despite such victory, another Tone-class Militia Titan was destroyed by a concentrated fire from five IMC Titans.

"Captain, I don't know if we can make it through! Their resistance is too heavy!" A Militia Scorch pilot said as he fired a thermite shot.

"We'll await new orders! For now, hold the ground!" Cooper replied.

"Sir, seven of our ships have been destroyed!" The captain of the Ulsan said to Sterling as the bridge window showed the MacAllan carrier MCS Marcus Graves explode by broadside fire. The admiral swore in his mind as he scrambled in his mind for a solution. He looked at the tactical console. So far, the IMC Fleet has surrounded the Fourth Expedition Fleet. The remaining six ships: the Ulsan, three MacAllan carriers and four frigates were marked with a label with damage reports, including the warp drive, which made tactical retreats technically impossible. Fortunately, their engines were still functional. Sterling thought of just retreating, but as mentioned before, warp drives need to be powered up with almost all of the ship's power systems sans the life support systems and the one in Ulsan was damaged beyond emergency repair.

In simpler terms, the fleet was stuck in a normal situation.

However, as Sterling looked at the console, he found out that the situation here isn't normal. Perhaps his answer is the wormhole.

"All ships, pick up the remaining Titans and set full throttle towards the wormhole anomaly! We're going in!" At the commodore's words, the bridge crew of the battleship turned to him with faces of shock and confusion.

"Sir, that's insanity! What if we become torn to shreds?!" The ship's captain yelled.

"Zuliani, out of sixteen probes sent, all of them returned and reported a habitable planet. If they can survive, we can." Sterling replied. "Set course for the wormhole immediately."

"Y-yes sir." The captain replied as he issued the same orders to the helms crew. Immediately, the Ulsan's RCS thrusters steered the ship to make the bow face the wormhole. The main engine and its thrusters ignited full power, accelerating the ship as fast as it could go. At the same time, the rest of the Militia ships followed their flagship full speed. Within two minutes and constant plasma and missile fire exchanges, the Fourth Expedition Fleet was at the very doorstep of the wormhole. Suddenly, all fourteen ships felt themselves being pulled into the anomaly. The crew panicked and everything became chaotic. Then silence.

Commodore Sterling slowly opened his eyes, expecting him to be captured prisoner by the pirates of floating in space debris. What he didn't expect, however, was the entire bridge of his Ulsan intact. A medical officer was kneeling beside him, checking for any injuries until Jim opened his eyes, startling the officer.

"Commodore sir! He's fine!" The officer yelled, gaining the attention of the bridge crew,.

"Ugh… and I thought our ship was blown up…?" Sterling grumbled. "Say, I thought I was knocked out?"

"Negative, sir. My scanners show no injuries. You're good to go."

"That's good." The commodore nodded before slowly getting up. What he saw on the window shocked him.

The planet he was seeing wasn't Tarlan, but a terran planet with blue oceans and continents. What shocked the entire crew was the shattered moon of this… planet.

"...Fuck... Where the hell are we?" The ship's helmsman whispered.

"Where the hell are we?" Sterling asked a crew.

"Sir, wherever we are, I don't think we're in the Thiassi System." The crewman replied, walking towards a holographic screen, displaying what looked like the image of the planet with a few labels. Suddenly, something in Jim snapped as he started to panic.

"The wormhole! The anomaly! Where is it? It's not being dispalyed!"

"Uh… sir. The wormhole…" A crew stuttered.

"The wormhole has collapsed on itself as soon as our fleet has went through it." The captain said it in behalf. Hearing this, the young admiral started to shake with fear and despair.

In simpler terms, they were stuck.

"No signs of IMC or Militia stations or whatsoever. However, we're detecting human signatures and… four cities."

"You're not helping, Zuliani. I need a drink." With that, Sterling walked out of the bridge, leaving the bridge crew void of direction.

"So what do we do now?" Someone asked.

"I have no bloody idea, Dave."

"I think… we should just wait for the commodore to return." Another crew replied.

"We've lost so many Pilots…" Jack Cooper sighed as he placed his hands on his face. "You and I are the only ones that are left in this ship, Lim."

"Yeah..." Sooyoung replied. Despite her normal cheery personality, such loss was something that made her sad too. Ever since she defected to the Militia, she became very familiar to those Pilots as she trained. Now, they were gone. What could fill her void now? JS? Her captain? BT?

What's worse was that the remnant of the expedition fleet was now in some unknown part of the universe. No connection attempts to planet Harmony was successful. Things were looking grim.

"What now?" She asked.

"I… don't know. I guess we should await new orders from the commodore. Hope this planet has no IMC."

"I detect sarcasm." BT butted in.

"You're not helping." Cooper groaned. Silence followed, both Pilots and Titans having no idea how to continue this conversation. All they did was stare at their cooling coffee mugs and while the Titans stared at their Pilots, awaiting orders.

"All remaining pilots, report to the bridge." The speakers finally broke the ice.

"Let's go, Lim." Cooper said, standing up. Sooyoung obeyed and followed the captain to the bridge.

Ten minutes have passed and Sterling and the two Pilots gathered around the tactical board. "Status report on the fleet."

"All ships are standing by. The Progenitor and Interdictor have received multiple hull breaches. Their shields are regenerating, but the Ulsan has its main generator heavily damaged." The shipborne AI replied with a deep autotuned masculine voice.

"I see." Just as Sterling was relieved, the siren of the ship rang through the entire ship, startling everyone.

"What's happening?!" Sooyoung exclaimed.


"Oh shit…" Sooyoung swore.

"BRACE ONTO ANYTHING! ALL PERSONNEL BRACE FOR IMPACT! AI, ROUTE POWER TO AUXILIARY GENERATOR!" Sterling bellowed as the Ulsan started to shutter by the collision with the planet's atmosphere. The battleship's belly hull started to heat up and and fires roared due to to the rapid descent of the ship. All of this was happening for five minutes while the crewmen were either screaming in their strapped seats or attempting to access the now damaged main generator's computer to reroute power to the auxiliary generator.

Dormitory of Beacon Academy, Vale

"Guys, look!" A silver-eyed girl wearing a red and black dress with a red cape pointed out the window. A white haired, a blonde and a raven-haired girls looked at where this girl was pointing to see a ball of light falling down from the sky. "It's a shooting star!"

"You dunce! What makes you think that it's a shooting star!? It's only two in the afternoon!" The white-haired girl replied with an authoritarian tone.

"Give her a chance, Weiss. It looks beautiful!" The blonde replied with a cheery tone.

"I'll have to agree with Weiss. It really is strange to see a shooting star in the middle of day…" The raven-haried girl replied. Just as she finished, the four girls' dorm room burst open, revealing four teens with one of them behind.


"Nora… please calm down." The yellow-skinned boy with black hair and green attire sighed.

"Come on, Ren!" Nora pouted.

"Holy cow, guys! That sounded amazing…" The blonde boy said.

"What do you guys think it was?" The red haired girl with green eyes asked the four girls.

"I, the leader of team RWBY, think that it was a shooting star." The silver-eyed girl dramatically said.

"Ruby, what makes you say th-"

"NON-RUBY'S HAVE NO SAY!" The silver-eyed girl now recognized as Ruby yelled, making Weiss grunt.

"Rubes, I don't think shooting stars appear at day." The blonde girl patted Ruby's shoulder.

"What do you think it is?" The red-hair asked.

"300 kilometers until surface impact." Ulsan's AI said without emotion. The bridge was filled with screams of panic and reports. Some crew were even floating due to the effects of reduced gravity formed by the ship's descent. Sterling and the Two Pilots were strapped to their seats with the effects of G-Force torturing them.


"WE'RE GONNA DIE! WE'RE GONNA FUCKING DIE!" Sooyoung and a young crewman wailed.




"I'm sure it's not a shooting star." Yang shrugged.

"But Yang, what else is th-"

"Uh, guys? That thing's slowing down." The blonde boy said, looking at the window. Indeed, what Ruby claimed as a shooting star started to slow down until the trail of light disappeared, revealing something people didn't expect to see:

A ship.

MCS Ulsan

"Auxiliary generator fully functional. Antigravity stabilizers active. Descent has halted." Ulsan's AI said.

"Thank god." Sterling grunted as he heard a loud thump. He looked right to see Sooyoung lying on the ground with a face of dizziness.

"의무관 (Medic)..." The Pilot groaned. Jack ran to the said girl to check if she was okay.

"She'll be fine, commodore. She's simply experiencing motion sickness." The Titan captain said, which he nodded. "Come on, Lim. You're a Pilot. You should be used to motion sickness."

"Commodore, this place looks awfully similar to Harmony." the ship's captain asked Sterling.

"Hang on, Zuliani." The commodore replied as he turned to the tactical console. "FE-32, give me some data about this… planet we are in." Then the holographic display of the planet the Ulsan nearly crashed on showed on the console.

"The planet's atmosphere is consisting of 78 percent nitrogen and 20 percent oxygen. This is unusually similar to that of Harmony." The AI replied. "The population of this planet is mostly concentrated in five regions, two in this continent, one in the continent in north, one in the east and another in the other continent. This vessel is currently approximately fifty kilometers away from what is assumed to be a city, but I am detecting what looks like an academy approximately ten kilometers away west from our location. Short-range scans and long-range scans from the two frigates up orbit show what seems like fauna showing unusually aggressive behavior. It is best to advise caution should you send a scout party to the surface."

"Noted." Sterling nodded. "Captain Cooper, you and Lieutenant Lim take your Titans to the surface. I want you to scout for a viable location to set up our base."

"Yes, sir." The two Pilots replied.

"Good. prepare for Titanfall." Sterling dismissed them.

Headmaster's office, Beacon Academy

Behind the window of the highest tower of the academy stood a man in his late forties with grey hair, brown eyes and glasses. He wore a green shirt, black vest and black pants. On his hands was a cane and a mug of hot cocoa. This man was Marcus Ozpin, the headmaster of this prestigious academy. He has seen and faced numerous things that would be unfathomable to anyone ordinary.

However, today was different. The fact that an object which may be alien in origin has slowed down to a stop approximately 60 kilometers into Emerald Forest was something even Ozpin was expecting. Well, that's not a typical Wednesday afternoon after all.

The headmaster's train of thought broke when the elevator door chimed and eight very familiar students entered his office.

"Did you call us, professor?" Ruby asked.

"Yes, Miss Rose. Please sit." With that, the eight students sat on the two soft chairs. Ozpin too took a seat near his desk. "Now, I am very certain that you eight has saw what has happened in the forest, hmm?" He asked.

"Yes, headmaster." Pyrrha Nikos, the red haired Amazonian replied.

"I will be honest. Never in my life have I seen such an event unfold."

"Uh… so what are we going to do?" Jaune asked.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm planning to investigate what it is. Currently and coincidentally, professor Goodwitch has confirmed that you eight are the only ones to witness the anomaly. I was supposed to call seasoned huntsmen to do the job but since you eight are already here, I have concluded that this will be faster." Just as Ozpin concluded, a blonde middle-aged woman with glasses and a riding crop entered the office.

"Headmaster, I've sent the message. Qrow and his team will be preparing to come to Beacon." The blonde woman, named Glynda Goodwitch said.

"Uncle Qrow?!" Ruby snapped to Ozpin with sparkling eyes.

"Yes, Ruby. Glynda, have him wait here. I believe that his Bullhead will take too long. We will have to investigate this ourselves."

"So that means…"

"Consider this as your first mission... although covert mission as huntsmen. Let's go." Ozpin interrupted Pyrrha before standing up from his seat and walking to the elevator. Goodwitch, RWBY and JNPR followed behind.

Unknown forest, unknown planet

Two Titans fell from the sky below the hulking body of Ulsan and landed with a bang. Rising from their crouching positions, BT-7274 and JS-1998 wielded their weapons and walked forward.

"You know the deal, Sooyoung. Search the area for some flat ground. Hopefully we won't rustle up the natives." Jack ordered.

"Got it, sir." Sooyoung replied as her Titan checked its splitter rifle. Among the battlefields she fough throughout her career as a pilot, the lush green quiet forest was something uncommon to her, as they mostly fought in domed cities, space between ship battles and hostile environments of planets and moons. Anything green would be destroyed by the IMC. In fact, she witnessed such atrocities committed as a conscript of the IMC. The tall trees almost mesmerized the teens to the point that it almost distracted them.

"I really should take a selfie here." Sooyoung said behind her breath.

"Pilot, the commodore will surely confiscate your phone if you do that." JS said.

"Take the joke, JS. Jeez…"

"I detect sarcasm."

"If you're done sightseeing, let's look for the place get back to the ship." Cooper said. Thus, the walk continued. The seemingly unending expedition for open ground seemed to be frustrating the two, especially when Sooyoung's. Whenever they thought that they found the perfect ground, the admiral would disagree because it was too small. In other cases, it would be due to too uneven terrain, and so on.

"아, 시발 (Fuck)! how big is this outpost anyway?! Captain?!" Sooyoung grunted in frustration. She heard Jack sigh before speaking.

"Imagine the size of a two storey house with a really big basement and tall walls." Cooper said. "You really need to keep your cool, Lim."

"Yes sir." The young Pilot sighed as the two Titans continued walking, now holstering their weapons. The two continued the trek until BTstopped and looked around the open space they were in.

"Captain, I think this area is a viable area for construction." BT said after scanning the terrain.

"Great, let's report to Ulsan." Cooper nodded as he made connection to the ship. "Commodore, we may have found the ideal spot. Awaiting decision".

"Scans show that BT's right. Good work, Pilots. Hold the position until I deploy construction crews." Commodore Sterling replied.

"Understood." Cooper replied before ending communication.

"치사해 (It's not fair)! I thought we were going back to the ship?" Sooyoung complained.

"A negative attitude is not helpful in any situation." JS replied.

"Oh, shut up!"

"Sooyoung, you should have expected this. Besides,you'll be staying in your Titan." Jack assured.



"Wait." Jack interrupted as BT readied its chaingun.

"Pilot, I'm detecting movement behind those bushes there." The Vanguard Titan said.

"I'm not getting anything on the IR sensors." JS replied, preparing for battle himself.

"Wait, is that… a warewolf? What is this beastiality crap?" Sooyoung asked, pointing her Ion's splitter rifle at the creature that emerged from the bushes. What they saw was a black lupine creature with a white mask-like skull along with glowing eyes. "Anybody still watching Twilight? That 200-year old movie?" She jokingly asked as the creature growled.

"Shut it, Lim! This is serious!" Jack scolded. The creature suddenly gave a loud bellow before charging at the TItans.

"Okay, Jacob wants to die! Open fire!" WIth that, the Titans fired their 20mm rounds and energy bolts. As they hit their marks, the beast's skin and white skill liquified as it howled with pain and collapsed.

"Well, we killed Lupin!" the teen Pilot joked.

"Wait, is it… evaporating?" Cooper mentioned as the dead creature started to disintegrate into black dust. "That's weird."

"Cooper, scans are unable to determine the smoke the creature is emitting. Still, we must exercise caution." BT noted.

"Commodore, we've made contact with one of the fauna here. Requesting further-" Jack was interrupted by more growls, howls, screeches and many other horrible sounds animals would make. The fireteam was surrounded by numerous black lupine, ursal, avian, serpentine and arachnoidal creatures with the white skulls.

"Commodore? We… may need evac." Sooyoung said.

"Negative. I'm issuing new orders." Sterling said via comms. "Show them who the bosses are. Commodore out." Just as the feed turned off, a sudden bolt of energy tore through the air and hit the arachnoidal creature. Its skull melted and the bolt tore through the creature and eventually hit the serpentine creature, which died too.

"That was easy." Sooyoung, the perpetrator of the attack, said as her Titan's laser shot cannon gave smoke and retracted.

"We are ready for combat. Awaiting order." With the confirmations of bot JS and BT, the beasts lurched themselves to the Titans, who responded with weapon fire.

Two Bullheads transporting Teams RWBY and JNPR accompanied by Headmaster Ozpin and professor Glynda Goodwitch were flying through the Emerald Forest towards the last seen location of the aerial anomaly the two teams had encountered. Their mission was simple: Investigate it.

"What do you think we'll find there? Aliens?" Ruby asked her teammates.

"Maaaybe?" Yang shrugged.

"What makes you think so? Aliens don't exist!" Weiss scoffed.

"We could give it some time so we can see it up close." Blake suggested.

"Students, remember that our mission is to investigate the anomaly. Remember to watch your teammates' backs in case Grimm are present. Understood?" The four girls nodded at Ozpin's words. The silence broke when the pilot spoke.

"We're detecting high Grimm activity at LZ! Prepare to… whoa." The pilot paused in awe at what was at the cockpit. Team RWBY and Ozpin ran to the door of the cockpit only to have their jaws dropped.

They were seeing what looked like a ship larger than any airship of Remnant armed to the teeth with what seemed like gun batteries. Its lower hull was charred and the stern seemed to emit black smoke.

"By the Brothers…" Ozpin whispered. His 'trance' ended when he heard a thump, only to find Ruby had passed out due to her weapon fetish.

"Ruby? Are you okay?" Yang shook her sister, laughing.

"...What the hell is that?!" The pilot spoke to himself.

"I see two… robots? There surrounded by… by Oum, that is alot of Grimm!" Weiss exclaimed, looking down to find two robots that seemed to be eight times the size of a human person firing at the Creatures of Grimm. Despite the vast number of the vile creatures, the four people seemed to be somehow destroying them.

"Pilot, take us down to that location!" Ozpin ordered.

Planet's surface

"Hostile creature down." BT said as its Acolyte missiles hit home at the black and spiny canine creature. he was then encountered with a dozen more.

"I got you, sir!" Sooyoung said as she opened fire with her Titan's weapon, giving the captain with support fire. Meanwhile, JS deployed tripwire mines, which detonated as soon as a ursal creature stepped past the light, leaving liquified but evaporating biomass. "Is this easy mode?" she jeered as she continued firing at the creatures. A boar-like creature rolled into a ball and charged at the cheery Pilot, but BT dashed in front of her and punched the creature to death.

It was total carnage. The black creatures stood no chance against these two robots wielding high technology. Their kill counts exponentially increased and the creatures even started to retreat. When the dust settled, the two Titans saw what looked like two aerial vehicles that landed. Its side doors opened, revealing ten people, eight teens that were in their age (Except a silver-eyed girl) and two adults. The Pilots readied their weapons in case they were hostile. However, despite the blonde adult's complains, the man with grey hair stepped closer and gave a warm greetings.

"State your identity." BT ordered.

"Hello. I'm Ozpin, headmaster of Beacon Academy. What brings you here?" The man replied.

"Are you some kind of secret Atlesian project?" The blonde woman asked.

"What about those kids, 아저씨 (Mister)?" Sooyoung asked via JS's speakers.

"They're not here to fight you. There's no need to worry."

"What planet did we even end up in…"


"Again, Ruby?!" A white-haired girl yelled. Natalia looked at Gordon awkwardly.

"So, who are you two?" The grey-haired man asked.

"I am BT-7274 and the Titan beside me is JS-1998. On board us are Captain Jack Cooper and Lieutenant Sooyoung Park. We are affiliated with the Frontier Militia." The Vanguard Titan replied.

"BT, I don't think they know about the Militia, judging by how secluded this planet is." Jack said.

"A plausible assumption, captain." JS added.

"Captain, someone should break the ice." Sooyoung said.

"Right. This isn't going to solve anything." Jack then opened communications with Jim Sterling. "Commodore, we need have visitors. What should we do?"


So, here's the converted prologue! How was it? I just changed some things in order for the prologue to fit into the Titanfall universe. That's it!
Here's a small codex of Jack Cooper and Sooyoung Lim:


RANK: Captain

WEAPONS: R-201 Assault Rifle, Mk-6 Smart Pistol (He still has it from his SERE kit.)


TITAN: BT-7274

CLASS: Vanguard Mk-II

The new Vanguard Mk-II was an idea made by a classified Militia-affiliated robotics company to combine the Vanguard's Jack-of-all-trades ability and Northstar's weaponry and flight system. In short, BT has two cores: Burst and Flight.

TITAN WEAPON: XO-16 Chaingun, Plasma Railgun


RANK: Lieutenant

WEAPONS: Volt (A/N-This custom gun is sawed-off), Charge Rifle, Firestar grenades


TITAN: JS-1998

CLASS: Ion Prime

TITAN WEAPON: Splitter Rifle

Plus, here are the survivng ships of the Fourth Expedition Fleet.


-MCS Ulsan (Flagship)


-MCS Tai Lastimosa

-MCS Eli Anderson

-MCS Cheng Lorch