She was a vision of Loveliness a beauty with an eye to be hold, It was like staring at a pretty little flower but with more brightness and sunlight.

As I saw her do yoga like the rest of us, She did it way better than everyone else did except for D.W. who just barked like a dog, Prunella was
right about Marina being the best yoga student in the whole bunch and I could believe Her! what ability she had, and her flexible body was Amazing!
Now I've seen pretty girls before seeing Marina Datillo, But it was something about the way she was and also I loved her pink tank top she was wearing.

Although I knew she was blind and didn't know what I looked like, At the same time I was glad because I wasn't handsome and I really didn't washed
very good so I figured if she did took a glimpse at me she would be discussed at the way I am and have my horrible face in her memorial.

So think goodness she was blind mostly because I always wanted to go out with a adorable blind woman some day, It was just like that weird movie I saw called
"The Toxic Avenger" where this monster was dating a beautiful blind chick name Sarah or was her name Claire? anyway I just could see that happening to me! I would
want Marina to be my girlfriend and take her to a Henry Skreever film or buy her ice cream at The Sugar Shack. I would be the luckiest man in the World!

Even my mom would be so proud of me for having a girlfriend she would tell me. "Oh Buster, You're growing up so fast!" of course I would totally blush.

But all I have to say is that she's indeed a vision of Loveliness and I've got to ask her out one of these days.

The End.