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Earlier that Day


"I did some thinking about the Prophecy last night, about what Nyx said. I think I might have found the answer we're looking for."

That got the attention of the table. Five sets of eyes were instantly trained on Apollo, whose face was still wreathed with thought.

"Well the back half we already know," he said. "Fugitive and Vigilant set free, power through balance, Percy's already done all that. It's the first piece that we're not sure on. So I started thinking about the wording, 'a second foe is for the gods.' I think we kinda assumed it was a bad thing because of the whole 'foe' aspect but what if it's not? We're on the brink of civil war right now, it's hard to say we would even agree that this being is even a foe. They say for the gods. Not against, but for."

Percy was confused, and a quick glance around the table confirmed that he wasn't the only one. "What are you getting at, Apollo? Who is this foe?"

The sun god allowed himself a grim smile. "I think it's you, Percy. A being in favor of the gods, but a foe intended for Zeus and his cronies. In terms of the back half, perhaps the true power Percy is achieving isn't just his newfound power over light and dark . . ." He paused for dramatic effect. "It's kinghood. The power to sire a new line of new beings to replace the gods that fall with Zeus. The power to reshape Olympus into a better place, and treat demigods with respect."

Percy looked around, incredulous. Poseidon and Hephaestus both appeared deep in thought, Hermes was nodding slowly, and Hades' face was a mask of indifference. Percy himself wanted to laugh at the absurdity of it all, he could scarcely believe the fact that the gods around him were considering it.

"Seriously? Kinghood," Percy gave voice to his incredulity, "is not even something I'm sure I want, and it's something I'm certain I don't deserve. I've been around for a blink in your immortal lives."

"And yet, you have the potential to be more powerful than any of us." Surprisingly, it was Hades who spoke. "You may not know it yet, you may not quite be there yet. Maybe you are. Regardless, you will be eventually. It was always going to end this way, Zeus has become too mad with power over the millennia to allow any threat to stand. The moment the Fates ordained that you'd be as powerful as you are, you and Zeus were on a warpath. Everybody here understands this, myself included. That is why we consider this prophecy."

That shut Percy up pretty effectively. "Still, a king?" he managed to say in a small voice.

Poseidon snorted. "Considering what you've told us of the blade's high standards, I doubt Arrepsía would settle for anything but royalty."

Hephaestus grunted. "Uppity ass sword, that thing."

Percy glanced down at said sword, and it thrummed with power. "I need a minute."

He stood and walked from the room.

The remaining gods remained silent, the fog of battle still hanging over the room.

In the armory, Percy unsheathed Arrepsía, and sitting as he did for meditation in Aether's realm, he closed his eyes. The energy of the sword pulsed, tendrils of light and darkness emitting and returning to the sword in waves.

Percy was a whirlwind of emotions. The primordials knew, they had to. It was hard for him not to be upset with the trio, but he understood that fate couldn't be handed to him on a platter. He could practically feel the gleam of Aether's proud smile and the sound of Nyx's cackling. Now he knew. It was all out on the table.

A king. Percy didn't want to be a king. Not like Zeus, at least. Rule unfairly as to hold onto your power, that's a straight shot to madness. But Hades was right. He was powerful. But Zeus powerful? He'd been king for millennia for a reason. He's cunning, cruel, and all powerful. And he'll kill to stay in power. Will I? Certainly not the innocents that he will.

Percy sighed. I'm not ready for this fight. He heard a creak behind him. Eyes snapping open, he turned to see his father.

"Hey Percy," he said. "Listen, we need you back in the kitchen. We have to go soon, and we need at least a general plan."

Percy sighed, his face weary. "I'm not ready, dad."

Poseidon nodded in understanding, stone faced. "Do you think I was ready to fight when my father threw me up? I didn't know what was happening, but I fought anyway. I fought hard and strong, and I lived to see the next day. We don't get to choose when to fight these fights. We just have to try our best to come out on top."

Percy didn't have anything to say to that. His dad clapped him on the shoulder.

"Come on, let's get back. Zeus's ass isn't gonna kick itself."

Steeling himself, Percy sheathed his sword and began to walk back with his father, the latter with the hand on the former's back.

Present Time

Zeus's eyes flared. "You dare?"

Percy's eyes in turn glowed a deep purple before returning to their gold hue. "Zeus, you are a traitor to Olympus, and your allegiance lies with the primordials wishing to raze it. Surrender now, or face the wrath of the Olympian Council."

Clouds began to gather in the sky as Zeus roared. "I AM THE COUNCIL, BOY! You cannot possibly hope that you, a whelp who has been around for a blink in my immortal life can topple me from my throne. I have killed for this throne, and I'll kill again." Zeus tried to reach for his master bolt only to find his hand frozen at his side."

Percy smirked, giving in to his usual bravado. "You're gonna have to do better than—"


Percy's world went dark as he flew across the field, half charred from the lightning strike. Hitting the ground with a crunch, he rolled a good fifty yards before he came to a stop, writhing in agony. The booksmarts division of his brain told him it was good that he could still feel pain, as it meant his nerve endings weren't completely fried off. The part of his brain dedicated to feeling that pain aimed a nice friendly FUCK YOU to the booksmarts division as Percy groaned in pain, trying to force his way up.

"How is it," Zeus said, striding towards him as his eyes crackled blue with electricity, "do you think, that I was able to destroy Kronos, boy?" He spat the words like a poison, anger wreathing his face. "I will not lose my crown to a CHILD!"

Zeus sprang upon Percy, who, relieved of his blade, could only try to get his hands up as his body bled. Zeus's fists were meteors, cratering Percy's body as they impacted. Percy fell once more, Zeus savagely beating his face, Percy's head bouncing against the ground so hard that it was forming a divot in the Earth. Suddenly, the assault stopped. His blood ran cold as he looked up at Zeus through half-lidded eyes to see a silver arrow caught in the god's hand. No. He lifted his head to catch a glimpse of his father, Hephaestus, Hermes, Apollo, and Artemis standing against the King of the Gods. A glimpse was all he got before Zeus got one more punch in, spiking the boy's ichor-laden head into the ground, prompting a whimper from Artemis.

"Get away from my boy, brother." Poseidon's whole body glowed, and his rage was apparent.

Zeus laughed. "'Your boy,' dear brother, just committed high treason. I would suggest to all of you not to join him, so you can at least keep your seats in the council without any more bloodshed. You know you cannot all hope to defeat me. You've tried before. Your trump card lies all but dead behind me. Give up."

Shifting from foot to foot, the gods looked at each other, unsure of what to do next.

"You're wrong."

Shocked Zeus, turned to see Percy Jackson standing on uneven legs as his armor began to cover his body. Arrepsía appeared in his hand.

"For starters," he groaned through grit teeth. "I'm not laying down. I'm also not the one who committed treason, that would be you."

Zeus tilted his head in mock interest. "Anything else?"

Percy managed a bloody grin as his helmet snapped over his face. "I'm not dead yet."

With a roar he lunged towards Zeus, freezing his body in time as he swung Arrepsía towards the Lord of the Gods. Zeus managed to break free before he dodged to the side, swinging his master bolt towards Percy. Locking weapons, the two beings snarled at each other, each desperately trying to win the contest of strength. Percy pushed hard, able to drive Zeus closer to the ground. He glanced to the side to see Artemis and his father looking on. He couldn't lose. With a yell, he stopped pushing, unlocking the swords, took advantage of Zeus's wide base by sliding between his legs, and drove the sword into his back and out his navel.

The god uttered an unearthly roar of pain as Arrepsía singed his flesh and ichor flowed from the open wound. As Percy pulled his sword out, lightheaded, Zeus fell to the ground. Percy pulled off his helmet and regarded the defeated king below him.

"Percy," his father said, startling the boy. "You have to finish him."

Percy turned to his father, a shocked expression on his face. "Can't we just imprison him? Take him in?"

"Percy, he's more powerful than all of us," Hephaestus interjected. "I don't know where my rope ended up, it's gonna take too long to get more, you need to finish this while we have the chance."

Percy shook his head, his eyes looked wildly around him. "Heph, I don't know, this isn't just some monster, this is the king of the gods. What will the Olympians think?"

"Percy," Artemis said, putting a hand on his armor encased chest. "It has to be done."

"Artemis," Percy murmured. After so long, here she was. "I'm not like him. I'm not a killer. I can't do this, not right now. I made the mistake of going too far with Hera and I'm not gonna do that again here."

Artemis cupped his face, eyes filled with love. Percy looked down at the goddess, pain clear in his face.


Ichor splattered Percy's breastplate. He looked down in horror to find a hole in Artemis where her stomach used to be, flesh singed and burned. Percy looked wildly around to find the rest of the gods incapacitated as well as Zeus rose to a knee, still grabbing his room. As Artemis hit the ground with a dull thud, Zeus looked at Percy with nothing but malice in his eyes.

"You are the coward you paint me to be. You call me filth, a traitor, a coward for doing what I need to do to survive. Yet you are too much of a coward to kill me where I stand." He grunted as he forced his way to his feet. "That is some sword —"

Percy did not wait for him to finish. He slashed the god across the chest from hip to shoulder with it, and ichor burst from the incision as Percy's eyes glowed a deep purple, his face fixed in a sneer.

"It's a sword for killing primordials. What makes you think I have to worry about you?" Percy's hands shook with rage.

Zeus laughed, coughing up ichor as he did. "A primordial killing sword in the hands of a boy who lacks the spine to kill."

"What did you do to them?" Percy asked.

"The master bolt," Zeus said, "Is responsible for the defeat of Kronos. Whether or not I'm dying, it can incapacitate these lesser gods. They will fade, even if I do."

Percy gathered his power from a spot deep in his being, turning away from Zeus. This was going to take more energy than he might have had. "I guess it's unlucky then, that I am no lesser god." He looked over his shoulder at the master bolt, frozen inches from his back as Zeus sat back in shock. "I'm the Lord of Time."

With a yell, Percy flung his arms out and turned back time. To repair damage like this, he couldn't just reverse time around the gods, or even the area. What would come to pass would come to pass. If he managed, however, to return the entire world to the previous moment, perhaps it would not come to pass after all. Focusing, he reached his power out towards everything that wasn't him. He sat cross-legged and closed his eyes, clutching Areppsía. Using all of his energy, he felt his power encompass the Underworld, the Earth, even Aether's realm and Tartarus, and places he did not know the name of and could not begin to fathom. When he thought he felt his energy extended to all the known world, he began to turn back the clock. Seconds felt like hours to Percy as pain wracked his body and his eyes glowed gold with strain. He did not have to go long, just a minute. His vision swam, and he felt that he could not stand if he tried. Not much longer. He looked around and saw time slowly returning to its previous state. He watched as the ichor from Zeus's wound returned to his body, watched as he returned to the ground, and finally watched as Artemis cupped his face on more. Only then did he stop the backwards flow of time.

Collecting himself, Percy stood, putting himself between Artemis and the disgraced king of the gods. Only then did he release his flow on time. With a yell, he severed both of Zeus's hands and thrust his sword towards his throat, only to let it rest millimeters from its target as the now former king of the gods roared in pain. Artemis turned in shock.

"He is already weak," Percy announced. "Arrepsía has seen to that. I know that not even Zeus believes still that he could stand against me. Hephaestus, retrieve your rope. I will keep an eye on the 'king.'" He turned to the gods before him. "I'm not a killer like he is. If you want me to be your king, I'd rather not be driven to what he has become."

Hephaestus nodded, flashing away. The other gods seemed to accept his proclamation, and Artemis gazed at him with eyes that shone with unshed tears of pride and joy. Percy tried desperately not to betray his weakness, it was essential that the king of the gods believe him to be more powerful than he truly was at the time.

Zeus spat ichor at Percy. "You are the coward you paint me to be. You call me filth, a traitor, a coward for doing what I need to do to survive. Yet you are too much of a coward—"

"'To kill you now where you stand.' Yeah, I've heard that one, kinda weak. Except this time, you aren't standing."

The confusion that crossed Zeus's face was quickly replaced with an expression of agony as Percy placed his boot on the god's chest and pushed, resulting in a sickening crunch.

"You would confine me to lifelong torture because you're too afraid to kill me yourself."

"It's not for me to decide whether you die, Zeus." Percy allowed himself a grim smile. "Just as Athens ran the tyrant Hippias from its walls to establish what would one day become a free Greece, today I banish you. I will not replace one tyrant with another."

Hephaestus would return with precious cargo in toe, and Percy bound the king in said golden rope. He allowed Artemis a few hits in on the former king of the gods before he took him away, Fates know she deserved them. God in tow, Percy flashed to his destination — the underworld, the pit leading to Tartarus more specifically.

Plunking Zeus down about 50 feet from the pit, Percy turned to walk away before pausing and turning back.

"You stay right there!"

Zeus's eyes sparked with rage. "Even if I wasn't bound I'd be going nowhere because you CUT OFF MY LEGS!"

Percy shrugged with a smile. "Better safe than sorry," he called over his shoulder as he walked towards the pit. He peered over the edge. "NYX!"

His voice echoed throughout the pit, then all was silent. A few moments passed. "Well that didn't work," Percy grumbled.

Closing his eyes, he reached out into the depths of tartarus until he found a sea of darkness. NYX, he called again, his thought shooting towards what he assumed was Nyx's palace.

Percy? What do you want? How are you talking to me?

I don't know, maybe your blessing? Listen, I have a present for you. Can you come up to the underworld for a second?

I dunno, I'm kinda butt ass naked right now, you're really encroaching on my chill time here. I like just got out of bed.

Nyx, it is 4:26 PM.

Whatever, time boy, it doesn't matter down here anyway.

Listen, do you want this present or not? Put some clothes on and get up here.

I will do one of those things, but not both.

Percy pinched the bridge of his nose. You are impossible, woman. Just get up here.

Moments later, a very naked Nyx appeared. Percy averted his eyes. "Come on, Mr. Big Scary Vigilante, nothing you haven't seen before," Nyx teased. "Where's this present?"

Eyes still fixed on the ground, Percy just pointed in Zeus's direction, prompting an exaggerated gasp from Nyx.

"Oh, Percy, you're so thoughtful. You're too kind to me. Come on, look up, the expression on his face right now is priceless."

Percy spared a glance at the white-faced god before very carefully turning to Nyx, making some of the most intense eye contact he'd ever made for all the wrong reasons. "Why couldn't you just put some clothes on. You're literally a primordial. It takes nothing more than a stray thought."

Nyx snorted, giving him a toothy smile. "Because I like to watch you squirm, Jackson. I'll be sure this one ends up near Kronos every so often so they can lament about the Earth's new overlord."

Percy allowed himself a smile at that. "Yeah, that's me. Definitely. Have fun, Nyx." Percy flashed away, leaving the former king of the gods to suffer. The fighting was finally over, and with a bit of straightening things out, the Olympian council could know peace.

Gods, I need a nap.

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