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(Vegeta POV)

It had been three days since Beerus and Whis had arrived at Mindoir. Three days of having his chefs prepare the best foods they were able to make, to ensure that the planet wasn't going to be destroyed by Beerus out of spite for a bad plate of food. Luckily, Beerus and Whis had resorted to having their favourites over and again, which made it easier as they didn't have to keep bringing out new dishes every meal. And they definitely enjoyed their pizza and ramen.

If it wasn't for Whis tutoring him, Vegeta might have gone spare.

While Vegeta had made the commitment to be a God of Destruction, his apprenticeship with Whis was not what a person could call orthodox. When you don't see your mentor for decades, it could make one think that the apprenticeship might be bogus or have been cancelled. But when you live for centuries, or maybe even an eternity, a few decades here or there isn't really something to worry about.

"Your abilities have come a long way," Whis said after they finished a light spar. Vegeta could say with pride that Whis had to put real dedicated effort to avoid him. "When you eventually start channelling the destruction energy, it will do much to boost your current power. I should come around for training more often, it has been so long since we last saw each other."

Vegeta raised an eyebrow. "We saw each other only a year or so ago," he reminded his trainer. "You brought Caulifla from Universe 6 for Goku, remember?"

Whis blinked then started to laugh. "Oh yes," he said mirthfully. "I had rather forgotten that it was not long ago. Goku spent the whole time running away from her while she tried to convince him to have a child with her."

"It's still a better story than how he got together with Chi Chi," Vegeta grunted in amusement. "She told him she wanted to get married and he thought marriage was a food so agreed with her."

Whis laughed uproariously at that for a long moment and Vegeta allowed himself to feel amused at the idiocy of his rival and friend.

Finally, Whis' laughter died down. "That sounds so very like Goku," he said, wiping a tear out of his eye. "Anyway, yes, you are coming along well and the destruction energy will only boost that when you start using it."

Vegeta couldn't help feeling smug about that. "And when will I start to learn how to do this?"

Whis put a finger to his chin as he switched to a thoughtful pose. "Hmmm, I couldn't really say. There is only supposed to be one person at a time that wields destruction energy in a Universe, and that is always the God of Destruction. Surely you remember when Toppo from Universe 11 started using destruction energy in your first Tournament of Power?"

Vegeta did remember. While he had been in the arena during the fight, he remembered seeing the reaction from his other opponents and even taken a quick glance to the stands to see the reaction of gods and angels in the crowd. All of them had been extremely focussed on Toppo, but none of it had been friendly.

"Well, it is frowned upon heavily for anyone other than the God of Destruction to use destruction energy," Whis continued. "The only real exception to that is when someone is training to become a God of Destruction and one of the other gods has made comments that they would like to retire. Then you would need to be trained to use it before they move on so that there is always someone who can do the job."

"I see," Vegeta mumbled thoughtfully. So he had power in front of him, but it wasn't time yet to grab it. "And I am assuming that none of the current Gods of Destruction are planning to retire?"

Whis laughed again. "Well, if they are no one has mentioned it to me."

Vegeta huffed. Power was always a goal of his. To be the strongest. Goku could currently claim that title due to not having the responsibilities that Vegeta had, leaving him free to head to the Null Realm whenever he wanted to train. That and he was stupidly difficult to hit in a fight, ever since he had fully mastered Ultra Instinct. It was something that Vegeta had never gained the ability of himself, having decided it wasn't for him and he would go a different route. He had meditated and improved his own senses to be able to gain awareness of and react to any threats to a level he never would have thought possible in his youth, but it was still no Ultra Instinct.

Not that it mattered though. He was still so strong and fast that it might as well have been Ultra Instinct. No one other than his fellow Saiyan Gods had a hope of matching him, outside of Whis and Beerus.

"So, for now, I have to know about it, but I am not allowed to use it?" Vegeta summarised.

"Pretty much!" Whis agreed with a smile on his face.

"Hn." That seemed pointless to him but if those were the rules then he would abide by them. For now.

His comm beeped and Vegeta frowned. He had left strict instructions that no one was to disturb him unless it was urgent. Someone had better be at least injured for this.

"What?" he barked down the comm.

"Your Highness!" a panicked voice from the other end said in a tense voice. "The attacks that you predicted would come have happened, but not where you thought they would. They are attacking the nurseries!"

An explosion drowned out anything that else that might have been said. Vegeta blinked. The explosion was near the spaceport. That was nowhere near the nurseries. His eyes narrowed as he realised that the salarians had likely set up the explosion as a diversion.

Vegeta growled. The salarians had made their move. Valern hadn't told him specifically what the targets were; truthfully, he doubted that the current salarian councillor had been the one to plan all of it. Most likely, someone with more ground experience did and he just approved it. He pulled out his scouter and hit the comm button.

"Pan," he barked. "Take a team to the nurseries and spread out. One or two to each of the nurseries, no more. Vegeta Junior, take our best sensors and find every salarian on the planet. Let none escape. Luchen, take a team to the sensu bean fields. Make sure that no one has sabotaged them. Trunks, you have control while I make sure that no one makes it off world."

He ignored the chorus of acknowledgements and closed his eyes, focusing his sensing abilities. While infants had nearly no energy level to speak of, most were in double digits, not the massive numbers that Vegeta was used to dealing with, he had lots of experience with sensing ki and groups of people were easier to sense than individuals.

The salarians themselves probably only had low double digit energy levels at best anyway. It made them all stand out by how little they stood out.

He extended his senses and was able to track Pan and her team securing every single nursery they came across, one at a time. They were moving quickly, not letting any of the salarians have time to respond to their defence.

"We have a council Spectre at this nursery," Pan's voice came out. "He took out the with knockout gas but we subdued him before he could do anything else."

Vegeta ignored that for now, though it would mean that there could be a reckoning with the Council over this.

"Vegeta," Pan called over the comm less than a minute later. "It looks like this last one was hit first, before the alert went up. The matron has been hit with knockout gas and there is a child missing!"

Vegeta clenched his teeth and extended his senses to the atmosphere, trying to locate any moving ki, even a ridiculously low level ki. He focused sharply. There!

He vanished in a blink of Instant Transmission, appearing on a spaceship burning out of Mindoir's atmosphere, right next to a stasis pod containing a small saiyan child that still had her tail.

The salarian was good, he would give it that. Even before Vegeta physically did anything, the salarian was reaching for a pouch on his hip, no doubt going for more knockout gas.

Too bad Vegeta was faster.

Long before the salarian's hand touched his hip, Vegeta had grabbed it by the throat with one hand, lifting it in the air, and caught the other hand with his own spare hand. The salarian dangled in the air, trying to use its free hand to grab the arm around its throat.

Vegeta looked at the green and white skinned alien, noticing that the right horn had been damaged and cut off at some point. Vegeta reached out telepathically and dove through the salarian's mind, getting all of the evidence that he needed that this had indeed been ordered by the dalatrasses and planned by the STG. The salarian in his hands was good too, having been part of the STG team that was working on updating the genophage, though he could also feel a tinge of regret, though it was tempered by the feeling of justification.

That told Vegeta all he needed to know about this endeavour.

Pulling out of the salarian's mind, he shook the alien slightly.

"Why would you do think this was a good idea?" he growled. "What made you think after the batarians that this would be a good idea?"

"It is… necessary," the salarian wheezed out. "Saiyans… too dangerous. Need… to keep galaxy… safe."

Vegeta struggled against the temptation to just squeeze his fist and pop the salarian's head off. It would be so easy.

"We haven't made any move on the Council and never planned to," he bit out angrily. "Why would you personally come here? Why did a genophage specialist need to take part of this mission?"

"Had… to be me," the salarian rasped, barely able to get any more air in. "Some…one.. else… might have… gotten… it wrong."

Vegeta growled and threw the salarian into the wall, air forced from his lungs as he hit his back against the bulkhead, before exploding him out of existing with a small ki blast, just enough to destroy the alien without breaking through to the next room. The arrogance behind that statement just annoyed him. Like the thing took pride in targeting children like he had.

He looked around and saw that the entire salarian group had been exterminated like the vermin that they were. He took a moment to extend his sensing abilities to the planet below. It took a long minute to check on something so miniscule, but from what he could feel, there were no other saiyans missing.

He hit his comm on his omnitool. "This is King Vegeta," he growled. "All areas, report in."

It only took a few minutes but when the rest of the teams had all given their reports, he gave a small sigh of relief. Not a single saiyan child had been fully captured, nor a single saiyan injured, other than those that had been rendered unconscious by the knockout gas. He grunted. Damn right. Not even trickery and deceit would succeed against his people.

Still, while he knew that this was coming, the execution of it had almost caught his people off guard. The salarians had made it onto the planet before anyone noticed them, clearly trained for infiltration and equipped with superior stealth technology. It was going to be a useful training exercise for the future as a way to remind his people that even the strongest warriors can lose if they are caught off guard or don't pay attention at the wrong moment.

He huffed. There was still work to be done. He strolled over to the stasis pod and looked it over for a second to make sure it wasn't trapped, then deactivated it. It only took a few seconds and the baby was awake and started to cry.

Uh. It had been a while since he had held a crying baby, but he knew how to do it. He picked up the child and held her close to his chest, patting on the back with his free hand to settle her, grateful that no one else could see him right now. Once that was done, he put his fingers to his head and appeared on the planet. Instant Transmission was very useful.

"Take her back to her proper nursery," he ordered the first person he saw, handing the baby over.

The girl started to cry but he had too much to do to stay with her and soothe her again. He trusted whoever the faceless mook was that he gave the girl to, to get her back to where she needed to be. He needed to have an urgent meeting and make a few calls.

"It looks like you successfully retrieved the little girl," Whis said, looking over Vegeta's shoulder.

"Yes," Vegeta said. "It's a good thing that we don't really talk about our sensing abilities. The salarians had no idea that we could just track down our people wherever they are taken, even if it was in space. It makes for a good surprise."

"But surely you won't be letting them get away with this?" Beerus cut in, staring at Vegeta with hooded eyes.

Vegeta shook his head instantly. "No. Luckily, our source told us the exact parties that are behind this attempt, even if they didn't know the specifics. I will be heading to their Citadel in a few moments to express my displeasure. Trunks will be coming with me."

"I find myself somewhat interested in how you are going to handle this," Beerus mused. "I think I'll tag along for the ride."

Vegeta blinked but nodded. "Of course, Lord Beerus."

"And Lord Beerus would never think to go anywhere without his attendant on hand," Whis said, giggling into his hand. "So, I suppose that I will just have to come too."

Vegeta nodded again. "Very well. I just need a few minutes and I shall be ready to depart." He activated the scouter comm again. "Pan, bring me the Spectre."

(Gohan POV)

Gohan hummed thoughtfully as he thought about the message that Vegeta had just sent him. It had only been a few months since the war with the batarians had brought their entire civilisation to an end, while the New Batarian Democratic Government worked with the saiyans and humans to establish themselves.

Not to mention the complete destruction of a turian fleet and a pirate fleet. This though, this seemed like it was a new path that hadn't been explored before. He knew that the salarians had been trying to get his DNA as he was the most accessible to them, and it had amused him to no end to see them fail. Even if they had tried to attack him directly, they wouldn't have been able to puncture his skin to get it.

Kids though… their DNA was much more accessible. And apparently the salarians had come to that conclusion as well.

Still, even though their attack was ultimately unsuccessful, even if they had come closer to succeeding than the batarians had, this was going to demand a response. And Gohan knew Vegeta well enough to know how that the response was going to come.

Grandiose and violently.

He was looking forward to the show. After all, while Gohan would never say it to his face because if he did he would never hear the end of it, Vegeta could be extremely dramatic. It had been visible in the aftermath of the batarian attack, and would undoubtedly be on display here.

With that in mind, he tapped at his terminal and dialled a person that he had meant to call earlier, though for a different reason, and waited for Tevos to answer.

It took longer than normal, nearly a full minute before she answered.

"Ambassador Gohan," she greeted, none of the flirty tone in her voice, telling him that she probably wasn't alone at the moment. "It's nice to see you. I trust that this isn't a social call?"

Gohan shook his head. "Not this time unfortunately, though who knows what the future holds?"

The tiniest twitch of the corner of her lips was all the response that the asari gave to let Gohan know that his answer was something she wanted to hear. It was gone before anyone else was likely to notice though.

"Unfortunately, I am currently busy in a meeting with some rather important people, so if this is not urgent I am going to have to ask you to call me back another time," she said, reaching for her terminal just outside of the camera's range.

"I need you to get Sparatus and Valern in a meeting immediately or Vegeta is going to destroy the Citadel," Gohan said quickly to prevent her hanging up on him.

She froze and stared at him aghast. "I… what?" she pulled her hand back from the terminal.

Gohan pursed his lips and nodded. "There was an attack on our people," he said without giving too much information. "Vegeta is ropeable and I don't think that he will take 'not now' as an answer. He wants to kill a lot of people right now."

Tevos' mouth dropped, even as there was the sound of horrified gasping in the background, letting him know that her guests had heard everything.

"I… will let the others know to expect you immediately," she stammered, before regaining her composure in admirable fashion. "And I will make sure they get there in all due haste."

"I hope so, Tevos," Gohan said. "For all your sakes."

He disconnected the call and locked down his terminal. If the lizards had the gall to attack children, he had no doubt that they would try and access his office when he was at a meeting to discuss said attack.

He made his way to the usual meeting place, to find that Vegeta was already there and pacing. What he hadn't expected to see was that Trunks had joined him this time. Though he supposed it wasn't all that unusual; after all, Trunks was the Crown Prince. It was expected that he would make an appearance in the galaxy from time to time.

What did surprise him more was seeing Beerus and Whis standing there, being stared at by curious onlookers and security guards.

"Gohan, good, you're here," Vegeta greeted him, quitting his pacing. "How much longer until the morons make their appearance?"

Gohan could only shrug. "It won't be long but I can't give you an exact number," he replied. "I told Tevos straight away and impressed upon her the urgency of this meeting. We'll see if the others get the message." He turned now to the two other guests. "Hello Lord Beerus, Whis. It's good to see you both again." He bowed.

"Why hello Gohan!" Whis said cheerfully. "It has been a while. I see you are a diplomat now."

Gohan nodded. "Vegeta assigned me as the ambassador for the saiyans on the Citadel, though it is fairly basic really. Most of the other races don't want to deal with us because we are not part of their community. We do have a few dealings though, so it isn't all bad."

"Well, I am glad to hear that," Whis beamed at him.

"Yes, yes, good of you to see me," Beerus grumbled. "I'm sure you're honoured. Can we move this along? I want to get back to trying all of those ice cream flavours that I had heard about."

Gohan grinned, not at all surprised by Beerus' priorities. He was spared from responding by the doors on the side of the room opening.

Sparatus was surprisingly the first to arrive, marching into the meeting area to the podium. He visibly halted for a moment when he saw Beerus and Whis, shock clear on his face, before he continued to stand before the group on his upper platform.

"Ambassador Gohan," Sparatus greeted. "King Vegeta. I trust you are well and that there is a reason you have threatened to destroy the entire Citadel?"

"You're damn right I have a reason!" Vegeta barked at him. "But you can wait until the others are here before you find out what that is."

The mandibles on the turian's face clenched but he didn't respond to the aggression. Instead, he merely turned to the two he hadn't seen before. "Greetings," he said to the aliens he hadn't seen before. "I am Sparatus. I am one of the members of the Council, representing my people, the turians. May I ask who you are?" He turned to look at Gohan. "I trust that communication won't be an issue?"

"No need for concern," Whis piped up before Gohan could reply. "We understand you perfectly and can respond without issue." He gestured to the feline figure next to him. "This is Lord Beerus, God of Destruction for Universe 7. And I am Whis, his attendant and trainer."

Sparatus twitched. "You claim to be a God of Destruction?" he asked sceptically, looking at Beerus. "And you, I believe are the one that I remember Vegeta saying he was apprenticed to?"

"Oh yes," Whis said cheerfully. "It was part of a deal we made more than a century ago. And while I understand that it may be difficult for you to believe, I would avoid saying anything that might be construed as offensive." He lost the cheerful expression as he stared at the turian in what could only be considered amused confidence, with a hint of smugness. "Lord Beerus isn't as tolerant as I am. And he takes the role of God of Destruction seriously when he is offended."

The turian stiffened at the implied threat and gave a short nod, not speaking again.

Gohan couldn't help smirking at the turian's response. Clearly he had learned to fear the saiyans since their last big meeting.

Tevos was the next to arrive, only a few seconds after this exchange. Upon seeing the new aliens, she had never beheld before, she only had a slight pause in her gait before she recovered and walked smoothly up to her dais.

"Greetings King Vegeta, Prince Trunks, Ambassador Gohan," she said smoothly, no hint of the fear or nervousness that Gohan knew she must be feeling. "And greetings honoured guests. My name is Tevos Telessia and I am the Councillor representing the Asari Republics. Welcome to the Citadel."

"Greetings," Beerus spoke up this time, looking at the asari with interest, though Gohan could see the god's eyes flickering to him slightly. "I am Beerus, God of Destruction. This is my attendant and trainer, Whis, King Vegeta's Master."

Tevos blinked then looked back and forth between Vegeta and Whis. "I apologise for my misunderstanding, but can you clarify the term 'Master'? For us, that term has implications in slavery, and I do not believe that King Vegeta would ever be a slave."

"It's a term we use in an apprenticeship," Whis spoke up. "The one who learns is the apprentice, while the one who teaches is the master."

"I see," Tevos replied. "We use the term Teacher, or Instructor in asari apprenticeships. I have honestly not looked at human or saiyan apprenticeships before so had not heard the term used in that context. Thank you for the clarification."

"Can we speed things along?" Beerus growled, cutting off further conversation. "I'm a very busy god and have a great deal of things to do today. Tell that little fellow hiding behind the door to come out now or I will erase this entire space station."

Gohan was sure that the reason was that there was a food somewhere on Mindoir that Beerus was wanting to eat, though the councillors would have no idea about that. More than likely, they thought it was something to do with destroying everything and Gohan had no inclination to correct those assumptions.

The response was immediate as both Tevos and Sparatus jerked upright at the threat, before turning to the door. "Linron!" Sparatus barked. "Get out here now before I shoot you myself!"

There was a brief pause and the door opened, revealing the new salarian councillor standing there. He walked stiffly over to his own podium, walking slightly further away from Sparatus than he normally would.

"Linron," Tevos said, her voice filled with censure. "This is no time for playing your little power games. If you cannot show respect to other races, particularly in emergency situations, then you will not be afforded the respect and cooperation of the position of councillor by us."

Sparatus nodded, affirming his colleague's stance. Gohan was surprised, seeing the disharmony on the Council so openly. He assumed there was something going on in the background that he wasn't aware of, without reading their minds, but he had not been doing that as much lately.

Linron stiffened. "Well, I am here now. Shall we begin?"

Gohan grunted softly to himself. The salarian wasn't even giving the group the respect of introducing himself. That wasn't going to go down well with anyone here.

"Please forgive the salarian councillor," Tevos turned back, looking at Beerus. "He has apparently forgotten his manners today and failed to introduce himself. This is Linron, Councillor of the Salarian Union."

Unlike before, Whis didn't respond, nor look cheerful, merely giving a nod. Beerus just glared at the salarian.

Tevos and Sparatus noticed the change in behaviour and Gohan saw them exchange quick glance at each other, before leaning away from the salarian slightly.

"King Vegeta," Tevos continued, "you have called for this meeting. I turn the time to you."

Vegeta nodded and rose softly into the air so that he was on the same level as the councillors.

"A short while ago, while entertaining Lord Beerus and Master Whis," he began, "I was informed of an incident. Apparently, the salarian STG, supported by a salarian Spectre, infiltrated Mindoir and attempted to kidnap saiyan infants from our nurseries. They placed explosive devices and toxic chemicals in different locations in an attempt to distract us from their goal. One of them almost succeeded and had managed to take off in his ship before he was captured, interrogated and executed for his actions.

"The results of our interrogation, and the other information that our intelligence has managed to gather, was that this was all orchestrated on the orders of the Salarian dalatrasses, particularly Dalatrass Linron, and Councillor Linron. The purpose was to get saiyan children to experiment on to find a weakness so that they could finally gain the saiyan DNA they need to create a genophage that targeted saiyan DNA."

By now, Vegeta's anger was so great that he was releasing his power, exuding pressure on the three councillors. They were all sweating as they tried to remain composed.

"Our abilities have made our results conclusive," Vegeta growled, staring straight at the salarian councillor. "The presence of the Spectre, however, means that I must ask if the Council as a whole was involved in this plan. Bear in mind, I am reading your minds right now to confirm whatever you say."

Gohan blinked, surprised that Vegeta would be so open about using his telepathy abilities on the councillors. That was normally something they didn't tell anyone until afterwards. Or it was a bluff and the aliens wouldn't know he was faking it. Not that Gohan thought he was bluffing; Vegeta tended to do what he said he would do.

Both the asari and the turian stiffened but both shook their heads.

"I had no knowledge of any such attack on the Saiyan people," Tevos said. "If anyone had mentioned it to me, I would have disagreed with it and attempted to stop it happening."

"Same for me," Sparatus said strongly. "I would not countenance the stealing of children."

Just in killing them, Gohan thought wryly. After all, that is what the genophage essentially did, and Sparatus was certainly pro-genophage on the krogan.

"Hn," Vegeta grunted. "You are both being honest. This was not done with your involvement." He turned to look at the salarian, who was still standing stiffly. "Which just leaves you."

"This is ridiculous," Linron bit out. "The Salarian Union categorically denies any action against the saiyan people."

Trunks dropped a hand into a bag at his waist that Gohan hadn't really paid attention to, before he flicked it towards the asari, who caught it, barely, with a surprised look. She blinked as she looked at the OSD in her hand, turning to look at Sparatus, who nodded. She plugged it into her terminal and images of salarians in armour attempting to enter nurseries filled with children were clearly visible. Only salarians.

Trunks then lifted up the bag itself and lobbed it over to Sparatus, who was more prepared for it. He stared at the bag in alarm for a second, before putting a hand in.

And pulling out a head. A salarian head.

"I believe that is a salarian Spectre in your employ," Trunks said smoothly. "Unless Spectres started operating as slavers since my last visit, I think your claims of lacking knowledge are as full of holes as you will be."

Linron stared at the head in alarm, clearly not expecting it to be brought into his presence.

"Linron," Tevos barked, her face slightly pale after seeing the head in Sparatus hands. "Explain yourself!"

Linron's hands clenched visibly. "It was necessary!" he finally cried out, facing his fellow councillors. "These saiyans are too powerful! They must be controlled! The threat they present to the Citadel cannot be denied by you. They destroyed the Batarian Hegemony and the planet Khar'shan for goodness' sake!"

"So, you decided all on your own that you would attempt… what?" Sparatus said sarcastically. "Justice for the batarians? Or to act on your own accord to destroy the saiyans with a genophage just for them? Did their response to the batarian attack teach you nothing?"

"He wasn't acting alone," Vegeta called up. "He was supported by the dalatrasses."

"That doesn't make it better," Tevos cut in again. "If anything it makes it worse. They threaten the safety of the entire Citadel community with their idiotic actions! You have made no threat to us, you have not made moves to invade us, and have only responded defensively to any aggression towards you." She turned back to Linron. "Your actions are a direct threat to the Citadel."

"But the saiyans are a threat!" Linron insisted. "The dalatrasses and I can see that much as clear as day! We know that the time will come when the saiyans will seek to dominate the Citadel and what power will we have to stop them? None!"

"And if you had succeeded," Vegeta growled at him, "then I would have scoured your worlds and your hidden bases for our child, retrieved them with extreme violence, before ordering the death of every salarian in the galaxy."

"There!" Linron shouted, thrusting a hand out towards Vegeta. "Don't you see? It's in their power to do this."

"And they won't, so long as we don't give them a reason to," Sparatus shouted at the salarian. "Stop trying to give them that excuse!"

"How can you stand there and do nothing?!" Linron cried out. "We need to get the ability to stop the saiyans, to control them and prevent them causing more damage! You can help us and we can work together to get that…"

His voice faded out as his mouth moved dumbly, trying to find words that wouldn't come. The reason being the ki blast that had blown a hole clear through his chest.

Gohan blinked and looked back to where it had come from. Not Vegeta this time, but Trunks, who was still standing there with his finger pointed at the dying salarian, his face carved from stone.

It took another few seconds before Linron's brain caught up with the fact that his body was dead and the salarian councillor collapsed to the floor with a muted thud.

Silence overtook the area, as the councillors gaped at their dead colleague. Vegeta took advantage and flew up slightly higher, making himself more prominent in the area.

"Here me now," he said, using ki to boost his voice. "Due to the attack on the saiyan people, orchestrated by the salarian councillor, Linron, and the dalatrasses and carried out by the salarian STG, I, King Vegeta of the Saiyan Kingdom, do declare a state of war to exist between the saiyan people and the salarian dalatrasses and the STG. This war is not against the entirety of the salarian people, but only those parties whom I have mentioned.

"If some STG agents think that they can get out of this by resigning their posts now, guess again. We will find you, we will kill you, and the smartest thing you can do is surrender now to avoid your family and associates from becoming collateral damage. If not, we will have the pleasure of hunting you down until the end of your days.

"If any other party thinks to intervene, they will be considered in league with those who would attempt to steal our infants and use them as toys for experimentation, and thus subject to the same level of retaliation as our attackers.

"For those salarians who wish to avoid being caught up in any potential carnage, I would suggest that you arrest those parties whom I have spoken of and contact my ambassador on the Citadel with the information that we will need to retrieve them. And as a reminder, if you think to settle old grudges by falsely putting forth people to receive punishment, we can read minds and will have you sent to Citadel police for arrest. We can't be bothered dealing with those. Fix your own damn problems."

With that, Vegeta floated slowly to the ground. "Let's go," he rasped to his group. "Gohan, you stay. Let me know if anyone chooses the right path."

With that, Vegeta and Trunks put their fingers to their foreheads, with Whis and Beerus reaching out to take old and they vanished.

Gohan looked up to the two remaining councillors and shook his head. "I had hoped that after the batarians, no one would be stupid enough to try anything," he said regretfully. "Clearly I hoped in vain."

"We all did, Gohan," Tevos said softly. "We are sorry to see that our oldest allies were not as smart as we thought them to be. They have fallen far."

Gohan shrugged. "Not your fault," he said. "Anyway, I will be in my office if either of you have questions. I need to see if anyone calls anyway. Be seeing you, Sparatus, Tevos."

With that, Gohan put his own fingers to his head and left.

(Vegeta POV)

Returning back to Mindoir with the entire contingent, except Gohan, Vegeta looked around and saw that Trunks didn't look any worse for wear after having killed the little green alien. He felt proud of his boy. He hadn't quailed at the idea of killing for a very long time, more than a century and a half. He had taken after Vegeta in that regard, though admittedly with more restraint than his father had when he was younger.

Still, he generally tended to wait for a signal before he did that when Vegeta was around. This time, he only needed to know that the war was inevitable before he did it. Not even waiting for his king to give the official word, the prince was able to see the way things were about to go, but could act independently, the way that a crown prince should.

The way a king should.

Having Whis arrive reminded that Vegeta was an apprentice God of Destruction. That one day, he would be handing over his crown, his title of king, to his oldest, and only remaining child. He had no idea when but it would happen one day. One day he would say goodbye to his own people and move to either a different universe or even the same one, or a new planet in this one, and rarely, if ever, see his people again.

He shook off the morose thoughts. When that day would come, he had no idea. Beerus had been the God of Destruction for Universe 7 for millions of years. He seriously doubted that the cat-like god would quit before his brother did. Those two would probably go until the end of time so that neither could be called a quitter. So, unless one of the other gods quit or Zeno created a new universe, Vegeta would be king for centuries, if not millennia if he wanted to keep the crown instead of giving it over to Trunks.

"Oh, Vegeta!" the familiar voice of his trainer, Whis, called out in that effeminate voice of his. "What is this absolutely lovely dessert we are eating? It tickles the tongue with its sweetness but has a nice tart aftertaste."

Vegeta walked over to the angel and looked at what he was eating. "That is a passionfruit tart," he explained, having gotten used to the eccentricities of his trainer and mentors. "It is a fruit that grows on Earth in tropical climates. We don't exactly have matching climates here but in the royal greenhouses there are a few trees growing to help us have some on special occasions."

"Or when special guests come by," Beerus cut in, in that self-important way of his. Vegeta could understand that. Being a king, there were few people that were more important than he was and if he went somewhere then it would mean whoever he was visiting would roll out the red carpet for him with the best of anything he could desire as their 'guest'. Goku was the exception, but that was because no matter what title Vegeta had, the man would consider him the closest thing to a brother, rival and comrade that he could have. Only their children were on the same level but it was different again because they were their children. It led to a different dynamic than 'friends'.

Beerus was the same as Vegeta only more so. His own rival was his brother and didn't even reside in the same universe. It meant that there was no one to temper his ego against, unless he was to battle Goku or Vegeta, and maybe Gohan or Trunks. No one else had the strength to even match the god. Though that was understandable. The god was millions of years old and monstrously strong when they first met, even if he didn't train often. Now he trained regularly to prevent anyone else from overpowering him.

"Tell me," Beerus ordered, "what is the crunch I am experiencing in this ice-cream?"

Vegeta looked at the spoon that Beerus had shoved into his face. "That would be a macadamia nut," Vegeta informed him. "They grow on trees and are often paired with honey or white chocolate as a way to balance out the flavour with smoothness and texture."

"Hmmm," Beerus hummed as he swallowed the spoonful, his eyes closing with delight. "Oh yes, it certainly does that very well. In fact, I believe that I shall need a few large tubs of this to take back with me. Along with my standard order of ramen and pizza, of course."

"Of course," Vegeta said a little drily. Despite how many delicious things they served Beerus and Whis, they always wanted a large order of instant ramen packets and pizza to go with them. "I shall inform the kitchens to prepare them for you."

"Splendid," Beerus said with a grin. He swallowed the last spoonful of the confection and let his spoon clatter into the bottom of his bowl with a satisfied smile. "Well, this was truly a wonderful visit. I always find myself impressed with the quality of food you and the humans manage to give us."

"Yes," Whis agreed with a closed-eye smile. "It was truly exquisite."

Beerus stood up slowly and stretched his back out before rubbing his slightly protruding stomach. "Honestly, the only thing that stops me moving here full time is that I know I would end up looking like Champa, and I couldn't have that. But I suppose that we should be moving on anyway. I imagine that you will be busy for a few weeks dealing with those salarians who decided to be a rude?"

Vegeta was about to answer when Goku arrived via instant transmission with a pulse of energy.

"Hey Vegeta," he greeted his rival. Then he turned and saw Beerus and Whis standing there. "Oh Lord Beerus! Master Whis! It's great to see you. I didn't know that you were coming today."

"Yes," Beerus replied drily. "I imagine that if you had, then you would have been here. But truthfully, we were stopping in to see how Vegeta was doing with the new planet."

"And to get some food!" Whis piped in helpfully.

"Yes, I couldn't forget that," Beerus agreed smugly. "But enough about that, why weren't you here to greet your master?"

Vegeta grunted. "Yes Kakarot," he rasped. "Where have you been? I haven't seen you for a few weeks. Not since we did the wish to bring back the batarian home world and their anti-slavery people."

Goku's face turned serious and he nodded. "I got contacted by King Kai," he said, referring to the kai that ran the northern fourth of the universe. How that was though, Vegeta didn't really have a full idea as there wasn't strictly speaking an 'north' of the universe. "Apparently there was something he wanted me to check out. You remember Frieza's brother?"

Vegeta blinked but nodded, thinking back to Frieza's trip to Earth. "Cooler, if I remember right."

Goku gave his own short nod. "It turns out that he had a grandson by the name of Sleet. And Sleet has decided that he was going to revive some of his family's old empire."

Vegeta frowned. "I thought that was completely destroyed when we killed Frieza?" he questioned. "I mean, for the last time," he amended. They had killed Frieza a few times after all.

Goku nodded. "It did," he confirmed. "But over the last decade, Sleet started taking over again. And because he had heard about us being the ones to kill his grandfather, great-grandfather and great uncle, he decided that he wanted to get stronger than all of the others combined before he started his bid for power."

"Well, how strong is he?" Vegeta asked. It was always a good idea to try and determine an enemy's strength. Though, if this new so-called emperor was as strong as Frieza had been, he wouldn't be a problem for Vegeta and Goku as he is now. Even Gold Frieza wouldn't last more than a few seconds against them as they currently were.

"Not sure," Goku replied. "All I know for sure is that he was born with the Gold transformation."

Vegeta blinked. "What?" he demanded. "That was the fourth form of Frieza! How was he able to be born with it?"

Goku shrugged. "No idea," he replied. "But that's what King Kai told me. He was born able to transform into his Gold form. Now he is ridiculously strong, or so I'm told. And he wants to come to Earth and destroy it as evidence that he is the strongest person in the Universe before he goes on a campaign to conquer the galaxy."

Vegeta frowned as he considered all of this new information. King Kai wouldn't have got Goku on this if he didn't believe it was a true threat. Or at least, he wouldn't have had Goku come back to tell Vegeta first before he did anything. Clearly, this new wannabe emperor had some strength to call upon.

"What do you need?" he asked. "We just declared war with the salarian dalatrasses and their infiltration group for trying to steal Saiyan babies for experimentation. I am needed to stay here for that."

Goku blinked in surprise. "What?" He rubbed his head. "Man, things like this always seem to happen when I am away." He dropped his hand. "Well, if they were going to for the babies and you aren't killing the whole salarian race, then I won't object to it."

"Good," Vegeta nodded, internally relieved that he wouldn't have to hear Goku complaining again. The man's heart was in the right place but it was a little annoying at times when he complained about killing. The man had done plenty of it himself over the decades after all but he had his morals, which was… commendable. Far too many saiyans in the past had become bloodthirsty idiots. Nappa had been one of them. And while his pride would never let him say it out loud, but Vegeta knew that he could have been labelled such when he had worked for Frieza in his youth.

"That sounds surprising," Beerus spoke up, giving voice to Vegeta's thoughts. "You don't usually like killing if you can avoid it, Goku. What makes it different?"

"Oh, that's easy," Goku said. "Vegeta is targeting all the people that were going to kidnap children and do all sorts of experiments on them, like Doctor Gero would have years ago. This stops the people that were responsible and prevents them trying again in the future."

Huh, so it was his memory of that old mad human scientist. Though, mad the human had been, he had certainly caused no end of trouble with his androids. And while Androids 17 and 18 had become good allies, the rest of them had caused massive amounts of damage and almost killed them all at least once.

"That does sound like solid reasoning," Whis said in his soothing voice. "But back to this Sleet fellow, you said you needed some help?"

Goku blinked and then grinned. "Ha, sorry," he said sheepishly in classic Goku style. "I kinda lost track there." His grin faded and he turned serious. "If you can spare Gohan, Goten, Trunks and maybe Pan, that should give me enough people to help counter any surprises this guy might have."

"Hmmm," Vegeta frowned thoughtfully. "I can't spare Gohan right now," he said. "And Pan is more likely going to want in on the revenge against the salarians because they were targeting the nurseries. You can take Vegeta Jr and Gotel instead. That should be sufficient enough to replace your first choices."

Goku nodded. "Thanks," he said. "I'll head over and…" he was interrupted by the large growling in his stomach. Everyone stopped and deadpanned at him as he put his hands on his stomach. "Sorry!" he said sheepishly again. "I guess it's been a while since I last ate. I'll just grab a quick bite to eat then head out."

"Sounds wonderful," Whis said. "That will give us more time to get some snacks for the road."

Beerus perked up at that. "Well, why didn't you say so earlier?" he demanded. "Let's head back to the kitchens!"

Vegeta just sighed.

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