Pete was at a Goth poetry reading, Not only he was talking about some of the dark things in his life but he was also discussing how pointless life was.

Pete who was on stage with his notebook said to the audience.

"What is the deal with school anyway It's like a Nazi concentration camp, Kids don't care about learning we've have the freaking internet for that now, and
why do we have to do stupid homework anyway, I'd rather slit my wrist then learn about these lame science projects."

The next day...Pete and Firkle were at The Village Inn, drinking some coffee and talking about how dark life was.

Pete said.

"So I think life is pointless like walking your dog, I mean you know he's going to shit outdoors and in your house anyway, I mean...What's the point?"

Firkle said.

"Let me ask you something, If you can jump off a building and hit your head hard all over the sidewalk would you do it?"

Pete told him.

"It would have to be a very hard fall."

Suddenly, Henrietta walked in and sat down with the boys she couldn't barely speak and she was real tired.

As she was yawning she then said to the guys.

"I don't know what I'm going to do about Puddy?"

Firkel then went.


Henrietta told him.

"Yeah, He's this guy I've been dating for about a month, we both have the same taste in music and dark paintings
but he's a real loser, So I'm trying to think of a plan to dump the bozo...any ideals guys?"

Pete told her.

"You can slash his bike tires."

Firkle told her.

"What about dumping a micky in his drink, that could work."

Henrietta told them.

"Nah, It's got to be something deep and disturbing."

Pete after drinking his coffee down then asked her.

"Hey, Why are you so tired?"

She replied.

"I let Puddy come to my house last night and we made out like two dying animals in the sun."

Suddenly, Michael comes in to the diner and walks towards where Pete, Firkle and Henrietta were all sitting at.

He says while sitting down next to Pete.

"Hey you know my friend Bob Sacamano well, we both decided to go over to that new soup kitchen on the corner and this weird guy got so
pissed at us and he refused to give us our order and the bastard told us there was no soup for us."

Pete said.

"Yeah, I know who your talking about he's a real spazz he gives orders like a Nazi."

Henrietta told him.

"You think he's a soup Nazi?"

Michael then said.

"I don't know?...But I'm going to find out."

He then leaves the table and the diner, Henrietta decides to leave and break up with Puddy, While the vampire kid Mike Makowski and his girlfriend Katie Gelser
enter the diner, Pete see's the two coming in and he says to Firkle while looking a little discuss.

"Oh No! It's Mike Makowski he's a big vampire douchebag. he's been coming to my poetry club just to steal my act he's a big stupid Son Of A..."

Right before he could finish that sentence, Mike then spots Pete and he then goes over along with Katie and pete said.

"Oh Hey Mike, What's Up Man!"

Mike then said.

"Hello Pete, I loved the poetry reading you did last night it was cool pur se, Oh Pete this is my new girlfriend Katie Gelser!"

As she was shaking Pete's hand, Firkle begin to drool a little on his lips he was thinking how Hot! she looked. As Mike and Katie started to leave
Firkle who was wiping his forehead with a napkin, told Pete.

"Dude!...She was so dark, Creepy, And Amazing! What A Vampire!"

Pete told him.

"Yeah, But she likes to say the phrase Yada Yada for some reason?"

Firkle said.

"How do you know?"

Pete told him.

"I dated her one time."

To Be Continued.