Michael was now back at the new soup kitchen and as he saw the Soup Nazi telling a young girl "NO SOUP FOR YOU!" he then panics and runs out. Meanwhile...Henrietta who was over at Puddy's house, watching a horror flick on cable, Henrietta was thinking of a way to end the relationship.

Puddy says to her while looking at the TV set.

"Oh Babe, This is some scary shit Huh."

She says to him while staring at his cool skeleton T Shirt.

"Wow...Where did you get that at?"

Later on Henrietta and Puddy were both in his room making out on his bed, Meanwhile Firkle who saw Katie Gelser at the library she was getting the new Twlilght novel and was about to check it out, when he saw her near the desk he goes over and says while looking like a dam fool.

"Uh...Hi...You don't know me but I saw you at The Village Inn with your boyfriend Mike, I was sitting next to Pete at the table."

She said to him with a smile.

"Oh yeah, I remember seeing you there...my your short, But you are one cute little boy."

He then says to her while smirking.

"Why Think You!"

Suddenly, Katie while picking up her twilight book said.

"Oh Yada, Yada, Yada, I hate when the librarian's are always busy to check you out!"

Firkle who was now thinking.

"Boy, she does say that phrase, hope this won't be a problem for me."

Meanwhile...Pete who was in his trailer reading a horror novel drinking some coffee gets a knock at his door, as he gets up from his chair to answer it
Cartman who was standing outside looks at Pete with a evil grin on his fat face and says to him while he looked real mad.

"Hello Pete."

He then replied while also looking at him really pissed off.

"Hello Cartman."

Fat Cartman then tries to enter his trailer but Pete quickly shuts the door but he was trying to come in anyway and said.

"Come on let me in dude, I need to borrow five dollars from you the other guys won't give me there's, except for Kenny because he's poor white trash."

He then told him.

"NO! I'm not giving you any more money you fat piece of Shit! Now get out of Here!"

Cartman who now gets really upset, says to Pete before leaving.

"Dam you Goth Kid! Dam You to Hell! One of these days Your day will Come Goth Kid!"

While over at Firkel's place he and Katie Gelser were in his bedroom drawing some vampire and Goth artwork, Katie who was drawing a bat said.

"I love doing this kind of stuff you know me and Mike would draw dead bodies for Halloween and yada, yada, yada...he would always make the blood look real gross."

Right after he got done making the bat, he kept thinking on why does she keep saying those stupid words.

"What is with this yada, yada crap she keeps saying? Why does this bitch keep saying YADA!...YADA!...YADA!"

Meanwhile...Michael who was now trying to get up the nerve to go back towards the kitchen and get some food, and face The Soup Nazi. He was
walking in there slowly and says to him while looking really nervous. He says while trying to be calm and cool.

"Hi...Can I have some chicken noodle soup and some bread?"

As The Soup Nazi was now giving him the order, Michael for some reason decided to talk to him real friendly like.

"Hey, Those are some nice shoes you have on did you get them at KMART?"

The Soup Nazi at first says in a friendly tone.

"Nice...Nice, You know something?"

Michael replied.


While The Soup Nazi shouted out loud.


And he then threw his soup meal in the trash and Michael quickly runs out and screams.

To Be Continued.