Okay, now I feel like a jerk, and all my problems come from the fact that I gave this a bad name. Instead of story idea, I should have called this story prompt. It's not worth changing now, but the point of this was that I didn't know where to go with this. I knew they could line up, but that was about as far as I wanted to plan because it was a passing thought.

Basically, the point of this was an idea for someone ELSE to use. If no one does, they I guess I could, but this was made for others. Makes me feel like a real cheapskate given how some of you guys have been telling me to continue, but that wasn't the point of me making it.

So anyway, if people feel like taking this up then PM me. If nothing comes within the week then I will resolve to try to come up with an actual story, but if that does happen then a warning in advance is needed, because if you look at my other story you shall see I am NOT reliable with my updates, considering I haven't given up on anything yet. No real excuse, it just happened.

In conclusion, this wasn't for me, it was for you. Please tell me if you feel like taking this up so I can read it, but otherwise this is Bomberguy789 saying goodbye.


Fun fact, on May 16th 2010, the moon, Venus and Jupiter made a smiley face. I call it the magical meme.