Retreat Of The Pandas

Intro starts with Oogway being the replacement of the DreamWorks fishermen

Beginning where Kung Fu Panda 3 ended, Po is now the teacher but he has some questions to be answered. Li & The Pandas now work with Mr Ping at his noodle shop. However Both Po and Tigress go to Po's father and ask him some questions

Po: Hey Dad, Me & Tigress have some questions we'd like to ask

Li: What is it son?

Tigress: How are you & the others still alive? I thought Shen wiped you all out

Po: Yeah how did you survive Shen's massacre on the village where I was born?

Li: sigh well what happened was. Flashback begins We used to live peacefully in the village. When I met your mother. I then had you my little Lotus. However shortly after your 100th day. One night We were all at peace and then that Monster come in. He destroyed everything he saw in sight. He killed some of the innocent kids, his wolves set fire to the place. They destroyed the houses. With some Pandas still in them. They were MURDERED. Their swords were stabbed into the pandas. I managed to get a good few out. But loads were killed. When I got everyone to safety. I told them to evacuate the village. I told your mother to run "take our son & run away GO!". I began fighting those wolves!

Shen: Your the only Panda LEFT! I shall kill you!

Li smacks Shen with his hammer

Li: You all need to run NOW! Get out of here

Panda Villager: will you manage to get out?

Li: I will, tell everyone to be safe!

Panda Villager: Okay good luck

Shen: You COWARD!

Li: Your a horrible peacock

Shen: evil laugh Hahahahaha I killed nearly all the pandas in this village!

Li: No! Smacks more wolves!

Shen: Flys backwards

Li: Whats going on?

Shen: We get out of this village! Throw the fire at that PANDA!

Wolves: throw the fire at Li

Shen & his army run away

Li: I better hide! Hides in a box

Shen: evil laugh Hahahahaha he's gone!

Li: Phew, I'm safe. I better get out of here

Li's running

Shen: Lets get his wife!

We see Shen find Po's mom!

Shen: Lets get her!

Po's Mother: No!

We see the flashback with Po's mother holding Po and getting him to safety

Po's Mother leaves Po at the radish basket, Shen then stabs the female Panda!

Li: Is everyone okay?

Dim: We're fine!

Li: is Lisha okay?

Sum: She's not with us

Li: No! We better.. Find her?

The Pandas see Lisha dead

Li: No Lisha! Lotus! LOTUS?!

Li then crys

Li: Their dead

All the pandas hug

They then begin walking

Li: Lets try find a new place to call home

They then begin traveling to find a new village

Weeks go by

They finally find the Secret Panda Village

Li: This will be the place we'll stay here! Home.

Back to Li, Po & Tigress

Li: That's how I survived.

Po: I'm sorry dad

Li: No worries, I'm just glad your still here Po

Tigress: What was the village like?

Back to flashback

Li: Well it was a small place but we did indeed build more to it. Once I got the universe message I said to everyone "Everyone my son is alive". Everyone was happy. So was I. We built more to the village. We built houses, waterfalls, tournaments & many more to it. We called it The Secret Panda Village.

Bao: I think the place is good enough for your son :)

Li: Thanks, I'm ready to find him. I then made a new coat for myself & so did some of the pandas. I then went on the search for my son

Back to Li, Po and Tigress

Tigress: Thanks for telling us

Li: Your Welcome :)

Po: Well now I know what really happened to my mom

Li: *sigh* she was the total package

Po: What is that

Tigress: Valleys under attack

Li: Good luck son

Po: Thanks dad!

Po: C'mon guys Lets go!

Po & The Furious Five go to fight off the bandits