Chapter 1

Harry was mad at Dumbledore, Hurry just got done losing his godfather and Dumbledore still sent him back to the Dursleys. Harry even begged Albus to stay anywhere but the Dursleys, Dumbledore said "how can you say that, they're take loving care of you."

Harry scoffed "are you serious? you damn well know what they do to me!"

Harry know what Albus was going to do so Harry walked away and turned off all emotions.
Just like he thought, he was sitting there and Dumbledore had told Uncle Vernon that is
godfather was dead. Harry was Bloody pissed, Harry knew Albus did that on purpose he knows what Vernon would do and Vernon did not waste time as soon as they got back to the house.
Vernon dragged me up the stairs and threw me in the room. He got out his whip and told me to strip and Uncle Vernon whipped me 4 hours up and down my back of my body.

Ones he was to tired Uncle Vernon left be before he did he said, "you will be staying in this
room for 4 weeks and ever night I will whip you," then he left locking all the locks on the door.

Right now, Harry was standing at the window looking out at the night sky. There was blood all over the bed, the floor by the bed and the wall that was by the bed too. He was only wearing a big shirt the was light on his back anything else hurt too much and he only been back at the Dursleys for three weeks.

Harry was scared it's only been 3 weeks, will he survive to the end of the summer and if he did what will he look like. He thought to himself You can't trust anyone, he had known sense the fourth grade that Ron and Hermione are not really his friends they are getting paid by Dumbledore to report back and keep an eye on Harry, he did not know how Dumbledore was paying for it all and who else was involved. Harry just wish this nightmare wood end.

The good thing was, little did he know someone was on their way to do just that. He put his
forehead on the glass it helps cool his head down.

There was a small Pop in the front of his room, Harry turned around to see a house elf. she was dressed in black knee highs tights, plaque tulip skirt silver sparkles on it and a black shirt with a silver dragon on the back as he seen just before she turned to leave.

"What are you doing here? Have we ever met?"

"Sorry Mr. Potter but I just came to confirm that the curse that was on you it off and it is." "The soon I get back she will come and she will be able to answer more of your questions then I can master." "We'll be right back you should not worry. And with a small pop she was gone, merlin what was she talking about.

Then with another small pop there what stood a female. She was wearing black leather pants and a black leather shirt / bra and it covered the top part of her and showed off her belly. On top of that she wore a black leather robe that was unbutton, showing off her midsection and to finish off this outfit she wore dragonhide black boots.

The one thing that caught Harry's attention was the belts and the bags that were hooked to them. She could see this so, she lifted her robe and slowly turned around then she said "the bags are bigger on the inside, when we have more time I will show you" then she just smiled at him and let Harry look at her.

One was black leather and it had a beautiful blue stone in the middle of the top flap. It sat on her middle of her left side. The other one was brown leather and was strapped to her other belt and her leg too on the right side. She also had three daggers on her, they sat on her back in three holsters. Also had a brown leather holster with the tree wands in it. It's on her left side he was not sure if that was all her wands Harry had a feeling she had one or two hide away.

"hi, Harry, you do not remember me but just do me a favor and look deep down into your
magical core and allow your magic to touch mine and see if I am trustworthy see if your magic trust me please?"

Harry did as she requested not only because she asked but because Harry has now come to a point where the he was relying on his magic to let him know who was trustworthy and who was not. He allowed his magic to flow out and touch hers, for once in his life mother magic told him that he could trust her completely. he did not know why this is, this has never happened to him before he looked at her with a strange look.

"Why is my magic telling me I can trust you completely?"

"Well for starters my name is Rose it's not my real name I don't know what my real name, the
only thing that I do know is that you are my twin brother."

"yeah right" said Harry "that would only happen in my wildest dreams"

"And why is that dear brother? because for once you have someone on your side that will not lie to you and will have your back well you do now."

Harry looked at her and for ones in a long time he cried put his head on her shoulder. Rose put up a sound barrier up so no one could hear him.

"It's going to be ok Harry I would huge you now but you would only feel pain so let's get
"Okay get all your stuff put away in your trunk anything and everything that you want to take with you."
"You are never coming back here again."

"Are you sure I'm never coming back here again?"

"yes, we are heading to Gringotts and I have a feeling that we will definitely not need anyone
after this but it's late I mean by the time we're done it's going to be like 1 in the morning don't worry about it I've already contacted Ironclaw the head of London branch and told him what time I would be getting there and that I would be bringing my brother along with me and he was happy."

"way was he happy?"

"Because I guess they've been trying to get ahold of you and Dumbledore has been blocking
you from getting their mail."

"Rose there's just one problem I'm only wearing a big shirt it hurts too much to wear anything."

"It's okay Harry as soon as we get to Gringotts I will heal you and do not worry we have a
portkey that will take us to Ironclaw's private office."

"Well tell you truth all my stuff is downstairs in the cupboard underneath the stairs."

"okay" Rose turned around and looked at Tilly. "Tilly, I need you to go downstairs and get
Harry's trunk from the cupboard underneath the stairs as quietly as possible."

"yes, ma'am just one minute" and she popped away within one minute she was back with
Harry's trunk. who opened it up and search through it and he found his wand he felt naked
without it are least defenseless so he got that and then he shut the trunk again.

"did you get what you need out of it?"

"yes, I did."

"okay" she pulls a wand from inside of her sleeve and shrink harry trunk.
"I will just put it in my bag until I can heal you and we can get you proper gear."

I know she had another wand Harry though, then he started thinking and asked Rose
"Why is it that I don't remember you, or no one else that I know of but they could be lying some more."

"well for one reason Albus Dumbledore he removed me from everyone's memory or blocked
me from them?"
"Albus put a curse on me so I could not get close to you an then proceeded to send me to the United States of America in an orphanage for Muggles.
"At the age of five I ran away and I just kept on running and found myself in South America."
"Down there they realize that I was magical so they started training me up but they discovered some things that were out of the norm with my magic they scanned me and found the blocks on my magic which I think is on yours as well."

Harry with at Rose side "I wish I could saying I'm surprised but I am not really all that surprised and I think we both know who put it there"
Harry said looking at Rose "Albas Dumbledore just keeps messing with my life."

Well we're going to head to Gringotts and Albas Dumbledore will pay for what he has done to us and mean more Harry."
"If you want you can read this letter" Rose headed to Harry.

Miss Rose

If you are who you say you are and can bring Harry Potter with you

then we can get started on bringing Dumbledore down. We have been

trying to get a hold of Harry four years but Dumbledore has blocked us

at every turn and ask for you to forgive us we could not find you so please

come. You said that around midnight at 1 o'clock in the morning on Saturday

was when you could get here with Harry. So, I Ironclaw with head of London

Gringotts will be waiting for you.

P.S. You said that when you come you would like to be

a private room for Harry so that no one would see him

so I've created a Porky that will bring you straight to my

office just say Dumbledore will not get away with this.

Harry laugh a little and handed a letter back to his sister.

"Well you ready to go Harry?"

"Yes, I want to get out of here as soon as possible."

"Okay take a hold of the letter."

They both took a hold of the letter and Rose said the phrase within an instant they were standing in Ironclaw's office.

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