Hello there Charlotte, as you already know I'm working on a book about Kenny, Grahame and all of you that put on that marvelous play. I was wondering if you could tell me some things about you, and what your story is.

Me? Oh, you wouldn't want to do anything about me. Everyone knows that Kenny is the star of any story regarding Roundbrook's theatrical sensation. Well, I suppose if you really want my story it can't hurt. Well here goes nothing:

Let's see, I grew up my whole life in Round Brook, same everyone else in the story except of course Grahame. Both my parents are tailors and we live upstairs from the shop. I sometimes help out there and I'm quite a skilled tailor thanks to my dads but I also liked to escape from the shop and do other things.

Um do you mind telling me-

What I would do? Well, I always had a soft spot for the outdoors and so exploring was always a thrill but what I really love is reading. I believe that any sort of book can be worth a good read if written skillfully.

So would you say that you're like Kenny in that way?

I'm like Kenny? Yes well you could say so...

I didn't meet Kenny 'till we went to school together, I mean he is a little younger than me so it made sense. To be honest, I did find him intriguing. I mean, it wasn't really him but the things he liked and what he talked about and he was interested in. It wasn't 'till we were older that he started fascinating me as himself, not just what he liked, but who he was. However I think it was when we were on tour doing the play that Kenny and I really began to bond. But enough about Kenny… I'll get back to him later, my life is more than just the play you know.