Five World War: Maiden of the God Slayers

Chapter 1


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Earthland has given birth many Magics throughout the ages. But Three Magics have a had the most powerful impact on the world. Dragon Slayer, The Magic to kill Dragons. The once dominant race of the world. Devil Slayer the Magic to kill Demons the unholy creatures of darkness and God Slayer the Magic to kill the very Gods of Earthland. We know how Dragon and Devil came to be. So I will tell you how and why God Slayer magic came to be.

385 years ago, 15 years after the Dragon Civil War. The Gods of Earthland saw an opportunity. With the Dragons the only creatures that could stand up to them now near extinct thanks to efforts of Acnologia. They started to put forward more of their influence on the remaining populace of world. They started appear to humans more frequently, and offering gifts and protection. However, this protection came at a price. They started commanding them to build temples, monuments and make human sacrifices in their name. Humanity tried resist at first but efforts were met with powerful curses placed on them by the Gods or outright death.T would seem that Gods would have would succeed. However, in even the darkest periods of time there is always a little light. That light came in form of a little girl by the name of Deifillia Pergrande.

The child who could not bear to see humanity suffer. Discovered a way to use the God's magic against them. She sought the help of the Melchizedek God of, Emotion, Truth, Justice and Balance who did not get involved in either side and kept mostly to itself. She knew that Gods could not go against their basic nature of what they represented and asked Melchizedek what the God's weakness was. Melchizedek who saw that Deifillia was right to seek out this power because of what the Gods were doing to humanity and told her on the condition that she never tell another soul.

Deifillia now with this knowledge at hand she started creating multiple forms of the Magic and basing them on the Gods that have been seen so far. In the year X410 on March 3rd. Defillia challenged Vigharthur one of the Yakuma Eighteen War Gods. People say the fight shook the very earth itself but eventually Deifillia came out victorious and out this battle the war between Gods and Humans began which would be called the God's Last Banquet. Countless countries in Ishgar then formed together into one country which the name after their ruler, the Pergrande Kingdom. Then they pledged their loyalty Deifillia and made her their Queen. In hopes she would be enough to protect them. But Deifillia despite her power knew that she alone could not defeat all the Gods and seem like Gods come out victorious. So, she then started gathering followers and teaching them her God Slayer Magic. With numbers now on their side they quickly turned the tide in the war and eventually drove the Gods into hiding in the year x412 Peace seemed to finally been achieved.

However, with each new God Slayer Magic she had learned she started to slowly lose her emotions and the magic had another effect on her. She realized that she longer age meaning that she would be stuck body of 15-year-old for the rest of her life. This curse would be called the Motus curse. She later learned that this was because of Melchizedek who cursed the magic to take the away emotions of anyone who learns more than one type God Slayer Magic. This because of the God's nature to try and keep balance believing that not one being should wield that much power without some sort of price.

In the year X492 after trying many times to get rid the curse and seeing the constant mistakes of humanity, she eventually saw that her curse could to be prove advantage and started to see the curse as more of a gift and not a curse. She started to see herself as perfect being for that because of the curse she no longer loves. So, anyone in her family that died she could not miss them. This would allow her to focus at tasks without feeling sadness. She could no longer hate so she not tries seek revenge or harm others and thus cause more chaos and death. She saw what she thought was truth that emotions where the root of humanity's problems and by replicating this curse humans can have eternal peace.

She tried convince her followers and the people that by living without emotions that humanity would be better suited to live free of war and entirely under Pergranade' s rule have a truly peaceful world. Fearing the outbreak of another war her family and closest followers sealed her away in a casket while she slept. Hoping that one day when she awoke in the future that the people would be able get rid of the curse on her and she would become kind ruler who saved them from the gods once again.

However things don't always come out as planned.

Date X792 August 14th, Couple days after Skullak Tuma's death

A small lone female figure in black cloak is standing in front a swordin a cold dark desert wasteland with white coral like trees in the distance. The figure places a plaque in front of it. It says here is the final resting place of Skullak Tuma, may he and his love find happiness.

The figure is about to leave when she is suddenly stopped by another figure a man in white hooded cloak. The man removes his hood revealing it is Gerard Valkyrie. ''You are the last person I expect to see'' Gerard inquired. The girl responds in emotionless tone. ''I just came to see if I would feel anything by looking at the remains of Skullak Tuma's sword and resting place.''

Gerard raises and eyebrow at her '' And what did you feel?'' Gerard responds. The girl simply states ''Nothing.''

This Gerard glares at the figure. She simply walks past him before stopping to say ''Even though I felt nothing I still respected him and wanted repay him for his kindness. For though I no longer feel attachment I still remember what it was like '' Gerard looking confused then asks ''What did he do for you?'' The girl stops and replies ''He called me a friend''.

''Hahahahaha he called me a friend please don't give me that friendship crap'' They both turned a man with long blonde hair and the symbol of Grimrioe Heart on his shoulder says walking towards them he then replied. ''Friends are but a waste of time that people only have because that they afraid of dying alone and further more why bother paying your respects to dead? If they died then that means that they were weak and thus don't deserve respect, only competent and shame'' he said without a hint irony. Gerard looked at him wondering where he was going with this. The girl just started at him again with blank face. Zancrow simply says ''Skullak was weak because he got himself killed by the Acts of Order and he was foolish because of the reason he challenged them. Which if remember is because he wanted to avenge that weak Bicth of his Cirrcui.'' Zancrow taunted This pushed Gerard over the edge who raised his Spiritual presence. ''You and I might be comrades Zancrow but I will not have you disrespect Skullak in company!'' he shouted in anger.

Zancrow sweated in fear a little ''Oh yeah then come at me you Viking reject.'' Zancrow then starts to set his hands-on fire with his Flame God Slayer Magic. ''Enough both of you'' The girl with the hood stood between them and said to prevent a fight getting out of hand. '' Gerard you smarter than this don't sully yourself with someone who would be a waste of time and effort'' This causes Zancrow glare at her. ''And further more why are you here Zancrow aren't you stationed in the Ninja World?''Zancrow laughs at this'' I got some time kill before the Alliance moves their so I thought I get some practice. I've heard about you since I was just a kid and when I first just learned God Slayer Magic. After all weren't you the one that invented it?'' Zancrow then started to set himself on fire ''Not only that but you are also considered the very best, aren't you? Maiden of the God Slayers?'' he taunted.

The girl simply puts out her hand in front of her. ''So it is me you want to challenge very well then let us begin'' The girl raises her magic power and Zancrow visibly begins to sweat even Gerard is taken by her level of power. My god this woman's power is unreal she could be a member of the Schutzstaffel with her level of power. He mentally notes. Zancrow gives her furious look ''Ok bitch then let's get his ball rolling Flame God's Bellow! ' Zancrow breathes a torrent of Black fire towards her which quickly engulfs her. Zancrow thinking he has won laughs in victory. ''Well looks the stories were all hog wash'' Suddenly a slurping sound is heard to Zancrow's surprise the girl was eating the flames. ''What a disgusting tasting fire did you honestly think that would work? I guess I should show you the difference in power between us. Flame God's Bellow. The girl breathes a more powerful version than the flames that Zancrow fired that just before quickly engulfed their intended target. Zancrow merely laughs ''Stupid bitch! If you can eat my fames there is nothing stopping me from eating yours'' Just when Zancrow was starting to feast. The girl then launched herself with torrent of black flames coming out of her feet she then chanted while making a circle motion with her hands ''Exactly and while you feast I'll do this. Sea God's Torrent!''

Suddenly large vortex of black water fires from her hands. Zancrow is too occupied to doge and is struck by the torrent of water landing on his back soaked from head to toe. ''Coughs ok I'll give credit your strong. But not strong enough Bitch! Flame God's Supper.'' Zancrow clasps his together to launch to mouth-shaped attack of black flames at the girl. However, like before the girl simply devours the flames. ''Again, you haven't learned I guess I should end this let me show you why I am the strongest of the God Slayers''. The girl raises her hands and chants ''War God's Mars!'' at first nothing which confuses Zancrow. Suddenly Arrows from every direction out nowhere are fired upon Zancrow with the latter trying to dodge the fury of arrows though some priced him. ''And the finishing for the blow War God's Ares! Suddenly the swords, spears axes and kinds of close combat weapons appeared from the ground that fired the themselves at him. Zancrow knowing that he could not possibly dodge this one waited for the killing blow but then Snap! The weapons stopped just inches closes to his face. The girl with just a snap of her fingers stopped the weapons in their tracks. ''I think I have showed you enough Zancrow of why I am the greatest of the God Slayers and that was just a small fraction of what I can do''. Gerard a man who was generally not shocked by most things was right in a state of shock right now. He hadn't seen anyone bar his majesty and his teammates take out an opponent that quickly. The girl then turned towards him and snapped her fingers again and the weapons vanished. ''Gerard if you would be so kind please take him to get his wounds treated I have other arrangements I need to attend. Kako!''

And with a clap of her hands the girl vanished into darkness. Gerard then took his eyes off the spot that she had vanished and went to intend to Zancrow.

Zancrow who was bleeding severely in many places spoke in anger. ''That bitch I swear I will kill her some day!'' Gerard just frowned in annoyance ''Whatever anyway we must get you to some medical treatment. Though if it was up to me I would leave you die. But that would be stain on my honor and regardless I have respect for the Maiden so I will do as she has instructed '' Gerard then grabbed Zancrow before he could complain and he to vanished into darkness with the latter. Leaving the cold quiet world with nothing but a plaque for the fallen warrior.

Date: x792 August 31st Couple days after the battle of Tenrou.

The Pergrande Kingdom the Largest Country in Ishgar located to far east of the Kingdom of Fiore. The country like Fiore is primary neutral nation only having diplomatic ties with countries through trade. Just as Fiore is known for the having highest number and strongest Magic guilds. Pergrande is famous for another reason its technology. Majority of Magical technology is produced and made Pergrande which is shipped throughout the continent. Inventions such as the Airship and the Magic Mobile were first made in here. At the center of the nation is the capital of Pergrande, Odin.

Odin which is also called Pergrnade's Palace is large Castle like city just slightly smaller than Crocus with rivers scattered throughout. The city itself actually looks like one Giant palace. In actual the Kingdom's Palace Valhalla is actually located underground near the center of the city. This was designed like this in past during the Ishgarrian War to prevent enemy nations from finding its location and to better protect the Royal family. The Kingdom's crest which is known as the Sword of Abel (The First King and second Ruler of Pergrande) was Estoc Sword colored red symbol with a black ribbon wrapped around the blade.

Currently in the one Palace's Bedchamber with a design of lavish Victorian furniture a Young skinny man in his early 20s is sitting on the bed reading a newspaper. The Headline was tilted War in Fiore Over, Alliance to move out in a week. The man had fair pale skin color, Golden Blonde long hair styled into ponytail and Equally Golden eyes and common trait among members of the Royal Family. He was wearing a red and black V-necked shirt that was worn underneath a black trench-coat with red linings the sleeves. He wears also skinny black trousers and black combat shoes. The Royal Family and kingdom's crest is on the back of his jacket. Beside him is sheathed estoc sword.

''Prince Zachary!'' The young man turns to the bedchamber door and in comes a small purple cat like being like in what looks small feminine looking amour appeared at door. ''Yes Nike? '' The Young man replied '' I'm just letting you know that you're Aunt the Queen wishes speak to you''. She then notices the paper in his hands and sighs ''Please tell you're not reading the garbage again'' Prince Zacchary then tosses they paper and denies it ''Of not course '' Looking sheepish. Nike sighs ''Your majesty surely you don't believe the stories in the newspapers that are saying about existence other worlds, Soul Reapers and Fishmen, ? Zacchary is again looking sheepish ''No! ...Maybe besides stranger things have been seen in this world. Remember just 8 years ago we found that you were an Exceed and from another world or that when the Magic Council informed us that the Black Wizard Zeref is still alive? Nike rolls her eyes at this ''Yes but I was just an Egg when I was sent here so I didn't know until the weird parfume sniffing cat came told us and history said that Zeref only disappeared which I remind you was before the Magic Council was formed so they had idea until eight years ago. Anyway, as the next King of this country you have a duty to focus on the affairs of this country, Not the others and reading made up stories won't help. Remember this country has been in a terrible state for the past year since the Tartoros incident, the Face Bomb wiping out half of our Magic Guilds, your Aunt rising the taxes to unreasonably high levels, Trading has been hit because these incidents and She has also had any Politician that stood against her assassinated!''

Zacchary looks up at her giving her a determined look and stands. ''I'm well aware of that's and why I'm keeping updated with the war. We don't know much about the Coalition. So, I want to keep updated in case they attack''. He said with determination.

The Magic Council had has told little information to the other countries in Ishgar on the war for one reason to stop them getting involved and the other due to threat of the Alverez Empire. Zacchary then calmed himself ''Anyway what does Aunt Eris want from me?'' Nike shrugs ''No idea your majesty I was just sent to come and get you'' Zacchary mutters at this ''Probably wanting to convince me keep her around or give a high position when I become King, but I might as well hear she wants'' Before he leaves grabs the sword. Nike is looking at him in disproval ''Your majesty must bring that sword with you everywhere?'' she replied. Zacchary gives her a look of confusion '' A swordsman is never too far away from his sword at any time That's What Lady Bellona always taught me'' he said. This does nothing but make Nike sigh ''Yes perhaps but you bring t particularly everywhere with you even in the bathroom.'' This does nothing but make Zacchary blush a little in embarrassment. ''Yes, well never mind that now let's just go see what Aunt Eris wants''. Leaving the room as quickly possible with Nike following not far behind.

The throne room of the Palace's walls was lined in black marble like substance that seems to shine and reflect any light. At the Centre of the room sat woman in long silk made dress that covered entire body from her feet to her arms and just a teeny bit of her cleavage was showing. Just enough for almost any man wanting to see more of it. On her hands were rings her fingers of gold, silver and jewels of all kinds. In between her finger of her left hand was gold plated cigarette holder. While this looked woman looked liked she had the perfect body for she looked like woman that seen 18 summers but this was not true though. This woman's true age was actually 56 but you wouldn't guess if it weren't for the long grey hair. This just in case you haven't guessed this woman was Eris T. Loki the acting Queen of Pergrande and the Aunt of Zacchary.

Upon Entering the Zacchary could feel cold sensation running though his body. Despite Eris being his Aunt, he could never fully trust her. She always looked at you as if you were inferior or some insect that needed to be stepped on with those grey piercing eyes. She also gave of a feeling that she always had ulterior motive when speaking in her befenley voice. Then again as far as Zacchary remembered she was always like this even her to own family. Things only got worse 8 years ago when his mother the late Queen Elisha Pergrande and his father King Prometheus T. Loki died. Eris only got the throne because Zacchary was too young at the time and according to law could not receive the throne until he turned 21. Which so happened to be in a few days henceforth he figured that his Aunt would try to kiss up to him or make him a great offer. So, he won't get rid of her. Just like what she did for the previous Magic Council so that they would ignore her dealings on the black market.

Eris turned towards him and spoke in sarcastic manner ''Well finally if it isn't my darling nephew'' taking a puff of her cigarette ''I thought I sent for you 20 minutes sighs Never get a cat to a human's job '' Zacchary glares at her slightly '' What is you want Aunt. If you want to convince me to keep you on after I'm crowned king you are going to be sadly disappointed'' Eris gave sweet sickly smile ''Oh nothing like that my nephew I just wanted ask you if you know about the war going in Fiore correct?'' Zacchary gave her a confused look ''Yeah, it's been all over the newspapers and we get updates from the Magic Council''. Eris lets out slight laugh and blushes in embarrassment ''Haha yes that's true but I got even more news that concerns that war, I got an offer from great ...No! Great is not good enough to describe him. Godly and Handsome being would be it'' Zacchary eyes widen slightly. ''Aunt what have you done?'' Eris's smile turns evil grin ''I have just made an Alliance that will insure that are our Kingdom becomes even greater. I have pledged my Heart, Body and Soul to the Leader of the Coalition, the Being of Chaos, King of Rakuen and soon to be Emperor of the Universe Konton!' ' Zacchary is now staring Eris in horror. Nike who had been in the room with them was looking horrified as well.

Eris then rises from her chair and slowly walks towards her nephew and stopping just in front of him ''The reason I called is that I wish to offer you an option. If you give up your claim to the throne. I promise that I will vouch for you in the new universe order, you may also keep the privileges you have already and everything that comes with it 'and If you swear to our new Emperor Konton and accept as Queen'' Zacchary was too stunned for words. This could not be the true. The fact that other worlds actually exist and that his Aunt had just sold their Kingdom to an enemy was horrifying. His fear quickly turned rage. ''I can't believe you sell this Kingdom out. You have done many things Aunt. Raised the taxes of this Kingdom to a point where the people are starting starve, made dealings on the black market and have any politician who was against you assassinated. I was hoping in time you take my late mother's teachings to heart. Through Kindness and Courage does one succeed, Through Wisdom and Strength does one achieve, for that is mark of a true leader''. Zacchary then unsheathes his sword points at Eris. The sword is a shining sliver blade with a red lacrima just between the sword and the handle. ''Eris T. Loki I swear on this sword and as the Crown Prince of Pergrande that I will stop you and Konton!''. Zachary jumps back and begins to chant. ''Sword Magic: Cross Slash!'' By swiping his sword in a cross motion, a cross of light fires itself towards striking her in the adenoma. However, before Zacchary can celebrate smoke seems to seep from the wound. ''Did you honestly think that wouldn't have some way to defend myself nephew? What you just hit was my smoke body thanks to my Smoke Magic''. Taking a puff of her cigarette holder, she chants ''Smoke Magic: Choking Mist!'' A haze of smoke suddenly filled the room blocking Zacchary's view. He got himself into defensive stance expecting an attack at any moment. ''Smoke Magic: Suffocating Haze! '' Suddenly Zacchary found himself finding it hard to breathe and started coughing his lungs burning. ''Like that? While Smoke Magic is not the best form of Magic in terms of offensive abilities but it has of it uses. For example, I can use to it to speed up the process it takes for the smoke to enter your lungs and thus suffocate you to death'' However before she could brag any further. Zacchary stabbed his sword into the ground. ''Sword Magic coughs Heavenly Breese! Suddenly the cold light wind started to fill the room and remove the smoke around he took a deep and started breathe more easily. ''You forgot what this sword can Aunt. Deus Custos also known as the God Protector. A sword created by the First Queen of our Kingdom to protect her younger brother the second ruler and First King, Abel Pergrande. This Sword is designed to protect the member of the Royal Family that wields it from all magic attacks. The only one can hurt me is who shares the same bloodline as our first King.' '

At this time, you would expect someone Eris boast on about how she would defeat them regardless or at least look scared and beg for mercy. Instead she gave a smug look and started to giggle. '' Oh, silly me I forgot about that pesky sword. I only saw that sword one other time. With your mother who by the way never used the sword even once so can you blame me? Though she could have used prevent her death. Hmmm sometimes I wonder what brother my saw in her. Anyway, you will have to forgive for my mistake. I honestly thought I could get rid you regardless. Oh well time for plan B.'' She then did oddest and probably most pervy thing to do in front of her nephew. She put her right hand down cleavage. Zacchary blushed turned his head away trying to look away but not too much in case this was just a plan to make him let his guard down. He then turned his head back when Eris brought out the most uninspected thing he thought he sees. Which so happened be a …. A snail, no really it looked like a mini snail about the size of her hand with a red shell with buttons on top of the said shell. It had a wire and receiver attach to it. Eris then gave him a prideful smirk at his confused and shocked face. ''Oh, do you like it nephew? It is similar to a Communication Lacrima though slightly different as well. This is what they call Transponder Snail in the Pirate World. Now if you excuse me I need to make quick call. ''

She typed in a few buttons then picked up the receiver. The Snail's eyes opened and it started chant ''PruPruPru PruPruPru''. Over and over again like it was ringing it then clicked. '' It's time you show yourself''. Before Zacchary could ask who, she was talking to the ceiling above him collapsed. ''Your Majesty look out!'' Nike pulled Zacchary out the way to avoid being crushed by the failing derbies.'' Zacchary then prepared for whatever caused the ceiling to collapse. To his surprise it looked like a child either that or a small person. But he couldn't entirely tell just because the person in front him was hooded.

''Can't beat me by yourself Aunt so you hired some Dark Wizard to do instead?'' Zacchary said while standing up preparing for whatever the person in front of him tried to do. ''It does not matter who you send at me Aunt as long as I have this sword I cannot be harmed'' The person in front of him then chanted in a female voice. Lightning God's Bellow!'' A powerful wave of Black Lightning headed straight towards him. Zachary prepared himself ''Sword Magic: Divine Shield'' A sphere light surround him ready to protect him the blast. But to his surprise when the lightning struck the shield it broke though easily and struck him with overwhelming force. Pain pierced throughout his entire body and course through his entire system. When it finally stopped he was on his knees panting for breath still feel a bit shocked. ''Impossible how could?'' Before he said another word Eris gave out a laugh of triumph. ''I told you that my new allies were powerful. I dare even say that Konton is even more God like than even the gods of our world.'' Zacchary just ignored her and stared the figure in front of him. ''Who are you? How did you bypass past this sword defenses? Only members of the Royal Family should be able to bypass this sword's defenses and I am only member of Royal family left alive.'' Before he can say anything further girl in front of him removed her hood, He gasped in shock. The girl in front had equally Golden Long Blonde hair. With it a long braided styled ponytail on top just at the back of her head and Golden eyes. But it was not just the fact that this girl front of him looked like a relative. No, he knew who it was and what shocked him the most was how in Earthland is she here. ''Queen Defillia '' Zacchary managed to spurt but his came out shaky. Eris then spoke up ''Your eyes do not deceive you my Nephew. Who you see in front of you is most definitely the First Queen and Founder of our great Kingdom, Defillia Pergrande herself. Also known as the Maidan of the God Slayers. The very creator of that very magic.''

Deifillia then raised her hand again ready to attack again. However, before she could cast spell Zacchary was lifted up in the air. ''Nike?'' Zacchary said in relief. Nike who had managed to escape most of the fighting without scratch. Lifted up Zacchary using her Aera and was making her way for the collapsed hole in the ceiling . To their surprise it was not just the celling to the floor above that been broken though. But all the way to the surface. Which was about 5 floors up she started to lift them up through the holes escaping to the surface as fast she could.

However, it was wasted effort because Deifillia just watched them fly away. She didn't even bother to attack. Safe to say this angered Eris. ''You just let them go you stupid girl! Don't you know what will happen now that he has escaped? Konton will have my head for this! Deifillia stared at her ''And said it was my hope he would escape. For I need him to bring them. Eris gave her a confused look. ''Them?'' Deifillia then said ''I will explain when the time is right. For now, have you sent the Pergrande Quartet on their mission?'' Eris nodded ''Yes, they should be at Magnolia by now'' Deifillia then turned away from her and called out ''Come to me my servants.'' Just then out of no were twelve unknown shadowed figures appeared. ''Yes Mam?'' said one of the figures that stepped forward. This figure was a Bulking Tan Muscled man with short purple hair, Wearing triangle shape sunglasses. He had a large Mechanic right arm connected to the left hip with converted mast. He also wore a Marine like coat '' Yes, Zephyr I want you all to head Magnolia and assist the Quartet. You are not however to engaged Chitsujo. You will also follow Bellona's every commanded''

The twelve figures nodded before vanishing. Eris who been listening to the whole display stood up in fury. ''Do you think my Quartet. My personal Bodyguards can't handle this mission? Eris angrily replied Deifillia merely respond ''If their leader can't handle a simple task of taking on a rogue boy then what hope do they have? Besides this is merely a precaution and furthermore it was a request from Captain Bellona, She asked as for backup and frankly I agree with her '' Before Eris could say another word she left room leaving Eris to whaler in her anger.

Date: x792 August 31st , Kingdom of Fiore, Outskirts of Magnolia

Magnolia was still in state of shock just after the war. But the people will move on. Despite the destruction n that happened during the Battle of Magnolia the people managed to rebuild most of the buildings fairly quickly, taking only a few days rebuild around 90% of town. Though the main reason was because the citizens already familiar to destruction of their property. In fact one of the most common thing that each citizen shared was that they all once had something of theirs, be it item or their home that was accidently destroyed by a Fairy Tail member. I mean come on this is the Guild's hometown after all.

Right now, the whole city was going be playing hosts of sorts to the Soldiers of Alliance. Tomorrow as thanks to them for taking their country back from clutches of the Coalition. The city was going with be filled Vendors, Food stands, Game Stands and just to add to the occasion a Miss Universe Contest. However, on out skirts of the city something else was also, being planned. Four women on the edge of East Forest, the closest Forest to the East of the Town were watching the citizens with curiosity. One of them was dark skinned with purple hair styled into a pony tail, wearing a red army shirt with dark red combat army trousers and black army boots with Kingdom's symbol on the back of her shirt. To her right a fair skinned woman with brown short bob styled hair. Wearing a white shirt with buttons and black trousers with black high heels. She was also wearing black fingerless gloves with Kingdom's symbol on it and wearing black prescription reading glasses. She was currently writing notes in the air with a light pen. On her left were two younger girls that both looked nearly identical that were in their late teens. Both girls had white long hair and grey eyes. Expect one had deep tan skin white the other had snow white skin. The one with the deep tan oddly enough looked like a cheerleader. Her top was red with a picture of Konton (Smiling evilly) with Kingdoms symbol on the back of it and she wore a black skirt with red and black sport shoes and red pompoms on her hands. Her counterpart was in a gothic Lolita styled dress all in black and was holding frilly black umbrella. Both girls looked look board the tanned one particularly.

''This is one boring when are we going to get started? I feel like I've been standing here for hours.'' Moan the tanned one. The other girl beside her was looking annoyed at her simply said ''It has only been one-hour Sunna.'' Sunna who didn't look satisfied with the answer started throw a tantrum. ''But it's so boring here just sitting! When we were given this mission, and I thought for sure it would have a little excitement. Being that it was in Magnolia. You know home to famous Fairy Tail Guild aka rumored to be the strongest guild in Ishgar and not just that. When I heard of the other strong fighters that are here as well. Like the Soul Reapers and Ninjas I thought for sure the minute we got here we would be thrust into battle maybe meet some hot guys. But no instead we a sitting in a forest that is filled with pervy monkeys'' The snow skinned girl simply sighed'' They are called vulcans and you need to have more patience. '' Tia corrected her.

Sunna ignored her and started saying over and over ''I want fight now!''

The woman that been writing notes in the air. Snapped the light pen in her hand in anger. ''Tia would you please have better control of your sister I am trying concentrate''

Tia simply gave the woman annoyed looking glare ''You try do better Isis. Instead just writing useless calculations that won't help us in battle.'' This prompted Isis to glare at her. ''I'll have you know that my calculations will help us complete our mission. Today will mark the day the Coalition turns this war into our favor. Mark my words! Besides Master Sagi seems to appreciate my calculations. He even promised me a position on his research team If our plans win us this war.''

Tia gave her curious look. ''Sagi? You mean one of the Nine Dark Circles? One of Konton's elite soldiers. That creepy guy that follows Konton around like a bad smell''

Isis nodded ''the very same and that is why I want this mission to go as swimmingly as possible. So, I won't have the likes of your sister ruining this mission because she is board. I also will ask you to not to insult our superior '' she said in a stern voice.

Tia rolled her eyes at this. ''Whatever you do know that Sagi most likely the rest of the Nine Dark Circles probably think very little of us'' Tia said. Sunna who had seem to have finally calmed from her temper tantrum. Overheard what they were talking about. ''Yeah besides it's weird to hear someone talk about their crush so passionately. '' Said Sunna, Isis then directed her attention to her. '' Your one to talk. You're wearing a top with Konton's face on it!'' Sunna merely replied back ''But those court guys in Rakuen selling it for good price. Plus, you can't deny that Konton's face looks damm good on my body'' Sunna said while striking a sexy pose. Tia and Isis just gave her deadpanned expression. ''Besides hasn't the Coalition been losing a lot anyway? What will one more loss do anyway?

''If we fail in this mission it won't be Konton or Sagi we will have worry about. '' Stated the purple hair woman who had been listening to their conversation but was still looking out into the city with intense focus. ''The Being of Order is one we have worry about the most. So that is why this mission needs to be done swiftly and carefully as possible. That is why I'm waiting for our contact to appear so I plan our next accordingly. Which reminds me, Isis have we received any contact from Lady Deifillia? The woman asked.

''Yes just a few moments I just got a telepathic message from her. It seems that your request for back up is being sent to us right now. '' And just after she said it a flash of light suddenly appeared behind them. In its place stood eleven figures along with Zephyr appeared . ''Are you Bellona? '' He addresses the purple hair woman. ''I am and you must be the backup. You are Zephyr correct?'' she asked. ''Yes, I am the one they call Zephyr and we have been ordered by Lady Deifillia to assist you in any way possible.'' Zephyr said

Bellona looks at of them then nods. ''Good then let me begin first you girl? '' She directed her attention to a girl that look around her early 20s with blonde hair that was styled in a long side pony tail. The girl stepped forward and answered ''Yes, my lady? '' Bellona eyed her as if she was trying to read her mind. ''You are Weyse? The one that faced Laxus Dreyer and the Thunder God Tribe by using that ancient God, Higurenokami am I correct.'' Bellona said.

Weyse smiled ''I am and may I say it so good to hear that my reputation has reached the ears of Pergrande Kingdom.'' she said with pride.

Bellona then glares at her which in turn causes Weyse to stop smiling and give a slight look of terror. ''Listen little Dark Wizard I don't trust you. In my opinion you and every other criminal should be locked up. It is because of you and the Dark Guilds that Ishgar has never achieved full peace. So, no going rogue! However, your magic will prove useful. But if you disobey one order I swear I will end your miserable existence '' She then addresses everyone ''And goes for all of you! This mission must go as swiftly as possible. With no mistakes.'' she said absolute authority this made everyone either scared of Bellona or make them hate her guts. Except for Zephyr he just just looked at her with a smirk and new found respect. Well looks like this kitty got claws''

However, Bellona ignores him and continues ''Now then Isis bring up the plans.'' said Bellona '' Yes Lady Bellona, Archive Magic! Isis chants '' Just then a yellow screen appeared in midair right in front of them it had map of the entire city of Magnolia on it. '' Now I've marked down the areas of our targets and here is how we will proceed'' Isis addresses everyone.

The fight for Fiore might be over with Alliance being victorious. But they are about to learn that must always be vigilante. For Konton and Coalition have many ways of how to win this war.

And were done, sorry if the chapter was short. But I'm kind new to this so can you blame me? Anyway, for any of you who don't know Zephyr is a character from One Piece Movie Z(Note please give credit to the original creator) and Weyse is an antagonist from Fairy Tail Gaiden: Flash of Great Lightning, Spin-off telling the events of what Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe was doing during the one-year time skip. As for the 10-other unknown characters they will reveal in the next chapters. But I will give you a hint. They are all characters based on either angelic beings or are related to gods. If you want to make suggestions feel free.

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Elishia in Hebrew means: God's Salvation,

Abel ins named after Adam and Eve's first son

Eris T. Loki is name after the Greek Goddess of chaos Eris, and Norse God Loki,

Promethus is named after the Titan of Foresight,

Isis is named after the Egyptian Goddess of wisdom

Tia is named after the Haida Goddess of peaceful death,

Sunna is named after the Norse Goddess of the sun,

Bellona is named after the Roman Goddess of war,

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