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It's not fluffy, romantic, or light-hearted, but it is a Whiterose story. I regret nothing.

This story was in part inspired by Greatsnapper's Railgun story, "Screwed Up", and he also provided a great many ideas for me to work with. Another inspiration are the many great "dark/evil Ruby" stories out there. I'm weak to those things, I admit it.

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Warning: This is M-rated for a reason.

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Act 1: Chapter 1

The club was gritty, loud and dark, perfect for those in search of less than respectable company for less than respectable purposes. Like me, I suppose. Nobody gave me a second glance here, what with the blinking lights and loud music churning in everyone's ears. A place I hated immensely had suddenly become important, it was almost worth a chuckle.

If my father saw me now, he'd have me scalped. And that made my heart beat even more eagerly. I was doing the exact opposite of what that tyrant wanted, and it felt so good.

Slipping through the throng of sweaty bodies crowding the dance floor, my eyes flicked across the dark ends of the room, where small tables and soft chairs made up the majority of the furnishing. A girl in vibrantly scandalous clothing stood out amongst the other sluts. Her hair in twintails and what looked like a slender tail lazily moving about behind her. Rollerskates? And of course, she was grinding the lap of a guy in a vest and fedora.

Students, most likely, and judging by their antics, exactly the kind I wanted.

Because, even though I wasn't exactly thrilled at the display, I did recognize something in the girl's behavior. It was too animated and random, if throwing her head back in a massive giggle while grinding her boyfriend was anything to go by. I did recognize the symptoms though. Several bottles, some of which had spilled, adorned the table beside them. There was one different from the rest. No label, but a fiery red pill lay atop the lid, almost entrancing in its tiny little gleam.

Anger reared its ugly head and I fought back a sneer, lest my face twist in an unappealing grimace.

Selecting the duo as my target, I quickly slipped between sweaty bodies, shuffling feet and loud laughter, easing my way through the throngs towards their table. The guy lounged in one of the soft chairs, with the girl straddling his hips. He had one hand on her butt and the other on a bottle of beer.

I stepped up to the pair and cleared my throat.

"Excuse me," I said, plastering a small smile on my lips. Not too exaggerated, I didn't want to look eager.

The girl whipped around to look at me, alcohol-dulled eyes brightening.

"Ohmygosh you're amazingly beautiful! Look, look Flynt!"

"I'm looking." He glanced up from behind his sunglasses. Always classy, are we? Even if it looked ridiculous in a dark place like this. Obviously, the dark was doing wonders to their judgment of me as well.

"Actually, I was hoping you could help me." I eyed the pill on the bottle quite obviously, before looking back at them. The girl might be too drunk to care, but there was something in his eyes that spoke to me. A lust and hunger.

He'd want payment and I would provide it.

"Depends," he said, tilting his glasses down slightly. "What do you want?"

"Aaaww Flynt, you know what she means," the girl slapped his shoulder playfully. "She's just to shyyyyyyyyyyyy to ask directly." Then she swerved around and brought her face close to mine. "Of course we'll help a cutie like you~"

He gestured at the table and the bottle of pills. "All I got is red, right now. You used it before?"

"Oh, I am very familiar with dust, actually." If I could burn every single speck of it and watch my father's fortune go up in flames at the same time, I'd be thrilled. How ironic that would be. I almost let my smile slip into a smirk, but a business talk was no place for personal fantasies. "How much for two?"

He hummed, eyeing me quite thoroughly. "You. You're the Schnee girl, ain't you? Weiss Schnee, the singer?"

"That's right," I smiled sweetly, internally seething. Hoping nobody would recognize me was too much after all, but it didn't matter now. "Actually, my friend and I were hoping for some fun tonight. She's already waiting for us upstairs."

His eyes lit up. Perfect score.

"Really. The famous poster-face of the Schnee Dust Company, at a dance club. Hitting up some bites."

"Woah, we found a celebrity! That's amazing, you're amazing, Flynt!"

"Why, can't I have some fun every once in a while?" I smiled, putting as much humor into it as I could muster. "As you may imagine, even I don't have easy access to this type of dust." Of course, the practice of turning dust into pill form was well known to the company. In fact, they'd made quite the profit for a while. I had heard father laugh about it with his guests, how he was earning money on people's desire to ruin their own lives. But then the drug was banned and the amount of dust a single person could buy for personal use severely limited in order to strike down the illegal operation.

Which was when the robberies started. Father was furious. Now, dust vanished from right underneath his nose instead. It made him increasingly angrier at the council, the dust mines, the transports, and everyone else unlucky enough to be in his presence. It had only made my own situation that much worse, and I was far from the only victim of this whole ordeal.

These drugs were the root of many problems.

In front of me, Flynt cocked his head. "Alright, Schnee. Bring your friend down here and we'll get to business."

"Hmmm. I would love to, but she's a bit shy. Maybe I can bring the pills up first? I'm sure a little fire would… warm her up." I made sure to smile just enough to cover my ill thoughts lest they bleed into my expression.

Obviously, his interest was genuine, I just had to play it right. And sure enough, the prospect of getting paid in the flesh worked. He grunted and stood, the girl giggling as she twirled around me on her skates. I moved my foot just in time to avoid a flat toe.

He collected the bottle and stuffed it into his vest, hidden from view. Obviously he was the boss of the club if he could leave them on display like that. Well, he did look fashionable enough, and those in possession of dust pills were usually at the higher spectrum of society.

I don't know how many like him I've shot down in the past. For once, my curiosity reared its head. I wondered what it'd be like, actually indulging him. Morbid curiosity, maybe?

"Alright, Schnee. Show the way."

The music thudded in my chest as we moved through the room towards the stairs. The guy was steady as a cliff, but the girl kept twirling around. If not for him, she'd probably have vanished on a whim. She was obviously under the effect of something. I hoped Ruby wouldn't mind.

The club's second story was just a platform overlooking the dance floor, with a railing that invited daredevils into trying their drunken tricks. The music was just as obnoxious, if not as loud. Several couches with high backs made up some semi-private booths, most of which were already occupied. Groaning and moaning and shuffling bodies made no secret of what was going on in there. Luckily, the high couch backs and sides formed a protective wall which spared my eyes.

I swallowed, muscles tense as I approached the booth at the very far end. Silver eyes glinted in my direction, lighting up in glee as she saw who I'd brought.

Ruby Rose, fifteen. Too young to enter a night club, but a bit of lien and a lot of charm handled that easily. The girl jumped up from her seat, black skirt and red hoodie completing a somewhat tomboyish look.

"Ooooooh she's cuuuuuuute!" The cat faunus – if that's what she was – squealed, waving her tail excitedly.

Flynt, the obviously more sober of the two, hungrily eyed the newest addition to his metaphorical harem. "I can dig it."

Your own grave? Why, certainly.

"Really?" Ruby chirped, beaming like a child. She had to be at least two years younger than anyone else in this club. At least, she could fool anyone into believing that.

Hands at her back, she circled around us, as if appraising a car she considered buying. Even when her eyes weren't focused on me, I knew I was being observed too. Apparently, I was the desired blueprint everyone else should live up to.

"Ruby, this is Flynt." I introduced.

"He's not just Flynt, he's Flynt Coal! The one and only!" Faunus-girl giggled.

Ah, that explained it. So glad to know my aristocrat senses hadn't dulled.

"And I'm Neon Katt!" The girl continued, twirling on the spot, showcasing her lithe build and flat stomach.

"Hmmm." Ruby had passed us in a complete circle, and her eyes lingered on the cat girl. I could tell by the gleam there, that she'd chosen. The air around us vibrated with hunger. Or maybe that was me and my anticipation.

I turned to Flynt, readying myself for the next part of the plan. One of my criterias, actually. If it were up to Ruby, we'd be caught the instant we set foot in here, what with her boisterous attitude. I set some ground rules, because I felt that was in its place. After all, the dunce didn't even think about consequences when she first let loose.

"Is this good enough?" I asked Flynt, indicating our offered payment.

To my surprise, he grabbed my wrist, and before I knew it, my back was pressed into one of the couches in the booth. He was above me, holding my hands trapped.

"Hey Schnee," he started, "did you know? I was into music, once." His eyes gleamed under his sunglasses, his larger body trapping me beneath him on the couch. I tugged against his hold, but there was no use.

"I was doing pretty good too. Maybe you know the name, Killer Quartet?"

I stopped my pointless struggle, glaring up at him. "Of course. They were quite popular."

"That's right. We even topped the good lists for a while." I knew what was coming, even before his eyes darkened with anger. "Until your manager ripped the group apart."

Naturally. Having anyone but Weiss Schnee at the very top was beneath my father, and my manager, and the Schnee Dust Company as a whole. And so, we paid off the Killer Quartet manager in order for him to plant distrust between the members, and soon they dissolved in quite the dramatic manner.

Of course I knew. I'd been interviewed for days about the sudden breakup and how it would impact my own career.

What did it even matter now? That was another life. Before my father decided to throw me aside.

Before I met Ruby.

"How sad," I smirked at him, "you became a victim of the cruel world and now you want revenge."

His large hand grabbed my breast and squeezed, forcing a hiss of pain from my lips. I could feel his crotch throbbing against mine through our clothes, his shirt stretching across his shoulders in a snug fit. He was two heads taller than me and far more buff. I stood no chance in a battle of strength.

"Wow, you're angry."

Such luck that I didn't need to.

Ruby sat on the table beside us, watching us humorously with eyes that glowed in the dark.

There was no sign of Neon.

"Are you going to hurt her?" Ruby asked, swinging her feet back and forth.

Completely unaware of what he was currently facing, Flynt flashed a cocky grin without looking away from me. His hand rubbed my chest and all I could do was glare back, while my heart thudded thunderously.

He obviously didn't feel the predatory intent pressing on around us. Perhaps he was more drunk than I thought.

"Don't worry, it's your turn next, kid." He released my hand to fumble with his belt, another kind of hunger overtaking his gaze.

"Hmm." Ruby cocked her head. "Nope. I don't feel like waiting."

His eyes widened in surprise as a slender hand gripped the back of his collar and pulled him up from me, as if he weighed nothing. He didn't more than turn his head before Ruby's fist connected with his face.


His nose exploded under the impact, blood gushing down his front. He clasped both hands over his broken face and reeled backwards, hitting the couch's wall behind him. I pushed myself up and pulled away, both to avoid the spray of blood and to create some safe distance between us.

The air pulsed inside the booth, originating with the insatiable hunger which rolled off of Ruby in waves. Without actually changing in any visible way, the sweet girl shifted into something else, something dark and inhuman. Slowly, her tongue trailed over the drops of blood staining her knuckles. If I didn't know what she truly was, I'd have reacted just like Flynt.

"What the fuck!?" He roared, lunging forward in blind rage and grabbing Ruby by her arm, rearing his own fist back for a punch. I clenched an eye shut on reflex, but needn't have bothered.

His fist hit nothing but ash. Like flower petals, the black flakes fluttered around him, bringing a scent of burnt flesh.

There was a flash, which got lost in the lights of the dance floor beneath us.

Then his chest exploded. I barely managed to raise my arm in time; the heat and fire washed across my skin and singed the couch, starting a smolder that promised nothing but chaos.

Flynt didn't scream. No air escaped his lungs, mostly, I guessed, because they were no longer working. The bottle of dust pills he'd kept inside his vest had ripped the skin from his torso and sliced through muscles like a knife. Probably crushed his ribcage with the detonation too, puncturing his lungs and heart. Half of his body was already mutilated by the explosion, and angry burns covered the rest.

Torn pieces of cloth drifted through the air as the black ash reformed behind him, once more revealing Ruby in all her terrifying glory. I just barely caught a glimpse of her amused grin before she grabbed Flynt by his throat and hoisted him up above her.

"No!" I shouted, and just in time. Annoyed silver flashed in my direction, but then she dropped him, instead of throwing him out of the booth like she'd planned.

"You're no fun, Weiss," she pouted.

"Just get over with it, we're already attracting attention!" I hoped not, hoped that the music drowned most of it, but there was no way continued screams and shouts and explosions would go unnoticed, even among the drunk and drugged guests in the club.

Which was exactly what she wanted. Ruby's lips split into a wide grin, revealing teeth too sharp to be human. She loved attention. I just wished she'd show some tactical intelligence sometimes.

We weren't here to wreck the entire club. I'd told her before we entered, and she'd promised to listen, however disgruntled it had been.

Which is why, instead of terrifying the entire club with a display of bloodlust, Ruby simply grabbed Flynt by the shoulder and head, exposed his neck, and dug her teeth into it. The glow in her eyes grew until they were just wells of silvery light, power flooding the air around her and causing my skin to spike into goosebumps.

Flynt's face contorted into a silent grimace of anguish as black veins spread along his skin, across his throat and arm, up his face and over his destroyed torso. Even if he were still alive, it didn't matter for much longer.

The skin beneath Ruby's teeth dissolved into black ash which slowly disintegrated completely, and seconds later, the rest of his body followed.

Flynt Coal was no more. His ashes vanished in thin air, and in his place stood Ruby, eyes still aglow as she licked her lips like a rabid dog. I felt like my chest was about to burst as well. Right now, right after feeding, she was at an absolute high. If need be, I'd have to restrain her from finding more prey, and I wasn't sure I could.

"Was that fine?" I tried pulling her attention to me.

Her eyes roved over me, and despite us being roughly the same size physically, she seemed so much bigger right then. For a second all I could focus on was the fangs and the pulsating darkness lingering on the edge of my vision.

Then, Ruby smiled, dispelling all of the dread and pressure.

"This is fine for now!"

I breathed out in relief. At least, that meant I could maybe get some sleep tonight. Hunting down targets was exhausting even without a lack of sleep, thank you very much.

"Well," I said, getting to my feet, "someone will be checking on that explosion soon enough. Way to go and blow our cover, you dunce."

"Ugh." Ruby rolled her eyes. "Let me have a little fun! Whatever. If we don't get to play here anymore I don't wanna stay." She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out of the booth. I straightened what I could of my outfit, but some blood and flecks of soot had still gotten on it. I scrunched my nose in distaste. Luckily, the darkness of the club worked in my favor, and my fur coat still hung in the wardrobe. It covered what needed covering.

The bouncers eyed us as we exited, but none tried to stop us. We were just two girls leaving a club.

Outside, the cold night of Atlas enveloped us once more. My breaths created puffs of mist in the air. Beside me, Ruby hummed in satisfaction, almost drowning in the red cloak she insisted on wearing. It didn't even look particularly warm. But then, I suppose demons didn't need warmth.

In a way, it was ironic. A demon was prowling the streets of Atlas. Right now, it was no more than a gust of wind, but with my help it would soon turn into a full blown tornado. Just like Atlas itself, preying on the weak was her main sustenance. Although according to Ruby, stronger souls made for more potent meals.

I suppose I should be scared, appalled, terrified. In fact, I should be dead before any of that. This demon had listened when I screamed, when no one else did, and then, she'd proposed something I couldn't decline.

I help her, she helps me, and together, we'll reach both our goals. All I saw, now like then, was an opportunity. And I would use it the way only I, Weiss Schnee, could.

By my hands, Atlas would be purged.

And my father's company would be the first to fall.


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