Five Worlds War: Maiden of the God Slayers

Chapter 5: Strike Back.

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All over Magnolia things were starting to calm down the citizens and soldiers were either falling unconscious from the Wicked God's magic or snapping out feeling that they just woke up from sort some sort dizzy daze or dream. One such person was a certain orange haired navigator with a passion for money and tremendous temper.

''Huh what the hell?'' she muttered looking around to see other people who were in a similar state. It was odd she felt and saw that she was fighting a bunch rank and file coalition soldiers. But now none were in front of her.

She then remembered what she was doing before, The Miss Universe contest was about to start when some coalition soldiers attack and she went out to help but that priestess summoned some weird totem looking god thing and she saw some rank and file soldiers surrounding her.

''Oh, Miss Nami good to see you snapped out of that trance'' she saw Kisuke Urahara wave to her from nearby beside him was an unconscious Lisa, Hiyori and that theatre guy who was one of the judges.

''Kisuke what is going?'' Nami asked still confused,

''Oh, when that God was summoned it appears a good number of our comrades were put under its influence, with yourself being included it warped your mind to make you think that you were fighting other coalition soldiers, when in reality you fighting our own comrades''

''Gee ya think Kisuke a deep male voice spoke'' out of nowhere. Nami jumped a little in surprise she didn't recognize that voice.

She then saw a black cat come up right to Kisuke. She didn't find it odd that the cat spoke having met Carla plus she has a talking reindeer doctor on her crew. The thing is that she just wondered who it was because she hadn't met him before or she sure she hadn't.

''Ah Yoruchi looks you just finished off opponent'' Smiled Kisuke who crouched down to cats' level.

''Of course, I did what else were you expecting? That lose that easily honestly didn't have to use my full power but the fight would have taken to long had I not'' the cat revealed to be Yoruchi said with a slight annoyance in her voice.

''Wait Yoruchi?'' Nami said in surprised. ''Since when can you turn into a cat?''

''You're more surprised of a person who transform into talking cat when you have a talking reindeer on your crew. Plus wasn't Clarla your in division''

''Point Taken'' Nami said sheepishly.

''Well it is good to see you are all alright'' said Tsunade who was walking up to with Erza not far behind her.

''Lady Tsunade!'' gasped Nami looking at the two had slight bruises and bumps but other than didn't look beat up to badly. ''Are you two, ok?''

''Just a scratch'' Erza shrugged it off.

''We fought the Admiral with the huge metal arm unfortunately he got away as soon as the God was destroyed.''

Oh yeah, I forgot Tsunade and Erza are just as big monsters as Luffy, Zoro and Sanji when comes to durability Nami mentally sweat dropped.

''Anyway, by the looks of things, it's starting to calm, anyway the first thing to do is gather everyone who injured here and any other medics who not to injured to get started on treating them. Nami, Erza I want you two to bring anyone is injured here treatment. Any medics you find that are not injured tell to meet here or get to work on anybody in need of medical attention nearby right away''

''I'm going to find a watcher so I can head back to Crocus and inform the Alliance leaders about what has happened here.'' Kisuke explained.

''Ok while you are their tell them to send available medics, now everyone get to work'' Tsunade nodded

''Right!'' Everyone said heading off to do what they can Kisuke headed to find a watcher however Yourchi then jumped out of his hands.

''Wait a minute where is that vine guy that you tide up with Lisa and Hiyori?''

Kisuke looked to where to he had left only to he left then looked in shocked, he was gone but that was not what shocked no it was something that he not did expect, Lisa was gone but Hiyori was gone.

Meanwhile with Toshiro, Sherria and Sasuke

Toshiro was still engaged in combat Ophiuchus who he was now fighting in uneven fight with Ophiuchus on the losing end of it. She managed to hold her own for a bit managing to keep her distance from his powerful attacks however he still got a few shots at her, if weren't for immortality she be dead ten times over. She considers using her trump card, but she didn't want to use so soon plus it made her look very unattractive.

However, the two stopped for a moment when the both felt the Wicked's God Magic disappeared. ''Well it looks for your plan to take re-capture Magnolia has failed'' smirked Toshiro.

Ophiuchus gave wicked smirked and then laughed. ''You really think our goal was to re-capture this city? Sorry to disappoint you little boy but this merely the opening act.''

''What do mean?''

''Sorry little boy no spoilers, however I will say that Wicked God being destroyed means that we will have play another time. Goodbye'' and with mock wave she vanished using the Kako technique.

Toshiro sheathed his sword and gave one last glare to the spot that Ophiuchus vanished he turned around to the most important thing and rushed Momo who currently being treated by Sherria with Sasuke nearby guarding an unconscious Samui and Max Alors.

He knelt to her; she was not to hurt much thankfully. But he was still worried about her.

Momo began to stir a little ''Shiro?'' she said weakly

''Momo'' Toshiro said softly

''I'm sorry that I worried you again. I'm too weak'' Momo said weakly.

''Don't say that''

''But It's true I was weak when Aizen betrayed us, I was weak during the war the Quincy, I've always needed help to fight opponents, I was controlled so easily just now'' Momo starting to tear up a little before passing out again.

''She needs to rest, the Wicked God's magic exhausted her.'' Sherria confirmed moving to heel Max and Samui.

Toshiro then looked away in frustration which Sasuke caught onto. ''This is not fault'' he said.

''Perhaps but it doesn't mean that woman doesn't deserve retribution'' Toshiro in serious tone, he then said directly to Sasuke. ''Listen Uchiha let me make something clear Ophiuchus is my target she started this between us and will end''

''You should not let your thoughts go solely on revenge otherwise you could something you will regret'' Sasuke referring to his actions and sins in the past and how it nearly drove him kill his friends and destroy his home.

Toshiro and turned his back to him ''It is not just that. I am sick and tired of those that think they can hurt the people I care about and get away with, while I can do nothing to stop it. What else that she caused that person to blame herself, besides she started this between us I intended to finish it! Now I'm going to find the other captains'' With that he flash stepped without another word.

Sasuke look on with concern but also understanding. He knew what it feels feeling powerless, wanting revenge and most of all hatred. These were just a few of feelings he felt not to long ago. Before he could think on it further his thoughts were interrupted by a voice.

''Are we sure that we should let him go through with it'' Sherria asked having just finished tending to the injured Samui and Max.

''Certain no but I can tell that reason for is anger isn't out of pride it's out of love''

''Oh, then surely it will be alright someone with love heart can never be wrong'' Sherria feeling reassured

Sasuke however shook his head in disagreement. ''Not entirely love is fickle emotion if someone you love is killed right in front of you that can lead to hate for person who committed the act and that hate can lead you to commit unforgivable things. Trust me I know this better than a lot people'' Sasuke said looking slightly ashamed after he said it.

Sherria noticed but didn't know to say she had heard of what Sasuke's crimes and why he did it and while she would be lying if she didn't say it made weary of him. But she also knew that Sasuke was doing he could try make up what he did. Plus, she believed that she had no right to be hostile to him.

''Anyway, I go I'll look for any more wounded we need to what we can to make sure no one else dies''


Meanwhile at the Fairy Hills

Hancock was starting to get exhausted however refused to back down especially back after this man had hurt sisters and it would not look good for Pirate Empress to back down from a fight.

Her opponent looked tired as well his armor being cracked in several places, but he was not going to back down as well.

''It appears that you last legs woman'' Eclipse Leo panted

''You are one to talk monster'' Hancock spat

''Then perhaps we should make this our final attack'' Eclipse Leo, ''Prepare yourself woman for this attack will send you to hell'' coating his fist dark regalus

''Funny enough I was about to say the same thing monster'' coating both her legs in armament Haki and with the two charge each other with great force but.


''Chaaaaa!'' shouted Sakura having upcut her through the celling were they which stop the from striking each other.

''To hell with this'' he muttered in the chaos then using kako to escape which the dust from destruction covered it.

Coughing ''What in the world'' Hancock said try to see through the clouds of dust and derbies.

''Hancock are you alright'' Sakura said to her while looking around to see if her opponent was still here.

''I'm fine'' as the dust clears, she finally sees that Eclipse Leo is gone. ''God Dammit'' grinding her foot in the ground with frustration she then glared at Sakura. ''Look what you did girl thanks l lost track of my opponent!''

''Hey, I came to see you needed help is that you say thanks you always give allies?!'' This was true during the attack Sakura had occupied knocking out and treating the injured citizens and soldiers. She heard commotion coming from Fairy Hills and decided to check it out to see if anyone needed help.

''Well you were so helpful only if at letting the enemy get away, oh what would I do without you, you did a fabulous job'' Hancock said in slight mock and sarcastic tone. ''Uh forget come along I need you to treat my sisters they should be near the front entrance''

Sakura would argue back but she cared more about lives of her patients then pettiness between her and Hancock. Still she could see why Lady Tsunade disliked this woman.

Upon reaching the two Gorgon Sisters who were still out cold and accompanied by Sweet Pea, Marguerite and Aphelandra.

''Marigold, Sandersona'' Hancock said to them in concern.

Sakura looked at the two and then got to work see what she could do and started getting to working on treating their wounds. As she was doing this, she saw the look of concern and care in Hancock and thought to herself that even she was cold to most people she did have a heart and deep down inside care for those close to her. Sakura couldn't but smile to herself there is more to people than meets the eye.

Meanwhile with Neji

Neji was on his knees with nearby Hiashi was still knocked out with a look of despair and failure. The cowards Sue and Boze fled after Hinata had been captured leaving Neji alone thankfully things had seem to calm now but still how could he let them take her, he has failed as a member of the Branch of the Hyuga Clan, but then realized something however before lament further Hiashi began to stir.

Hiashi lifts head his up, ''Hinata! Neji where is Hinata?'' he gasps grabbing Neji by the shoulders saking in worry.

Neji not looking him in the eye blurts out. ''Forgive me but she has been captured by the enemy''

Hiashi is shocked into silence and let's go of Neji's shoulders a look disbelief is on his face.

''Lord Hiashi forgive me I failed to protect Lady Hinata I failed as member the Hyuga Clan, but I promise I will save her''

This caused Hiashi look up. ''You think she is alive?'' hanging to a thread of hope.

''Yes, and it's not just blind faith they would not have taken her or attacked us with such a small force of they didn't need her for something. So, I promise Lord Hiashi I will do whatever it takes to save her. '' Neji clenching his fists.


''No? But Lord Hiashi'' Neji said in shocked that Hiashi would forbid it trying to protest but he was quickly cut off.

''No, I mean that we will get her'' he said, and his face soften he placed his on his shoulder. ''Neji you are the finest shinobi that our clan has produced but you are also my nephew, my brother's son. If anyone has failed it is I. I failed to protect your father. I also failed again when you sacrificed yourself to protect your family and friends during the last war, I have made many mistakes but from I have seen I have been a chance to make up for it. Which is why should not feel the need feel burden by this we get her back as a family and with alliance help, I am sure we will succeed.''

Neji was quite for a few seconds his uncle was always strict and that was the case even when they were children but over after his defeat at the hands of Naruto and Hiashi telling him the truth of his father's sacrifice. He then smiled and his hand on his uncle's other shoulder and said.

''Yes, we will together''

Meanwhile with Rojiro and Shinji

Despite it being a two vs one fight Fuka had proven herself as a force to reckoned having created a stalemate between them. Though this partly due to her absorbing a bit Rojiro's Hollow powers. And was know sporting a Hollow mask just like his.

''You know normally I would be thrilled to have two charming men paying attention, but you both are pushy for little old me'' Fuka.

''And normally I would be flirting with lady like, but I don't flirt with girls try to kill my friends'' Shinji smirked back.

''I don't think you have a chance with her either way Shinji'' Rojiro teased him despite the situation they were in.

''Hey Rose, is that how you thank me after just saving your life'' Shinji argued back.

''Now now boys there is no need to fight over me. However, we will spend some quality time together some other time, goodbye'' and with mock wave Fuka used the kako technique escaping in cloud of darkness.

The two visoreds then gave a sigh of relief and frustration. ''Dammit these coalition bastards just can't give us a moment's peace I mean come is a week so much to ask for'' Shinji said

''Well they are the enemy can't expect them to give us a break'' Rose pointed out an obvious fact.

''I know but I wanted to check out those babes who were going in the Miss Universe Contest, I mean damm I know Rangiku has the biggest chest in soul society but Lucy I think give her a good run for her money along with few other girls''

Rose his rolled eyes at this, Shinji was probably the biggest pervert out of the visored with Lisa coming in second not saying didn't like women to, but he was more restrained about it. ''Pretty ladies aside I can't help but feeling that something is going to come from this.''

''Ah well we will take care over it maybe it's just me feeling overconfident or cocky that we took down Zeref but honestly after everything we went through I just get the feeling it will turn out all right in the end'' Shinji said with his trademark smirk.

''Yeah your right anyway best check and see if Cana and others alright''

Meanwhile Odin, Pergrande Kingdom

Right in the city center of Odin a large crowd of people gathered in front of large stage. On top of the said stage was Homer with a Microphone Lacrima in front of him. Behind was Tengu with smug smirk on his face and Guan Yu with slightly worried look.


Just as Homer was walking off with crowd burst into loud conversations of what he said. Tengu spoke in snarky like voice.

''It must pain for you old man that you can't say too much in fear of causing chaos and panic''

Homer said nothing but gave the latter a glare before moving on leaving Guan Yu and Tengu to continue with the evacuations. As he walked off the stage he passed Thanatos who was watching the whole display.

''Marvelously done Mr. Virgil, I approve of you not telling the peasants of our new rulers. Until the battle is over, it makes it so much easier when they do find that they can't do anything about it.'' Thantos said in unreadable expression with smug voice.

Homer stopped and replied ''I think I rather have a vulcan use take over on me then receive any praise from you Thanatos''

''By the way why isn't this Konton sending a larger army? I figured the man that is supposed the creator of Zeref thee Black Wizard would send one large enough to take over most or even the whole country.''

''Konton has faith that we can proceed with the plan to win this war and that forces we have would be enough to win, plus he has no time to waste by sending resources and soldiers as he is already preparing the pirate world in a worst but unlikely case that we fail. Besides you know as well as I do that thanks to the Royal separation guild act from the Magic Council. That we can use can't force our own remaining Magic Guilds to fight if they don't wish too plus it most likely that if they found out they will side with Alliance.''

What Thanatos was talking about was the was a law made by the Magic Council and the Royal Families in Ishgar during its founding that forbid the Magic Guilds from being used for the military purposes, and that the Magic Guilds could act separately from their respected country as long as it wasn't illegal and they cannot be ever be used for war purposes without permission from the Council. And the Magic Council would never give Eris permission to do so. The only reason that they gave the Fiore guilds permission was because they were being invaded by the coalition.

''And it's just as well, we essentially giving up our freedom and become slaves to the Rakuen Kingdom. Trust me regardless if their plans succeeds there will be uprisings and rebellions to fight for out freedom''

''My My aren't we in a foul mood today? Just remember your manners at the meeting later Mr. Virgil once Bellona and her team return.''

With that last remark from him he left Homer to own devices, Homer decided to continue walking not wanting to stay around the place for too long just in case Thanatos had more to say. Honestly he never liked the man Homer was not the kind of person to actively dislike people. He in fact the only people he didn't really like was Tengu due to the boy's bloodlust, arrogance and the way talked about his students in rotten manner.

Thanatos was whole other story; he has known him ever since Eris became regent Queen and he knew that he has severed the T. Loki family for years. But other than that, he really didn't know about much of him which he found very disturbing. I mean it's as if he appeared out of nowhere and the man always gave of fowl evil aura wherever he went and air of negativity.

But anyway, moving on he currently just wanted to get away everyone just so he could clear his head. He took a seat on a nearby bench just near a back-street alleyway. He picked up the brooch that was on the collarbone of his top.

He clicked the side of it to reveal it was a locket with picture of a young dark-skinned woman with white curly long hair and bright pink eyes her smile gave a gentle yet wise touch.

''Lenore am I doing the right thing?'' he looked at the picture in sad and longing voice his eyes to the point of tears.

''You seem agented Homer''

Homer then jumped in surprise when Hebe suddenly appeared behind him holding in her hands what looked like a boxed lunch.

''Hebe?! What are doing still here I thought the servants were to be evacuate along with the civilians'' as he put the brooch back on the collarbone of his top.

''Most us did but I choose to stay of my own free will and you of all people should know why'' she said firmly in you can't change my mind tone.

''Prince Zachary'' he sighed having known the boy for at a long even before becoming a candidate and was one of the reasons he became a Candidate in the first place. Hell, he was the boy's teacher since the lad was 6 years old and was the teacher of the late Queen Elisha when the latter was a child as well. He along with Hebe and Bellona were one of the few people to know Zachary as a kid and after his parents passed away kept an eye on him to make sure that Eris didn't do anything him or try to corrupt him. Zachary came to point that latter saw him as an uncle.

Hebe was the same but for different reasons for why she joined as member of the palace staff. One of them being she had no magic power at all and thus was one of only employments she could get that was close to him.

''Anyway, I'm surprised you are taking these whole other worlds thing better than me, I honestly thought it was just some sort misunderstanding or made up fabricated story'' Hebe said trying to lighten mood a little.

''I'll admit I had my doubts, but then again, it's not that surprising if you about think it. I mean we know the Exceeds originally come from another world called Edolas. So, it's possible there is hundreds, thousands or possibly Millions of worlds out there.'' Homer explained. ''And furthermore, there is still little we know about a lot of things. For example do you know despite in the advances in Magic we created and discovered over the years that we still know little about where and when it came from, On top did you know that when magic was first discovered that people believed that only those who could use it, got it or could understand were possessed by some sort of malevolent force or that it was personification of evil itself and also'' but before Homer could rant any further Hebe placed her on his lips to stop him talking.

''Homer please stop talking you're not in one of classes.'' Hebe told him; this was a slight quirk that Homer possessed. Once he gets talking about or interesting subject involving history he never likes to stop talking. Hell it was one the reasons he became History Teacher but the problem is he thinks he is in one his classes he gets talking like that he can talk on forever if you let him with the school bell being one of the few things that would snap him out of it or at least question from a student.

''Now that I got you be quiet, I made you a box lunch. Because I'm sure all this work has made you build up an appetite.'' Hebe gestured to the box lunch in her hands which she proceeded to open. Now before we continue let me just say that Hebe has many good talents but one of them was not cooking. So safe to say that what she made for Homer was not fit human consumption and I would tell you what it was and looked like but it would scare you enough not to continue reading this fan fiction, all I will say that it was slimy and it moved. ''Now say aaaa'' Hebe using a plastic fork to take a chunk of the abomination she created.

''Ummm wow Hebe you shouldn't have and that is really lovely and kind of you but I'm afraid I'm on a diet'' Homer said sheepishly lying and now slightly scared of food in front of him. Another flaw of Homer is that he was a gentleman and couldn't be rude or truthful to any lady he if it meant to be truth. Unless it involved his class subject of course. Then he was brutally honest to either of his students regardless of gender.

However, Hebe could sense that he was lying decided to take the direct approach, which was just shoving it into his mouth while he was speaking. ''Now tell how does it taste? Is your mouth dancing with flavor are you being sent to culinary heaven?'' Hebe asked with excitement and hope.

Homer however just turned in blue in the face and like certain dragon slayer started breathing fire out of his mouth. ''Water I need water!'' Homer screamed in pain running off and dunking his head in a nearby fountain.

Hebe looked at the food in her hands. ''Perhaps it needed more ghost peppers?'' In denial as the food she created was just plain nasty.


While most of the citizens know that under the city of Odin was the palace Valhalla. Only a few knew that further underground was a cave system similar to the Abyss palace under Crocus but unlike that which was mostly natural this place was mostly man made, it was called Niðavellir or alternately the Palace of History. Why was it called that because it contained thousands to millions of scrolls that contained information on the world's history, weapons and even lost magic. Most of the time only people that were allowed down here were members of the royal family, members of the Magic Council and archaeologists. Though not in recent years thanks to Eris who put a hefty price on any archaeologists who wanted to explore and because of few came to explore them now.

Speaking of which Eris who was currently walking through wearing a white tiger skin dress, crocodile made high heels and furry scarf made of some of ferret. Safe to say she looked like an animal rights activist worst nightmare. Right now, she was using her magic cigarette holder to light the way in the dark cave.

''As soon we win this war, I'm going renovate this place into a prison. Yes, that would be perfect gift for my love.'' Eris said out with a loving sigh she then growled in anger. ''Or at least a place to lock that Midarana for eternity, then again, she's a watcher and is one of strongest fighters in her world. She could escape easily, perhaps I need to think other ways of killi-oomph'' Eris suddenly trip over crack on the ground she looks her heels to see if their all right. ''Uhh my heels are going too ruined from this. Where is that god forsaken +++++door that brat Defillia mention is down here again''

To remind you all Eris came down here to check on Defillia Peregende who was working on something that would guarantee their victory. Finally, after stumbling in the dark for while she arrived at large that appeared to be made of marble. On the door was a carving of the Kingdom's Symbol along with four figures three male and one female.

''Vetiti Ianua'' Eris said the name of Door. In truth this door had been discovered around 10 years ago but for some reason no one could get it opened. They tried everything from various tools both magical and non-magical, to trying to blow it up, putting out an s-class job requests throughout the continent to get some S-Class Wizards to try unsealing it. However, many took it but none of them could unseal it. That was until Sagi the Fraud gave them an anti-seal tag to unlock it. Which to their surprise worked it still shocks her to this day, the power these watchers possess.

''To think that this very door that my dear sister-in-law tried to unseal before her death hoping that whatever was behind it would be the key breaking the curse on Defillia, one of duty's royal family, oh how naïve and weak she was. Whatever did my dear brother see in her'' Eris mused placing her hand looking at the four figures on the door. No one entirely knew who these figures were as they were common around tombs placed all over Niðavellir, but most archaeologists agreed that they represent the Original four members of Pergrande Quartet that helped found the kingdom with Defillia around 300 ago. Before Eris could think on it further the door opened just to see Defillia peeking through with emotionless face as usual.

''What is it?'' Defillia inquired, now in most cases this would be a rude reply to people but keep in mind as Defillia wanted to get back to work and she really couldn't display any emotions, it was not meant to be however Eris was slightly insulted by the greeting regardless.

''Is that anyway to address a future Empress of Universe Little Girl?'' Eris growled trying to be intimidating to her which of course failed. This woman might be the founding Queen and the founder of this country, but she must know her place for she will become Empress of the Universe.

''Do not forget Eris I was once a Queen too of this very country even. So, in terms of Status we are equals.'' Defillia replied. ''However, in terms of power and intellect that's another story and I might that only Queen die descendant being to young to rule and you are only a Regent. So, the Throne truly does not belong to you''

''How dare you, As Konton's fiancé the only one who will have equal status to me is my love and while we are one that topic my love only put you in command of this unit because you are the only one that can put our grand plan to fruition so don't forget your place .''

''If you are quite done checking up on me, then I would like to get back to work. Oh and heed this warning Konton does not feel love at all'' and before Eris could protest she slams the door the in her face ignoring the screams of anger courtesy of Eris from the other side.

Inside is completely different from outside it with what looks like a small pond of crisp clear water. Just above that pond was small hole were a small waterfall of water was pouring in from it. Just like the door at the entrance of the room it is made of white marble. The walls were carved events in events and battles dating back 300 years ago. In front the pond stood a small prayer alters and on it on this alter was three small figurines. One was of young man that looked like Prince Zachary but with couple of differences another one was familiar to a lot which so happened be the black wizard himself Zeref Dragneel and finally was one that is surprisingly a dragon of all things. She looks at three and then goes to pick up Zeref's figurine. She looks at it for moment fiddling in her hands as if trying to feel anything. ''Nothing'' she simply said and then proceeds to burn it curtsey of her Flame God Slayer Magic.

''Even my past attachments can't make me feel anything'' Defillia said after she goes to a nearby wall which had a carved scene of five figures fighting a group of a few gods, one of the people in the scene was herself. She looked at the other four one woman and three men. ''Kanaloa, Apophis, Brahma, Diana, you were my most loyal followers and gave your lives to protect me form the Dragon King. But fret not I don't hold a grudge against either of you or for your failure. Because anger is beneath me.''

She then walked back towards alter and looked towards the floor at her shadow. ''How long are you going to hide from me?''

Suddenly the shadow started to change and take shape into form of a male figure. It started to slowly rise from the ground and the male was dressed garb similar to the uniform of the Espada. He has a slim posture a handsome teenager with medium length, raven colored hair with white streaks, natural cream-colored skin and a dark golden-yellow left eye. His mask remnant took the form on his right eye and forms a curled horn sprouting from his head with red marking etched on them.

''How long did you know I was there?'' Said the raven haired Arrancar

''About a few hours ago, why were you spying on me Kiiro?'' Deifillia asked.

''I heard rumors of what you plan to do, and I came to see if they are true'' Kiiro gave serious yet concerning stare.

Defillia just gave him a stare back and if by some weird understanding between the two of them he knew was right. ''Do you plan to try and stop me?''

''No, I merely came to give you advice'' Kiiro answered this surprised her though she couldn't express it.

''You and I are both cursed. But unlike you I never saw any good of my curse. Though I admit I admire that you embrace it unlike me. But that is not all, what I came here for to try and convince is you that what you are about to do is all a part of the result of Konton's manipulation and for his own gain.''

''Do you really believe that Being of Chaos has tricked me, me the Maiden of the God Slayers? Me the very Mother of the magic has been deceived.'' Deifillia asked she took a moment to consider what he was saying. ''You do bring up a good point but regardless if it is true or not, I will succeed because of my own power and not because of Konton's meddling and besides I will deal with him in time''

Kirro eyes widened in shock, even he one of the strongest Arrancar history knew he stood no chance against Konton but he didn't voice this and signed ''I thought as much, I will not stop you for regardless of my disagreement for I see you as a friend. However, I will not get involved either, besides a fight between the two of us could go either way.''

''However, I will stay to observer though. For there are a few warriors I wish to see fight.'' Kirro said with interest.

''The Acts of Order?'' Defillia inquired she had heard about them and that they were destined to become the strongest in their respective worlds. Kiiro had a keen interest in them which was something the two both agreed on.

''Yes, and after observing all four of them I will know which one I would like to face in combat.'' Kiiro answered.

''That's only if my plan doesn't succeed first.'' Defillia said, she then walks over to the small pond and place her in it. Her hands started glow pure white color and at the center of the pool rose a tall white marble throne with Kingdom's symbol carved on it. ''And they will succeed for the time of the of my Blessing is at hand.''

A few hours later at the Crocus Alliance HQ

Safe to say after the sudden attack on Magnolia a meeting was called right after with every Alliance leader along with Intelligence Division Commanders was present however another thing occurred the arrival of unexpected guests had just so happened appear just upon Chitsujo return from his kingdom. The guests were Prince Zachary, his exceed advisor sand friend Nike and an elderly man who was oddly still dressed as a pirate Aether. Who seemed to be giving Bob stink eye, while the latter was either ignoring him or he had failed to notice.

Zachary was slightly intimated by the people in the room he could feel they strange power pulsing from them. Was this Chakra and Spiritual energy that the reports from Lord Hyperion spoke of, He then looked at Shanks and Beckmen while he could sense no energy source from them, but the two radiated power particular Shanks who he could guess it take the among strongest of the strongest in his world to face him.

Majority of the Alliance leadership looked at them with suspicion or curiosity. Except for Toma and Makarov who remained calm. Chitsujo was calm as well but he was also concerned about that just happened in the few hours he was gone and with a sigh he began to speak.

''Thank you all for coming in such short notice, I know you all thought the war in the wizard world had come to end but it appears that due to unforeseen circumstances that is not the case''

''Speaking of unforeseen circumstances Lord Chitsujo would you mind telling us who this kid is?'' Shanks referring Prince Zachary.

''How dare you this kid is the Crown Prince of Pergrande Kingdom Zacahary Pergrande and I am his loyal and future Advisor Nike so I would appreciate that you address him with respect'' Nike declared in a slight overdramatic tone.

''Please Nike there is no need to be upset I'm pretty sure that most of them have never heard of me before.'' Zachary said slightly embarrassed by Nike's display.

''Pergrande? Wasn't the name of the group of four wizards who lead the attack on Magnolia called The Pergrande Quartet, does that mean that you are mastermind behind the attack'' Onoki interjected.

''Excuse me?'' Zachary said slightly confused.

''What Lord Tschikage means is that group that call themselves the Pergrande Quartet were leading a small group of Coalition soldiers in an attack on Magnolia, considering the group the bears the name of your country we can presume there is sort some of relation between the two.'' Said A

Zachary was in shock and he then said ''The Pergrande Quartet are my family's Royal Guard, but I did not order any attack''

''Lord Tschuichikage, Lord Raikage I assure that Prince Zachary was not involved with the attack today on Magnolia.'' Toma defended him.

''And how can you be sure of that'' Onoki asked still not entirely convinced.

''Lord Toma speaks the truth'' Chitsujo spoke up, everyone turning towards him.

''Zachary may be the Crown Prince, but he does not have direct rule or any power in his country yet''

''Meaning?'' Sting asked slightly confused I mean with Zachary being the prince surely, he would possess some power.

''What Lord Chitsujo speaks of is that I am not of or was right age to rule yet and according to our laws in the event of our parents death's A regent takes charge until the heir is of age to rule which is 21 years old'' Zachary explained.

''And the regent Queen right now is Eris T Loki, Zachary's Aunt'' Chitsujo finished.

''Yes, I'm surprised you know about this considering since you are not from this world my Lord''

''My people take pride in knowing about almost all the history and nature of many worlds especially the wizard, pirate, soul reaper and ninja worlds henceforth how I know the laws of your country and that you are trustworthy'' Chitsujo explained

Zachary looked at him in amazement so the reports from Lord Hyperion of the Watcher's Race that they watch over the universe is true.

''Anyway, I believe you should explain your side of the story has Prince Zachary''

Zachary then went into details about how his aunt had allied Konton and nearly had him killed by someone he did not believe he would meet.

''Hmmm Deifilia Pergrande this is unexpected but not surprising either'' Chitsujo said in deep thought.

''I presume this Deifilia is a relative of your Prince Zachery'' Onoki inquired he was still bordering on trusting the boy mainly because he did not know much his country but was willing give him the benefit of doubt for Chitsujo's sake.

''Yes, Sir she is my Ancestor, but that is not what surprised me''

This confused majority of the Alliance Leaders as most people would be quite startled or shocked to meet their Ancestor.

''You see she was supposed to be sealed away and only my family plus the Magic Council knew of her location and the means to unlock the seal''

This caused even more confusing to the Alliance until Mei spoke up ''Why was she sealed away in fact how she is still alive after almost 400 years is, she immortal like Zeref?''

''No, you see she is inflicted by powerful curse which was also part of the reason why she was sealed away, the curse also known as the motus curse is Inflicted onto the victim by Melchizedek the God of Truth, Balance and Justice. The curse drains someone of their emotions until and the become unfeeling shell of former self it also stops their ageing and allows them to survive ailments that would normally kill most normal humans''

The alliance leaders either gasped or their eyes slightly widened in shock at knowledge of such a curse it was almost as horrible as Zeref's Ankhseram curse.

''But that's not the worst of it. Most victims of curse can't bear the thought of it for too long, the good emotions such as and joy being taken, and they would in most case end their lives'' Zachary''

''My god I can't help but feel almost sorry this woman'' Mei in slight sympathy.

''Indeed, my Lady, but my ancestor was special case though. You see instead going down the same path as most victims of the curse she saw it as a revelation.'' Zachary tone then became serious

''Because she no longer felt the good emotions, she could also not feel the bad ones such as hate and anger, she believed she could see the world with unclouded eyes, she saw that if everyone had the curse that It would end all war and bring humanity to new heights, she saw emotions as a weakness that need to be removed and as the source of all the world's problems.''

This made alliance leadership look at him with worry or in deep thought try to think of some solution how this was possible copy a God's Curse. But Zachary wasn't done yet.

''Her brother who would become the first King of Pergrande Kingdom managed to trick her and seal away before she could enact her plans''

''And why did she seal her away surely it would have been easier to kill her?'' Ooba enquired

Surprisingly the answer came not from Zachary but the Fourth Raikage who spoke up. ''Is not obvious Ooba? Despite knowing what she was going to do and that it was wrong, he still loved her in the end'' He could not but feel sympathy for this man after all while his little brother Killer Bee annoyed him to no end, he in the end still loved him. It was one of the reasons he tried to keep him out of the 4th Great Ninja War even though in the it was still wrong it was out of an act of love and his duty to protect the world.

''Yes, my family have been searching ways for years to reverse it but eventually I will admit we gave any hope of removing it. So, when my mother became Queen, she handed over the casket that she was sealed to the Magic Council in hoping it would be locked away forever. I will admit it was cruel, but I believe she was doing it in case any Dark Wizards managed to break it'' Zachary said trying to defend his mother's actions.

While said this both Nike and Aether looked away in discomfort but nobody noticed expect Chitsujo but decided he would deal with it later.

Chitsujo then spoke up ''Regardless if it was right or wrong the matter of the fact is that she has been released. I believe it was most likely during the time between Tarturus's incident and the reformation of the Magic Council most likely by my brother's force's hands. Deifilla might not be as strong the Acts of Chaos but she is just as dangerous''

''Still I'm surprised that she wasn't used during the campaign, surely someone like her would have been useful to them'' Sting said

''Then perhaps this was their plan all along'' said Kisuke who along the other intelligence commanders had remained quiet until now.

''I don't know Konton that well but from you have told us, Lord Chitsujo you said he been planning for this war centuries, its quite possible this merely another plan for to either delay this war to help prepare for the next campaign or another plan to help win the war.''

''Not that I don't believe but do you have way backing up your claim?'' Onoki asked

''Yes, I do after the attack we had a report that six of our highly skilled soldiers have been kidnapped, now it that the attack was objective to capture them however it appears they were after a specific group of people''


Kisuke bringing out his signature fan said '' To start off Renji Abarai and Lisa Yodimaru from our world''

Then Mavis spoke up ''From my guild Lucy Heartfillia and Gajeel Redfox and Yukino from Sabertooth''

Beckman then piped up. ''From Luffy's crew Tony Tony Chopper''

Finally Shikaku said, ''And lastly Hinata Hyuga and just by the way it isn't just some random people they picked them or we know at least theorize that they were targets after at least one reason'' he then left answer in the air. Until Gaara figured it out.

''They all have connection with one of the Acts of Order''

''Exactly each one of them is either a close friend or an ally of them and the minute those boys find out they will raise hell to get them back'' Shikaku confirmed.

''They are using their greatest strength and trying to turn into a weakness knowing full those boys won't stop and leave this world until they have rescued them'' Kisuke said.

''And we need these those boys, not just for the moral of the alliance but also for when we face the Acts of Chaos. After all I don't know if it is fate or destiny or something else, but I just feel those boys are only ones that are capable of taking down the rest of them.'' Beckman said

''But that also brings up another problem can we afford to stay in this world any longer, I mean don't like the idea of leaving our soldiers behind but we would also playing into Konton's hands'' Renia argued this did make some the leadership think she brought up a good point, everyone knew that even the soldiers knew that when they came into this war that sacrifices would be made but could do that?

Hearing this Zachary started to lose hope he looked down at his feat in despair. Was this it would his country be sacrificed in this war a war that they did not want to be a part in has everything been for naught.

However, after a couple of minutes they all thought same thing and came to a decision all of them turned towards Chitsujo and in that moment he knew what to say.

Chitsujo then stood up and looked towards Zachary with a fierce and confident determination look in his eyes. ''Regardless of it is plan of brother's we can't leave and ignore this plight. We entered this war to stop the Coalition from destroying and taking over our very way of life regardless Prince Zachary I commend you for the care you have for your people and even though your country is not member of the Alliance. I can say for certain that you will have Full Alliance's support''

Zachary looked up and smiled it was true everything he heard about the Alliance they are willing to help despite his country wanting to remain neutral in the war and had been no help to the alliance they are doing because it's the right thing do. ''Thank you'' he replied.

''Anyway I believe our next order of business be getting in-''

''Lord Chitsujo!'' Mabui came bursting through the door looking distressed.

''Mabui! What's the matter?'' Chitsujo said in calm manner.

''It the Acts of Order they found out about who was captured, and they are trying to highjack the Prince's Zachary's airship''


Speaking of the Devil now at very moment of the meeting just outside the palace's court yards. The four heroes of story were indeed trying highjack the airship.

''Are you sure you know how to fly this thing, and don't you motion sickness easily so should you?'' Ichigo asked Natsu who was at the steering wheel of the ship trying to figure out how to start it up.

''I saw Ichiya do it a couple times how hard can it be plus he mentioned he a lacrima on it that world prevent that my motion sickness acting up.'' Natsu pushing button that somehow causing of the vents nearby to blow smoke Ichigo's face.

Coughing ''You idiot'' Ichigo cough his face covered in dust.

''Let me try'' Luffy said pushing Natsu out of the way to get at it and started pressing random buttons.

''Hey! What makes you think you can do better'' Natsu argued

''Because I am pirate and pirate's know steer ships'' Luffy argued back. ''Plus, I steer the Sunny all the time'' A lie I might point out Franky when first joined the crew and let Luffy have a go of steering he then caused the ship to hit rocks, head straight into whirlpools and many sort of dangers as such getting smacked in the head by both Franky and Nami and not allowed to steer Sunny or any of their Vehicles ever again.

''This is an airship completely different from a sea ship'' Ichigo said still wiping of the dust from his face.

''Plus, from what your crew told me that is lie'' Naruto spoke having been told by them during when their divisions teamed up.

''That is not true'' Luffy trying to defend himself and failing while sweating, note that Luffy is also terrible liar.

Luffy then continued to press random buttons which the ship made start making weird noises and start thrashing around. Natsu, Ichigo and Naruto were trying to stay balanced with ship shaking all over the place.

''Luffy get away controls'' Ichigo said and at this point all three of them trying to pull him away from it but remember Luffy is made of rubber so while they were trying to pull him off his hands were still on the wheel so the pretty much end up stretching until they across the room until-

''What are you boys doing'' All gasped and looked towards the door to see Chitsujo who was giving a stern fatherly look, along with Zachary, Nike who looked confused on what going on and Aether who looked like he was about to freak out over what they were doing to his ship.

At this Natsu, Ichigo and Naruto let go of Luffy causing him to shoot back and smash his head on the steering breaking it to pieces.

''My Ship!'' Wailed Aether on ran over to steering wheel picking up the pieces as looked at in despair.

The other acts were however not paying attention to him rather they were paying attention to Chitsujo.

Natsu, Ichigo and Naruto cried, ''It was Luffy's idea'' they all pointed at straw hat pirate. Who looked betrayed.

Chitsujo then took a deep breath and walked to them and smack! On quick he had all three on the head leaving a sizable comically bump and with on their hands and knees in front of him.

''Honestly why am not surprised that you boys try and recklessly head Pergrande by yourselves, I know you guys are worried after the people that were good friends of yours''

''Yeah we can't wait, we have to save Lucy's in danger and just all of our friends'' Natsu shouted

''Natsu's right those bastards took our friends one is a member of my crew.'' Luffy argued with Naruto and Ichigo nodding in agreement.

''I understand but think clearly why these specific people were captured to lure you into a trap and I know regardless if it was you would all still run towards it, but in this case we have be smart. Plus, you have to remember all those times you saved people you didn't alone you had people you can trust and is one greatest strengths. One of which is what the Acts of Chaos lack they might have allies, but they will never have same level of trust and care for them as you do. ''

This made four thinks for a moment and he was right if it wasn't for their friends they would have never gotten this far.

''Excuse me but are we interrupting something'' Nike walked up to group Zachary not far behind her.

''Ah yes Naruto, Ichigo, Luffy, Natsu I would introduce you Prince Zacahry the Heir to the Pergrande Kingdom and his advisor Nike'' Chitsujo gestured to the Zachary and Nike respectfully.

''Hiya Zachy'' Luffy waved at him a smile which made Zachary respond with a look of confusion at the name. However Nike just flew over and wacked him on the head.

''Now listen you will address Prince Zachary with proper titles I don't care what status is or relation to Lord Chitsujo'' Nike said in authoritative tone.

This caused, Natsu and Naruto look at her confusion while Ichigo looked at her in deadpanned expression.

''Oh, great it's the cat version of Byakuya'' Ichigo muttered while Nike was busy then walked up Zachary who was looking at the display with an embarrassed expression.

''So, Zachary, Ichigo Kurosaki nice to meet ya'' He said putting hand out for handshake.

''Your name means number one guardian?'' Zacahry asked to which Ichigo caused on reflex.

''No means it- Wait a minute what did you say?'' Ichigo backtracked a little in case he heard wrong.

''Your name it means number one guardian'' Zachary replied. Ichigo was silent but started patting him on the back with a smile on his face.

''Finally, someone gets it right, do you know annoying it was with so many people getting wrong it saying it means strawberry but finally I met someone that knows it's right meaning.''

Natsu and Naruto having overheard decided to but in.

''You know your name still sounds like strawberry to me'' Natsu said

''Yeah I said the same thing I when first met him'' Naruto agreed on which caused Ichigo to turn around start yelling at them.

Zachary then looked at the whole display around him not knowing what to think about. Where these four really the strong warriors that Hyperion said in his reports. The acted childish and a bit stupid but they still radiated power that he could tell.

''I know they can act immature sometimes'' Chitsujo said then placed a hand on his shoulder. ''But trust me these boys have done some many wonderful things it's thanks to them that so many people's lives have changed for better. They do it without any reward in return and I promise that by the end of this your country will be safe again''

Zachary looked at him and then smiled, a newfound hope was built inside him. ''Thank you''

And with that the alliance have just committed to one last battle before they head out to the pirate world.

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