Erik's voice was the most beautiful sound Christine has ever heard. She was glad that she didn't have Raoul tell her to describe his voice because the wait was worth it. She had expected Erik to be a good singer but what she got was beyond her imagination. It was the voice of an angel. Powerful yet soft. Entrancing and she was completely spell bound as soon as Erik began. She had let the voice sweep over her and fill her with passion and warmth. She took notice that her breathing was stuttering but she didn't care, because that voice was singing to her. Calling out to her like an angel from heaven.

She would do anything it commanded.

She hadn't realized she had closed her eyes or had started to fall to the side until she was grabbed and sat up. She heard a snap and forced herself to open her eyes.

"Wha—" she started, blinking.

"You will be just fine Miss Daae. Come. Let us get you out of here." Erik stated in front of her and she realized that he was kneeling.

He helped her stand, though kept a hold on her as he moved her towards the stairs. She took advantage of having his arms around her by leaning more into his hold, her head resting on his collarbone and shoulder. They made it to the stairs and Erik let out a sigh.

"This is why I do not sing." Erik mumbled.

Frowning, Christine lifted her head and followed Erik's gaze up the staircase and saw a blinking Raoul lying on the floor at the entrance to the basement.

"Uh," Raoul groaned as he sat up slowly, clutching his head.

"Are you okay?" Christine called up.

Raoul waved his hand dismissingly, not looking at them.

"He will be fine." Erik informed, beginning to help Christine climb the steps. "My voice is a lot of things but harmful is not one of them."

"Tell that to my bruised body from hitting the floor." Raoul grumbled as they got closer.

"If I had known you would be listening, I would have had you do the same precaution as Miss Daae." Erik shrugged. They made it to the entrance and Erik let go of Christine to help Raoul up.

"I didn't know you were going to sing. I came to let you know that dinner was ready." Raoul mumbled as Erik pulled him up. Raoul swayed forward and had to grip Erik's arms to keep from falling.

Erik took his weight easily, shifting him till Raoul's arm was over his shoulder and Erik's arm around his waist. He held out his other hand for Christine to take, which she did.

"You act as if you're used to having to do this." Christine stated as Erik wrapped his other arm around her to keep her from swaying too far.

"Because I am." Erik answered simply and pulled the two of them with him.

He brought them to the kitchen and dumped Raoul into one chair and sat Christine down in another.

"Does this always happen when you sing? People getting a little…out of it." Raoul asked resting his elbow on the table and his head in his hand.

"For the most part yes." Erik replied, going to the stove to make sure dinner wasn't burning or catching fire. "Nothing is physically wrong with you. My voice just…"

"Hypnotizes. It hypnotizes people." Raoul added.

Erik cocked his head thoughtfully. "If that is how you would describe it, yes."

"Oh, it's the only way I would describe that feeling. Not saying it's bad, but weird." Raoul claimed.

Erik shrugged. He turned off the stove and began getting dishes out. "As you say."

"It that why you stopped?" Raoul pressed.

Erik paused in his motion of getting the plates from their cabinet. Christine sent Raoul a glare that he ignored.

"That is one of the reasons." Erik replied slowly, his back to them.

"Can I asked what the others are?" Raoul probed.

Raoul wasn't able to ignore the kick to his leg that Christine had given him. He yelped and jumped in his seat. He sent her a scowl as he rubbed the spot on his leg that she had hit.

Erik had turned at the sound Raoul had let out and was now smirking at them in amusement.

"Enough of that. You two need to eat." He stated.

Erik served them dinner and they ate for the most part in silence. Raoul began talking more and more as he got out of the daze he was in from listening to Erik's voice.

As the meal went on, Christine's nerves came to her. She had agreed to tell Erik what she and Raoul had talked to Mme. Giry about and she was not excited about telling him.

She was positive that Erik was it. He was the partner they had been waiting for but things can always go wrong. She was trying not to be negative but she was the type to always picture the worst case scenario. Maybe he would forget because of the whole incident of her and Raoul practically fainting. Then again, if they didn't tell him Mme. Giry said she would and Christine didn't think Erik would appreciate learning that they were soulmates from her instead of them.

After they had finished, Christine and Raoul picked up the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Christine placed the last dish as Raoul put the soap in, closed the door and looked up at Erik who was watching them from the table.

"I believe it is your turn as part our deal." Erik hinted.

Raoul frowned and shot a glance at Erik then her. "What's he talking about?"

"I, um, agreed that if he sings, I would tell him what we went to talk to Madame Giry about." Christine confessed.

Raoul's eyes widen. "Christine, not cool."

"I would not give her too much of a hard time." Erik cut in. "The Madame had told me that if you were unable to tell me, she would take the deed upon herself."

"Harsh Madame Giry." Raoul whispered but his eyes held a shine of respect. He straightened. "What do you remember about our break-in?"

Going right into it then. Alright. Christine thought nervously.

"The one in the Madame's house?" Erik asked and Christine nodded. "Not a lot. I woke up and heard voices and sounds coming from the kitchen. I went down, saw the two of you and confronted you. You saw me, screamed, and ran away. I cleaned up the mess you left and went back to bed."

"Okay, but what did you say?" Raoul pressed, leaning his hands on the back of his chair across the table from Erik.

"Say? I do not remember that." Erik frowned in confusion.

"If you had to take a guess." Christine offered.

"Hmm…" Erik leaned back in his chair, bringing his hand to his mouth, and thinking. "Given the circumstance, I would have probably demanded what the two you were doing."

Christine's breath caught in her throat but she forced herself to speak.

"Words. Can you say it exactly like you would have said it then?" she pleaded.

She could tell that Erik had one eyebrow raised underneath his mask.

"I do not understand—"

"Please?" Raoul implored. "Just the words."

Erik stared at them a couple moments taking in their serious stances, his hands went from his mouth to rest on his knee.

"Hey. What are you two doing." He complied softly, his golden eyes focused on the two of them.

Christine felt her breath hitch in her lungs and her eyes watered. She has waited a long time to hear those words again.

"Well, hot damn." She heard Raoul whisper next to her in awe.

Erik blinked once. "The two of you are not very good at clearing up things."

Christine let out a high pitched giggle and elbowed Raoul gently in the side. He gave her a side glance and she reached for her watch. Comprehension came onto his face and Raoul reached for his own. Together they took off their watches and showed Erik their left wrists.

Erik had a puzzled frown but leaned forward in his chair to look at the marks. He saw the identical white words on both of their wrist and his eyes widened.

"These turned white after we had met you." Raoul claimed.

Erik looked up at them. "And you believe me to be the person who said this?"

Christine shrugged. "It would fit. They turned white after you, and we were all together at that point. You have two marks as well, and you just repeated what the words are without knowing what they were because we asked you to say what you would've said in that situation."

"Plus Madame Giry said that your marks match what we did." Raoul added.

Christine wanted to hit Raoul again when Erik narrowed his eyes at him.

"Madame Giry?" he repeated slowly. "She told you that?"

Raoul must have realized his mistake because he shifted awkwardly. "Yes? She apparently knew what your marks have said this whole time?" he answered weakly.

"She was only doing it to protect you!" Christine rushed to add as Erik's eyes grew darker. "After what had happened with your mom and considering what your words were, she thought it would be best if she didn't tell you."

Erik placed his hands on the table and slowly stood up.

"And what exactly did the dear Madame tell you what my marks were." He asked calmly, eyes gleaming warningly.

Christine inwardly flinched. She has never seen Erik mad before.

And frankly, it was terrifying.

"Screams." Raoul squeaked out, causing those golden eyes to zero in on him. "Your marks are both screams. Which I and Christine did when we first met."

"Oh, I remember that part perfectly well." Erik stated dryly. "Excuse me, but I have to make a phone call."

Without a backwards glance, Erik briskly walked out of the dining room.

Christine stood there dumbfounded, not believing what had happened. It had been, well not going great, but she had felt things were going well enough that they were making a good case.

"Oh my god!" Raoul gasped next to her and slumped forward. "I'm never going to get on Erik's bad side. Ever! Apparently that's like having a death wish!"

"Do you think it'll be okay?" Christine asked him.

Suddenly they both jumped at the sound of something crashing down the hall and then heard Erik's voice echo loudly through house.

"I think Erik got a hold of the Madame." Raoul commented shakily. He looked towards the entrance to the hallway where they could hear Erik's yelling but couldn't make out the words.

"Why did you mention her? Didn't you realize that Erik would've caught it?" Christine criticized. "He must be feeling so betrayed right now!"

"I know! I'm sorry! I didn't do it on purpose!" Raoul admitted.

Christine put her hands to her head. "Why do we keep messing up when it comes to him?! He's our soulmate!"

"Being soulmates doesn't mean that things are easy." Raoul pointed out with a sigh.

"Okay, but it shouldn't be this hard either!" Christine countered with a sniffle. "I feel like we ruined his life by entering it!"

She felt Raoul's arms wrap around her waist and she was pulled into his chest, his chin resting on her head.

"Come on, I wouldn't go that far." Raoul hushed. "Sure we made a bad first impression, but he was the one to offer us all of this in the first place. I doubt he would've done such a thing if he thought we were going to ruin his life. I actually think things have been going pretty great for the most part."

She sniffled again and dropped her hands from her face to hug Raoul back, pressing her face into his chest. "You think?"

"Of course!" Raoul answered cheerfully. "And you know what? I don't hear Erik anymore. That must mean he's calmed down."

Christine raised her head and listened for anything from outside the dining room.


"You're right." She whispered getting hopeful.

"Duh, I'm always right." Raoul declared superiorly and then kissed the top of her head. "Everything is going to be alright. You'll see."

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