Job searching is a nightmare for writers. And that's my excuse for how long this has taken to write. Enjoy!

The puppy looked at all the faces above him, only to begin floating again, this time with something holding him, and looking to see... floating clothing?

"He's so CUTE!" A voice squealed, seemingly unaware of the puppy's squirming.

"Ah, Hagakure-san!" A boy with a big tail exclaimed, "be careful with him!"

The puppy wrestled himself from the invisible grasp, but as he did so, he forgot about the lack of weightless feeling, and began to plummet, or at least he was about to, if he wasn't caught by a stretch of... skin?

"Easy there, big guy." A soft yet booming voice muffled. The puppy now saw a towering silver-haired giant with six arms, flanked by another giant person, and a smaller bird-headed person. "We're friends with Eri-chan."

"Thank you, Big Brother Shouji," the savior said as she picked him from the giant's grasp. Shouji nodded before standing at full height. The puppy now was being looked at by a tall lady with dark hair and a distinct blended scent.

"Hello there, little one. My name is Momo," she said evenly, holding out her palm, and to the puppy's shock, it started to glow, and a familiar shape formed from it. She squeezed it, and the puppy's ears perked up at the sound escaping it.

It was teasing him.

He leapt forward and pawed the air at it, startling the Momo-lady and the savior, and both hit the ground easy. The puppy tackled the toy, and the air was filled with squeaks.

Everyone laughed a little at the reaction... well, almost everyone.

"Great, now we're going to be kept up all night." Katsuki growled, sounding more moody than usual.

"Hey now. That's not fair, Kacchan -" Izuku started, before backing off at the glare received.

"Shut up, Deku! It's your fault anyway!" He snarled. He tried advancing on him, but was halted by an arm in the way.

"It's not his fault, Bakugou-kun, no matter what you think." Tenya reprimanded. "Eri-chan simply did as any hero would. You should know that by now."

"Piss off, OJ! Don't think I don't know that al-" Katsuki's voice faltered as he felt something on his leg. Looking down saw the puppy in front of him.

Rear leg setting down and a yellow spot on his sock.

Silence fell at the sight, before another voice piped up.

"Maybe you should watch your words before you get pissed on again." The stoic voice of Shouto echoed, before a small giggle escaped Eri. Then the Baku-Squad started howling in laughter.

"GET OVER HERE, YOU MONGREL! YOU'RE DEAD!" Katsuki roared, as he was held back by Eijirou and Hanta while Mina, Kyouka and Denki were collapsed on the floor holding their stomachs in laughter. The puppy only sauntered over to Eri's side and plopped down next to her, clearly without shame.

"Heh, that's a familiar look." Hanta laughed a bit as he wrapped Katsuki in his tape, trying to restrain the trigger bomb. The comment caught Eri's attention.

"Big Brother Hanta, do you know what kind of dog he is?" she asked, eyes curious. The question also was on the minds of Koji, Izuku, and Ochako.

Hanta finished wrapping Katsuki's mouth, much to the angry boy's displeasure, before looking closer at the pup. "I think so. I traveled a lot with my folks as a kid since they specialized in herbs and junk, and I remember seeing some big dogs make that same pose and attitude in... Tibet, I think?" He shrugged. "Maybe it was northern China."

"Hmm..." Izuku was already on his phone searching. "Ah! There it is: the Tibetan Mastiff!" Ochako leaned over to look at the phone, holding Eri in her arms, and Eri holding the puppy. The glass image the puppy saw was showing a dark shaggy beast that at first glance one would mistake for a small lion, but the puppy's tail began to wag excitedly.

[That looks like Meema!] He exclaimed, though everyone else heard barks. The humans looked to Koji, who began to fluster, stuttering out with sign language that it looked like the pup's mother. Eri began to snuggle the puppy tighter, and Ochako did the same with her.

Izuku was unfortunately too focused on reading to notice. "Huh, it says that the Tibetan Mastiff is extremely loyal and a dedicated guardian, protecting a town or homestead from invaders both human and animal. Oldest recorded breed, near primitive in genetic structure... can't be bred without a license... it looks like he's small for his size - ow!" He was snapped out of his muttering by a slight prick of the skin, looking down, he saw the puppy giving him a growl near on-par with Kacchan. Eri giggled.

"Papa, I don't think we should mention shortcomings." Eri smiled.

Izuku had to smile at that, petting the heads of both his 'daughter' and their pet. "You're right, Eri-chan. We all strive to go beyond those limits."

"Plus Ultra!" she exclaimed, throwing a fist in the air, the puppy barked in response as well. Ochako had to laugh at it all.

"Hahahaha, okay you two. It's getting late, and we do have class tomorrow." Ochako stated.

"Awwwww... okay..." Eri mumbled.

Izuku smiled again, looking at the girl's tired but bright eyes. "And then we can see Inui-sensei about this little guy. He is a registered veterinarian, after all."

"He is?" Ochako asked, clearly surprised. "I didn't know that."

"Yeah, I saw Kouda-kun take his bunny over to him when I was taking laps."

The puppy glanced back and forth between the savior's guardians as they walked. The bright lady was asking questions to the green maned man. He smelled like an old tree, with charcoal and ink on his weathered hands, and beyond that, there was something in the roots, something even older than the stories Paada told him and his siblings when they were together.

They all made it to Eri's room, and the puppy bounced off the bed as Ochako tucked her in. He walked over to Izuku and sat in front of the door, waiting patiently.

"Puppy! Here boy!" the savior called, but he remained still, confusing her.

"It's okay, Eri-chan." Izuku said calmly. "Tibetan Mastiffs are guard dogs, and I'm sure he's doing what comes naturally to him." The puppy barked in assurance.

"Okay..." the girl sighed as she snuggled in her blankets. Ochako giggled and gave a small kiss on her forehead.

"Good night, sweetie."

"Good night, Mama. Good night, Papa. Good night... puppy..." Eri muttered as she fell asleep.

Ochako ignored her reddening face as she left the room, Izuku following close behind, and left the door open for the puppy.

"Oh gosh, she's going to be the death of us with that." Ochako clapped her hands on her face to try and calm down.

"W-well, I think we have a bigger problem first..." Izuku stammered.

"Oh?" The gravity girl asked.



The two stood in the hall in silence, realizing the sense of dread before them.