There are times when we feel invisible, like no one really cares.

You try so hard to be kind, but its like you're not even there.

There are times we wish to be invisible, like when we make bad mistakes.

But we have to fix the problem, no matter what it takes.

How to conquor this emotion, really depends on the situation.

Try Going about each day with lots of Happy contemplation.

There is never a need to feel as though you're just a figment in the room.

As if whatever you do is meaningless, like the darkside of the moon.

Just look around and you will notice how very visible you are.

You may see yourself a noussince, while others, they see a star!

Invisibility is a very cruel trick that your mind tends to employ.

Its a sad and lonely feeling that will rob you of your joy! :(

Combating the 'Invisible' can be a hard and daily fight.

But constantly making prayers to God will give you needed might!

If you ever feel invisible, well, thats all it is, just a feeling.

There are people out there who might see your faults a something quite appealing.

Keep surrounding yourself with love ones and NEVER stop being kind.

You see, this "Invisibility" that you feel, its all in your mind! :)