A letter from the government arrived. It had passed through several allied famiglia's to get to the Vongola head. The usual protocol for passing along letters from the governement to Vongola was done as such to ensure no foul play would happen.

The manila envelope was on a dark cherry wood desk, buried under paper. The three large windows were open, white curtains held to the side by gold tassels. Piles of paperwork were scattered around, mostly finished, due to it being near night fall. Several chairs and tables were placed around the edges of the room, all with styles that somehow fit into the puzzle of the room.

A Italian man was sitting lazily in a chair, leafing through a report of a recent destruction of a small famiglia. A black fedora with a orange ribbon around the base sat perched on his head. A small green chameleon was curled up on the man's black vest, tilting it's head at the paper with interest. The man's onyx eyes gleamed as he smirked at the report. Curly sideburns bounced slightly as he moved his head.

A Japanese man was sitting at the desk, a black chair supporting him as he shifted. His eyes were the color of amber, a a sunset orange tie layer loosely around his neck, and black pen was in his right hand, while his other hand was combing through his hair. His chocolate brown locks shifted before going back to their respective gravity defying places.

And it wasn't until around 9 o'clock that the brunette got to the manila envelope. The brunette cut it open, looking over the pages with a calculating look.

"Hmm, the government envelope." The Italian man said with a smirk.

"They must be..quite desperate to be contacting us." The brunette said, his previous easy smile turning into a light smirk.

"If it has anything to do with the yellow octopus in Japan..."

"It's the octopus."

"How close have they hurt it?"

"The most the octopus has been hurt is...one tentacle."

"That's pathetic. You were doing more when you were even younger. But...They are focusing more on teaching them, then training them to become assassins. That is, if they're doing it right."

"They want someone to become a teacher."

"Well then, Dame-Tsuna, you better start packing." The Italian smirked, a glint in his eyes as he looked at the brunette.

"Why me?"

"For one you need a vacation, having you collapse is not something I prefer to see any of my students do."

"And two?"

"It'll be training, for both you and your guardians. And I'll supervise the affair."


"That's the spirit." A sigh echoed out at the brunette's glum expression.

"I do not wish to cripple myself, but you can take Leon if you stop pouting."

"...I have a better idea. I'll go, but I take the fedora with me."

"...If you damage my fedora, I will kill you."

"I know." The brunette replied with a smirk.

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