When Sarah awoke the next morning, she promised herself that she'd spend the day once again researching a job and assured herself that she'd land one when she got back to Washington. After a cup of coffee and a bagel eaten while peering out on the snow-encrusted mountains in the distance, she exchanged her pajamas for some sweat pants and a comfy long-sleeved shirt with UW written on the front and situated herself on the couch, MacBook resting on her lap.

The moment Sarah opened it up though, she noticed that her battery was only at thirteen percent. Sighing in annoyance knowing she'd have to charge the laptop soon, she set her coffee down and got up to go look for the charger in her room. She dug through her multiple bags and looked everywhere in the room, though the damn thing could not be found anywhere. That's when Sarah realized she had left it behind at her apartment.

"Mother fuck," she cursed to herself. She exhaled and looked up to the ceiling. "I swear, nothing can just go smoothly."

She scoffed and walked back to the living room. What the hell am I going to do now? I need a computer to research!

When she entered the living room again, her eyes scanned the premises in hopes that something miraculous would happen, like her charger magically appearing. That's when she noticed the monitor and webcam across the couch. The same monitor and webcam she had masturbated to last night. The webcam in which she'd hoped Ericka's cousin used to watch her. The cousin she'd put a show on for.

Sarah gulped when she thought about what she had done, embarrassment flooding her senses. Her body got intensely hot for a second, and the last thing she wanted to do was go near that thing and anything associated with it; but she was desperate. She crept carefully towards the desk where the monitor sat and looked at the computer below it, as though it were a sleeping giant. She pursed her lips when she was standing inches away, hesitant to get closer, but she really needed a computer.

She didn't exactly want to take a seat, but she knew she had to. Before she she sat down in the desk chair, she looked around the house as though someone were watching her. But that was ridiculous.

"Get a grip, Sarah, no one is, or has, watched you," she rationalized and plopped down in the chair. Her hands hovered in the air like she was waiting for something bad to happen, but when nothing did she sighed in relief and leaned down to turn the computer on. Only…it was already on. Her head rose towards the monitor screen and she moved the mouse around, where it triggered the sleeping giant to awaken. The monitor screen turned white and a desktop with several icons was shown.

"Great, so the damn thing has been on," she mumbled. "Ugh."

Sighing, Sarah nodded her head once and tried brushing the whole computer, webcam, and masturbation thing aside for now; she needed to focus. She clicked on the Mozilla Firefox symbol and began typing in "Jobs Washington" into Google.

After an hour or so of researching, Sarah had sent her resume to a few prospective looking places. While her jobs in recent years weren't exactly the best, she did have some experience for broadcasting under her belt, not only from her studies and activities during her degree, but from her intern and a job she held onto for about a year where she worked behind the scenes before her mother fell ill. Granted, that was nearly six years ago, but still – she knew how to do the damn job, though she may be a bit rusty.

Just then, the computer let out a beep and a window appeared on the screen. An instant message box.

Isolar76: Good morning.

Sarah's eyes widened and she couldn't have been more stunned. Isolar? Was this Ericka's cousin? Surely it was. Right?

Why was he instant messaging her? Sarah was feeling a little worried; perhaps he was just being polite enough to check on her arrival like this rather than through the webcam. Even so, given her exploits last night, it was unsettling.

The reply box that automatically opened was labeled Sailor47. Interesting screen names. She wondered what they stood for. After a few minutes, she figured she had no choice but to answer. After all, the guy was letting her use his vacation home for free.

Sailor47: Hi there.

Isolar76: I trust you arrived okay. How do you like the house?

Sailor47: The house is gorgeous. You have a lovely view. Thanks so much for letting me use it, I really appreciate it.

Isolar76: Of course. Glad to have you there. Ericka told me you needed a break and needed to get your creative juices flowing again.

Sailor47: Yeah, it was much needed. Just trying to sort my life out. You know? So we'll see, hopefully this does the trick.

Isolar76: Are they flowing yet?

Sailor47: Is what flowing?

Isolar76: Your creative juices.

Sailor47: Starting to, I think.

Isolar76: Good. Are any… other juices flowing?

Sarah's stomach pinched tightly. She hesitated, trying to figure out how to respond.

Sailor47: Um…not sure what you mean.

Isolar76: Come, come Sarah. You can be honest. Your secret is safe with me.

Sarah's pussy clenched, along with the rest of her body. She simply stared at the screen, frozen and unable to think clearly. Or reply.

Isolar76: I saw you last night, Sarah. I saw you make yourself come.

Her breasts were beginning to ache as her chest tightened. Her heart threatened to pound right through her rib cage. Again, she couldn't answer. What the hell was she supposed to say? She couldn't fathom the idea that he really had seen her, that she'd quite literally been performing, touching herself, for a real, LIVE, person! GAHHHH!

Another message appeared.

Isolar76: Please, forgive me. I didn't do it on purpose. I was up late working and it occurred to me I hadn't checked on your arrival, so I turned the webcam on and there you were. I shouldn't have watched, but what can I say? You're an incredibly sexy little houseguest, precious.

Precious? Sarah's stomach dropped completely at that message. Why had he called her that? She'd only ever been called precious one other time by one other male. Him. Jareth. But no… it was just a coincidence. Like thinking about him last night. Right? It had to have been. He was far, far away. In another world. This was reality, and not the Underground. Let it go, she scolded internally.

Sarah continued to stare at Ericka's cousins message in awe. Sensible responses to what was happening raced through her mind, and she was even tempted to just shut the computer off right then and there. What's more, she should probably pack up her shit now and leave, go right back to Washington. All her logical instincts were telling her to run and get out of there.

Yet her pussy pulsed under her sweat pants. And Ericka's description of her cousin played back through Sarah's head. Handsome. Blonde. Powerful. Nearly forty.

Sarah bit her lip, felt her heartbeat speed up, and she dropped her gaze to her fingers because she was nervous and wanted to make sure she hit the right letters. She couldn't believe what she had just typed, even when she hit send.

Sailor47: Did I make you hard?

Isolar76: As a rock.

Sarah's lips parted and she felt a nervous sigh leave her mouth. The words on the screen turned her breasts heavy, achy. Could she actually do this? Have cybersex, let alone with a complete stranger? What had gotten into her? Somehow she didn't care to know.

Sailor47: Did you suffer all night?

Isolar76: No, precious. I took matters into my own hands. Just like you.

Sailor47: Right at the computer? Or in bed?

Isolar76: Right at the computer. Watching the pleasure wash over your face while you worked your hot little pussy pushed me over the edge.

This was a dangerous game, yet she was down to play. She yearned for more of that image – details. She suddenly longed to know exactly what she'd made happen to this man, this…stranger.

Sailor47: I would have liked to have seen.

Isolar76: Sorry, precious. The webcam only works one way.

Sarah still couldn't get past the precious nickname, but decided to not dwell on it. She supposed it was a common enough pet name...

Sailor47: That's not exactly fair.

Isolar76: Do you have a basis for comparison?

Sarah fell back into her chair. Okay. This was getting really weird now…she'd never forget those words uttered out of his mouth. First precious, now that comment? What the….

Isolar76: Is your pussy wet right now? From talking about this?

Biting her lip, and momentarily forgetting her worries just now due to the distraction on the screen, she realized that yes, yes she was wet. Should she tell him that though? Maybe it would be wise to say goodbye or say something to lighten the mood from the dirty direction it had taken.

Only…she didn't care that much. She slowly realized that she wanted to tell him, wanted him to know.

Sailor47: Yes.

Before he could reply, she typed and sent another message.

Sailor47: Can you see me right now?

Isolar76: Yes, I can. I'm looking right at you.

The knowledge made her want to shrink away. They weren't exactly on equal footing; he had all the control. Like everything else in her life. It simply wasn't fair.

Isolar76: In fact, while we've been talking, I noticed your nipples have gotten hard.

Boy were they ever. She could feel it happening.

Isolar76: You're blushing.

Sailor47: I just feel like I'm on a stage.

Isolar76: I'm the only one in the audience, precious.

Sailor47: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Isolar76: Yes. I like watching you.

Sailor47: Are you hard right now?

Isolar76: Very.

Sarah gulped. This was turning her on immensely and she didn't know why, but she chose in that second to glance down at her breasts, which were covered by the loose long-sleeve. As he'd promised, the taut peaks poked visibly through.

Isolar76: They're beautiful, by the way. Your breasts. Watching you play with them last night made me want to slide my cock between them.

Jesus God. Now her heart beat between her legs. Her breasts felt huge, bigger than their normal C-cup size. This situation was already insane, but it was getting more and more out of control. What was happening to her? Why couldn't she stop this? Why didn't she want to? Before she think about the consequences, she went with it.

Sailor47: How big is it?

Isolar76: My cock?

Sailor47: Yes.

Isolar76: Big enough to satisfy you. That I promise.

Somehow she believed it. She lifted a grin in the direction of the webcam, amused, then posed the question that had just come to mind.

Sailor47: Can you hear me?

Isolar76: The camera captures some sound, but it isn't that clear. Typing is better.

Thank god. He hadn't heard her moan or say Jareth's name last night.

Isolar76: Well, Sarah. As much as I'd love to continue chatting with you, I have to sign off now.

Sailor47: A kingdom to run? Empires to topple?

Isolar76: Something like that.

She was vaguely disappointed that they were suddenly done. But then he messaged her again.

Isolar76: Will I see more of you tonight?

Sailor47: What do you mean?

Isolar76: Exactly what I asked.

Sailor47: Are you suggesting a repeat of…last night?

Isolar76: Yes, precious. That's exactly what I'm suggesting. Except more.

Sailor47: More?

Isolar76: I want you to show me your pussy.

Sarah pulled in her breath, coming back down to earth.

Sailor47: I can't. I'm sorry.

Isolar76: Can't? Or won't?

Sailor47: Look. I thought I was alone last night. I don't think I can do that again, knowing you were watching.

It was sort of a lie. After all – she'd hoped he was. But really it was more of a fantasy than anything else, so she hadn't REALLY thought anyone was watching her. The truth was, she simply didn't think she was bold enough to do it again knowingly. And to reveal herself even further? Yeah right. Not just anyone got to see her most intimate parts.

His reply took longer than usual.

Isolar76: Well that's really too bad, Sarah.

Sailor47: I'm sorry.

Isolar76: No, precious I'M sorry.

Sarah knew that statement could be taken in two ways, but she was pretty sure he wasn't apologizing for making her uncomfortable; he was clearly bummed to hear the dirty fun was over. She couldn't answer him, as there wasn't much else to say. It remained unnerving just knowing he was still watching her. That's when a solution came to mind.

Sailor47: Maybe I should move the camera, point it at the floor.

Isolar76: Don't bother, precious. I can move the lens around no matter which way you aim it.

Sailor47: You're going to keep spying on me? Whether I want you to or not?

Isolar76: What can I say? I like watching you. You like it too- I can tell. Just think of me as a fly on the wall. You won't even know I'm there.

Sailor47: I think you're just hoping I do something naughty.

Isolar76: I'm counting on it.

Sailor47: Well, don't. I know I just had a pretty raunchy discussion with you, but I'm coming back to my senses now.

Isolar76: What a pity.

That's when a whole new question came to mind, the thought almost making her angry. And...jealous?

Sailor47: Do you do this often or something? Watch women at your house?

Isolar76: Of course not. I told you, last night happened by accident. But now that I've seen you, I want to KEEP on seeing you.

Sarah couldn't tell what she felt more- relief, flattery, or worry.

Sailor47: I guess I'll just have to take the webcam off the computer, won't I?

Isolar76: You won't.

That cocky, smug bastard.

Sailor47: You don't think so?

Isolar76: No.

Damnit. He was probably right. This was his home, and he'd already been kind enough to lend it to her. A total stranger. Regardless of the circumstances, she didn't want to mess with his personal property and equipment and risk breaking something or somehow fucking his expensive computer. Sure it was awkward knowing he had access to watching her whenever he wanted, but she'd make it a point to keep her clothes on she supposed, and by then he'd get bored and stop watching all together.

Isolar76: If you change your mind...I'll be here tonight at ten PM your time.

Sailor47: Don't count on it. Where are you anyway?

Isolar76: Wouldn't you like to know.

Sarah drew in her breath, then simply lifted her gaze to the camera and shook her head.

Isolar76: By the way- I'd suggest changing your I.M. name. Sailor47 doesn't suit you ;)

Sailor47: So...what do you suggest then.

Isolar76: Something sexy. Good bye for now, precious.

Sailor47: Good bye, Isolar. Happy empire toppling.

Isolar76: I'll see you tonight.

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