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Heat rose to Sarah's cheeks, as well as other key parts of her body. Stopping in place across the room from him, she slowly pulled the drawstring on her joggers, then wiggled her hips a little to help them fall. They dropped gently over her hips to her ankles, allowing her to step free of them. She could have sworn she saw Jareth's eyes twinkle with lust at the sight of her red panties. When he growled lightly, the very sound of his voice made her pussy swell within the tight lace.

Next, she lifted her hand to lower one shoulder strap of her cami, then the other. Where the white cotton remained stretched across her chest, she reached up both hands to slowly peel it down. It required a push and more hip-wiggling to help it the rest of the way before she finally stood before him in her red bra and underwear. As always with Jareth, she enjoyed being the object of his possessive gaze.

"Come here, precious," he said, and she padded across the carpet to where he stretched out, well-muscled and bare. She knelt next to him on the blanket, and he handed her a glass of red wine, taking up the other himself.

"To you," Jareth stated, lifting his glass in a toast, "the once angsty teen who bested my Labyrinth all those years ago to my chagrin and surprise." He paused for a moment, before continuing. "And to the woman sitting in front of me today who continues to surprise me... again much to my chagrin. You never cease to amaze me, precious. That almost rarely happens."

Sarah released a small, thoughtful smile and raised her own glass. "To my cousin," she offered instead, catching Jareth off guard. "Who made this reunion a possibility. I never thought I'd see you again, but here you are. After all these years. And I've had the most incredible time with you."

Jareth smiled back accepting her toast, and both sipped their wine, but quickly set the glasses aside. Sarah found it difficult to sit that close to his full-on erection without touching it. So as soon as her hands were free, she reached out to stroke him, wrapping her fist around his length, loving the silk-over-steel feel of him, loving the way she made him moan. She bit her lip, studying his perfect cock, memorizing every long, lovely inch, watching the pre-come welled at the top – and only eventually remembering to be surprised that scrutinizing him so boldly no longer made her feel sheepish.

Jareth pulled in his breath as she squeezed and caressed him, and he couldn't resist sliding his palm from her hip up to the curve of her breast. They looked beautiful tonight, captured in snug red lace, her cleavage deep and round. Fuck. He was going to miss this heat, this connection he shared with her. He'd had more than his fair share of women and other exciting affairs, but he'd never felt such trust from someone – and he couldn't help thinking Sarah was the first person he'd every truly and wholly seduced in the purest sense of the world. Even if Sarah had remained in his life after her stint in the underground, he would not have dared to cross that line all those years ago – she was just a teenager, after all. But the timing was right now. Perhaps the experts were right when they said delayed gratification really does pay off.

He was forced out of his thoughts when Sarah's small hand pumped his dick with slow, aching precision, the sensation sweet enough that a selfish man would have been content to lay back and let her work him over that way all night long. But this was his last night with Sarah, a fact he was all too painfully aware of, so he felt the urge to take control, to make sure he got all of her he could before they were done here.

Sitting up, he slipped his thumbs into the red straps of her bra and eased them off her shoulders. His groin tightened further at the sight of the lace falling just past her lush pink nipples, hard and pointed. The bra still cupped the bottoms of her breasts, underlining them with lace. He simply beheld them for a moment, then stroked his thumbs across the pert peaks. She drew in her breath – a soft, scintillating sound – and he found himself tweaking the pink tips, twirling the taut buds between his fingertips until her breath came harder.

He leaned in to kiss her and the sensation ran all through him, heightening his reaction to her continued strokes between his legs.

"I love when you touch me," she said on a ragged whisper.

The words ignited a fresh blaze deep inside him. "You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you say that," Jareth responded with a smile. "A few days ago, you would have never said something like that."

Her eyes appeared glazed, and her chest heaved with labored breathing. "You changed me."

He met her gaze – and had to have more of her.

Capturing her wrists in his hands, he pushed her to her back on the quilt, shifting to hover over her, let his body gaze the slopes of hers. His erection skimmed her soft belly. "It's unbelievable how much I want you," he ground out through clenched teeth before he pressed his mouth hungrily back to hers. Her fingers wound through his hair and her thighs parted beneath him so that he could nestle his hard length where she was the softest.

Breaking the kiss, he dropped his mouth to her breasts, suckling first one then the other, his cock going harder every time she moaned. He held the outer curves of her breasts with both hands as he switched back and forth between them, sucking soft and sweet, using his tongue to lick, then pulling harder, wanting to take them deep, wanting to feel her nipples elongate even farther between his lips. She whimpered beneath him now, lifting her crotch against him, and he loved making her so wild, taking away her control. That's what he'd yearned for from the beginning – to make Sarah drop her inhibitions. And now he had it, sweet Sarah writhing and trembling beneath him, responding to his every touch.

"I need your cunt," he rasped over her, then kissed his way down her smooth stomach, listening to her breath catch with each inch he descended. Sarah moaned loudly, then licked her lips and breathed harder.

A bot of masculine satisfaction shot through him, spreading outward when he lowered a kiss to the front of her panties. Her breath still came heavy as he hooked his thumbs through the elastic at both hips and proceeded to roll them slowly down. His blood ran hotter the second his eyes fell on her pussy she'd bared just for him.

Tossing the underwear aside, he parted her legs again, wide, and knelt to kiss her moist folds. She sighed, and he used both thumbs to play with the delicate creases of warm flesh as he lowered another kiss to her clit, swollen and damp. This time she moaned even louder than before.

He kissed the nub again with both tongue and lips as she lifted against his mouth in a slow, sensual rhythm that drove him wild. Dropping lower, he licked deeply into her, drinking of her, wanting to take her juices inside him, wanting to feel her welcoming wetness in his mouth, on his mouth, on his face. If ever there was a place a man wanted to drown…

Gods, he still needed more of her, needed to have her in other ways. He always tried to be a generous lover, with Sarah especially, but at the moment, he needed to take, just a little. His cock ached for her.

Rising up over her again, peering down into her sweet, impassioned eyes, he said, "I need to fuck you."

She sighed hotly in reply and the sweet desire on her face drew him in, made him focus on her perfect mouth, made him think of how incredible she looked sucking him. He ran the tip of his index finger in a circle around the edge of her parted lips. "I need to fuck you… here," he whispered, then let his finger dip inside. She sucked it wetly as he pulled it back out, then shifted upward so that his knees rested on either side of her head, and used one hand to slowly ease the tip of his shaft between her lips.

She opened eagerly, moaning her pleasure. Gods, she was beautiful taking his cock into her mouth, letting him move in and out. When she reached up to cup his balls, he groaned and slid in a little deeper.

But he forced himself to slowly extract his wet length from those sweet, moist lips, backing down her body and headed south once more until he knelt between her legs, nudging his shaft at her parted pussy. "And I need to fuck you, here," he told her, then drove into her warm, tight passageway.

She sobbed heatedly, lifting to take him deeper, and as he drove farther into her, she let out a severely pleasured moan. "Ugh, I love it when you're inside me, Jareth. Love how fucking big you are in me."

He still knelt, upright, with her thighs hugging his hips. He braced his hands on her ass and pulled her toward him, again, again, listening to her hot little cries at each deep thrust. Then, bending her over, he slid his arms up the length of her back and said, "Wrap around me." She did so, with both arms and legs, allowing him to haul her up into his lap without disconnecting their bodies.

"Fuck," she cried at the deeper and sudden impact of sitting up on his cock. He watched as she bit her lip and absorbed the hot pleasure the position provided.

"I love that you feel it deeper this way," he told her. And he also loved fucking her with their faces so close, her nipples grazing his chest, their limbs entwined.

Sarah began to move on him, her body responding instinctively. She gripped his strong shoulders and started to grind against him, her clit rubbing against the flesh about his shaft.

He leaned back against the window, seeming to relax a bit as she recaptured control. They kissed, their tongues touching, lips lingering, and Jareth's sure hands caressed her breasts above the bra.

She continued to ride him hard, concentrating on his firm cock inside her and the way her clit brushed against him with every undulation of her hips; concentrating on the hot pull of his mouth at her breast, on the sound of her breathing. He lifted his head and she looked into his mismatched dark eyes, took in his handsome face, and she saw in the periphery the multitude of stars surrounding him, seeming close enough to touch even though they were millions of miles away.

"I'm going to make you come now," he promised, and she wondered how he could possibly say such a thing with so much confidence, yet at the same time, she completely believed him.

With his hands on her bottom, he pressed the tip of one finger to the fissure of her ass – and sent her exploding. The pleasure swept through her from head to toe, the mind-blowing orgasm nearly swallowing her, somehow seeming all the more engulfing for the view of the cosmos out the window at his back.

When the intense, jolting sensation finally passed, she found herself spent, leaning to rest her forehead on his shoulder.

She could almost feel his grin when he said, "Think you'll recover?"

"I don't know," she replied, breathless. "You make me crazed." She lifted her head to see his smile unfurl further.

"So I noticed. Anything I can do to make you feel better?"

She tilted her head and smirked, furrowing her brows. "Um…a backrub, maybe?"

Jareth laughed. "Seriously?"

She shook her head. "If you want me to be able to go on, you're for sure gonna have to relax me a little. Ya know, restore my energy and all that."

He gave his head a chiding tilt. "Be it known, precious, that I don't usually stop mid-fuck to give a backrub." Yet even as he said it, he was lifting her off him, turning her over on the quilt, then straddling her hips to begin slowly massaging her shoulders.

"Then I must be special," Sarah assumed.

He dropped a quick kiss between her shoulder blades and said near her ear, "Yes. You must be. How's that feel?"

"So good."

"I aim to please."

Jareth gently unhooked her bra to continue to rub but before long reached around beneath her, seeking her breasts. She found herself lifting, to give him access, moaning as his hands closed back over the soft flesh, catching the nipples gently between his fingers.

Sarah looked her shoulder, biting her lip. His cock rested in the valley of her ass. "Wasn't this supposed to be a relaxing massage? Not a happy ending massage?"

"Why not both?" Jareth asked, smiling.

As she continued to peek over her shoulder and grew warmer, Jareth's wicked grin said he could read her state of excitement loud and clear. Slowly, he hooked one arm around her waist, warm and firm, and leaned over her back, pressing his chest there, to whisper slowly, deeply in her ear, all seriousness. "Is there anything I can do for you, Sarah? Anything we haven't done, haven't tried – any games we haven't played that you want to play? Any pleasure I can bring you that I haven't brought you already?"

His hard length had slid fully into the crease of her ass again, and she found herself desiring more sensation there, and peeking numbly over her shoulder at his face, then lower, but not saying anything.

He rubbed gently against her, and she moaned.

The next time she looked back at him, his eyes twinkled darkly. "You want me to fuck your tight little ass." A statement, not a question.

She shivered and replied honestly. "Um. I'm actually not sure. I'm afraid it'll hurt too much and ruin our evening."

His face was only an inch from hers when he said, "I would never let that happen." And without waiting for her to answer, he pulled her up with that anchoring arm onto her hands and knees and dipped two fingers from his free hand into the damp flesh between her thighs.

Sarah moaned from the unexpected touch, surprised when he pushed them deep, all the way inside her pussy. She responded, unable not to, thrusting back against them, taking them to the hilt. She let out hot breaths with each stroke, aware she could hear them moving in her wetness. And that's when he pulled them out.

She tossed a look over her shoulder, ready to protest – when he slide one wet finger smoothly into her asshole.

"Oh, god," she cried out, both startled and weakened. She'd never felt anything like it. New, fresh, hot sensation in an entirely different opening.

Just like with her pussy, he began sliding his finger in and out – and she followed her instincts, starting to move gingerly against it, meeting the soft drives. Her face flushed with heat as she tried to get used to this new sort of feeling, and her arms began to feel weak. But her body continued moving, taking, accepting, wanting more.

"How is that?" Jareth asked. "Does it feel good?"

She couldn't deny it – although an "mmm" was the only answer she could manage.

"That's right," he said softly. "Fuck my fingers. Fuck my fingers with your ass."

She was about to think, fingers? As in more than one? when she felt a second enter. "Fuck, Jareth."


"Yeah," she breathed.

Soon, he thrust harder, rougher and she heard her hot whimpers but was barely aware of making the sounds. She was losing herself in the odd sensation, feeling her body filling with heat, and aware she wanted more.

"Do you want my cock there, Sarah?" he leaned near her ear to ask.

She knew it was a rhetorical question, knew he was planning to give it to her whether or not she was brave enough to ask for it. But she managed it anyway. "Yes," she finally said, her voice small but sure.

He moaned at her acquiescence, then changed how he used his fingers. Her anal opening was wet with her own juices now, and he began turning his fingers in circular motions, as if trying to widen her, make her even more ready. "Fuck," she heard herself moan.

When his fingers left her, she took a deep breath.

"Relax for me, Sarah. Relax and want me."

I do. So much. She was too drained and excited to say it, but she wanted to give him this last piece of her now more than she wanted to breathe.

The tip of his cock felt hard yet moist against her, and she knew a deep, primal yearning to accept it there, in that impossibly tiny opening. He pushed, and she thought the head began to enter.

Behind her, his breath grew heavy, his hands tightening on her waist. She bit her lower lip as he delivered another gentle thrust, then began to rock rhythmically against her. She rocked back, trying to meet him, take him, the sensitive fissure of her anus hungry for him.

The opening stretched, and a soft burst of pain came with it. She cried out but then realized just as quickly that he'd found entry and his cock was sliding, slowly into her ass.

"Oh my god," she heard herself whisper as the most bizarre sense of fullness she'd ever experienced assaulted her. It was as if he'd found a new part of her body that she'd never known existed.

"So fucking tight," he said, but his voice sounded weak now, too, as weak as she felt.

And then he began to move – slow, small, light thrusts clearly designed not to hurt her. She met them, arching higher, eyes shut, lost in an entirely new world of strange, heady pleasure that stretched through every inch of her body from head to toe.

And just when she thought she'd absorbed about as much sensation as she could, she felt something cool press between her thighs in front, and as it began to buzz she realized it was the vibrator. She hadn't even seen it on the quilt with them in the dim lighting, but apparently Jareth had thought they might want it and was now reaching around to glide the toy cock back and forth in her slit while he fucked her ass.

The arc of pleasure was immediate – the orgasm coming mere seconds later, bursting through her with all the power of an exploding star.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!" she heard herself practically howling with the intensity of it, felt almost disconnected from her body. At some point, she realized she was no longer supporting herself on her hands but had collapsed, slumping down in front, resting her head on the quilt.

Behind her, Jareth still fucked her ass, but every tight stroke came with a hot, masculine moan – until he said, "I'm going to come in you, Sarah," and then let out an enormous groan as he plunged deeper, harder, again, again, then crumpled atop her, completely spent.

After falling asleep on the quilt for a while, Sarah felt Jareth nudge her awake, take her hand, and lead her to the shower. They cleaned up, then fell naked into bed together, where they wordlessly made love again.

Three more times throughout the night did they have sex, until morning came and they realized they'd barely slept.

"You'll fall asleep on the plane," Jareth said gently, kissing her forehead.

After a quick breakfast of bagels and coffee, they returned upstairs so Sarah could dress and finish packing. Jareth came up behind her to tuck the penis-shaped vibrator into her suitcase. She looked up at him, and laughed. "If I get bag checked going through security, I might kill you."

He grinned and winked. "I doubt it's the first one they've seen. Be bold, precious."

And that easily, she decided she would be.

"And, I want you to use it," he added. "And think of me."

"Obviously," she said, without hesitation.

"Good. That'll give me some fantasies."

They stood in the bedroom, staring into each other's eyes, and Sarah felt like there was so much more to say, but she had no idea what.

Finally, she spoke softly. "Jareth. This whole time… It's been…"

"Unforgettable," he jumped in, finishing her thought.

She chuckled. "Yeah. Something like that." Sighing, she said, "Well. I guess I better go," and reached to zip her bag. She knew she needed to leave quickly before she burst into tears and asked him to love her forever and then had her heart smashed to bits when he looked horrified.

Jareth wheeled her suitcase to the stairs, then carried it down to the foyer. He wore black pants, thick socks, and a grey collared sweater but said, "I'll take this out for you."

She was putting on her coat and looked up to reply. "No, I can get it. You don't even have shoes on." When he started to protest, she lighted the mood. "I have to get to used toting around my vibrator with you, don't I?"

The corners of his mouth quirked up slightly, his eyes smiling. "I suppose you do."

They stepped out onto the porch and he lifted his hands to her face. She looked up at him as the cold air chilled her – and fell in love all over again with his deep, expressive eyes and the stubble on his chin and cheeks. He kissed her, slow, soft, letting his mouth linger on hers. It sent skitters of pleasure all through her – as much as the first kiss had nearly a week ago.

"Goodbye, precious."

"Goodbye, Jareth," she responded and hoped to hell he couldn't tell she was close to tears. She quickly wheeled her bag down the walk over a covering of fresh-fallen snow and to the back of the SUV that awaited her. The driver came around to assist her with her bag and she gave Jareth one last look.

"Be safe," he called as the driver opened to the passenger door for her.

She only waved. Shut the door. Heard the engine start.

As they drove away, she was all too aware that he still stood on the porch watching her go. A tear descended her cheek as the stark truth hit her.

It was over. Just like that. No more kisses. No more sex. No more cuddling or moaning, or breakfast with him, or dinner.

All this, she realized, she had not taken for granted.

Nearly at the finish line guys. I won't leaving you hanging for another almost two years. I am GOING TO FINISH THIS STORY. SOON!