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"AAAHH!" a scream followed by a massive earthy thud broke through the air.

Out of context, that might cause someone to worry.

"You ok down there?" Gohan called from his position fifty feet in the air.

A long low groan followed that response, and he couldn't help chuckling as he floated down to his unfortunate victi… student.

After another long moment, the student, a large hump-backed krogan named Wrex, sat up.

"Did you really need to hit me that hard?" he definitely didn't whine, one hand going to the impact point on his stomach. Tough guys don't whine after all.

"Oh, don't be such a baby," Gohan chided. "This is nothing compared to what I went through as a kid. You should see what Piccolo put me through when I was just four years old."

Wrex gave him an incredulous stare. "You started training at four?" he asked sceptically.

"Oh, for sure," Gohan nodded. "It just after the first time my dad died and we were expecting an invasion on Earth by the remaining saiyans at the time. Piccolo took me and left me on my own in a jungle and told me I had to survive on my own. After six months, he started training me, which basically meant that he just beat the crap out of me every day so that I would grow stronger."

Wrex grunted. "Sounds intense."

"Yep," Gohan said cheerfully. "It almost worked too. By the time I was five I was defending Earth from invading aliens that could conquer anything we had at the time, beings that were much stronger than me. If it wasn't for my father coming back from the dead the first time, I wouldn't have made it."

Wrex stared. "That's the second time that you've mentioned someone being dead and coming back in the last few minutes," he rumbled. "Is that one of your abilities that you can teach? Learning how to come back from the dead?"

Gohan burst out laughing. "No," he replied. "Nothing like that. In fact, if you come with me later today then you will see how we do it. But," and his carefree expression changed into a swift glare with a heavy oppressive weight on his shoulders that said Gohan was flexing his power that froze Wrex in his armoured boots, "if you so much as think of sharing what you learn without our permission, I will not hesitate to end your life as quickly, yet painfully, as possible. Understood?"

The question was rhetorical, and they both knew it, but still, Wrex's head nodded so quickly that it almost threatened to come off.

The weight vanished instantly and Gohan's smile turned blinding. "Great!" he said, overly cheerfully.

Wrex stared at him, deadpanning. It was easy to look at his Saiyan teacher and think that the man was too happy and not serious enough, or that he was too book focussed and sunk too deeply into his desk job as an ambassador. Then, when training, he turned into the sort of sadist that would beat you into the ground with a smile on his face that made you think that he could kill you without a thought or effort.

It both terrified and motivated Wrex to work harder.

"Well, I think that's enough training for now," Gohan said, handing over a small bean, one that Wrex had become extremely familiar with over the last few months.

Wrex gratefully took the Senzu bean and ate the life restoring miracle treat, feeling his energy return and his aches vanish instantly. He had no idea how something so small could completely heal you, but he wasn't complaining. It worked and that was enough for him.

Though he would confess that he thought they could make a killing if they sold this among the Citadel.

"You said that you wanted to talk after training?" Gohan prompted, bringing Wrex's mind back on topic.

Right, he had said that before they had started today. Gohan being the hardass he is had said that any chance to talk could wait until after the violence took place and Wrex had earned his beating.

His trainer would have made a great krogan.

"Yeah," Wrex replied. "I thought you might like to know, there has been a lot of people talking in the underground. Someone out there is trying to get Saiyan DNA. There's even been a bounty set up to get it, a big one too. Big enough that it would be enough to support most of the smaller crews for years if they were smart with it. Of course, getting your DNA has been pretty hard to do it so far because the only ones that we tend to see are the bosses, like you or your dad or Prince Trunks. You guys are so strong that anyone getting your blood or something is unlikely. But if they got enough spit or hair, they might try something if they had enough of it. I'm not sure how much they would need though."

"Our DNA, huh?" Gohan mused, mostly to himself. "For something like that I would expect that it is either the salarians or the asari. The salarians probably are trying to get their genophage on us made up that you mentioned when we first met, while the asari are probably trying to give birth to a kid that has Saiyan and asari DNA to try and reclaim some sort of superiority that they lost when ki took over as the most powerful force in your galaxy from biotics."

"It could also be the Shadow Broker," Wrex added helpfully, having thought about the possibilities. "He's been known to try get bounties on certain individuals before. A Saiyan would probably be on his list. Hell, it could even just be a random mad scientist. There's plenty of them out there."

Gohan cocked his head. "You've never mentioned the Shadow Broker before."

Wrex shrugged. "Not much to tell," he admitted. "No one knows for sure who the Broker is. All anyone knows is that the Shadow Broker is the largest information broker in Citadel space. Has agents in nearly every level of government. Rumour is that he uses Spectres to run jobs for him in exchange for important information, but even without them there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people running around in the galaxy working for him or contracted to him. I even did some bounties for him awhile back. He is pretty ruthless though. If he can't bribe you for something, he has enough hunter teams to try and force the issue."

"That right?" Gohan said. "So, we have a few more people to keep a look out for? That's easy enough. Like I told you before, even if someone managed to get a genophage or some such thing for us, I doubt it would take more than an hour before we had it purged."

Wrex rumbled in his chest about that but didn't say anything. He still didn't know how but he knew that the level of confidence that Gohan and the other Saiyan leaders had in being able to stop the genophage was absolute. He would kill to be able to give that to his people. Which meant more training so that he would be able to beat them into shape.

Thing is, it was working. Ever since he managed to unlock his ki a month ago, he had noticed a significant increase in his strength and speed. His ability to take a hit had gone up too. He hadn't bothered to test how it would affect his biotics, if at all, but that was something that he would work out later. But from where he had been before he had started meditating for his ki, and wasn't meditating a bitch, to where he was today, he would have to say that he stood ahead of every other krogan in the galaxy.

"How long till you think I am ready to start heading out and taking over the krogan?" he asked his trainer. "I want to get my people sorted out so you can cure them sooner rather than later."

Gohan looked at him consideringly. "I'm not sure," he said. "You've made some impressive growth already, tripling your power level from what I can sense. I would say, without using a reader to check, that your power level is probably about fifty or sixty. Most krogan would only be about a ten or fifteen without ki training, which we checked with our scouters when we first met you. The stronger ones would be about twenty, with only the very best and strongest reaching fifty. It doesn't sound much, but a standard human would probably be about level five without ki training, so you would start ahead of them. All in all, I would say another few months and you would be about a hundred. Then you could start taking over Tuchanka. But I would think it would be better to wait longer to avoid all doubt. Once you get stronger, we can really kick it up a notch."

Wrex couldn't help feeling please about that. He was already probably the strongest krogan alive. Another few months and he would be the strongest in history.

Still, it did bring up an interesting question. "What would your level be?" he couldn't help asking.

Gohan's expression turned thoughtful. "You know," he said slowly, "I haven't checked in a long time. Not for more than a hundred years actually. Without being transformed, so my peak base power, I think my power would be over a hundred million. I could be wrong though; it could be more. And obviously transforming boosts that by a lot."

"Obviously." Wrex could almost hear his mind shattering at that, like breaking glass. He had just been feeling proud of being fifty and his boss was over a hundred million. He must really be considered an ant under his boss's star ship.

Finally, he just dismissed it all with the shake of his head. "We really are just nobodies to all of you saiyans, aren't we?"

Gohan grinned and clapped him on the shoulder. "Ah, don't worry about it," he said. "If you went through what I had gone through and for as long as I had gone through it, your power level would be much higher. When you're ready, we'll get you into high gravity training. That'll boost your power a lot faster. But in the meantime, I am going to start you on wearing weights all the time so that you are always training."

A tenseness that he hadn't noticed left Wrex at that. He had waited more than a century to fix his people. If he had managed to triple his power level in two months of just exercising with his ki unlocked, then he could afford to wait another few years to get it higher. Besides, he was a krogan, he had plenty of time. Especially if he was with Gohan. There wasn't anything that could stop Gohan that wasn't already a Saiyan.

"Anyway," Gohan's voice cut into his thoughts, "I need to do something on the Citadel before I take you to see how we are going to raise the dead. You ready to head back?"

Wrex gave an affirmative grunt and headed over to the smaller alien. Gohan put a hand on his shoulder and gave the, by now, familiar stance of putting his fingers to his forehead to take them across the galaxy in an instant.

Yeah, Wrex was looking forward to learning that little trick. Screw paying for passage on starships.

Valern did his best to rein in his, now regular, cough as he finished the last of his handover to his replacement, the newest councillor from the Salarian Union to the Citadel Council, Linron. Over the last few months, his coughing had managed to worsen at a slightly higher rate than expected. Though he couldn't know for sure, there was a certain smugness in Linron's mannerisms that told him that it was possible that this was not necessarily accidental.

Not that Valern held it against his replacement. It was the salarian way. He just hated that he had no idea how it was being done.

Valern had decided that, seeing as he was about to retire anyway, there was no need to hold out a few extra months before he passed the position on. It would only delay the inevitable. He was still getting too old and Linron was still going to be the next councillor and none of it would truly matter if it was today, or a week from now. It just meant that he was hoping that his health decline would slow down to expected levels. It was only going to hurt him to stay in office, for no net gain.

"I believe that is everything," Valern said, standing across from the younger salarian. "The office and the responsibilities it carries are now yours."

"Before you leave, I must say," Linron said with a slight sneer, "that I am disappointed with how you approached these saiyans. An enemy as dangerous as they are means that we must, without reservation, have a way to counter them and prevent them from becoming a risk to the Citadel and the Union. To have let them continue as they are after the Batarian Massacre is a show of weakness."

"And as I have said before," Valern said with a sigh, "your desire to institute a genophage targeted to the saiyans is short-sighted and dangerous. It took years before the genophage impact started to make itself known. If something like that was done to the saiyans, with our history of creating such a virus, they would be far more likely to notice it and assign blame to us for creating it. And with their abilities, they could make their way to any of our planets at any time and never need to combat our fleets to attack our people directly, as they did the batarians. Tell me, how did that go for the Hegemony?"

"And yet you never tried," Linron countered angrily, splaying his hands on the desk. "Our people are much smarter and more capable than the backwards batarians. It would only be a matter of time before our scientists find a way to make a genophage and our strategists would be far more than capable of coming up with a ruse to ensure that our people were never caught or to assign blame to another party. Implementing the plan would be child's play to the STG."

Valern could only shake his head at the arrogance that Linron was showing. It was the same arrogance that was being shown by the dalatrasses; a belief that they were right and far more competent than they had any right to believe themselves capable of. Superior even, to races that had been travelling the stars for centuries due to their position on the Council and with the STG as their tool.

"You only think that because you don't take into our account that we have a history of doing a genophage against the krogan. If another one happened, it wouldn't matter what paltry excuses were invented to shift the blame. The other races and the general public, would assume it was us from that alone. But it doesn't matter now," Valern replied, cutting off the argument before it could gain further steam and Linron could reply. "My time is now up. Yours has begun and any such recommendations are now yours to make."

Linron sat back down smugly in his chair and turned away from Valern to look at the terminal, a needless powerplay. "Yes," he said firmly. "They are. Now if you will excuse me, I have work to do."

Valern didn't nod before he left, a clear sign of disrespect towards the rudeness of the new councillor, though just as rude as the dismissal had been. He just turned and headed out, making his way to the aircar that was waiting for him. As he did, he pressed a few buttons unseen on his omnitool, sending a message that he had prepared in case Linron and the dalatrasses were insistent on their genophage plan.

After all, while he may not be the councillor anymore, he would still do all he could to make sure that the new councillor and the dalatrasses didn't condemn his people to the same fate as the batarians.

Goku stood in a good mood, hopeful that what was about to happen would go the way that he had wanted. He had been concerned with how the war against the batarians would go with Vegeta in charge.

It was not that he was against a response against the people that had sent an army to attack the saiyans. It wasn't even the fact that they were going to need to kill lots of people. Goku knew that and had made peace with killing a long time ago. After all, how many grunts had he killed over the years? Thousands.

Every time some petty warlord tried to take over, there were plenty of brutes and thugs from all the different races out there that were drawn to violence like moths to a flame. It didn't matter what species they were, it was the same with nearly every single race that he had come across, with very few exceptions, such as the namekians. But even there, there were plenty of people that were interested in a good fight.

The biggest concern he had had, was that he didn't really trust Vegeta to be measured about it. Goku knew the second that Vegeta had declared war that it would end with the batarian's home planet being completely destroyed. The Saiyan King was just too prideful for any other result to take place after their new home planet was attacked.

For all that the batarian leader had ordered the attack on Mindoir to capture saiyans, Goku didn't think that the average batarian deserved to die as collateral damage in Vegeta's campaign against the pirates and slaving bands. They were likely mostly just people that were living their lives and trying to make ends meet, just like any other normal person in the universes. Or, at least, Goku assumed that was the case.

Goku wasn't naïve though. He knew that the batarian culture survived on slavery. The difference for him though, was that unlike Vegeta and the resurrected saiyans, he had never lived under the yolk of slavery. It wasn't as personal for him as it was for them. Sure, the slavery of the saiyans was not the same as the slavery of the batarians. They were foot soldiers and fighters that Frieza had commanded. Not slaves like the batarians used.

Still, Goku was against slavery and was in agreement that slavery had to be removed from the galaxy. He just didn't think that Vegeta's method was the way to go about it. There had to be a better way that didn't kill millions, if not billions, of people.

Which is why Goku had insisted on using the wishes today. To correct that mistake.

Gathering the dragon balls was easier on Mindoir than it was on Earth. With Earth's much larger population, it was harder to hide the dragon balls, or risk them being discovered by a random person.

Thus, with Dende's permission, the dragon balls had been moved to Mindoir where they were guarded by Vegeta's family, with one of the dragon balls always on Vegeta's person to prevent anyone being tempted to steal it, and a small crew of guardian namekians, though they mainly stayed out of sight. Dende remained on Earth as its guardian, just as Kame had. The dragon balls were still linked to him though, so he had a contingent of saiyans that lived on Earth swing past the Lookout regularly.

It made it easier that Vegeta was essentially immortal now so there was no risk that he would be calling on Shenron to make him invulnerable. After all, his pride wouldn't allow him to be called a coward by his rival.

Gathering the dragon balls was the work of only a few minutes, but they waited until the people who were allowed to be involved, which basically meant the Immortals, as the main population of saiyans referred to them as, or the Super Saiyan Gods.

Except for their special guest, that is.

"I'm still not sure about this," Pan said from where she was standing with her arms folded, near the drop off.

They had chosen a cliff face that would allow them to be able to call Shenron and have him float nearby but not be in too high up from them. Seeing as no one except Gohan's krogan apprentice had to worry about falling off a cliff, it was deemed by Vegeta and Trunks to be an ideal place for a summoning. Plans had already been made to build up a shrine or other architecture that would make the place special, or at least add some ceremony to a summoning.

"Which part?" Trunks asked from his position, sitting next to the gathered dragon balls.

"Having an alien know about the dragon balls," Pan replied. "It seems like we could end up losing a major advantage if he blabs and tells someone about it."

The krogan shuffled. "I already promised Gohan," he rumbled gruffly. "I ain't telling anyone anything about this. I ain't that stupid."

Pan grunted. "Well, at least he seems that smart," she said sarcastically.

"It'll be fine!" Goku couldn't help pipe up cheerfully. "Besides, he's Gohan's apprentice. I'm sure Gohan wouldn't pick someone that was the type of person to try and steal from us."

Truthfully though, while Goku was indeed certain that Wrex wasn't going to try anything because there was no chance of him succeeding, he wasn't scared of the idea of other aliens learning about ki. There were plenty of different beings out there in the universe that were able to use it. Some of them became strong, and no matter how upset he had been at the beginning of the Batarian War, he always looked forward to fighting against strong opponents.

That said, he was also aware of the nature of the krogan and how violent they naturally were. Unless they were able to come up with some way to curb that, he didn't support the idea of giving training in ki usage to all of them. There was just the risk of too many petty warlords out there using ki to bully their way around and make people suffer.

While none of them would likely ever be a challenge for Goku or Vegeta, they would still be able to hurt plenty of people before they could be stopped. And while he would happily stop tyrants at every turn, he wasn't going to risk other people's lives for his own desire to fight. He was willing to risk himself, like the time he had hired Hit to try assassinate him so that he could fight him at full power, he wasn't about to risk other people who would be powerless against their attackers.

That meant that if they were to give the knowledge of using ki out, it would be done at their choosing, to people who were worthy. Or at least, not going to go out and murder a planet for the fun of it.

"Is Shenron going to be strong enough to grant this wish?" Goten asked from the sidelines where he was standing, breaking into Goku's thoughts.

Goku nodded. "He should," he confirmed. "Shenron was really powerful already and about fifty years ago Dende redid the enchantments to put more energy in them. It's nowhere near the Super Dragon Balls, of course, but it could probably revive all of the Earth and its people if it got destroyed."

A flicker announced the arrival of Vegeta, wearing his customary jumpsuit and armour, holding the last dragon ball. Goku straightened up happily, ready to do this.

"Are we ready to get this over with?" Vegeta demanded in his raspy voice. "I'm tired of hearing Kakarot whinging. I'm looking forward to having some peace on this matter."

"Sure thing," Trunks said, standing to greet his father. "We were just waiting on you."

"And now I am waiting on you," Vegeta said with a smirk, tossing the last dragon ball over to his son.

"Get ready for this," Goku could hear Gohan tell his charge. "It's nothing like you've ever seen."

Goku grinned at the large alien before turning to Trunks who stood before the, now glowing, dragon balls.

"Rise Shenron, eternal dragon!" Trunks called loudly, his tone pitched for a solemn ritual, raising both his arms in the air. "And hear the wishes of he who summons you!"

A pillar of light burst forth from the dragon balls, reaching far into the heavens. The sounding sky darkened in response and a great weight seemed to fall on them as the pressure of the dragon's power seemed to be exuded by the dragon balls. Finally, as if appearing to rise out of the glowing balls, the great dragon Shenron rose into the sky.

Goku had seen this many times over the last couple hundred years, but it never got old. He turned to look at the krogan and grinned happily at the dumbfounded stare that the alien gave as he gazed up at the massive dragon god.

"What?" he stammered. "What is this?"

No one answered him, everyone refocussing on Shenron.

"I am Shenron," the dragon growled out in its deep voice that echoed across the sky, making them all feel as if their very souls were vibrating. "Who has summoned me to grant their wishes?"

"I did," Trunks called out confidently.

"Very well," Shenron rumbled. "You have only two wishes. What is your first wish?"

"My first wish is that you repair the planet Khar'shan, only without the buildings," Trunks said. "Make the planet whole again and have it be in its natural form."

There was a long pause before the dragon's red eyes glowed. "Your wish is granted," he confirmed. "What is your final wish?"

Trunks looked over at Goku and Goku knew that this wish was the one he had asked for.

"I wish for you to revive all of the batarians who were innocent and didn't support slavery that died in the Batarian War and any missed slaves that also died, and for them to be revived on Khar'shan. And if you could also tell us how many that were revived, that would be appreciated."

The dragon's eyes glowed again. "Your wish is granted," he growled. "Four hundred thousand batarians have been revived on the planet Khar'shan. You have no further wishes."

Goku's heart fell. So few?

With his job done, the dragon glowed a brilliant gold and seemed to be sucked back into the dragon balls. It took a few seconds, but the sky returned to its natural light and the dragon balls stopped glowing. The heavy feeling disappeared, and the dragon was gone.

After another moment, the dragon balls turned to stone and rose in the air together, before shooting off in different directions to reset for the next phase.

Goku ignored Pan jumping up to catch one of the deactivated dragon balls to return to Vegeta for safe keeping, as he thought about the number of resurrected batarians. Four hundred thousand. The death toll on Khar'shan alone had been more than ten billion. That was after the slaves had been completely freed by the saiyans.

A mere four hundred thousand… that was worse than the number of peaceful saiyans. He could help feeling hurt that such a low number of anti-slavery batarians were left. He truly had hoped for more.

He shook of the depression. Four hundred thousand was still plenty of people brought back to life. It wasn't insignificant, no matter how much it seemed like it was compared to the number of deaths that had occurred. Four hundred thousand souls that hadn't deserved death had been revived. And for now, that was enough.

"Well, that's over," Vegeta mused into the silence that had taken place in the wake of the dragon's departure. "Kakarot, we need to talk. Gohan, you're dismissed. Take your… student home. Everyone else can stay."

There was a shuffling as Gohan disappeared in a flicker of instant transmission and the remaining saiyans gathered around their king.

"I received a message from the former salarian councillor," Vegeta began. "He wanted to give me a warning. He said that the salarian dalatrasses and the new salarian councillor are scheming to introduce a genophage plague on our people. He asks that I be merciful and not take out anyone who was not involved in this action, saying that it was only on the heads of the dalatrasses and the new councillor.

"Furthermore, he said that he had been against it from the moment that someone had mentioned it. He has been stalling as long as he could but now that he is no longer in power, he cannot prevent it. He said he had to tell me to make sure that his people didn't suffer for their leader's arrogance."

Pan snorted. "Arrogance is right," she stated. "We have already completely destroyed two fleets, a whole government system and an entire planet and yet they think they are going to be unreachable."

Goku frowned. "You're not planning to go to war with the salarians now, too, are you?" he couldn't help asking.

Vegeta snorted. "It's not like it would be much of a war," he boasted. "But no, I am not planning to do that yet. If the former councillor hadn't sent me this message, then I would have considered it. But since it appears to be only a few of the leaders and the councillor, I think it will be more effective to target them directly."

Trunks gave a smirk. "That doesn't mean we can't bluff a little," he spoke up. "Get Valern to tell us which of these… dalatrasses, are plotting against us. We can make him think that if we know who it is that is targeting us then we will leave everyone else alone."

"That would make us look far better with our allies and the other races," Goten spoke up, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "The humans were supportive of us but even they were a little bit nervous about us blowing up a planet. And while they will be the first to know that we have brought it back, the are concerned that we look like the bad guys here, and that was with the obvious villains that the batarians were. If we did that with the salarians, I doubt that we would look like the good guys to anyone."

Vegeta hummed and looked over at Goku. "Fine," he conceded. "If they launch a genophage attack against us, we will only target the dalatrasses that authorised it and the councillor. We will also target anyone that developed it." He glared at Goku. "Does that satisfy your bleeding heart, Kakarot?" he asked sarcastically.

Goku gave a snort. "Fine, that works for me," he replied. He could be happy that there wasn't going to be a wholesale slaughter this time.

"Good. Then we're done here."

The group collectively put their fingers to their heads and left the area in a flicker of power.

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