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(Vegeta POV)

Vegeta looked at the world below him. Beneath him, even. All of them were. Because none of the salarians were greater than the saiyan king. Not even the 'high and mighty' dalatrass who thought to humble his people through their threats and experiments.

It felt really good to be where he was now. It felt like justice. It felt like destiny.

If it hadn't been for the agreements that he had made with the former councillor Valern, he might have decided to go the way that he had with the batarians and destroyed their home planet. However, there were differences. After all, the salarians while vile and evil enough to kidnap their children with plans to experiment on them. But it was better than wanting to kidnap them for bed slaves like the batarians and their pirates planned to do.

They were both violations, but one was a leadership decision, and the other was a wider disgusting attribute of the entire culture. Taking out just the hegemon wouldn't have been enough to correct the rot that infested the whole population. They needed to remove everyone in the hegemony that was supportive of that behaviour if they were to implement lasting change.

For the salarians, taking out the dalatrasses and their STG leaders would be the equivalent of taking out the main drivers behind the plan to drive the saiyans to the brink of extinction. The salarian people would follow whatever their leaders would decide to do, regardless of whether or not they agreed with that decision. They were far more sheep-like than the batarians. Creating drastic change was much simpler when compliance was a much more ingrained part of their society.

While many salarians would still personally believe that they were better than others, maybe even express that belief in their interactions, they would still comply with what their leaders ordered them to do. Though, they would certainly fear the saiyans. That was a given. There was nothing they could do about it except act haughty from their technological prowess, of which only the asari could claim superiority, htough their knowledge of the prothean beacons due to the Mars Archives gave the humans and saiyans a solid guess as to why that was.

Regardsless, now Vegeta floated several kilometres in the air with the small team he was leading, watching the mad scrambling of the salarians as they realised that their potential doom had arrived.

The odd thing was that none of them fired. Not a single shot was sent his group's way. It was either smart of them, or they were more cowardly than they projected themselves to be. Or they could be laying a trap, which was more likely. That would be in line with how they would normally function. And, after the attack on their nurseries on Mindoir, they would have to realise that they would need to use gas attacks to have any chance of hurting the saiyans. No other attacks they had would likely cause damage fast enough for the saiyans to escape the danger.

Still, he would never be a leader that didn't learn to counter tricks that had already been used. Only morons fell for the same trick twice if they had prior notice.

"Air masks on," he ordered his two teams. "You all have your targets. Get them out of their hidey holes. And remember," he made sure to shoot a glare at them all as they looked at him. "I want them all alive." He stalled his gaze on Pan as she frowned back at him. "All of them. They will all die but it will be done the right way. For right now they must be kept alive and with all limbs attached, if only for possible biosecurity reasons. Beyond that, I don't care what you do."

Pan's frown transformed into a vicious smirk while the rest of the teams gave a serious nod, or smirks of their own. Trunks merely floated there impassively. His son really needed to enjoy his work more.

"All right," Vegeta announced, turning back to look at the planet. "Go get your targets and take them back to Mindoir. I want this wrapped up without any complications. Now go!"

With that, the saiyans all headed off towards their targets. It seemed like the STG director was on planet in a hidden base in the mountains on the larger continent. It wasn't near the base that the Head Dalatrass was trying to stay safe in. Her hiding place was on the continent nearer to the equator, which had another mountain range.

According to the data that had been given to them by Valern, there was another safehouse hidden there specifically for the High Dalatrass, which was passed down only to the High Dalatrass. The councillors from the Union would all know about it though. They needed to know where the head of their government would be at all times in an emergency.

There were other people that knew where it was too, aides of the dalatrass and security guards mainly, but Valern having switched sides really made this attack a whole lot easier. It might have taken out a lot of the guesswork, some of the mystery in the task, but it also saved him a great deal of time. Now he didn't have to search for hours on end trying to find out where the High Dalatrass was before going to capture her. And gaining the information that she was several kilometres underground… that meant it would likely have taken a very long time to find her.

Still, underground bases also had a lot of problems. The main being that there were only so many entrances and exits that could be installed before it was no longer secure. It meant that the ones hiding had a lot of leeway in the setting of booby traps and defences, but if someone was able to bypass them or, as Vegeta likely would be able to, ignore them, then it meant that the quarry was trapped inside without a chance of escape.

Vegeta considered for another moment on how he would take down the dalatrass that was his target. After all, he was honouring her by coming himself. She should be delighted that he deigned her important enough for his personal presence. So, he would be equally dramatic in allowing her to feel the fear of his presence. Not a rapid smash and grab. No, nothing so pedestrian. The slow hand was the way to go here.

With someone like the STG director it would be more risky going with the slow, relentless path. He would be more likely to have a failsafe to kill himself. The High Dalatrass, she was above such things. Or, if she had one, would wait until Vegeta was right in front of her before she took such a step, if only to have her last moment alive seeing the frustration of having his prize take right out of his hands.

He lowered himself into the atmosphere, passing through the clouds above his target destination without concern. Several gunships shot past him, firing as they went, their shots pinging off his ki enhanced skin without even leaving a bruise. One made the foolish decision to ram him directly. He pulsed his power as it approached and it exploded before it made contact with his skin, the flames covering him for a moment from their view before they receded and he continued his steady downwards glide.

It took a long minute, but he finally reached the ground. The building he was standing in front of looked innocent enough, for a building in their mountain range. It was unmarked and unremarkable. If it wasn't for the fence around it, warning people to stay away, he might have ignored it all together. He supposed there was a certain security in anonymity. Having a large group of troops might have been too obvious for someone like a salarian dalatrass in hiding.

He walked through the fence, and watched as a quartet of guards came running out of the building, weapons raised and shouting for him to stop.

Peasants. Don't they know that there was nothing they could do to stop the saiyan king? Though, he supposed that he could admit that they had courage.

Without even looking at them, he let off two quick ki shots, fired at the ground and exploding with enough power to kill all four of the guards. He made his way to the door and flicked it. The door flew back with a crash, shattering on the back wall.

Another guard popped out from behind cover of a desk and fired, his rounds flicking of Vegeta's armour. Vegeta walked slowly up to the guard, who kept firing ineffectually, until the gun began beeping its overheat warning. He dropped it and reached for another weapon, but it was too late, he was in Vegeta's reach.

Vegeta just smirked at him, raised a hand slowly to eye level, and flicked him. The guard's head cracked back and he collapsed, dead.

Vegeta moved to an obvious elevator door. The control panel was dead. How cute. He pushed the door open to see that the elevator wasn't present, likely all the way down where the dalatrass was hiding. It was a long way down, farther than his enhanced eyes could see. He smirked to himself. Nothing to it.

He stepped into the elevator shaft and floated slowly down. It was a long way, as he he descended, the light of his ki the only thing keeping the dark at bay.

It took nearly two minutes at his current pace to reach the bottom of the elevator shaft., he pushed through the roof of the empty elevator cart like it was butter, then pulled the door open to see a narrow hallway. There was a single desk off to the side with a single salarian hiding behind it. A civilian. Not armed. Not worth Vegeta's time.

He walked forward to the single, clearly reinforced door at the end of the hall, his footsteps echoing loudly in the hallway. It was almost an ominous noise, like the approaching steps of death. He smirked to himself. Well, it wasn't exactly wrong.

He finally came to a stop in front of the door. He frowned at it for a moment as he extended his senses. He grunted in amusement as his sensing told him what was really happening. Security through obscurity.

He reached out and punched through the wall to his right, exposing the hidden door to the room hiding the dalatrass. The salarian in the hall behind him squeaked in fear, but Vegeta ignored her. He reached out and pushed on the door, the heavy reinforced door not even providing the slightest resistance to his saiyan strength. With a loud crack of broken metal, the door squealed open on resistant hinges, snapping and falling off as it reached the end of its axis.

Vegeta frowned at what he saw.

Dalatrass Linron was looking around wildly at everything apart from him and muttering frantically.

"They abandoned us, they abandoned us!"

He wasn't exactly sure who it was that the dalatrass was referring to. This was not the confident dalatrass that had made a proclamation after the turians and asari had chosen to not to stand with them after their terroristic actions. This was a rambling crazy person.

He stepped forward. "Dalatrass Linron," he declared, before he halted. In an alcove in the wall, there was a large orb, similar in size to the Namekian dragon balls. It looked innocent enough.

Then it started glowing.

Linron jerked upright. "Master!" she screamed, sounding relieved.

Vegeta ignored her as he stared at the orb. He could hear a voice coming from it, demanding that he submit to its will. He felt a pressure in his skull as the voice demanded obedience and service. To let his mind become subject to its.

He snarled. The mind control attempt was powerful, more powerful than Bibbidy had been when Vegeta had allowed himself to become that wizard's servant for a short time. But Vegeta was so much more than he was then. He forced the voice out of his head and punched the orb, shattering it.

The orb stopped glowing and the fragments of it sprinkled around the room. Dalatrass Linron shrieked in horror at witnessing the destruction of the spherical object.

He let out a ki pulse, making sure none of the fragments were left on him, before he turned back to the dalatrass, who was staring at the destruction in mute horror.

"Dalatrass Linron," he growled. "For the attacks that you ordered on my people and the attempted kidnapping of saiyan children for the purpose of your cruel experimentation, I am taking you back to Mindoir where you will stand trial for your crimes. I recommend you don't resist." His mouth twisted into a vicious sneer. "After all, I don't need all of you to have a trial."

The salarian just stared at him, unable to frame words.


(Trunks POV)

Normally, Trunks wouldn't have an issue with leading anyone to attack a base or take out an enemy. He had done it many times over the last century. His role as a prince was a leadership position and his father had made sure that Trunks knew how to act properly as a prince and future king for their people.

However, there were times when it was more trying on his patience than he wished it would be. Like, for example, when the saiyan woman he was leading into the raid was frothing at the metaphorical bit to get in there without any sense of actual control.

Pan had ranted for more than an hour straight as they had prepared to make way. Trunks had been double checking the technology of the Citadel society to make sure that he would be familiar enough with their technology to crack the salarian codes when they searched the base for information.

In fact, her behaviour had been so distracting that he'd had to shout at her to get her to shut up so he could focus. She had then proceeded to sit on the couch, arms folded tightly across her chest and legs crossed in such a way that it would take a crowbar to get them to uncross, mumbling furiously to herself.

Eventually, Trunks had sighed. "Look, why don't you do something that will help you prepare for the mission?"

"Like what?" she barked at him.

He wasn't fazed by her attitude. Her had seen worse far too many times to flinch in the face of her anger. "Why don't you study salarian physiology while you wait so that you can learn what things will and won't kill the salarian when we get him?"

Her face had cleared for a moment before it twisted into a cruel smile. "Finally, something you said makes real sense!" she crowed before opening up her own omnitool and scrolling through anything she could find about the salarian body.

Trunks just shook his head and got back to work on prothean base tech, making sure he understood the ins and outs.

Finally, he was ready to go.

"You got enough to work on?" he asked Pan as he stood up.

"Oh, yes!" she hissed in excitement. "That salarian is going to wish he had never been born."

"Good," he nodded. "Just remember, salarians are tricky. I wouldn't put it past him to have poison or a hidden explosive hidden inside him somewhere. Like a hidden tooth or inside his horn or something. You wouldn't want him to deny you your revenge, after all."

She got a determined look on her face. "Damn. I hadn't thought of that. No way in the Home For Infinite Losers is that guy getting away from me!"

Trunks grunted in amusement and closed his eyes, reaching his senses out to the galaxy to look for the faint signal he needed. It took him a few moments, even knowing where he was looking. Finally, he found it.

"Got it," he said, focussing on the source. "Grab on."

Pan put a hand on his shoulder. "Just so you know, I told the others not to bother with this base. I will use Multi-form once we are at the base and get the whole lot. The others are going to hit the other STG sub commander bases."

Trunks nodded distracted and blinked away in Instant Transmission.

The base was on a small planet in Salarian Union space, with the barest of atmospheres. It was enough that a SSB would manage for about an hour before they needed to get into a proper air-filled environment without suffocating.

That was more than enough.

They instantly transformed into the characteristic blue of the SSB form to withstand the reduced atmosphere and flew to the facility, blasting straight through the outer airlock door. They normally wouldn't risk damaging the door, but with people as wily as the salarians, they couldn't allow any advantage that would let the salarians have time to delete their archives or make an escape.

Once they breached the door, Pan split herself into five identical bodies and four of them shot off through the base, targeting the director's officers. Trunks didn't waste time, he led the way to the director's office, having memorised the directions that had been given to his dad from the salarian informant.

It only took seconds before they found themselves in front of the armoured door. Not that it matter; they passed through the metal door as though it wasn't even there.

The director was quick, already rising from his chair and reaching for a weapon, but it didn't matter in the face of the righteous anger of a saiyan warrior. Pan was on him before his heart could take another beat, yanking his shoulder joints out of their sockets to disable his arms instantly. A hand was thrust into his mouth, looking for way false teeth that might hide a suicide option from the STG director.

After a moment of searching, Pan let out a triumphant exclamation as she yanked out two teeth and threw them threw the doorway and out into the hall. A moment later there was a loud bang as the false tooth exploded with enough force that it would have blown the salarian's head clean off had she not removed it in time.

Trunks paid none of this any mind as he moved to the terminal, to see that it was still on. Luckily, the director hadn't had time to shut it down before they infiltrated his office. Keeping the terminal open, he inserted an OSD and started to transfer all files that he could find onto it.

Apparently the STG director was a more paranoid man than Trunks had thought; the amount of data that was being copied implied that none of the operational reports that he had were sent to an outside server for storage. Perhaps it was the risk of access through external systems that made the director only trust this terminal. Trunks didn't know.

He didn't really care either. Security restriction warnings were popping up on the terminal and he started tapping away furiously at the keypad to make sure that none of them shut the system down or purged any of the data that had already made its way into his OSD.

The screen flashed red as he typed in command after command, flashing blue again as it accepted his directives. The flashed red again as a new security program activated, threatening to shut the system down or delete all files.

A new alert popped up that stopped him tapping away.

"Dammit," he hissed. "Eyes!" he barked at Pan. "I need his eyes!"

Pan dragged him bodily over to the terminal and trunks grabbed his head, holding it place as whatever optical scanner did its job, leading to the screen flashing blue again.

"Good," he started tapping away at the keypad again as Pan yanked his head away to continue delivering her form of justice.

The computer flashed red again, making him stop.

"Dammit, his left hand!"

The salarian was dragged back over and trunks took at look at the desk for a moment. "There," he said, pointing to a blank spot of desk.

Pan shoved the salarian's hand onto the desk hard enough that Trunks heard something in it pop, making the salarian howl, but the hand stayed on the desk until the terminal flashed blue again.

It took another two minutes and another three bio-scans before Trunks felt comfortable enough slowing down on the keypad. Another minute later and the terminal beeped as it finished copying everything into the OSD. Trunks disconnected it and watched without acting as another alert flashed on the terminal. This time, as Trunks was no longer deactivating or rerouting the alerts, the terminal flashed red, then deleted everything locally, before the motherboard in the desk glowed red and melted in a self-destruct sequence that was clearly well planned.

"We're done," Trunks announced, looking over at the, now extremely bloody, STG director, still in the tender care of Pan.

"Good," Pan said. She yanked the salarian in front of her. "Director Findon Plist of the Special Tasks Group, you are being detained by the Saiyan Kingdom for your part in infiltrating the planet Mindoir with the purpose of kidnapping children for the purpose of experimentation with the extended goal of committing genocide. You will be tried by saiyan law and subject to any punishments that come from that. You will not be afforded the legal protections of a Citadel citizen as our just system does not recognise their authority in these matters. You will be your own defender. Don't bother resisting or speaking up; there is nothing that will help your case with me and only things that can hurt you."

With her piece said, She raised two fingers to her head and disappeared, teleporting back to Mindoir.

Trunks took another moment to look around and extended his senses throughout the base. There was no one left but him, Pan's clones clearly having taken the officers while he had been working. He debated heading back immediately, but decided to take a quick look to see if there was anything left behind that could be useful.

After all, if there was anything that his mother had taught him in his younger days, it was to always take a look at your enemy's technology, because something could surprise you. It was how she had managed to create the first human built ship capable of interplanetary flight, how she had been able to create the gravity machines and how she had been inspired to do so many things that even now left him in awe of her abilities.

He smiled in fond memory as he started to move throughout the base. "This one's for you, Mum."

(Gohan POV)

The sun was harsh on their backs, with a strong wind blowing dust fast enough to scratch the skin of regular humans. It was actually lighter than normal for the area, a testament for the toughness and resilience of the people that lived on the planet.

Tuchanka. Home world of the krogan, pariahs of the Citadel community.

Once Vegeta had given the go ahead for Gohan to bring Wrex back to his people to take out the STG, he had decided to let Wrex take the lead. This was an operation that was of strategic importance to the krogan people. While Wrex was Gohan's apprentice, he was still a Battlemaster in his own right, with extensive experience in combat, possibly more than Gohan did, though that was debateable. After all, Wrex had been a mercenary for centuries, but there was a difference in scale.

Regardless, Wrex had acknowledged Gohan as his superior and now Gohan was going to act like it. He wouldn't be doing any direct fighting though; that wasn't part of the plan. Gohan was here as an evaluator and he would also be making sure that none of the salarians escaped capture. That was the extent of the aid he would provide today, as requested by Wrex. After all, if Wrex was going to lead his people some day, he needed their confidence in him to do the job, not just as a puppet of the saiyans.

Gohan had watched in amusement as another krogan by the name of Wreav had stepped up to Wrex, attempting to make his own play for the leadership of the combat group that would be taking on the salarians.

Wrex had stood there impassively, listening to his 'brother' ranting without bothering with a reply. Then Wreav had made a mistake by pushing Wrex's shoulder.

Nearly faster than any of the other krogan could see, Wrex slammed his head straight into Wreav's thick headplate. None of the surrounding krogan had noticed a thing, but right before Wrex made his move Gohan felt Wrex's ki pulse to at least triple his base level.

The meaty thwack that came out of the headbutt was much louder than Gohan would have expected. It was also accompanied by a large cracking sound as Wreav's head plate actually snapped as his whole body went flying backwards about ten metres. He landed with a heavy thud on the dusty ground. The whole group of gathered krogan went silent in awe.

Gohan watched Wreav for a moment, before realising that he wasn't getting up any time soon, and if a medic wasn't sent to look after him, then that 'any time soon' would turn to 'never again'. Oh well. Not his problem.

Wrex grunted dismissively at his brother. "Someone drag that worthless coward to a medic," he growled. "I don't need to start this by being accused of murdering my own blood."

Two krogan hesitantly walked over and hailed up the unconscious Wreav, quickly dragging him away to someplace with a medic.

"Is there anyone else that thinks that they can challenge me?" Wrex asked loudly, waiting for a response from the hundred or so gathered krogan.

Gohan had the joy of watching an actual dust ball rolling by in the wind as the krogan remained completely silent.

"Good," Wrex grunted. "Now, I need a good twenty warriors to come with me. We found an STG camp hidden not far from the Shroud and we are gonna take it out."

"Why?" a krogan with a green head plate near the front of the assembled aliens asked. "If the saiyans are fighting 'em, why are we getting involved?"

"Coz these ones are krogan business," Wrex barked back. "This group of salarians are working on changing the genophage, to make sure that we don't change and ignore it. Are you going to let them do that to you?"

A small chorus of 'no' came from the assembled krogan.

"The hell was that?" Wrex demanded. "I've seen more outrage from varren whelps than that. I asked you all a question! Are you going to let the salarians hurt us again on our own turf?"

A roar of defiance came from the gathering.

"Good," Wrex shouted. "Now as I said, I only need twenty, but if another twenty want to scout the area out and make sure that there are no traps or hidden escape craft, then by all means do it. BUT!" he roared to stop them before they all left in a hurry. "Don't go after them until we make our attack. Otherwise we risk them being alerted and getting away. Now, who's coming with me?"

Gohan watched as the clamour of warriors shouting to volunteer was almost deafening. There were no shortage of krogan wanting to get in on the mission.

The next hour was busy, though Gohan still had no active part in it. He watched as Wrex took charge, selecting the warriors that would fight with him and selecting a leader for the scouting team that would be looking to make sure that there were no other salarians or escape craft hidden nearby. Everything was planned, even if it was all rather simple. There were no complicated strategies, nor convoluted attack patterns.

What did he expect? These were krogans after all. Step up and shoot was their preferred style.

He watched from above, flying high enough in the sky to see the operation unfold. The krogan moved surprisingly stealthily for such larger, lumbering aliens. They moved thorugh the rubble of old ruined buildings with an ease that spoke of long experience as they made their way to the hidden STG base.

Finally, they had the building surrounded. Gohan could sense that the STG were still inside and that they were moving frantically. Clearly, they knew that the krogan were there and that they were looking for a fight. There were more salarians than he would have expected there to be; nearly sixty life forces that he could detect. He couldn't help feeling a little surprised that the salarians would risk sending that many to Tuchanka. Or maybe they were just that confident they could send that many without being detected.

The krogan set up while the salarians stayed inside, clearly confident that their physical defences were strong enough to hold out against anything the krogan could hit them with. On a normal day, they might have been right.

Today wasn't one of those days.

Gohan wondered if they had any clue of how incorrect they were as he watched and sensed Wrex boosting his power. Once he got to his strongest level, he charged straight at the solid metal doorway, reached an arm back, and threw the strongest punch he could at it.

Broken would be too restrictive a word for what happened to the door. The entire building rattled heavily, almost threatening to collapse as the metal door, a foot thick of steel, bent in half and launched itself out of its frame, smashing through a wall and crushing two of the salarians that had been hiding inside.

Wrex sprinted in and started taking out the Sarians inside, alternating between heavy punches that blew holes in the salarian's bodies, or small ki blasts that blew them apart completely into chunks of lizard.

Wrex's krogan warriors were frozen for a moment in stunned disbelief at Wrex having punched through the metal door, before one of them roared and raced into the STG base after him. The rest followed right after, all of them desperate to get in first and kill the most salarians.

The whole combat was a messy affair, none of the artistry that some people would go for. Rather, Gohan though it was pretty in line with most saiyan combat philosophy: get in, do as much damage to your target as necessary to finish the job, don't waste time being fancy. It was what Gohan enjoyed the most about working with a krogan apprentice.

It didn't take long before he felt the last of the salarian life forces disappear, marking the end of the mission. The krogan that had fought with Wrex all started leaving to head back to the meeting place. Most of them were celebrating, though he did see a couple that were sulking. From the sounds of it, they hadn't been able to kill any of the salarians in the base before they ran out, so were unhappy that they hadn't killed anyone. Gohan shook his head in amused exasperation. So very saiyan-like.

He dropped back to the ground neatly just as Wrex finished up and left the salarian base last.

"How'd we do?" Wrex asked as soon as he saw his mentor.

Gohan nodded. "You got them all," he confirmed. "No salarians escaped from the base and you managed to kill half of the salarians on your own. Every krogan saw how strong you are and will share tales of your ability to knock down buildings with your fists." He smiled. "I think you succeeded."

Wrex gave an amused grunt. "Yeah," he rumbled, fiddling with an OSD in his hands. He passed it over to Gohan. "Would you mind doing me a favour and try slicing into that? I would do it myself but, we aren't really the most tech-savvy. Not enough to break salarian codes anyway."

Gohan accepted the OSD from his apprentice. "Sure," he replied. "I'll give it to Vegeta and he will have someone work on it. I'll let you know what we find out."

He straightened up. "Now," he said more formally, "I have information for you."

Wrex stood up straighter, looking more serious. "Yes?"

"I was impressed with how you personally handled this situation," Gohan said. "From the way that you addressed the clan, to the way that you handled your challengers and how you lead the raid. Everything I saw from you today was assessed and judged on how ready I think you are for the next step."

Wrex stood up even straighter.

"With that in mind," Gohan continued, "our lessons are going to continue, but they will be a little less frequent." He grinned. "After all, you will be too busy here on Tuchanka to meet with me every day."

Wrex blinked in confusion for a moment before his eyes widened in realisation. "You mean…?"

Gohan nodded. "That's right," he replied. "I think you are ready to unite the krogan under a single leader. I think you are ready to be that leader. You are strong enough, you are smart enough and your are forward thinking enough that I think you can do a great job dragging the krogan back to some semblance of civilisation. The real question is, are you ready to do your part?"

"Yes sir!" Wrex barked enthusiastically. He had clearly been waiting for this day.

"Good." Gohan clapped him on the shoulder. "We are still going to train together when you have a free moment. I don't want you to have this power go to your head and have you thinking that you are the toughest person in the galaxy. We will just have to make sure that we schedule a couple days a week for me to come to you and take you to a place we can continue building your power."

Wrex nodded. "Can't wait!"

Gohan smiled for a moment before letting the smile fall off and having a serious expression take over. "But remember," he said, letting off some of his ki to put pressure on Wrex. "We do not give you permission to train anyone else to get their own ki unlocked. Any violation of that agreement without our explicit permission from either myself or King Vegeta will mean that our deal is off and we will have to remove any krogan that knows something that they shouldn't. Understand?"

By now the power was strong enough that Wrex had fallen to his knees under the pressure of it.

"I get it," he grunted. "I won't tell anyone about it. I swear!"

Gohan dropped the ki pressure immediately, relieving Wrex who gasped in great big breaths of air. "Good. I would hate for you to abuse my trust, Wrex. I have come to like you and I think you could do great things. But we saiyans have seen far too many trigger happy idiots with ki to be able to trust the krogan people with it wholesale just yet. Once you have managed to culturally uplift your people properly and it sticks, I am sure that we will relax those restrictions. Until then, we can take it on a case by case assessment."

Wrex stood up shakily. "Don't worry," he assured Gohan. "I wouldn't want to abuse your trust. And I get it. I wouldn't trust most of my people with ki just yet anyway. If too many of those idiots had it now, they would be destroying things all over the place. And if I find someone that I think should be able to have ki, I will talk to you about it so you can meet them first and you can make the call."

Gohan nodded. "Good." He smiled, now that the serious part was over. "Then I will head back to the Citadel for now, Wrex. You get started on building your people up again. I will check back with you in a week and we can sort out your training from there."

Gohan reached out his arm and Wrex clasped forearms, a symbol of warrior brothers.

Once done, Gohan put his fingers to his forehead and blinked away.

(Goku POV)

The planet they landed on was much like most other planets that Goku had been drawn to fight on over the last couple hundred years. The sky was blue, the grass was green, and the population was small, which left a loft of clear space.

Though, it was most likely that way because the army ahead of their group had just finished slaughtering the locals.

There were hundreds of troops in front of their little group. It was a variety of aliens from many different species. All of them were wearing armour that looked like the type Vegeta had worn when he had first arrived on Earth. Flexible, tough, with large shoulder plates. Many of them had the armoured skirting, but just as many didn't.

All in all, it looked like every time that Goku had seen Frieza when he had been surrounded by his minions.

Most of the goons were just that, from what Goku could sense. Low powered, none too intelligent bullies that got their joy out of being the big kids on the playground. He wouldn't even need to try to take any of them out. He could do it in his sleep if he needed to.

Towards the centre of the group was a bunch of much stronger fighters than the mob that was hanging about all over the place. It reminded Goku very much of the Ginyu Force. Anyone of these stronger fighters could likely take out the entire massive group of weaker goons without breaking a sweat. The strongest of the core group was an alien that Goku hadn't seen before. It had four arms, a large body, gold skin and no hair. He wasn't really able to tell if the alien was a man or a woman, but there did seem to be a slight feminine twist in the alien's energy so Goku was going to guess the alien was a she.

He focussed on that energy for a moment. She was much stronger than Captain Ginyu had been when Goku had fought them, but also seemed like she was holding her energy back significantly. From he wasn't sure exactly how much, but Goku was going to assume that she might even have a transformation that would make her power level go up.

Goku then turned his attention to the one alien in the middle; the one that they had come to see. Sleet. Already in his gold form, floating there with a cocky expression on his face, that hid a level of maliciousness. It was the same expression that Frieza used to have when looking down at his enemies and taunting them.

He was taller than Frieza, even gold form Frieza. Completely hairless and giving off a gold glow as he exuded his power. He was making no qualms about showing off his strength, even if he wasn't as strong as Goku's final power level. He was still plenty strong enough; far stronger than even Frieza had been in his prime.

Upon seeing them, Sleet looked more amused. "Monkeys!" he exclaimed. He turned to his four-armed enforcer. "You see, Myne? I told you that if I got too powerful, someone would alert the Monkeys and they would come along to take a look."

"You did indeed, Lord Sleet," the alien, Myne, responded as she sneered at the saiyans. "They behaved exactly like you expected them to."

"Of course they did," Sleet said looking at the saiyans with the same sense of superiority that Frieza had. "The monkeys are nothing if not predictable."

"And your family has a history of being rather predictable yourselves," Goten spoke up. "Tell me, how are all of your ancestors these days? Oh wait, they all lost. Predictably."

The amusement slid off of Sleet's face for a moment and anger twitched in his eyes, before he smiled again. "Ah, but of course," he mused. "I do suppose that my family history does work against me. So I do believe it would only be reasonable for there to be some suspicions about my activities."

He floated closer, brazenly moving towards the group of saiyans as though he had nothing to fear.

"Greetings, saiyans," he said grandly. "As you are no doubt aware, I am Sleet, a mere businessman." He gestured to the four armed woman, who had scoffed slightly at this obvious downplay. "This lovely lady is Captain Myne. She is my head of security and the leader of her own personal group of enforcers. Everyone else here are my, let's say employees." He looked back at the saiyans. "May I ask who you all are? And what you are doing here?"

Goku moved forward, smiling. "I'm Goku," he said simply. He noticed the recognition in Sleet's face. "These are Goten, Vegeta Junior, Gotel and Caulifla. We are all saiyan gods and have been asked to investigate your actions and dealings. After everything that Frieza did before, the kais are not too keen on letting someone go around doing the same things again."

"I see," Sleet murmured as he touched his chin thoughtfully. "I recognise the name Goku. My grandfather's brother, whom you call Frieza, left many records regarding you. He was most surprised when you visited him in hell and gave him the opportunity to compete in that Tournament of Power. Of course, he also said a great deal about you that left an unflattering picture."

Goku couldn't help smirking at that. "I'm sure he did," he replied. "He never did get over losing to me."

"Yes," Sleet concurred. "And I believe you were the one to kill him then? Or did Vegeta finally get that revenge he so longed for?"

"No, I killed him," Goku confirmed as he frowned. It was clear that the alien was mocking him, but he had learned over the years that if he ignored the mocking tone, it usually made the bad guy more annoyed, which meant it was a win for him. "But you didn't answer us before; what are you doing, Sleet?"

Sleet spread his arms wide magnanimously. "As I told you before, I am merely a businessman!" he exclaimed cheerfully. "My business just so happens to be spread over multiple galaxies. I can't claim that I am not a ruthless businessman, as that is the only true way to succeed in business, but I assure you that there are no nefarious schemes here. Certainly nothing that would necessitate the appearance of the saiyan gods such as yourselves."

A soft snort from Caulifla told Goku that the protested innocence was about as genuine to her ears as it was to his own. "Right," Goku said drily. "And I'm sure that you won't mind us taking a look around at your business? Just to ease our minds, of course."

"Oh?" Sleet asked with exaggerated curiosity. "Well, I can't say that I would be overly pleased with someone discovering my business secrets. The thought that someone may use my business acumen to their own ends does admittedly make me feel proud that I would be the target of such, and furious that someone would try to take a look at my day-to-day practices for their own advantage. But I believe that we can trust these saiyans to work honestly. So by all means, put your minds at rest." He gestured towards a ship off to the sde that looked vaguely like Frieza's circular spaceship that he had used as a mobile base.

Goku nodded and started moving forward, letting his body move into autonomous action as he kept his senses peeled. They passed the hordes of Sleet's followers who merely sneered at them as they went past. Goku mainly kept a look out for the other saiyans, as he knew that none of them had worked out Ultra Instinct, though if anyone was close it was likely to be Caulifla. The saiyan woman might have been a natural brawler but she was certainly quick on the uptake when it came to learning knew powerups.

His body twitched before his mind caught up and he watched passively as a powerful ki blast shoot through the space where his head had been just before. The blast continued on for a long few seconds before it exploded in the distance. It was powerful enough that the minions in the area flinched back and looked at the receding explosion in awe

"Goku!" "Dad!" the others cried in shock and dismay, only to be relieved a moment later when they saw that he was unharmed.

Goku turned and looked back at Sleet, who still had his hand raised from his sneak attack on Goku. The golden alien didn't even look angry at having missed. In fact, going by the large smile on his face.

"Ha!" he crowed, lowering his hand and moving to a combat stance. "You're as good as Frieza claimed. How wonderful. It would have been troublesome to kill you so easily." The superior smile on his glowing face widened. "I guess I will just have to take you seriously from the start."