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Evelyn opened her eyes with her head as dizzy as the time she was dead. She groaned lightly and observed her surrounding through her helmet, curving her lips by just a bit when she noticed Luke beside her throwing up.

"This is just embarrassing." She heard a female voice and saw three women, all in their twenties, walking towards Luke. The leading one had a vicious grin on her face. The two girls following her wore a black suit, the leader wore a dark red one, reminding Evelyn of the color of dried blood.

"Look at you." The leading female continued her insult as Luke tried to stand up, but was too weak to do so. It seems like there's a side effect to dimensional jumping which varies with the strength of the person."So weak, so pathetic. Hell you can't even stand the effect of a jump! You are a disgrace to us!" She moved forward and taunted.

"Stand back miss." Evelyn eventually decided to help her friend and only way to travel through dimensions. Plus, she doesn't like the way in which the female acted. It's as if she thought herself better than everyone else. This is why she put her right arm up and blocked the girl.

"Wow. Nice outfit." The girl didn't seem to be angered in the slightest way as she still had the mood to complement Evelyn on her black suit. "It's nicer if I can see what's beneath it." She flirted.

Evelyn frowned under her helmet. It's been a while since someone dared to flirt with her. The last one who made the rude attempt found himself as one of her lab rats. But she's in a completely unfamiliar situation with no backup, and it's more than unwise to become the enemy of someone she knows nothing about. Innocent mode, on.

"Let's make a deal." The girl continued. "I will back off if you take off your helmet and show me your face."

Evelyn signed. She really doesn't want to make this fight, so she removed her helmet with both hands, revealing her delicate face and dark hair. "Satisfied?"

The girl smiled. She took a step back and stopped there, making Evelyn feel like she's tricked. "I am Karina, the 153th heir of our almighty father. My squad is called Hydra. This is Cassandra and this is Kate." She said encouragingly. "If you join me, I will double whatever that loser over there promised you, and I might add something extra." She licked her lips.

"I made a promise." Evelyn said coldly. "And I stick to it. And I expect you to stick to your promise as well. Karina."

"Leave the couple alone Karina." A male voice came from beside, and a man with blonde hair walked up, followed by two gunmen. Evelyn eyed him. An automatic rifle hang from his neck, and two pistols laid in their holsters on his belt. He looked like a soldier. "Don't you get tired of testing people by picking fights?"

The smug look on Karina disappeared immediately. "Well, I'd like to make sure I know everyone around and how they fight. And what's better than find a random excuse and pick a fight with them? "

"So you mocked my friend so you can test his strength?" Evelyn asked in disbelief. She noticed Luke behind her breathing heavily.

"Partly, and the other part is because I don't like him." Karina said, enjoying the look on Evelyn's face. "I tried that multiple times before. I always picked fights with heirs I never met before. If that heir is weak, then I understand that after beating him up and robbing him clean. If that person is strong, then I back off and team up with him. Whichever category that heir belongs to, I can always take them into a careful consideration. It's how I am still alive today."

"Him?" Evelyn asked. "Is that why you didn't fight me?"

Karina smiled as she scanned Evelyn and didn't even bother hiding it. "I will never hurt a beautiful being like you. Or...any other girl."

"Like I said last time we met, your interest is beyond my concern." The man said disgusted, flipping his weapon up and down. "I just want to know which side you are on and whether we will be friends or enemies."

"Side?" Evelyn wondered. She heard footsteps from behind and saw Luke walking up. His steps are light and weak.

"In every mission there are at least two sides where heirs can choice to stand for. It's usually the hero and the villain in a world but sometimes there might be other sides to stand for." Luke explained quickly. "It's part of my intro as an heir in training." Karina giggled and K smirked.

"All this talk and I'm still not sure of the world we are in." Karina said as she tilted her head. She took out an iPad from her ring and opened it. Evelyn saw Luke doing the same thing and poked her head towards the screen.

Dimension: Wonder Woman

Time: 1917

Mission A:

Objective: Help Princess Diana and Steve Trevor destroy Ares, God of War

Identity Implant: British Special Forces

Elite Guardians of Princess Diana


Kill Ares(0/1)-10000 credits

Kill Ludendorff(0/1)-5000 credits

Kill Doctor Poison(0/1)-2000 credits

Kill German soldier(0/200000)-10 per soldier

Mission B:

Objective: Help Ares defeat Diana and conquer the world

Identity Implant: Loyal tempests of Ares

German Special Forces


Turn Diana to Ares's side(0/1)-10000 credits

Kill the Queen of the Amazons(0/1)-7000 credits

Kill Amazons(0/500)-100 credits per amazon

Kill Steve Trevor(0/1)- 3000 credits

Kill Allied soldier(0/2000000)-10 per soldier

Warning: This is a duel mission.

Evelyn heard a sharp withdraw of air and looked up and found the two parties raising their weapons up against each other. She scanned the surrounding and found dozens of soldiers holding up their automatic weapons threateningly. The Karina put her hand on her belt. Evelyn cursed in confusion and did her best to cover Luke while resting her hand on her pistols.

"What is going on?" Evelyn asked. Seconds before the man and the girl were having a casual conversation, and now there pointing a gun to each other's head. Literally.

The armed man glanced at her and didn't respond, but Karina was kind enough to explain. "We are in a duel mission. Normally we heirs aren't allowed to attack each other, and our only way of competing is by working with the plot and hope you can surpass your foe. But this is a duel mission, which means we are also allowed to attack each other with no punishment while getting the other's full credit after the kill."

She turned back to the man. "So, what do you want to do? K? Have a fight now and see who's the boss? Or we wait until things go and fight during the climax, where I will take your head in midst of all the fire and fury?" A hint of madness sparked on her face.

K seemed afraid, though he did his best to not show it. "A shootout here is stupid and barbaric. I will defeat you with my wits, not with some random surge of strength. I will be waiting for you along with the God of War." He pressed mission B on his Pad, and he, along with his men, disappeared.

"Stupid son of a bitch." Karina said. Evelyn had a bad feeling, and it just so happened that Karina turned to her. "Come with us. We can be guardians to the wonder woman herself. Do you have any idea how interesting that might be?"

"I don't think my friend here can be an Amazon." Evelyn said as she glanced at Luke, who seemed angered but also powerless. "And I don't think two heirs can have the same identity."

"True." Karina said with a thought of consideration on her face, "So why don't you ditch him and join me as a knight? Then we can be together!"

Evelyn took a step back at the woman's words. "it's an intriguing suggestion. But unfortunately I have made a promise to Luke, and I am a woman of my words." That should be enough to deny the girl's crazy thoughts. Good, because I'm getting tired of playing a naive and powerless girl.

"Well, let me know if you have had a change of mind." Karina said disappointed but didn't push it. She didn't even stayed to make sure Evelyn was on her team because to her, Evelyn and Luke are weak and useless, and their choices will not affect her fate. A deadly misconception. She clicked the screen, and she and her two knights disappeared. As far as they were gone, so was the somewhat cute and innocent look on Evelyn's face. A cold, solid and efficient expression took over. Innocent mode, off.

"You know, you don't have to act so passive against your brothers and sisters." Evelyn told Luke as she rubbed her face. "You are both heirs to the same father and as far as I know, there are no terms of levels. So why do you act like an obedient servant?"

"That's where you are wrong." Luke said with a great sign and anger burned in his eyes. "There are levels within the heirs, and these levels are decided by one thing. Strength. It doesn't matter if the strength comes from your knights, your equipment, your mutations, or things like that. In missions, there are only one rule, and that is the strongest always rules. The strong can humiliate, torture, and even kill the weak with no reason at all. And as far as I know, my abilities in term of mind control is so much weaker than Karina and K, both were in training way before I was. Damn it." He slammed the iPad in anger, and the Pad remained in good form.

This anger can potentially be used."Don't worry." Evelyn said, gently tapping her lips in thoughts, "After this mission, they will all be no more than a few corpses." All those who stand against me must die. No matter the cost.

"Listen Luke." She said carefully. "I have a plan that will avenge you for the humiliation you received and get us the reward we need to be stronger. But you have to do everything I say."

Luke looked at the girl that accomplished things that he, without his power, could never accomplish and decided to trust her. After all, there can be no worse situations. If he does nothing, the only result he will receive is a pathetic and possibly humiliating death. He's not afraid to die, but he's afraid of not able to see his loved one again.

"So what do we do?" He asked hopefully.

"We become double agents." Evelyn said, "And we take both sides out."

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