Carly Manning washed her face after weeping for several minutes. After the phone call, she had just stared at her cell, initially too numb to react. Then the tears finally came, anger, pain and sadness unleashed yet again.

Now, she was somewhat calm. Bo didn't love her, never loved her; the call had confirmed that once and for all. Now was the time to plan the next stage of her life. She had no reason to stay in Salem.

Bo... back with Hope.

Melanie... didn't care about her. Maggie's all the mother I need, not you.

Daniel... refused to listen to her side of the story about the paternity tests.

Jennifer... former best friend. Her loyalty has always been with her cousin.

Her undeserving cousin, Hope Williams Brady.

Carly clenched her hands into fists as she replayed what she saw and heard between her and Bo at the docks. The same place, the same damned spot he said so many wonderful things to her months ago. She will never forgive him for that, never, ever.

The tears came back and her hands went down to her stomach. Hope will never take this from me at least, she thought; filled with savage satisfaction. This is mine and mine alone. When he's old enough to understand, I only pray he won't turn on me like Melanie and Nicky. Please God... don't let this child reject me too.

Sniffling, Carly cleaned her face again, trying to think calmly.

First I have to hand in my resignation to Lexie, swift and painless. Then call Frankie, ask if he'll take me in for a while. I can then take it from there.

Turning on her Apple Mac, Carly's fingers worked over the keys. Her letter was polite, precise and no nonsense; including adding that her resignation was effective immediately. She was just clicking 'send', when she heard a knock on the door. Wondering who could be visiting her, she got up to answer it.


From the moment he received the call, Frankie Brady did everything he could to clear his desk to make the trip. For most of the time during the flight, his mind was filled with anger, disbelief and worry. Anger at what he was told about Carly, disbelief that his beloved sister did not tell him what she went through and worry about her state of mind. As soon as he talked to her, he was going to tell both families just what he thought of all of them. And beat Bo to a pulp for good measure.

His companions watched him, not speaking; but they knew exactly what he was thinking. His girlfriend Piper, who insisted on making the trip with him to finally meet Carly and help him comfort her. Marcus Hunter, Carly's former colleague and close friend, more than anxious to see her again. Frankie had sent him an email about the call he received and Marcus had flown in from California so they could go to Salem together. He was still appalled at what he'd heard from Frankie and while he was not a violent man, he couldn't say he wouldn't throw in a punch of his own if he ever saw Bo Brady again. There were some lines you simply didn't cross... but Bo had done just that.

He will personally make Bo pay.


The attacker finally left, after hovering over Carly's prostate body for a few minutes. Through blurry vision, Carly saw a pair of worn sneakers walk away. She could taste blood, could feel sharp, agonising pain all over her body. She couldn't move.

My baby! Oh God... my baby is dead! No, please no... She screamed inwardly. Not my baby... he's all I have left!

Her stomach contracted and she let out a moan of acute pain and grief. I might as well die... nothing left... nothing left...

She suddenly saw a bright light, causing her to blink. I'm being taken already. I fear nothing... I'm ready.

No you're not, the sweet voice whispered. It sounded very familiar.

But I am... Carly tried to speak out but her jaw hurt too much.

No, you aren't darling. This isn't your time, not yet. Another familiar voice piped up.

Carly blinked painfully, trying to peer at the two faces over her. They were women dressed in white. One was young and beautiful, with long curly hair. The other was a lot older, with a solemn face and blonde hair tied back in a chignon.

Could it be...?

The older woman placed a hand on Carly's throbbing forehead. It felt surprisingly warm. Darling Katerina. I wasn't much of a mother to you and I hope you've long forgiven me for that. I won't let you live the rest of your life heartbroken. You deserve more than what life meted out to you.

And you'll have it, Carly, said the younger woman. And a whole lot more besides.

'M...My... my baby...' Carly managed to croak, 'Help me...'

Hush... easy now. Lie still.

Carly felt something being placed on her stomach, but was far too weak to struggle. Both women had one hand on her womb, a golden light emitting from them into it. It lasted for exactly two minutes before it faded.

They are safe now, Katerina.

Safe? Them?

That's right, Carly. Them. And they are going to love you so much... as much as you already love them.

Take great care of them, Katerina. I love you very much, my darling. The woman pressed a kiss on Carly's bruised forehead, while the younger one stroked her cheek.

No... no wait... don't leave me! Carly cried as they vanished.


'I can't tell you how much I appreciate you calling me and letting me know what was going on.'

'I felt it was time Carly finally had someone in her corner.' Rafe Hernandez replied, as he drove Frankie, Marcus and Piper to Carly's studio apartment on the other side of town. What Carly Manning was going through, no person deserved it. How could Bo, a man he more than respected, do such a thing to her? And to think Rafe had believed Bo would return to Carly after springing Hope out of prison- a stupid move on his part in his personal opinion. He remembered Carly's tears when he assured her about it. And look how wrong he turned out to be.

And as if Bo squiring Hope about town as though nothing happened was bad enough, there was that thing about Daniel's son's paternity test. Rafe didn't know the exact details until he found Carly crying at the docks. Carly hadn't been inclined to talk to him but Rafe, holding Carly in high regard after saving his life, refused to leave her alone until he got the whole story from her, including Daniel and Melanie's reactions.

It burned him up, especially the part about Melanie. That girl seriously had some personality and emotional issues! After driving Carly home, he remembered something Adrienne Kiriakis let slip, that Carly had a younger brother- an adopted Brady- who lived in D.C. The whole scenario disgusted him even more. Carly's brother, her biological brother was actually adopted by the Bradys and they treated his sister like garbage! Just how did they sleep at night? Weren't they even worried about what Frankie would say if he ever found out?

Now that Frankie was in Salem, with the added bonus of her old co-worker Frankie introduced him to, Carly will see she wasn't alone and friendless.

'I just hope you'll be able to convince her to leave Salem with us,' said Marcus.

'I hope so too,' Piper added. 'She can't keep staying here.'

'I'll not only convince her, I'll drag her from here kicking and screaming if I have to.' Frankie looked out of the window, not seeing anything except his sister and what he was itching to scream out at the two families.

'Honey, please promise me you aren't going to hunt Bo down...' Piper began.

'I'm promising no such thing so don't even bother,' Frankie interrupted her, still staring out of the window, trying to quell his rising anger again. Not even Carly will stop him from leaving at least one bruise on Bo's face. Luckily, according to Rafe, Vivian Alamain has left Salem. One less bitch to deal with.

'We're here.' Rafe finally pulled up in front of Carly's building.

The first thing they saw when they stepped out of the elevator was Carly's door wide open. Rafe raised his hand, motioning them to stop, before pulling out his gun from its holster. Gun steady in his hand, he moved closer and peered in.

'Oh my God...'

Frankie, Marcus and Piper rushed inside and met a terrible sight. The place was in shambles. And Carly lay on the floor, bruised and bleeding.

'Carly!' Frankie shouted in fear, hurrying to his sister's side.

'She's alive,' Marcus said, his voice trembling as he took her pulse. 'But she's obviously hurt bad. We need to get her to a hospital, quick.'

Rafe was already dialling furiously on his cell for an ambulance.

'Who did this?' Piper whispered, appalled. 'Who in the name of heaven did this?'

Frankie shook his head, anger and fear rushing back in. More so when he saw what Piper, Marcus and Rafe were staring at. On the wall opposite where Carly lay, was a word written in large red letters.