"We've lost five of our men and thirty-four injured. Lieutenant Frost Walker's Titan has lost some plating on its right arm and is being repaired as we speak." Colonel Aren Cross's live video said on Sterling's holographic screen. The commodore sighed. He knew that the outpost would be attacked, but what he expected was Grimm, not terrorists comprised of sentient beings.

"Alright, colonel. Any other reports?" Sterling asked.

"We have some prisoners. Apparently one of them claims to be a lieutenant."

"Understood. I want you to interrogate them about their Vale headquarters' whereabouts or at least as much as you can get from the prisoners."

"Yes sir."

"Good. You're dismissed."

The screen flickered off, leaving Sterling looking back at his tactical console's map, showing a geographic image of Vale and Remnant. He ignored it and fell into thought.

Outpost Genesis was attacked by the White Fang. He didn't expect them to even find this outpost in the first place as it was secluded from civilization. Nevertheless, Genesis was attacked and five Militia personnel have died, knowing that they won't return to the Frontier and their families won't know.

Was this how former Militia commander James MacAllan felt when he crashed the IMS Odyssey twenty-one years ago? Was this how he felt when the colonists he 'governed' died when the IMC and the Militia fought there?

That was it. Sterling knew what this all meant. This was an act of war.

A war against the White Fang.

However, this wasn't just a simple war where everybody will know. This was a covert war, series of skirmishes behind the public eye.

Making his final decision, Sterling scrolled through the interfaces of his console, he sent messages telling to report to him to all the captains of the fleet.

Meanwhile, he needed to deploy reinforcements to Genesis. He would have to report to the carriers to deploy more Titans. He also had to give one more parcel to Lieutenant Lim relating to huntsmen. He connected comms back to Outpost Genesis.

"Colonel, is the prototype weapon ready for the lieutenant?"

"The engineers are diligent of retrofitting the mechs, High Leader.." A wolf Faunus with a red ceremonial hood reported to the female tiger Faunus.

"Good. Remember to preserve the cockpits as much as possible. You're free to go. " The woman replied.

"Of course, High Leader." The red-hood bowed, then walked away. Taking the opportunity alone other than the two bodyguards standing beside her throne, the tiger Faunus took her time to muse what happened during the week.

It all started when thick black smoke was spotted at the middle of the Vacuan Desert. Tower watchers of a White Fang outpost were barely able to see it, meaning that the city of Vaco couldn't, as the outpost was closer to the desert's heart. Nevertheless, the outpost's commander dispatched a recon party consisting of ten trucks into the simmering sands of the desert to search the source of the smoke. Everybody expected a crashed airship due to a Grimm attack.

Crashed was correct. However, the White Fang didn't expect a colossal shipwreck that was way bigger than the Atlesian Sapphire-class Cruiser that didn't look anything like what the Kingdoms of Remnant have built. All that was known of the exterior was the orange and white-painted hull (Atlesian warships had white and cyan colors), a emblem of an eye patch skull and the words: 'MCS Nightingale'.

Inspections in the interior of the wreck commenced immediately. There were no survivors, the majority of the things inside were charred and burning. Normally, scavengers or official salvaging teams would give up. However, two of the grunts discovered two things that were absolutely groundbreaking to the Freedom Fighters. The first was a giant armory stocked to the brim with weapons that seemed foreign to most Remnant's weaponry.

However the second discovery, was a hangar filled with twelve eight-meter mechs of various shapes.

Further research conducted by the engineer of the White Fang concluded that these robots had armor that made the one in the Atlesian Paladin-290, a newly released armored walker made by Atlas, cry in shame. Beside each mech were weapons that resembled giant guns. However, it was also revealed that these mechs didn't have any sort of control surfaces like joysticks and pedals, thus the engineers hypothesized that these mechs are mentally controlled. Not even Atlas could do that.

Speaking of advanced, engineers, especially the ones in the software division, discovered from what little they could gather from the computers due to the completely different OSs from the Scrolls, that these mechs were called 'Titans' and each one housed an advanced AI.

The tiger Faunus, believing that all of this would be the game changer of the White Fang's favor, ordered her men to salvage the wreckage. However, she also ordered the hangar to be left intact and transported to the Organization's headquarters. Now, with the new Paladins also brought here, she ordered the Paladins' control surfaces to be welded into these 'Titans'' cockpits.

All she needed to do now was wait.

The four-day long wait had finally paid off when another red-hooded Faunus, this time a snake. He bowed in front of the tiger's throne.

"High Leader Khan, one of the mech's retrofitting is finished. It is awaiting its first trials." The red-hood reported.

"Is it?" The tiger Faunus mused. "Good. I shall see the trial myself." She said as she rose from her throne.

"Of course." Red-hood bowed again as he followed his leader out of the throne room.

Walking out of the prison's door, Sooyoung walked out of the building and took a breath of fresh air. She had just finished interrogating one of the prisoners, who was a female Anteater Faunus. As defiant as she was about the White Fang, saying that she would rather die than leak information to humans, she soon broke down in tears when the interrogators found a remote bomb hidden on her chest. When Militia told her that they simply removed it when she was passed out an hour ago, her tears started to pour out like a fountain due to gratitude, as she claimed to be forced to work for the terrorist organization. Thus, the Faunus explained how her platoon discovered Outpost Genesis.

Apparently, the discovery of this outpost was a complete accident, as they were looking for Grimm for capture. But when asked about the reason behind the capture, she replied that she didn't know as she only did as she was told. That was all that she could say, thus the interrogators moved onto the other prisoners.

Looking outside, Sooyoung found the environment of the open field of Genesis change from how it was yesterday before the White Fang attack. From only one squadron of Hornets patrolling, there were now four squadrons flying at low altitudes, searching for any sentient hostiles. Crow and Widow dropships were warping onto the skies above Genesis to drop down vehicles, infantry, Pilots and even Titans. More soldiers were patrolling around and performing training routines than before. The walls of the outpost were more heavily reinforced, where before there were only machine gun emplacements and sentries, there were now advanced anti-armor cannons, heavy anti-Titan cannons and even an anti-ship railgun battery under construction.

Something told Sooyoung that the Militia would have to change the classification of Genesis from outpost to a fortress, judging by the large expansion.

Anyway, due to the attack, Sooyoung and Cooper were ordered to stay longer in Genesis for patrol missions and drill performances. That meant that she had to contact her friends back in Beacon that she would have to cancel the Vale hangout. However, due to the jamming array generated by the outpost, she had to wait two whole hours until she was able to connect her Scroll with Pyrrha's.

Strangely, one hour after the White Fang invasion, Colonel Cross confiscated Sooyoung's Volt despite the confusion. All she was answered when she asked why was 'It's for science, apparently'. Now, she was wielding a R-201 assault rifle just like her father, who was training riflemen in push ups at the field. From using energy weapons to using kinetic, Sooyoung felt… wrong despite all the weapons training she had went through when she was a cadet since fourteen years old.

She walked around the field, passing by jogging riflemen and occasional Pilots. She wandered aimlessly as she continued to think about random things such as her previous killstreak in her video game console. Thanks to Commodore Sterling setting up a secure server for the Militia personnel to use, it was now possible for soldiers to play games and send messages to each other.

Sooyoung, however, knew that the commodore would use this to fuel his video game desires, too.

The teen Pilot paused when she saw a Widow land on the field. Its side hatches opened, revealing two Titans, a Vanguard and a Legion. Beside them were Hologram and Pulse Blade Pilots who dismounted with their Titans, letting the Widow fly away and warp out of the planet's atmosphere. As the roaring of engines were gone, Sooyoung, being bored of patrolling alone, was able to hear the conversation between the two Pilots.

"-So, still thinking about your albums, bro?" The holo-Pilot, First Lieutenant Haizek Cohag, asked the Pulse Blade.

"Dunno, Haizek. We're not in the Frontier anymore and that's some tough shit to swallow. Seriously, who would believe that we're in another universe?" Pulse Blade asked back.

'잠깐 (Wait), that voice sounds… familiar.' Sooyoung thought, hearing the Pulse Blade's voice. A masculine voice that, to a person with a good sense of hearing, can sing well. The teen decided to eavesdrop just a little bit more.

"...and technically, all my fans back in the Frontier are gone…" Pulse Blade sighed. "...I just don't know…" The Pilot was responded with a pat on his shoulder from Haizek.

"Hey, you still have a shit ton of fans in the fleet, John. Hell, I am. You can make another album here when you're off duty!" Haizek assured. Sooyoung's eyes widened at the words. 'fans'? 'album'? 'John'? Could it…

...Could this Pulse Blade Pilot be John Timothy, otherwise known as JT Machinima, the most popular rapper in the Frontier? The teen's heart seemed to jump at that. She was a big fan of the rapper, especially due to his songs about Titans. She slowly approached the two Pilots as they continued to converse. She stopped at the front of the Pulse Blade and, despite her face being hidden from her helmet, smiled.

"...Um, do I know you?" Sooyoung asked.

"Well, I thought everyone knew me… well, that's when I was in the Frontier. I'm First Lieutenant John Timothy. Do I know you?" Pulse Blade asked. Sooyoung gasped in awe. She was right. It was JT Machinima. She quickly removed her helmet and greeted the Pilot rapper with a large toothy grin.

"Hi! I'm First Lieutenant Sooyoung Lim! I'm your greatest fan!" Sooyoung chirped.

"Sooyoung… now where have I heard that before…" JT pondered. Haizek turned to JT and gave him a hand gesture that said 'are you kidding me'.

"Dude, she's the daughter of Captain Jack Cooper! You know, the 'Hero of the Militia'!" The Holo-Pilot said. JT Seemed to pause for a moment until his head slowly turned to Sooyoung. Then, as if realization struck him, he gave his hand in a way of a high-five.

"He-hey! You're The Man, the Myth, the Legend's daughter! Good to see you!" JT cheered. Sooyoung giggled as she gave him a high five.

"First fan of this universe, John." Haizek shrugged.

"Oh my god you don't know how much I wanted an autograph of you I couldn't see you I your concerts and now is the time to get you autog-"


Sooyoung was suddenly interrupted when her phone chimed. A message.

First Lieutenant Sooyoung Lim,

Come to the training grounds ASAP. The commodore and I would like to have a word with you and Captain Cooper.

-Colonel Aren Cross

"Orders?" JT asked.

"...yeah." Sooyoung sighed.

"Hey, I'll sign whatever you have later. We're soldiers. You should go." The rapper assured.

Shrugging, Sooyoung placed her phone back into her pocket and walked back into the Outpost's buildings.

Unlike yesterday, where the training grounds were mostly occupied by riflemen, it was now almost crammed with new Pilots who were stationed aboard other ships in the Fourth Fleet and riflemen. The training grounds was littered with gunshots, shouts and mechanized voices from the speakers. This was what greeted Sooyoung and Cooper when they entered the room.

When they first set foot, they were immediately greeted with Colonel Cross, who was accompanied with a mobile holographic projector that looked like a roomba. The machine was projecting the young commodore, otherwise known as the commander of the Militia forces stranded in Remnant's star system. Sooyoung and Cooper immediately and automatically snapped into a disciplined stance and gave salutes.

"Looks like Fireteam Chronos is here, colonel. Go on." Sterling said to Cross, whom she nodded. The Simulacrum turned to the family.

"Lieutenant Lim, since we've confiscated your weapon twelve hours ago, our scientists have been experimenting with reconfigurable weaponry that these… Huntsmen use in this planet." Cross explained.

"As you two are technically our envoys for Remnant and have Aura, we thought that you two needed to adapt better to this planet." Sterling added.

"Sir, if I may, why did you confiscate Lim's weapon?" Cooper asked, trying his best to suppress his tongue from saying his daughter's first name.

"As the lieutenant is currently facing more action as she is a student, we thought that her weapon will have to be modified to fit her life in Beacon." Sterling answered. "In fact, we've already built a prototype using Lim's weapon."

"That's where you come in, kid. Follow me to the simulation dome."

The father and daughter Pilots followed the colonel and the hologram roomba into the simulation dome, which was filled with artificial grass rooted onto movable platforms. The dome was currently projecting a background of mountains and a clear day, which was almost believable if it weren't for some occasional flickering of some panels. Cross stopped when a scientist entered the dome with a case on stow, which was the size of an assault rifle.

"Colonel, if I may, may I speak directly to the lieutenant?" The scientist, a dark-skinned man in his forties asked Cross.

"Go ahead." The Simulacrum nodded. Bowing, the scientist approached Sooyoung with the case on hand.

"This is the prototype requested by the commodore. He apparently calls it a 'Reconfigurable Weapon'. Never have I done this kind of project before." The man snickered.

"Well, some loot crates won't hurt, mister." Sooyoung smiled back.

"Oh please…" Cooper sighed. The scientist handed the Pilot the case, which Sooyoung opened. Inside the case was her Volt, which its stock was sawed off as usual. However, there were some deviations as the SMG looked slightly thicker and there were a series of buttons near where grip was.

"It's a combination of a firearm and a melee weapon, which we named VBSX-01. That red button triggers the transformation."

"Uh-huh?" Sooyoung mused as she picked her new weapon up. Pointing the SMG sideways, she pressed the said red button. Immediately, the Volt started to shift in form. Its barrel folded up, magazine retracted sideways like a door hinge and the grip turned into a hilt. From where the barrel used to be, a series of Titanium-Vanadium alloy parallelogram blades started to unfold into a single sword.

"와 시발, 존나 멋있다 (Holy shit, that's fucking cool)." Sooyoung swore in awe as she inspected the configured weapon. "I'm a fucking Ronin."

"Yes, we've took inspiration from the Ronin Titan's Broadsword. Thanks to 3D fabrication, we were able to make this weapon in a few hours." The scientist smiled.

"Anything else we need to know, professor?" Cooper asked as Sooyoung slowly swung her new broadsword at the air. Judging by how fast she was swinging, the weapon seemed to be surprisingly light. She seemed to house a wide smile.

"Look dad! Now I can say 'Ryujin no ken wo kurae' and actually use the sword!" Sooyoung chirped, making Cooper sigh and chuckle at the same time.

"I've never seen someone THAT excited about weaponry before." Cross commented.

"Ma'am, I know a student in Beacon who technically worships them." Cooper replied. Despite being a Simulacrum, Cross seemed to sweatdrop.

"...Then let's hope that I won't meet that kid." The colonel commented as the scientist was continuing to explain Sooyoung the abilities of the prototype.

"That blue button next to the red one lets you able to cast an Arc wave. All you need to do is press the button and slash the ground forward facing your opponent." The scientist explained. He then pressed a button on his tablet. Then, the simulation dome projected a holographic IMC rifleman, who was pointing a gun at Sooyoung. Smirking, the young Pilot pressed the blue button as instructed, then slashed the ground forward. Immediately, the from the tip of the sword which was touching the ground generated a line of powerful Arc energy which crackled through the ground and hit the hologram. It registered the hit and disappeared.

"I have the POWER!" Sooyoung cheered as she raised her new weapon up in the air.

"Lieutenant, not now." Cross deadpanned. Sighing, the teen Pilot lowered her sword down.

"Thank you, colonel." The scientist thanked. "Now, there is one more button, over here." He pointed at the green button at the hilt. "We've attempted to imitate the Core of the Ronin, thus we managed to use the energy stored in your SMG's magazine and use that to amplify the blade. Do keep in mind, however, that you need a fresh magazine or else the 'Core' won't activate."

"Okay!" Sooyoung happily nodded.

"Now that the explanations are over, professor, I want you to run through the simulation with you new weapon. Lim, you're going to test that Sword Core during the simulation, got it?" Sterling intervened.

"Yes, sir." Sooyoung replied, standing up straight after reconfiguring her prototype back to SMG form. Taking a nod, Sterling's hologram disappeared. Cooper, Cross, the scientist and holo-roomba walked out of the simulation dome. When the doors closed, the floor panels started to shift in various heights to emulate walls.

"Simulation 511 starting. Occupant: First Lieutenant Sooyoung Lim. Classification: Pilot." The simulation announcer's voice rang from the speakers. Then, from the ground, a dozen cylindrical pods emerged, each containing robotic infantry. "Deploying Spectres. Weapons non-lethal."

'...and here we fucking go. Game on!' Sooyoung thought as she cocked VBSX-01 and aimed at the first Spectre to emerge from its pod.

Sighing, Sooyoung walked towards the large wooden double doors of the auditorium of Beacon Academy. Due to the White Fang's assault on Genesis two days ago, she and Cooper were forced to stay for another twenty-four hours in the outpost for extra security. During that time, she performed her duties as an officer and Pilot: inspect her Titan JS-1998, patrol around the outpost with two squads of riflemen with her Titan, do some tests for the scientists to investigate the effects of Aura, find a way to unlock her Semblance, which they have failed so far, and test out her new weapon, VBSX-01, a prototype reconfigurable SMG made from a Volt SMG and a miniaturized Ronin Broadsword built with pure Frontier technology. She was ordered to tell anyone concerned that any effects of Arc energy was to be labeled as the effects of Lightning Dust, due to their similarities, although Arc was way powerful.

Moreover, due to her extended duties, she had no choice but to skip some classes, three to be exact. She only had to take the last class thanks to Ozpin's understanding of the situation. The situation was similar to Cooper, too.

"You alright, Sooyoung?" Cooper asked, patting Sooyoung's shoulder which startled her.

"I-I mean, yeah dad. We're joining a progressing match. I'm not gonna earn much XP from this round." The teen replied.

"Hey, the headmaster gave us the 'OK card'. Professor Goodwitch is gonna understand too. Come on, you gotta meet up with your teammates." The father assured, then opened the double doors.

The two Pilots were greeted by hundreds of First-year students sitting around the central podium where Professor Goodwitch was teaching. All attention shifted to the door when the doors opened, revealing the Teacher's Assistant and a student that was absent for three classes.

"Oh, Mr. Cooper. Please, we were about to begin class. Come up to the stage." Goodwitch greeted with a stern look. Nodding, Cooper walked up to the stage and greeted the blonde with a handshake. Sooyoung took her time to find her team and JNPR, who had already saved a spot for the Pilot.

"Hey, Sooyoung! We missed you so much!" Ruby whispered with glee.

"I missed you too, 귀염둥이 (Cutie pie)!" Sooyoung smiled back, booping the silver-eyed girl's nose.

"Well, Sooyoung, why were you so late? In fact, you were in the outpost for the whole weekend." Weiss whispered.

"White Fang invasion, dumbass." The Pilot sneered, earning a deathly glare from Weiss and Blake.

"Why would they invade your base? How did they find it in the first place?" Blake

"Dunno." Sooyoung shrugged. "Words from the POWs say that they were looking for Grimm to capture. Apparently they found Genesis by accident."

"Capture? The White fang would never do that!" The cat Faunus hissed.

"SILENCE!" Goodwitch's voice boomed from the combat auditorium's center, successfully doing so.

"I'll tell you everything later." Sooyoung whispered, which Blake nodded to. The five girls' attention shifted back to the two Professors who were at the center.

"As you all know, we will be continuing to spar for the Vytal Festival tournaments. However, this time we will have everyone including ones who have no desire to participate in the tournament. For the first match, we will have Mr. Michael Verde and Mr. John Juhwang. Please return to the classroom once you two are prepared."

The first match, according to the perspective of Sooyoung, was rather interesting. Michael Verde had green hair, emerald-embedded shoulder plates and wielded a Lathi configurable as a mini-SMG. John Juwhang, a name Sooyoung found familiar as Juwhang meant Orange in Korean, had dark brown hair with orange irises, wore simple jeans and a red jacket and wielded a halberd reconfigurable into a assault rifle. The spar went out normal, with the two belligerents circling around each other, analyzing each other's weakness. Then, John charged at his opponent and vertically swept his halberd. However, this was avoided by Michael rolling sideways. The green boy then retaliated with a abdominal swipe at his opponent. Direct hit. Taking the hit, John was knocked away. Using his halberd, he stopped himself from sliding further back. Taking his stance, the orange boy pounced again to attack.

Taking the fight as her advantage, Sooyoung leaned closer to her team and continued talking.

"...Anyway, the security of the outpost leveled up like shit. New Pilots logging into the server, more fighters patrolling, I'm starting to think we should call Genesis 'Fortress Genesis', not 'Outpost Genesis'." The Pilot whispered, with the four girls leaning closer to her. Seeing that Weiss decided to listen to Sooyoung rather than scold her for disturbing her, RWBY(S) found it rather shocking by giving her incredulous looks. "...also, there's something I wanna show you guys when… you know, maybe after class. Actually, there's two things I wanna show you."

"What is it?" Ruby whispered with sparkling eyes. "Is it a new weapon?"

"Spoilers~" Sooyoung sang.

"Are the boys there handsome?" Yang asked/whispered with a wink.

"By Oum, Yang, is your life all about boys?" Weiss scolded.

"Why not? Just think about all those built boys holding guns riding things like Titans... " The blonde licked her lips with lustful thought. Giving a muffled chuckle, Sooyoung looked back front at the podium where Michael Verde was pointing his halberd at John Juhwang's chest. The battle was over.

"Michael Verde wins by elimination." Goodwitch commented as she walked in between the combatants. "During the battle, we can see that both combatants were wielding heavy weaponry. However, their weapons' second forms let them able to compensate their slow movements by reconfiguring them into firearms. For Mr. Juhwang, you had trouble blocking some of Mr. Verde's attacks. It doesn't matter if his swings were fast, you should evade more frequently." The blonde professor readjusted her glasses. "Other than that, you two did a good job. please return to your seats." The two boys complied by Verde helping his opponent up. The green boy gave a pat on the orange boy's back as they walked down from the podium. "For the second battle of today, we will have Miss Sooyoung Lim and Mr. Cardin Winchester on a one-on-one battle. Will the two combatants get prepared?"

"Looks like it's my turn for some PvP! I'll log back in in a second." Sooyoung happily whispered to her team and walked out of the auditorium with some tall orange-haired boy.

Sooyoung opened her rocket locker and took her combat attire, the Hazmat combat suit, jump kit, which was comprised of the chestplate and the thrusters, scarf, boots, the grappling hook kit and the VBSX-01 in SMG form. Unlike the huntsmen of Remnant, Sooyoung's equipment were built by the Militia's military, thus they are more resilient and powerful than her peers' equipment. She had received military training, which was according to what she learned so far in Beacon, far harsher than huntsmen training. Back in the Frontier, there was no Aura, so mindlessly charging into battle was a deathwish.

Exiting the women's locker rooms, Sooyoung gave a deep sigh. It was strange to not have her helmet with her, as she was ordered to leave it the MCS Ulsan, which was later transported to Outpost Genesis. If she did, she would have 'the full level-200 legendary armor set' according to her gaming knowledge. While she was heading back to the auditorium, she noticed the boy that left with her, now in a medieval armor with golden linings on his chestplate. He was holding what looked like a mace with a red crystal embedded on the tip. When their eyes met, his brows seemed to turn into a frown. Not knowing why, Sooyoung gave a shrug.

"...Something wrong?" Sooyoung asked.

"You…" The boy growled, scanning Sooyoung's combat suit. "You look like that stupid TA." Teacher's assistant? Stupid? Did this idiot insult her father, Jack Cooper? Sooyoung looked at the boy. She swore that she saw him somewhere… He looked so familiar, especially on the second day of her school life in Beacon…

Then, it clicked.

"Oooh, you're Cardin Winchester!" The teen Pilot gave a mischievous grin and pointed at the boy. Cardin seemed to inflate as if Sooyoung thought that he was popular for his strength. "...The low-level guy that got his ass kicked by my dad and got a tech demo version of military training!" The bully's face turned to a scowl even more, seeing that this new kid was making fun of him.

"...So he's your dad? Then I'll show him what happens if anyone messes with me, Cardin Winchester."

"Whoa, steady there. No need to be so desperate, 병신 (retard)!" Sooyoung backed away. She finally opened the doors of the auditorium, revealing herself and Cardin to everyone inside. As the two walked towards the podium, Sooyoung approached Teams RWBY(S) and JNPR.

"New weapon. First item to show you guys." She whispered, pointing at VBSX-01. The Pilot giggled at Ruby's sparkling eyes at the mention of a new weapon. She then shrugged when she saw Weiss inspecting and overheard her whispering that it looked the same like before.

Sooyoung will have to correct that soon.

"Sooyoung, don't try to boast the prototype weapon." Cooper whispered to his daughter as Sooyoung shrugged and walked up the podium.

"Miss Lim, you are one of the few who haven't volunteered for the Vytal Festival Tournament. However, you will still have to spar in this class as you are training to be a Huntress and the contestants would learn something from your fight." Goodwitch said. Sooyoung nodded in response and took a glance at her opponent, Cardin. Seeing that he was sliding his thumb on his neck, she shook her head. She turned to her father to see that even he was shaking his head in disappointment.

Great minds think alike, they say.

"We will begin the combat. Please get to your positions." Goodwitch instructed, and the two students, the bully and the Pilot complied. Then, the lights outside the podium darkened and the holographic screen flared to life, showing the Aurameters of Cardin and Sooyoung. Sooyoung noticed that this guy had a lot of aura, which was one and a half times more than hers.

"Prepare to lose, girl." Cardin sneered, swinging his mace as if showing off.

"Begin spar." At the same time Goodwitch said that, the buzzer rang and the barrier around the podium rose, signaling the start of the match. Instantly, Cardin gave a war cry, raised his mace up high and charged at the Pilot. Taking the aggression, Sooyoung quickly grappled onto the barrier, which surprisingly latched onto the field of energy, and reeled herself from the charge. Using her jump kit, Sooyoung ran on the barrier wall and started to pepper Cardin with VBSX-01 in SMG mode.

"Hey, you said you wanted a PvP match! Why do I feel like I'm fighting a dungeon mob?" The Pilot gloated. Cardin's face turned into rage by the quote. As if the fact that his weapon couldn't reach her wasn't enough, that insult seemed to snap his sanity in half.

"GET THE FUCK DOWN HERE, YOU BITCH!" The bully roared, but all he was received was a blown raspberry and more bolts of light plasma. In the eyes of the audience, this was a one-sided fight that obviously favored Sooyoung.

They were right.

Observing the battle, Cooper waited for his daughter to fully use the prototype weapon to its full potential. She was ordered to test the weapon as frequent as possible, so he thought that maybe this sparring match would be a good time to do so.

Seeing that Sooyoung's single earphone was on, Cooper contacted his daughter via phone.

"Sooyoung, test the prototype." The father whispered. As if his daughter listened, Sooyoung jumped down from the barrier wall and aimed VBSX-01 at Cardin.

"Alright, bullet sponge! Let's see you duke it out!" Sooyoung gloated.

"About time, girl!" Cardin snarled.

"Remember that I'm the final boss here!" The Pilot cheered and pressed the red button on her weapon. Instantly, the weapon started to shift in form into a broadsword that a Ronin Titan uses. Using her grappling hook, Sooyoung latched herself onto Cardin's chestplate, reeled herself and kicked him in the abdomen, pushing the air out from his lungs. Angrily standing back up, Cardin gave a roar of pure fury and charged once again at the Pilot. Taking the chance, Sooyoung pressed the blue button on her weapon and slashed the ground vertically. Arc energy generated from the sword cut through the floor with crackling blue towards the charging Cardin. Taking the brunt of the Arc Wave, blue electricity cackled across the bully's body and he fell to his knees, gritting his teeth in pain. Giving no chance, Sooyoung dashed towards the bully with the help of her jump kit and swept with her sword. With the blade hitting its mark, Cardin was knocked back once again. However, the effects of Arc energy were now gone and the bully could stand back up.

"You're gonna pay for that." Cardin snarled.

"Really?" Sooyoung asked. She smiled sinisterly as she grappled once again onto Cardin and reeled in for another kick. After it hit, Sooyoung struck her sword against the dazed bully, dealing a heavy blow to his Aura.

Seeing that one more hit would mean elimination, Cardin quickly regained his senses and gripped his mace tight. Giving one final roar of resistance and fury, he raised his weapon and struck at the Pilot. However, Sooyoung was able to block the heavy attack in the nick of time. Locked in the battle of strength, Sooyoung was starting to be slowly pushed back as Cardin had more mass than her. Seeing the event, the bully started to grow an evil grin.

"I told you you're gonna pay, girly." Cardin sneered. "...You're just another Jauney-boy. Weak as fuck. I'll show your daddy that this is the part where you'll lose." The quote made Sooyoung's blood boil beyond boiling point. From what Pyrrha had told her, Jaune had been bullied by this idiot during the first semester. Seeing that the blonde boy was one of Sooyoung's eight newest friends of her age, she couldn't let Cardin babble about it again.

Secondly, he had just insulted her father twice today. Sooyoung concluded that it would be Cardin who would be paying.

Time to activate the core.

"I don't think so." Sooyoung grunted. WIth another grunt of strength, she pushed Cardin away and jumped back, giving herself some distance. Then, she pressed the green button on VBSX-01. Instantly, the blade of the weapon started to glow orange and crackles of Arc energy surrounded the weapon. Sooyoung felt power inside the sword/SMG prototype, hearing hums of the reactor. The weapon's Core was active. "...because the dragon and I are one."

Now crackling with immense power despite its power source is from the weapon's magazine, Sooyoung focused her Aura to her prosthetic feet and pointed her jump kit's thrusters forward. Using this, she bolted towards Cardin with unimaginable speeds and struck him horizontally. The bully tried to parry it away, but when the energized blade met the mace, it conducted high-voltage electricity towards its user, turning the confident bully into a jittering mess while dropping his weapon on the ground. The attack dropped Cardin's Aura drastically, sending it from green to orange. Not giving any chances, Sooyoung sent an amplified Arc wave thanks to the sword's Core. This wave of energy, even more powerful than a conventional one, made Cardin scream in pain. The Pilot dashed towards her opponent and gave one final swing, sending the bully back to the wall and completely draining his Aura.

With Cardin's Aura now non-existent, the lights of the auditorium turned back on and Professors Goodwitch and Cooper walked back onto the podium.

"That's a match, Miss Lim. Please stand down." The blonde professor said. Sighing, Sooyoung turned VBSX-01 off and reconfigured it back to SMG mode. She walked to her father and gave a happy shrug.

"I've already assessed your combat. Just wait until Goodwitch finishes talking." Cooper said, which Sooyoung nodded.

"As you can see, we've seen the advantages of our two combatants, where Mr. Winchester's is brute force and Miss Lim's is agility. Mr. Winchester had the edge on strength, but he was disadvantageous on mobility as he had difficulty catching up with his opponent. Mr. Cooper, have you assessed Miss Lim?" Goodwitch explained to the pupils, then turned to the Pilot Captain.

"Yes. Sooy- Miss Lim has just like what Miss Goodwitch stated, used her agility to her advantage. However, you've had some trouble with the prot- I mean, what I assume to be your new weapon. Throughout the times I've been assessing you in Beacon, you've been using firearms as your main mean of weapon. In conclusion, you need to practice in swordsmanship." Cooper said to Sooyoung, frowning whenever his daughter giggled at the small mistakes he made in his speech.

"You may return to your seats." Goodwitch said, and the two former combatants complied.

"Guys, did you see Sooyoung's new weapon?!" Ruby beamed with pure excitement as the nine familiar teens walked to their dorms. "THAT WAS AMAZING! It can turn into a SWORD! It can make electric walls! It can charge into superpower mode! HOW DID YOU MAKE IT?! I MUST KNOW SO THAT MY BABY CAN BE STRONGER!"

"Classified stuff, 귀염둥이 (Cutie pie)!" Sooyoung cooed and did her signature nose boop. "Seriously though, I'm technically a Ronin."

"What's its name?! Ooooh did you name it something cool?! Is it like… SuperDuperLaserSword?!"

"Um… no." Sooyoung hesitated. "...It's just called the VBSX-01, a prototype weapon that the commodore, or should I say the great Guildmaster and quest giver, thought about trying to replicate Huntsmen weaponry. You know, those reconfiguring extravaganza."

"Just… just don't let Nora touch it for your safety." Ren commented.


"Something to do with her Semblance."

"Yup, Renny! It's suuuuuuuuuuperduper secret that when you know, I get to break your legs!" Nora chirped in response. This sparked curiosity in Sooyoung's mind, but she decided to keep it to herself. It's rude to know secrets, isn't it?

"You told us that there are more things you wanna show us, right?" Pyrrha asked.

"Yup!" Sooyoung nodded.

"Then to the RWBY HQ!" Ruby dramatically pointed to her dorm room as her sister opened it with a happy sigh. With everyone inside and the door shut, All eyes were turned to the teen Pilot. Next to her was Blake's desk, but Sooyoung's helmet and a high-tech box were on it.

"So Sooyoung, what do you have for us? What's inside that box?" Weiss asked. However, the eight huntsmen-in-training saw that Sooyoung was frozen in spot. Her face stoned in a emotionless position.

"Hello~? Remnant to Sooyoung?" Nora knocked on the Pilot's head. No response.

"Ugh, this is awkward." Weiss grunted. "Sooyoung? Lieutenant? Are you-"

Suddenly, Sooyoung clasped her face with her palms, slid onto the floor and gave a loud and high pitched squeal of pure excitement.

"What? What's happening?" Jaune asked.


"Whoa, whoa, Sooyoung! What are you talking about?" Ruby asked.

"JT Machinima! Best rapper in the Frontier and a Pilot of the Militia!" The Pilot suddenly bolted towards the silver-eyed girl, clasped her palms on her cheeks and gave a wide toothy grin. "AND HE'S HERE WITH US! I CAN NOW LISTEN TO HIM LIVE IF HE WANTS TO!" When Sooyoung finally returned back to her senses and looked at her friends, she noticed that nobody seemed to have understood what she had just said.

"Pilot, facial recognition indicates that they have not understood what you've said." JS's voice sounded from her earphone. When the Pilot's face started to slowly drop down, the heiress of the SDC was the one to break the ice.

"Umm…. so you're telling us that a musician from your universe, or the Frontier, who is also a Pilot, is on Remnant with you and the Militia forces stationed here." Weiss asked.


"...and he's considered as the most popular rapper in the Frontier?"

"YES! 그걸 말해야 아냐 (Do I have to explain to make you understand)?!" Sooyoung, patience nonexistent, cheered.

"That… is… AWESOME!" Nora unexpectedly exclaimed. "Is he THAT popular? Does he like PANCAKES like Mr. Awesome Davis?! What MEGA DEATH ROBOT does he have? Can we listen to his songs?!" Seeing that one of the eight finally got the hint, Sooyoung's cheer became bigger and gave the explosive girl a high five.

"Yes, he's THAT popular! I don't know about pancakes, though. He pilots a Legion and YES, I WILL MAKE YOU LISTEN TO HIS AWESOMENESS!" The Pilot swung one-eighty degrees and picked up her helmet on the desk. "See? Autograph right here." She chirped, pointing at the cursive autograph written on the left side of the helmet. Sooyoung placed her head gear back at where it was and then picked up the box right next to it.

"What's that?" Blake asked.

"ohmygoshisthataweaponlikeyournewonelet'sseeitlet'sseeitcomeon-" Ruby was interrupted by Yang with her mouth covered with the blonde's hand. Yang gave Sooyoung an apologetic look, but Sooyoung giggled it off and entered the passcode of the box. The box hissed open, revealing its contents.

"Ooo-kay! Firstly in my dungeon loot chest, a shit ton of books!" Sooyoung announced. "The Great Quest-giver, or the Commodore to the disgusting non-gaming plebs, told me to give this book… to you." She took out a rather thick encyclopedia and handed it to Blake. The cat Faunus took the book and read the cover.

The History of the Frontier

"Oh, how thoughtful." Blake smiled. "Can you tell Mr. Sterling thank you?"

"Sure, but it's not done yet." Sooyoung said, taking out another book. "This'll fit you. This one's from me." She handed the book to the cat Faunus.

"What is it?" Out of curiosity, Blake opened the book and flipped through its pages. Sooyoung was trying her best to hide her laughter, but failed to do so when her victim's face turned into a tomato and quickly slammed the book shut.

"I hate you." Blake muttered shyly.

"What is it? Why's Blake like that?" Ruby asked, not knowing what's happening. Sooyoung knew that Yang did her all to keep her sister's innocence, but the Pilot decide to explain what happened anyway.

"It's Fifty Shades of Grey! History's most read smut book!" Sooyoung laughed. As if everyone finally understood, all except Ruby, Ren and Weiss, Blake, Ren and Jaune burst into laughter.

"Oooh, Blake, looks like our new friend knows what you're reading~" Yang teased with a suggestive tone, making the cat Faunus slap the blonde's shoulder. Suddenly, everyone froze when Sooyoung's phone chimed. An SMS. The Pilot picked it up and read the message.

Lieutenant Lim,

I've reviewed Captain Cooper's assessment files on your combat with the prototype weapon. I've agreed that you need some training with your melee combat, especially in sword fighting.

If possible, request Pyrrha Nikos to help you in training, or take extra courses with Professor Goodwitch.

Remember: You will be reassessed next week when you return to Outpost Genesis.

-Commodore Jim Sterling

"Wait, the commodore told me to train you?" Pyrrha asked with curiosity as Sooyoung groaned and locked her phone.

"You don't have to do it if you want I'll learn the new skill and level up with Goodwitch." Sooyoung replied.

"N-no! It's just that... I'm already training with Jaune so..." The Invincible Girl stuttered, then turned to JNPR's leader.

"I don't mind." The blonde boy shrugged. Hearing that, Pyrrha's concern turned into a grin.

"-Then I would love to, Sooyoung!"

"Perfect!" Sooyoung gave the red girl a high five. "I have a player with a higher level helping me level up! That's good!" She chirped, then returned to whatever conversation she was having before the message. "Okay, guild members!" Sooyoung got the attention of the room. "Listen as I control your mind with one of the best rap songs I have!" She said as she played a familiar rap song in her phone.

Clinks of pickaxes filled the deep dimly lit caves as miners of the Schnee Dust Company stuck the rocks of grey and crystals of prismatic colors. Beside each team of underfed miners were uniformed humans armed with whips and firearms, glaring at each miner with eyes of an eagle. Beside each guard were Atlesian Knights, armed with assault rifles aimed at anyone who dared go beyond their masters. Between each clinks were the cracks of the thorny whips against the bloody flesh of the Faunus miners.

Pushing and pulling the minecarts filled to the brim with Dust crystals were innocent children with ragged clothes and animal features. Despite their youth, the masters treated them no differently like their adult counterpart, with cracks of whips, barks of orders and hurls of insult about Faunus. Whenever a child slipped from his pushing duties, the minecart would start gaining acceleration towards where gravity lead it. With whatever strength remained in their bodies, he or she barely escapes the grasps of death as the cart rolls down. The masters punished the child so severely that perhaps death may have been more merciful.

Adjacent to the punished child were two Faunus miners, one with elephant tusks and the other with a small mane. Seeing the child being whipped mercilessly, the tusked miner gave a sad sigh.

"Jeez, she's so young." Elephant tusk shook his head.

"What can you expect? It's the god damn SDC. They only care about money." Mane replied.

"This isn't what I've signed up for. I was promised a good job for my family back near Vale!"

"You're not the only one, Nick. Probably everyone heard the same exact fucking thing here." Mane snarled with clear sounds of teeth gnashing. However, he was only responded with with sudden streaks of pain and and cracks.

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! WORK HARDER, YOU ANIMAL MOTHERFUCKERS!" A warden yelled between each cracks. Painfully gathering himself, the maned Faunus picked up his pickaxe again and started picking away the rocks.

"What did we do to deserve this…" Tusk groaned.

"I… just… hate… these… humans…" Mane panted between each word, anger flowing through from his mouth to pickaxe, striking each rock with hatred against their symbiotic species.

"Don't judge them. There are good humans back in my villag-"


A sudden explosion snapped them out from their conversation as wardens and their AK-130 guards started to become more alert. The miners were more than confused. Has someone struck a Fire Dust, resulting in a catastrophic explosion? Did one of the wardens shoot a miner? Is somebody infiltrating the mines? Could this be a rescue attempt?

"What the hell was that?" the tusked miner asked the one with the mane.

"Could it be the White Fang? Are they here to rescue us?" The maned miner asked back. For the first time in years, hope was painted on his face. Could they be finally free? The Lion Faunus secretly eavesdropped onto one of the warden's conversations with his Scroll.

"We have intruders in the mines, heavily armed!" The person behind the Scroll yelled. Gunshots and shouts could be heard too.

"Is it the White Fang?" The warden asked, preparing his firearm, which was a shotgun.

"I-I don't know! They're wearing green unif- WHAT THE FUCK?! Is that an android?! Wait… GRENA-"

The call was interrupted by a explosion, then it ended. The conversation left the miners confused. Androids? Green uniforms?

"Nick, the White Fang don't wear green stuff, right?" Elephant Tusk asked.

"Not that I remember, Francis." The Lion Faunus, Nick, replied. It was then the warden got everyone's attention by harsh barks.

"Listen up, you animals! This mine is in lockdown! Stay where you are and do NOT move an inch until everything is cleared off!" The warden said.

"But what's happeni-" One of the miners were cut off when the heads of the Atlesian Knights that were behind the warden were blown off as they fell with sparks coming out of whatever was lift of their 'throats'. The warden, seeing that his guards were destroyed, pointed his shotgun at where the bullet flew from. Everybody expected Faunus terrorists wearing white attire and masks with four slits as eyes.

However, what they didn't expect were three men in olive and orange uniforms with what looked like tiny jet packs on their backs. Their helmets' visors either looked like the letter T (Holo-Pilot), the letter X (Grapple) or nothing but four cyan slits (Cloak). accompanying them were eight grey androids with boxy heads and stripes of olive on their shoulder pads.

One of the unknown soldiers shot a grappling hook at the warden, which reeled him to the soldier and kicked his life out of him.

"Warden down! This is Delta squad, the miners are secure!" A T-visor soldier called out, pressing two fingers on his helmet. After a short pause, he gave a nod, then released his fingers. "Connor, announce them" he said to X-Visor, who walked forward.

"Alright, everyone! Just so that you understand, we're not part of the White Fang! Still, our objective is to get you all out of this hellhole and get you back home! Consider this as some kind of prison break. If you can cooperate with us, we can get out of here in a snap!" The X-Visor soldier yelled. He then looked around to see the reactions of the miners. Some of the miners were in a mix of confusion and fear, as if they didn't understand what was going on in the chaos, but most of them were filled with hope. The fact that they were going to be free was overwhelming.

"...You're actually gonna break us out of here?" Nick asked the soldiers.

"Yes, we will. As long you cooperate with us.

"Holy shit, Nick! We're gonna be free! I'm gonna see my girlfriend again!" Francis cheered. However, the two Faunus miners turned back to the T-Visor soldier, who seemed to be communicating with a device in his helmet.

"...Additional contacts? Understood, command. We'll be heading to LZ." T-Visor nodded. "Guys, the White Fang are on their way here. Looks like they had similar thoughts about this mine."

"Ugh, first they attack our outpost, now here?" Four-slit grunted.

"Gather the miners quickly. We're going out on the double."

"Roger." Four-slit nodded.

"Alright, people! Let's get a move on! We have White Fang terrorists on their way here! Makes lines of ten! This way!" X-Visor shouted. Immediately, the miners started to move, but panic, fear and excitement were washed all over their hearts. "Please remain calm! Panicking won't get us anywhere!" X-Visor reminded. That seemed to have helped.

"Alright, we're moving! Spectres up front! Let's go!" T-Visor yelled. At cue, the eight androids started to run with their rifles pointed forward with the three soldiers and the seventy miners behind.

While running towards the mine's exit, the miners noticed destroyed AK-130s littering the corridors of grey and occasional corpses of wardens. This may have disgusted normal people, but the miners, being mistreated by them, simply spat on them. Within five minutes of the trek, the seventy miners rendezvoused with three other teams of equal seventy miners each. However, just before the soldier/android/miner teams neared the exit, they were responded with gunshots from the bright sunny outside. Screaming, the miners quickly ran to whatever cover they could find, or simply run back down.

"White Fang forces! Pilots, open fire!" Immediately, the soldiers started to run towards the Faunus terrorists. Using what Nick and Francis assumed were jet packs, some even started running on the walls of the cave.

"Dude, are these guys… huntsmen?" Nick asked.

"I don't know any huntsmen that does something like… that." Francis replied as one of the soldiers that looked almost like the androids but with a single rectangular cyan visor disappear into a foamy mist, then seconds later, reappear right beside a White Fang grunt and snap her neck.

"That could be a Semblance, you know." Nick commented as a WF grunt shot a T-visor head on the head, only to disappear into a blue mist. A second of bamboozling later, the real T-Visor emerged from cover and shot his head off with a high-caliber sniper rifle. "Holy shit." The elephant Faunus winced.

Two minutes of firefight, or as Francis would say 'Total ass-whooping', all White Fang grunts were killed off. The miners were regrouped once again and were finally lead outside. The Faunus, finally seeing sunlight after such a long time, started to rejoice when they saw dozens of unusually looking airships with what looked like wings waiting for them.

"Ten each! Ten each! Come on! Let's do this quick!" A soldier with a fur scarf (A-Wall) yelled as three airships closed in to the mine entrance. Their side doors opened, and a helmetless soldier from each transport waved them in. "Maintain order, please! We don't want to complicate things!" Finally, the miners started to board the transports ten by ten, with the first three airships already filled up. They lifted up in the air, started to gain some speed, then suddenly disappeared with a red streak and a flash. Despite the awe the event struck the escapees, the soldiers continued their duties of loading more miners into more transports. This continued until the last thirty, when the Grimm started to converge on the mine. Panic returned to the Faunus as the androids and soldiers started to open fire at the creatures of darkness.

"Damn, if only we had our Titans!" T-Visor grunted as he threw a grenade that exploded on a King Taijitu. It was then finished off by a turret on one of the transports.

"Not now, JT! Only when we're at Genesis!" A single-horizontal-visor Pilot barked.

"Yes, sir!"

"Dude, those guys mentioned something called 'Titans'. What d'ya think they're talking about?" Francis asked his friend.

"All I care about is what the hell are these transports. Seriously, they just… disappear!" Nick replied as the two boarded the last transport airship.

"We're done! Let's go!" When the the remaining soldiers boarded, the door shut and the airship started to gain altitude.

"Jumping in three… two… one…" The pilot in the cockpit said as something in the airship started to wail louder and louder. The sight around the miners started to distort as if a spear of unknown energy was forming.

"Everyone, hold on!" X-Visor yelled.


The last of the transports disappeared from the SDC Mine.


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The River Rat of Remnant (RWBY/From the Depths)

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