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(Beerus POV)

Beerus had lived a long time. Hundreds of millions of years, in fact.

When a being lives as long as that, they tend to find things that will amuse them or help them to pass the time. Some beings travel for a while, seeing everything there is to see. Others try to take up hobbies or otherwise improve their talents, such as learning how to play every single musical instrument ever created. Still others learned how to create and build things.

Beerus had become a foodie, as the humans called it.

Building things was never really in the cards for a God of Destruction, and travelling got old after a while. Music was not something Beerus cared for. But tasting delicious treats all over the universe? That was where Beerus thrived.

And destroying things, of course.

The problem was that after enjoying some of the most exquisite dishes throughout the universe over millions of years, he had come to expect a certain quality of food, that he had not been able to consistently satisfy. After a while, he had decided to make a game out of it, using the excuse of his role as the God of Destruction to enact it. For every percentage of every plate that he wasn't able, he would destroy that percentage of the planet, which in nearly every instance led to the planet's entire destruction anyway. Still, he figured it was fair enough odds to let a planet survive.

He didn't do it all the time though. If a dish was exceptional, but another dish at the same meal didn't live up to his standards, he would allow the planet to live, but destroy the person who cooked the abominable meal. Unless they were cooked by the same person. Then he usually just erased the planet's mountains or moon as a warning. He wasn't about to deny himself the chance of a good meal in the future because of his annoyance now.

The only race in recent years though that had been able to produce so many fantastic meals consistently, had been the humans of Earth. They truly took cooking to an artform. Nearly every meal was so delicious that he didn't think he would ever be able to choose a favourite from them. Though, he wouldn't hesitate to admit that the sweets were his favourite.

He finally saw his goal in sight as Whis started to slow down. The saiyans had found themselves a new home not far from the humans and it looked like things were going in their favour.

"My," Whis said as he slowed down on his approach to the planet. "It looks like they have been working hard to build things up here so quickly. They even have a palace that outstrips the old one from planet Vegeta all those years ago."

"Hmmm, so they do," Beerus mused as he looked it over. "Well, it seems as though things are going well for the saiyans. So well in fact, that I am sure that they would be interested in having a feast to celebrate, don't you think, Whis?"

"Oooh, that does sound like the best reason for a feast," Whis agreed as they descended to the large palace. Beerus could see people running about frantically. He extended his senses and felt Vegeta coming outside in a hurry.

It was always so amusing the see them scurry for him. Especially as Vegeta was possibly as strong as him now.

Not stronger though. Ever since that first tournament with the other universes, Beerus had been training himself to increase his strength. It was for a few reasons. One, he didn't want to lose in anything to his idiot brother, Champa. Two, it would give him better standing with the gods of the more powerful universes, like Universe One. Three, and he would never admit this out loud to anyone on pain of death, it wouldn't do to let his students like Goku and Vegeta get strong than him.

Goku especially. The man wasn't the most intelligent, but he had a natural inclination to fighting that would make anyone jealous of how much he could achieve and where his potential could get to. And all the idiot wanted to do was fight strong opponents. Beerus refused to lose to such a simple-minded person. Even if that meant he lost a lot of his chance to sleep.

Oh, his poor sleep. He missed his fifty-year naps. It was bad enough that Whis made fun of him by mentioning it in his little speech to convince Beerus to come here, which was completely how it happened. Anyone else that says otherwise is a liar.

It made moments like this even more important for him, knowing that he was going to eat something that was likely to become a contender for his new favourite.

They touched down a moment later in front of a gathering of Saiyan dignitaries, with Vegeta standing in front of them all. As one, they all bowed as Whis and Beerus stepped forward.

"Lord Beerus," Vegeta said respectfully with his rough voice. "Master Whis, it is an honour to have you visit our new home."

"Yes, I'm sure it is," Beerus agreed with complete humility. That was him, truly the most humble of all the Gods of Destruction.

Just ask him and he would tell you.

"I must say," Whis said pleasantly, "you have all done very well here. It is far more splendid than the previous castle on Vegeta that you used to have. Well done!"

Vegeta straightened up slightly, preening at the compliment. "Thank you, Master," Vegeta said. "Please, come inside. We have a feast prepared in honour of your arrival."

Beerus could feel his mouth starting to drool already. "You work fast. Well then," he said grandly. "Lead the way. I find myself curious as to what delicacies you have ready for our divine presences."

Vegeta guided them to a large hall where tables had been set up, lined with plates and cutlery. He led them to the seats of honour in the middle of a table that had been set on a stage at the head of the hall where they sat.

"We have a number of human chefs in our employ," Vegeta explained as he sat down. "I made sure that they would be making you a tasting plate of different foods from Earth, with a dessert you haven't yet been served, from my memory. It is called a lemon meringue pie."

"That sounds delightful," Whis exclaimed happily. "I can already feel my mouth drooling in anticipation."

"As is mine," Beerus agreed. "Hopefully for you it means I won't have to destroy your planet."

Beerus couldn't help enjoying the flinches of some of the others around the room that were in earshot, though Vegeta remained composed. As it should be; it wouldn't do for one of his students to flinch in the face of death.

The food came out on silver platters. Beerus felt a great thrill at the sights and smells of the great variety of exceptional looking food. Spiced meats cooked to perfection, pastries that were light and fluffy, friend seafood that crunched oh so deliciously. Beerus couldn't help digging in with relish.

They had eaten for several minutes, and Beerus was beginning to think that Vegeta had outdone himself. This was the type of reception that Beerus was beginning to think he deserved on all the planets that he visited. Though he knew that it wouldn't be fair to judge other races by the food that he received from the humans and saiyans, at this particular minute, he didn't really care. It was just too good.

"Lord Beerus," Vegeta spoke up, drawing him from his musing. "If you don't mind, I have a question."

Beerus swallowed his mouthful of food. "Oh?" he asked. "Then by all means, ask away."

"Do you know about the reapers that come to this galaxy?"

"Hmmm?" Beerus blinked as he drew a blank. "Nothing comes to mind. Whis, who are they?"

Whis raised his staff and looked into it for a moment. "It appears as if they are a machine race that were created more than a billion years ago by a race called the leviathans. They twisted their own programming and turned on their creators. They come through the galaxy every fifty thousand years and kill every race above a certain prescribed level of technological advancement."

"More than a billion years ago?" Beerus asked, feeling interested. "That was a long time before I took up the mantle of God of Destruction. That would have been in Lord Luud's time. He was the God of Destruction before me and was possibly the first. If these reapers were to come here and destroy things, it had nothing to do with me. Whis, why haven't I heard about this?"

Whis merely looked slightly bashful. "Oh, well, you spend so much time in other galaxies that any time you ventured into this one, we clearly never worried about running into these reapers. Before you came to fight Goku, you hadn't been here for a few hundred thousand years and then it was millions of years before that one that you paid attention to this region of the universe."

"Well, there you go," Beerus said. "I've clearly been too busy with my duties to care."

"I see," Vegeta said. "Now that you know about them, are you going to do anything against them?"

"Why should I?" Beerus asked. "If they are going around and destroying things, it sounds like my predecessor was just doing something to make his job easier. No reason for me to interfere."

"But would you have an issue if we stepped in and stopped them?" Vegeta asked.

Beerus crossed his arms and closed his eyes. "No, I don't really care," he replied. "They kill others, you kill them… It's all destruction and that still falls within my duty. Yours too, as an apprentice of Whis. So you can go ahead and kill them. I imagine Goku will be happy to do the job himself."

Vegeta grunted in amusement. "Knowing Kakarot, he would probably want to train one up so that he could fight it later when it was strong enough."

Whis chortled. "Oh my, that sure does sound like Goku."

Beerus nodded and opened his eyes, just in time to see a delightful white and yellow dish be placed in front of him.

"This is the lemon meringue pie," Vegeta declared. "I trust that you will enjoy it."

"Oh, I'm certain I will," Beerus said enthusiastically, reaching for his dessert spoon.

This was the life.

(Gohan POV)

Gohan sat at his desk, tapping away at some reports that he was forwarding on to human ambassador regarding trade ships that were going to be heading to Alliance space to provide resources to human colonies. There were issues with security on the convoys and Gohan was being asked to provide an analysis on how a security team should optimise the chances of supplies not being hit by random pirates or others in the area.

Thankfully, ever since the downfall of the Batarian Hegemony, the amount of pirate activity and raiding on supply convoys had drastically fallen. Still, with the upcoming attack by the reapers, which was only going to be a short number of years away according to the information that was being assessed from the Mars beacon, it was important that any colony of the humans was strong enough to defend itself.

Vegeta had offered, through Goku and Gohan, to provide saiyans to all human planets as a defence against a reaper invasion but the humans had declined. Or, more accurately, they said that they would prefer to rely on the saiyans only as a last resort. They didn't want to become complacent and lose their strength by forcing the saiyans to watch out for them.

This attitude had actually been met with respect by Vegeta. The saiyan king was a big believer that every single person should know how to defend themselves, even if they didn't like fighting. And while he would defend the human territories, especially Earth as he still considered it his second home, he would respect the humans more if they were able to take care of threats on their own and not hide behind their saiyan allies.

It was one of the reasons why some of the humans were secretly sending their children to Mindoir to get trained in using ki. They had some who were ready to move back to their homes where they were going to be drafted into the Alliance's Special Forces. He had no idea if there were any of those being forced into it, but he didn't think so and it wasn't really his business.

He hadn't done any training of the humans personally though so he had no idea how they were or what their power level was. Vegeta had organised the trainers and Goten and Vegeta Junior had been the most involved in that as far as SSGs went. Pan was still focussed on saiyan kids so hadn't really done much with them either.

He did remember Goten talking about a brother and sister pair called the 'Shepard twins' though, so it seemed like there were at least a couple that had caught his interest.

There was a brief pulse of energy that made Gohan blink, before he gave a wide smile. It was a familiar energy that he had known for as long as he could remember. An energy that belonged to someone that had been his first real mentor.

Piccolo had come to the Citadel.

Gohan stood as the namekian entered his office, still dressed in his white weighted clothing that he wore everywhere, pleased to see his old mentor. The tall namekian was still the same as he had always been. It was one of the things that Gohan had relied on when he first found out that he was functionally immortal. As namekians were a long-lived species, knowing that he was going to have the same old company that he had enjoyed since childhood had been a relief.

Even when their human friends and family started to be lost to the unrelenting passing of time, having Piccolo there had been an anchor, letting him know that they were not alone in the universe as long-life beings. That they were not condemned to seeing all of their family die so close together. Gohan knew that it had also been a massive relief to his dad too, seeing as they had been fighting together since before Gohan had become Piccolo's apprentice.

"Gohan," Piccolo greeted him gruffly, sounding the exact same as he had for the last century. "Good to see you."

"Hey Piccolo," Gohan replied happily. "I wasn't expecting you but I'm glad you dropped by. It's been a while."

"Whose fault is that?" the namekian grunted. "You spend all of your time hiding away here, far away from your planet and your family. It's like when you were in high school and we couldn't convince you to train without begging your mummy to let you out to play."

Gohan couldn't help the heat that flooded his cheeks. He remembered that time. It had been before the Majin Buu saga and Gohan had spent all of his time studying and nearly none of it training. When the World Martial Arts Tournament happened, he had nearly not been strong enough because of his lax attitude. Dad had to come back from the dead and Vegeta had to kill himself trying to take out all of their enemies and it still wasn't enough.

Though he had gotten Videl out of it so it wasn't all bad.

"Yeah, well, with instant transmission I can get wherever I need to go in a matter of seconds," Gohan objected weakly. "But yeah, I could spend more time training," he conceded with a sigh. It only lasted for a moment before he gave a small grin. "I could still knock you around however I want."

Piccolo's smirk let him know that it was the right response to give. "Doesn't matter though," Piccolo returned. "This old guy knows plenty of tricks that would be able to stop you. You tend to stick with the whole, 'punch it till it goes down' cliché."

Gohan laughed at the response. "Maybe," he agreed. "But if it works and I'm so good at it, why change it up?"

He gestured to the guest chair for Piccolo to sit and returned to his own chair, sitting at his desk.

"So, what can I do for your today, Piccolo?" he asked.

"I heard you were an ambassador or some such thing," Piccolo said. "And while we namekians are allies with the saiyans, the Elder wants to see about having some more of us come stay on Mindoir for a while. He wants to see if they can find any plants that would work on New Namek as part of a trade."

Gohan blinked. Of all the things that Piccolo might have asked for, he wouldn't ever have pinged that it would be about a trade or migration discussion. Still, there wasn't anything that Vegeta would object to. The saiyan king's legendary pride wouldn't allow him to forget the charity that was shown to the saiyan people upon their resurrection. Having a few of them stay for a while would only go a small way to repaying that debt, as far as Vegeta would be concerned.

"I don't see a problem with that," he replied. "But something like that could have been asked directly to Vegeta. Why did you come to see me?"

Piccolo reached up and took off his weighted turban, dropping it to the floor with a very heavy thud. "Because if we are going to be staying on Mindoir, or at least some of us, then it seems likely that someone is going to blab to the wrong person and they will tell whoever is in charge here," he explained. "If you introduce me to someone in charge, then there are less likely to be any issues."

Gohan frowned thoughtfully. It was a fair point. If there was one thing he had learned since he had become an ambassador on the Citadel, it was that new species coming out of the woodwork was actually a massive deal for them. Some people looked at new races as a threat, others looked at them as a potential business market and other were merely curious. If the namekians were noticed suddenly on Mindoir without notification to the Council, then the Citadel community would likely consider them as a threat, not as the peaceful people they actually were.

The salarians though, they would probably look at them as a potential experiment.

"You're probably right," he conceded without any concern. "Give me a second and I will see if someone can come down."

He tapped a few commands on his desk and shortly a familiar purple tattooed face appeared in a hologram.

"Ambassador Gohan!" Councillor Tevos said, sounding eager. "What a pleasant surprise. How may I be of assistance today?"

Gohan ignored the speculative expression on his friend's face. "I need you to come to my office," he replied, ignoring the suggestive nature of his statement. "I have something I need to show you. I think you may even get excited by it."

There was no mistaking the flush on her cheeks, even through the hologram. "O-oh?" she stammered slightly. "Well, I shall be down there as soon as I am able."

"It's not that!" Gohan spoke up quickly. The last thing he needed was for Tevos to show up in her lingerie or something. Videl had done that a few times when she though that they were alone. It had led to an embarrassing situation with Pan that he wished he could forget. "I just have need of you to help me out with an ally of mine."

"Oh, I see." The disappointment was so blatant that Gohan couldn't help but feeling a little bad. He knew she was interested in exploring a relationship, though from what he could tell from her surface thoughts, she seemed to have an attraction to power, so it was almost natural that she would be interested in him or one of the other saiyans. "Well, I shall still be at your office shortly. Though," her gaze turned sultry, "you don't have to wait until there are only official things to talk to me about, Gohan."

Gohan gulped and refused to pay attention to growing smirk on Piccolo's face. "Uh," he coughed. "I shall take that into consideration and look forward to your arrival." He shut down the terminal and looked up at the namekian. "Shut up."

Piccolo chuckled. "I didn't say anything," he replied. "But honestly, good for you. Go for it if you are interested."

Gohan shrugged. "Maybe," he conceded. "She's been trying for a long time. I had reservations at the start because I knew Vegeta would go nuts over it. But now, I don't think he will say much." He gave a smirk of his own. "Not when I can throw out his own brother and sister-in-law."

Piccolo laughed. "Yeah. I still have no idea what species she was. Don't get me started on the tentacles."

Gohan laughed loudly in response. "Don't speak too soon," he said, wiping a tear of laughter from his eye. "We have a whole race of floating jellyfish here called the hanar. Complete with tentacles!"

Piccolo gaped for a second before bellowing out his own laughter.

They calmed down and Gohan spent a few minutes explaining the different races of the Citadel community, including the issues with the salarians. Piccolo frowned throughout the whole thing but he didn't say much. Not that it made a difference really. Piccolo was always frowning.

The main part that had Gohan concerned was how the salarians would view the namekians. While stronger than humans as their general population had access to ki, they were far more vulnerable than the saiyans were, seeing as they were a peaceful people who didn't seek out fighting and didn't make gaining strength a priority for the most part.

If the salarians learned about namekian regeneration abilities, Gohan worried that they would face kidnappings for scientific experimentation. Piccolo agreed that keeping their regeneration ability a secret was in the namekian's best interest for now and Gohan would make sure that Vegeta was told once they were done here.

Luckily, only Piccolo currently resided off New Namek, and he was strong enough to stop anything the salarians would try. If more moved to Mindoir, then they would be protected by the saiyans.

Finally, the door hissed open and a tall asari in a long red dress with white and gold patterns strode into the office. Gohan couldn't help feeling amused at the way that Tevos' step faltered at seeing Piccolo, never having met a namekian before, but she recovered admirably.

"Ambassador Gohan," she greeted, her eyes only flickering to him for a moment before returning to the green alien in front of her. "Thank you for your call. I think I can deduce the reason for you asking me here."

Gohan nodded as he stood to greet her. "Councillor Tevos, I would like to introduce you to my mentor, Piccolo. Piccolo, this is Tevos, she is the asari Councillor here on the Citadel."

Piccolo nodded at her as he likewise stood. "It's a pleasure to meet you," he said simply. They all sat down before they continued.

"The pleasure is mine," she replied, though Gohan noticed that her eyes flickered to him again for a moment. "I don't believe that I have ever met anyone of your people before. I am gratified to hear that your language is translated by our communicators. May I ask what your people call yourselves?"

"My people are called the namekians," Piccolo said. "Our home planet is called New Namek."

Tevos visibly hesitated. "New Namek?" she asked.

Piccolo nodded. "Our original world was destroyed by the tyrant Frieza in a battle that he was losing. He tried to destroy the planet to try and take his opponent with him. It didn't work but he still destroyed the planet anyway."

Her brow creased and her lips pursed slightly for a moment. "I see. I take it that you are like the saiyans in that way?"

Piccolo shook his head. "We were never part of Frieza's empire. My people are a peaceful people, seeking to live our lives without conflict, growing our arts and improving our abilities with plants and crops. We have our own talents though that made it attractive enough for Frieza to come by and try take them from us."

Tevos blinked then smiled. "Well, we are always accepting of any new race looking to join the Citadel community peacefully…"

"No." Piccolo's tone was firm but not harsh.

Tevos stopped and blinked. "Pardon me? What do you mean 'no'?"

"No," Piccolo repeated. "My people are not seeking to join your galactic community."

Tevos' eyes flicked back to Gohan, before returning to the tall green alien. "May I ask why?"

Piccolo grunted. "Mostly because we don't live in this galaxy," he replied.

Tevos' eyes widened dramatically for a moment, realising the scope of what he was saying. "I… I see," she stammered, before visibly regaining her composure. "Then, if you are not part of our galaxy and are not planning on joining our community, why I am needed here? I presume that you are not setting up trade or sharing any technology?"

Piccolo shook his head. "No, neither of those," he confirmed. "I am mostly here to introduce myself, but also to let you know that there is going to be a group of my people who will be moving to Mindoir for a while. We have a long-standing alliance with the saiyans and our botanists are wanting to look into the plants that are available in this galaxy. We believed that it would be best to make ourselves know first, in case someone took pictures of us and posted us on your extranet, or traders came to Mindoir and saw us there without warning. Doing it this way, we let you know that we exist and that we are here without causing a fuss further down the line."

Her lips pursed together again. "I think you underestimate the attention that would come your way as a new race of beings," she said dryly. "The salarians would be fascinated by you, the turians would be suspicious of you and my own people would want to know everything else about you."

Piccolo grunted again. "I don't find that all too surprising," he said. "While my own people are aware of the many races throughout their own galaxy and a few others outside of it for a long time, I have been around humans long enough to know that when aliens became known to the general population there was a large variation of feelings and reactions."

For some reason that seemed to amuse Tevos, as her lips tilted in a small smile. "Indeed," she replied. "Well, would you mind if we set aside a time for a small news conference to make the announcement? That way you can answer a few questions about yourself and your people and don't have to go around explaining yourself over and over again?"

Piccolo nodded. "That does seem to be the most efficient way," he agreed. "How long would you need to set it up?"

She tilted her head slightly as she considered. "If you give me an hour, maybe two, and I can have a studio ready to meet with you. If you perhaps do a small walk through of the Citadel Presidium after that to let people see you, then that should be sufficient enough for people to know that you are not some form of hoax."

Gohan couldn't help smiling at that. He remembered back at the World Martial Arts Tournaments when he was a kid that so many people thought that Piccolo was wearing a costume to fight in. though, considering that there were animal people walking around, some had also thought he was only one of them.

Thankfully, no one really connected him with the evil King Piccolo that his dad had killed as a child.

They spent the next few minutes organising the upcoming reveal for the public. As she worked, Gohan couldn't help but appreciating the way that Tevos took charge of the people she was working with to ensure that the media set up happened without any complications or issues. She stayed in his office to bark orders over her omnitool and make sure that everything went the way she wanted it to. It was… admirable.

All he had to do was make sure he ignored that damned smirk on Piccolo's face as he watched her work.

(Linron POV)

Linron stared at the screen, his lips pursed as he tapped away at his terminal. He had to admit that he had slightly underestimated the number of reports that he would receive as a councillor. The extra security reports from the Spectres were far more involved than he had expected, not to mention the CSEC reports that he was now getting, on top of the economic reports that the Business Guild which were far more involved than he was prepared for. Never mind the STG reports that he was getting from all of the teams, and not just those who were loyal to him personally. He was a little rusty in looking over those types of reports personally, but he was confident that he was smart enough to ensure things were going smoothly.

A chime sounded, alerting him to a secure communication. A message that he had been waiting for, for several hours now. It was his STG contact, letting him know that they were ready to begin their operation. It was the first operation that he was coordinating as a councillor, and it was targeting a dangerous group of people.

Success was essential.

The dalatrasses had a lot riding on this mission and were leaning heavily on him to do his part. Granted, he wasn't involved directly, other than planning and coordinating, though he was confident that the redundancies he had instructed the teams to put in place would be sufficient.

His terminal beeped, informing him of an encrypted incoming communication. He took a moment to do a last second scan for listening devices and then accepted the call.

The stern face of his dalatrass stared back at him. "Soltus," she greeted him. "I have just been made aware that your teams are ready, as is the Spectre that we requested accompany them. Have you given the order to commence?"

Linron blinked. He had considered having a Spectre on the team, but had decided against it. Clearly, the dalatrass had decided that it was better to have one than not.

"Not yet," he replied. "I only received my own notification that the teams were in position twenty-three seconds prior to your call. I was about to order the teams to proceed. They should be able to hit the saiyans and depart before anyone is the wiser."

"As you say," the dalatrass responded. "Very well, you may order the teams to commence." She hung up before he could reply, her hologram disappearing immediately.

Linron couldn't help the small frown at being dismissed so abruptly. He was the councillor now. He couldn't afford to let others think he was incapable of taking charge, independently of the dalatrasses. While people disagreed with Valern on his stance about certain topics, the saiyans being far from the only point of contention between Valern and the dalatrasses, none of them dismissed Valern the way that Dalatrass Linron had just dismissed him. He would need to set a firmer boundary to let the dalatrasses know he was not just some lacky that they could condescend to. He was the Councillor of the Salarian Union. One of the three most powerful beings in the galaxy. He was not some errand boy.

Shaking those thoughts out of his mind, he activated his terminal again, contacting the awaiting STG teams. "This is Linron," he said as soon as the connection was made. "Proceed." He shut down the terminal, not waiting for a reply.

This time tomorrow, everything should be proceeding according to plan and the STG would have a saiyan to study for the next step of the genophage.

All according to plan.

(Valern POV)

Staring at the small monitor connected to a near invisible camera, made undetectable to any scans, Valern sighed in disappointment.

It was a human and saiyan gesture, one that he had adopted over the last few years of interactivity with Ambassador Gohan and the others he had come to know. While salarians didn't usually sigh, it did give him a feeling that the expression was apt for this moment. Disappointment, resignation and tiredness at the stupidity around him.

He had truly hoped that it wouldn't come down to this. That Linron and the dalatrasses would smarten up and use their vaunted wisdom and intelligence to see that things were not going to end well for them or the salarian people. Targeting the saiyans, especially on their home turf, was only going to end one way if he wasn't giving up the information to stop them.

It wasn't even a full year ago that the saiyans had been attacked by the batarians. Valern felt he desperate need to stand in front of Linron and point out that his and the dalatrasses' arrogance was exactly the same as the arrogance of the former hegemon. And it was extremely clear to the whole galaxy how that had ended.

Valern had no desire to see his species' home world destroyed in the same way, to see their various other planets suffer a similar cleansing, their whole population reduced and their technological level reduced back to the time where they crawled out of the swamps they had evolved from. In fact, by betraying his leaders, he was doing his best to prevent his people from suffering that exact fate.

The knowledge that this was his plan was the main thing that assuaged any guilt he might have felt. That and the knowledge that the dalatrasses themselves were betraying their people by pursuing this path of destruction. Salarian destruction. After all, there was no doubt in his mind that the saiyans would have found out the moment that either the operation happened, or that a completed weapon was turned against them. Then the immediate response would be to destroy Sur'kesh in retaliation. Then it might not even matter if the saiyans found a cure.

Which was most likely possible, in his mind. After all, while there was the warrior mentality that the saiyans possessed, obvious to anyone who had met King Vegeta, there was the fact that they were undoubtedly scientifically capable. They had been spacefaring for centuries, if not millenia, and not because they were uplifted like the krogan were, but from their own merits. They had also been around other races with even higher levels of scientific and technological knowhow. It was exceedingly likely that their people had gained the capabilities to prevent any form of genophage from causing long term damage.

No. Valern was certain in his path. The risks were too great and the chances of success were too few. The only thing that he could do at this point was mitigate the inevitable fallout from this and minimise the damage that would take place against his people from the actions that came from the arrogant leaders they entrusted with their care.

With that thought in mind, he quickly tapped out a carefully encrypted message, highlighting the information that he had about Linron's plan, including the recording of the conversations that Linronr had had with the dalatrasses to coordinate this strike.

At the same time, there was a very, very small part of Valern that was getting satisfaction from this. Not because of either the attack or the inevitable consequences. No, his satisfaction was targeted purely at Linron. The new councillor thought he was smart enough to get away with anything. It wasn't until after Valern had left the office that he had again considered the man's history in biochemistry, having been part of a planning group in restructuring the genophage that had been sent to the krogan before he turned to politics.

Put that together with the illness that Valern had contracted, and combine that with the fact that now that Valern was no longer the councillor and had made a sudden and nigh miraculous recovery, he was more than ninety three percent sure that Linron had been the cause of his illness.

As he sent the message, he felt a tiny amount of smugness at the fact that Linron still had no idea that Valern was watching him. If only the little sabatour had learned more about intelligence gathering and infiltration than he did about chemistry, he might have found the little cameras and microphones that were hidden around his office and apartment.

Not that Valern was inclined to inform him. After all, the best mistakes your enemy can make are the ones that you know about in advance.

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