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Izuku stretched out, taking a break from studying in his room. The past few days had been tiring, not only from Aizawa giving pop quizzes, but taking care of their new resident, Eri.

Not that he was complaining. The little girl was precious. She was so scared once, and she still was from time to time, but the smiles she would give the class made it worth it. She made the class feel closer, and for Izuku, that was fantastic. Though he was embarrassed still from her calling him 'Papa', and subsequently calling Uraraka-san 'Mama'.

pHs face flushed at the thought of Ochako acting on similar feelings to his own, but for Eri's sake, they were her parents, and the rest of U.A. was all family.

At this time, Eri had gone with Ochako, Tsuyu, and Mina to show Mina the Ryukyu office to "see Auntie Dragon", as Eri put it. Izuku smiled at her feelings towards Pro Heroes as extended family, much more with her calling All Might her grandpa, of all things. That set both bearers of One for All into stammering blubbering messes.


He was brought out of his musings by the light sound of her voice coming from the common room. Her voice echoed in a slight panic as she called him and he bolted downstairs. But he was not ready for what he saw.

He had sighed in relief to see that she wasn't injured only drenched from the pouring rain, even more so when he saw the girls okay as well, but he looked at what Eri was carrying and his heart clenched.

Wrapped in her arms was a furry bundle maybe half her size. It's fur was matted in places and it was shivering from the cold.

Eri had brought home a puppy.

Izuku looked to Ochako for an answer, to which she provided.

"We were on our way back to beat the rain when Eri had heard this little guy huddling in the alley. He looked so scared and lonely, we just had to get him to safety."

"Can we keep him, Papa?" Eri got his attention and Izuku looked into her eyes, and saw something familiar in them. She had the eyes of a hero right now. She had found something to protect.

"Please, Deku-kun?" Ochako leaned in next to their 'daughter', both of them giving him the parental weakness of the iconic puppy dog eyes, and Izuku knew he was beaten.

"O-o-okay, we can try, but he's your responsibility, young lady." Izuku stammered, easing when both girls gasped in happiness.

"Thank you, Papa! C'mon, Aunt Mina Aunt Tsu, let's get him nice and warm!" Eri bounded off to the bathrooms, lugging the puppy along.

Izuku sighed as Mina and Tsuyu followed the girl and Ochako rested a hand on his shoulder. "A dog… do you think all this is going too fast?" He muttered.

"She's taking after you, Deku-kun. I think we can manage." Ochako smiled, before giggling. "I mean, we have to deal with Bakugou, and he's more a mad dog than Inui-sensei."

Izuku gaped, but he chuckled all the same.

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