It was the end of the Mandalorian Excision, Republic and Mandalorian ships battle in orbit of the planet of Mandalore.

On the Republic flagship a Mandalorian prisoner is in cuffs on the bridge watching the battle.

The Prisoner said nothing, struggling a bit but saying nothing.

As the battle raged the commander of the fleet on the flagship looked at the situation and decided to order the orbital bombardment of Mandalore.

The prisoner heard what the commander said and struggled a lot screaming at him to stop to not do what he is about to do.

The commander ordered all ships to target mandalore, the prisoner at this point was begging for the commander to stop.

The bombardment commenced and the prisoner managed to shake off his guards and his cuffs and ran to the nearest window.

Any Republic solder on the bridge pointed their blasters at the prisoner and told him to get on the ground.

The prisoner put his hand on the window as Mandalore burned.

The prisoner said only one thing.

"Ret'urcye mhi mama bal papa".

The prisoner started crying and dropped to his knees.

All the people on the bridge looked at him with pity.

The Prisoner was released shortly after the end of the war and Joined with the True Mandalorian's.

And We all Know what happened to them.

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Ret'urcye mhi mama bal papa=Goodbye mama And papa