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As the sun rose over the Kingdom of Guardia, Lucca Ashtear grumbled in her home and snuggled further into her bed to escape the light hitting her face. The plum haired girl absolutely loathed mornings, mostly because she usually stayed up late working on her inventions.

Today, however, was not a day that she would be able to stay in bed on. Her father Taban knocked on the door to her room. "Lucca, come on, it's time to get up."

"Mrf, dun wanna…" The young genius groaned into her pillow, retreating further into the sheets.

"Lucca, we need to go and start setting up the Telepod for tomorrow. I thought you were looking forward to that." Taban insisted, a wry smile on his face.

Lucca whined but slowly sat up on her bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Ugh, fine… I guess I have to." She looked at her father blearily, which wasn't helped by the fact that she wasn't wearing her glasses. "By the way, don't forget we need to get Gato set up too. The fair organizers really want it ready for the combat junkies."

Taban chuckled. "I imagine most of its use will be by Chrono, like usual. That lad really does have fighting on the brain."

Lucca cracked a grin. "Well, at least he has a goal. I'm just glad Gato is put to good use. You know there will be others besides Chrono that will use him, though. Off duty soldiers, for example."

Taban nodded agreeably. "True. I'll make sure to get everything loaded up and move everything to the fairgrounds. You get ready and meet me there so we can start setting up." At his daughter's nod he headed away to say goodbye to his wife and do as he'd said.

Lucca sighed and slipped her glasses on before throwing her covers off. Standing and stretching in front of her mirror she caught sight of her reflection and absently studied herself.

She was decently tall and rather lean, which wasn't really shown off by her sleeping wear of an overly large t-shirt and shorts. She didn't have many curves compared to other girls, but she didn't let it get to her. She was slightly on the pale side from working inside often, but not overly so, the color contrasting nicely with her hair, which normally hung straight to her shoulders but was now a tousled mess of bed head. She smiled at herself, making her already cute face look more attractive. Overall, she was proud of her looks.

Yawning she headed to the bathroom, quickly showering. Feeling more awake she dressed before heading down to the kitchen for breakfast. She grabbed some eggs, a bit of bacon, some toast and orange juice before heading to the sitting room to eat with her mother, Lara.

As she had expected her mother was sitting at her normal place by the large window, the remains of her own breakfast set to the side and a book in her hands. The still beautiful woman looked up as Lucca came in and gave her a soft smile. "Good morning dear. You have a busy day today."

Lucca felt a familiar stab of pain at the sight of her mother. Ever since the day of the accident which had robbed her of the use of her legs, Lara had become a more subdued and taciturn soul in contrast to her previously energetic, happy self; slightly distant from her family, yet still obviously loving. Seeing the woman her mother had become brought a now well-known pang of grief to Lucca's heart. She'd lost count of the number of times she'd railed at her failure to help her mother as a child, and the many moments where she wished she could go back and do everything again.

She didn't let any of these thoughts show, however, knowing they would only hurt Lara. Instead she smiled at her and took a seat as she began to eat. "Yep! I'm really excited. This could revolutionize the world! Imagine travelling from Truce to Porre in minutes instead of days." Lucca said excitedly as she munched on her bacon.

Lara's smile grew slightly. "I always knew you'd put the Ashtear name in the history books, Lucca. I'm proud of you."

Lucca felt her eyes water slightly. Since the accident Lara had been colder to her family's interest in the mechanical, so to hear her say she was proud of her for something like the Telepod meant more to Lucca than she could say. "Thanks mom…" She said quietly.

Lara reached over and patted her daughter's knee. "Now finish eating and get to work, dear."

Lucca gave a faux salute with her fork. "Yes ma'am!"

Ten minutes later Lucca was adjusting her clothing as she left the house. Fiddling with her helmet she made her way across the bridge leading into the city of Truce, already thinking of what she needed to get done before the fair began the next day. Gato would be first, as it was the easiest thing to prepare, and as much as she didn't like it, the more important thing. The fair organizers had allowed Lucca space to set up the Telepod in part because she had agreed to let them use Gato as a fair attraction. So it was higher priority.

She was drawn out of her thoughts when she noticed a mass of girls between thirteen and twenty-five gathered around the fence of a nearby field. She smirked wryly, sure she knew what it was that had attracted their attention, and made her way over to confirm her suspicions. Her smirk widened when she saw she was correct.

Standing in the training field, topless and wielding a wooden training katana, was a young man with spiky, bright red hair. He was sweating heavily, showing he had been working hard for a while now, but every strike was powerful and every movement was fluid, showing that he was, if not a master, then at the least highly proficient with a blade for his age.

He had a handsome, chiseled face which was currently screwed up in concentration, focused on what he was doing and not on his audience. A hard body shone with sweat as powerful muscles worked hard to make every move flawless. He was well built, not too bulky, but obviously packed with muscle without being gross. His hair was held up by a white headband which kept the mass of spikes from drooping down into his face.

Lucca let her eyes travel along his body, not above ogling him with all the others when she had the chance. She was well aware nothing would ever happen between them, a fact that she'd gotten used to even though she sometimes lamented it, but that didn't keep her friend from being highly attractive. Finally, once she'd had her fill, she waved at him. "Hey, Chrono!"

Chrono gave one last slash with his practice sword before turning to her with a smile, not seeming to notice the other girls around either staring at him or glaring at Lucca. "Hey Lucca." He moved closer to her, picking up a towel he had hung on the fence and drying himself off. "How are you this morning?"

"Good." She said with a smile. "On my way to get things set up for the fair tomorrow when I spotted you and thought I'd say hi."

A look of excitement appeared in Chrono's eyes at the mention of the fair. "Great. You setting up Gato?"

Lucca chuckled. "Yes. And I'm warning you now, I'm making him tougher than he was before, so you'll need to work harder to beat him now."

Chrono grinned eagerly. "Looking forward to it. I need to be my best if I want join the Royal Guard later when they start recruiting again."

Lucca rolled her eyes. "Yes, yes, I know. You've been working toward that since you were fourteen. I think you have ulterior motives, personally."

Chrono looked at his best friend in confusion. "Like what?"

Lucca grinned. "I hear Princess Nadia is really beautiful. Maybe you're hoping you'll be invited into her bedchambers one day?" She laughed as he began to sputter out denials, red faced. "Oh wow, your face! Priceless!"

Chrono glared. "I'm not that kind of guy…" He muttered petulantly.

Lucca patted his cheek condescendingly. "I know you aren't, big guy. Most guys are, though. You know that. So it wouldn't be surprising if that really was your motivation."

"Well, I'm rather proud to not be 'most guys'." Chrono said loftily.

Lucca looked at him slyly. "So you wouldn't go into her bedroom if you were invited?" Chrono's silence and slightly red face was all the answer he needed. "That's what I thought."

"Like you wouldn't want to do the same." Chrono shot back in a lower voice so they wouldn't be overheard.

To Chrono's displeasure, Lucca didn't look embarrassed in the least, though she replied just as softly. "Of course I would. She's supposed to be gorgeous. I wouldn't mind a night with her as long as I was sure I wouldn't get my head removed for it afterward."

Chrono sighed. "I never manage to win with you, do I?"

His friend smirked. "Nope. I'd think you'd be used to it by now." She moved back. "Anyway, get back to it, you big lug. I've got to go get to work. See you later." She waved as she walked away, womanfully ignoring the glares of Chrono's admirers as he waved back before turning back to his training.

As she headed to Leene Square she mused on the conversation she'd just had with her childhood friend. She wondered what Princess Nadia was like. Probably really prim and proper, like true royalty. She shrugged to herself. It's not like she'd ever be in a position to find out.

Nadia sighed as she tuned out her tutor, who was trying to teach her something mind numbingly boring again. Honestly, how could her father be surprised at her grades when the people he brought in to teach her bored her to tears? She couldn't retain anything they taught like that!

She looked out of the window, seeing the city of Truce. The Millenial Fair was probably being prepared right that moment. She could see the colors of the fairgrounds at Leene Square if she squinted from her position.

The princess sighed. She wanted to go to the fair so badly. It sounded amazing. Besides, how often would one get to go to an even that was only celebrated every thousand years? Well, every thousand years, she guessed.

One would think that, as the royal family charged with protecting the realm, they would be expected to put in an appearance at a fair celebrating its founding. But nope, her father would not hear of her going to the event at all. It was apparently below her station to enjoy herself with the common people.

"Your Highness, are you listening?" The old woman in front of Nadia asked.

The princess' head snapped over, looking slightly guilty. "Ah, yeah, sorry. Could you repeat that last part?"

As the tutor nodded and began to recite something Nadia thought might be economics (was she the economics tutor?) she settled herself more comfortably in her seat. The dress she was wearing wasn't helping. Honestly, one would think that with how much the royal family spent on their clothes they'd at least be comfortable. What a laughable idea, she thought snarkily to herself. She'd seriously much rather wear the outfit she kept hidden in her room. At least it wasn't a skirt.

Sighing once more she gazed at the window again. Her eyes landed once more on Leene Square.

What would the fair be like, she wondered? What attractions would they have? Would they have interesting food? There would no doubt be people from all over, even Porre. Probably not Medina though.

As she stared at the window she caught sight of her own reflection and wrinkled her nose in distaste. Not at her looks. Nadia was beautiful and she knew it, with a lovely face, deep green eyes, and full lips. Her body was nice as well, slim with decent curves for her age that would only improve as she grew. That wasn't what bothered her. It was her long, blond hair. It was currently let down, and it annoyed her. She preferred to keep it in a high ponytail. When it was let down the way it was it only got in her way.

She pulled her thoughts from her appearance and back to the fair. The desire to attend was so strong she couldn't stand it. Finally, as the old tutor droned on, she came to a decision. She'd have to sneak out and attend the fair in disguise. Thankfully, despite her distinctive looks she wasn't actually that well known outside of the castle thanks to being somewhat sheltered. A fact that rankled her (being sheltered, not being unknown).

Hopefully she'd get to enjoy herself like a regular person. Possibly meet some normal people. Maybe even a cute boy. She blushed slightly at the thought before her eyes hardened. Yes, she was definitely sneaking out to the fair. She grinned slightly.

She couldn't wait.

Hello, and welcome to my new fic. This is going to be a novelization of Chrono Trigger with a few elements or interpretations of my own sprinkled in, along with one or two larger changes. I don't think I've ever seen one of these completed, so I thought I'd try my hand at it. Updates will be sporadic, as my other fics take priority to me. This probably ranks about the same as my RWBY fic when it comes to my attention to it.

So, the first chapter is shorter than I was planning, which is why it's out sooner than I said it would be in the aforementioned RWBY fic. Originally it was going to include the events of the Millenial Fair as well, but I decided to stop here and release this as a prologue. Seeing as it is all original content, I hope it satisfies and fits in with what people expect of Chrono Trigger.

Now, something people will have no doubt noticed and which will have no doubt annoyed some. Yes, I made Lucca bisexual. There were hints in the game, at least the properly translated one, that she is. This is mostly shown in her initial interactions with Ayla, who is essentially confirmed to be bisexual and open about it, seeing as taboos on that didn't exist in prehistory.

This Lucca is bisexual, but is only open about it with Chrono, since he's her best friend. Hence their speaking in low tones when referencing it. Chrono obviously accepts her about it, which has strengthened their friendship tremendously.

I fully expect to get some hate about this decision, but I'm not changing it. Sorry if you can't deal. As it is, I'm not sure it'll feature much importance in the plot beyond being a facet of Lucca's character that might occasionally be referenced. It all depends on my next decision…

The pairing is obviously going to be Chrono/Marle. This is a novelization, that's the canon pairing, and it's a pairing I happen to like. The thing I'm pondering is whether to change things enough to add Lucca to that pairing and make it a trio. It's something I'm seriously considering, and while reader input is welcomed, I want to stress that the final decision on this is mine.

On another note, Chrono Cross is not canon with this. I think it's a good game, great even, on its own. As a sequel to Chrono Trigger, however, I despise it. I truly do. So nothing about it will be referenced. Besides, I never finished it cause my copy got messed up, so I wouldn't know how or what elements to incorporate.

One last, minor thing. People might find it odd that Chrono's name is, well, Chrono. That's because that's his original name. The reason everybody knew it as Crono is because the SNES version could only use five letters for the names you could choose, and the H didn't fit. I'm sticking with the proper version with the H added in. Just FYI.

I believe that is everything I need to say for now. Please leave a review at the exit letting me know your thoughts. Till next time.