"Enoch!" Claire yelled up the stairs. "Enoch! Enoch!"

"I'm coming for Pete's sake!"

Enoch entered the kitchen to see little Claire standing there, smiling from ear to ear (with her front and back mouths), holding a small plate with four large cookies on it.

"I made you cookies!"

She put them on the table. She then took his hand and dragged him to a chair. She placed the biggest cookie in front of him.

"Thank you, Claire."

She stared at him, waiting for him to taste it.

He picked it up from the table and took a bite. It took all of his strength to keep the atrocity in his mouth. Though she had baked them out of love, Enoch was pretty sure she had not used a recipe. She had probably just taken random things from the cupboard and thrown them in a bowl. They looked like cookies, but Enoch was convinced they were a biohazard.

He chewed it slowly. Claire smiled sweetly at him. It took great effort to finally swallow the thing.

"So? How is it?"

He tried to smile at her (as much as a boy like Enoch could smile, even before eating bio-hazardous 'cookies').

"Great. They're great, Claire."

"Oh good. Because I made you two more pans!"

Enoch held back a gagging sound. "Aren't you going to let anyone else have some?"

"Nope!" They're all just for you." She said before wrapping her tiny arms around him in a warm hug.

"Oh wonderful."