Kal watched his workers as he stood on a balcony overviewing his workers as they produced Droids, Blasters, Armor, and Ships he smiled.

That smile quickly faded as when he saw one of his workers constructing a blaster he closes his eyes and grabs his head.

When he opens his eyes he awoke to a murky brownish dirt color.

He looked up and he saw broken trees, destroyed ships, dead Mandalorians laying on the ground.

He looked at his hands which where covered by his black gauntlets.


He saw a Mandalorian get up from the ground but they where not wearing True Mandalorian colors.

They were wearing Death Watch colors.

He suddenly realized where he was.

Korda Six the place of the one of the True Mandalorians greatest victory's but had its cost in lives as well.

He immediately grabbed his blaster pistol, it was an old model from the Jedi civil war but due to a certain civil war he cant get his hands on the new WESTAR series models so it will have to do.

He fired at the Mandalorian and hit their shoulder the Mandalorian fell but shot back and hit his blaster out of his hand.

The Mandalorian stood up and aim his blaster at him.

Before he could however the Mandalorian was blasted by a continuous stream of blaster bolts.

When he turned around he saw Jaster Mereel.

"Sargent get up!" Yelled Jaster.

Kal scrambled up and saluted.

"Yes sir what are your orders sir!" He said to Jaster.

"Good man we must advance to help Fett its a death watch ambush!"

"Yes Sir!"

They started to run but he stopped.

He felt like he was forgetting something.

He looked behind him and saw an EE-3 laying on the ground.

He bent down and picked it up.

He looked at it for a nanosecond then quickly ran once more.

He closes his eyes as he ran.

He opens to his workers working on varying items.

He was breathing heavily.

"Sir are you ok?" said one of his workers

"Y-yes I'm fine" He said

He walked away.

He walked to his private office where he pressed a button on his desk.

Behind him a locker appeared.

He entered the code for the locker.


The locker opened to Mandalorian armor with orange strips down the sides and cheeks of the armor.

"Maybe its ca'nara at slanar norac..."

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Mando'a Translation

Maybe its ca'nara at slanar norac...=Maybe its time to go back...