Now, Kenny tells me you worked at George's bookstore, is that true?

Oh yes yes yes, George's bookshop! I forgot to tell you all about that, my apologies. One night when I was younger I went to a friend's house to play while my dads went to the tavern for some drinks, while they were there they met George, or as he was called then, Sir George. Anyways, they heard he was retiring and was planning on setting up a shop in town. Now at the time Old Pops Possum had just moved out of the house next door after his fishing supplies business went dry so they added a word that the place next door was open to get. So after it was settled that George would have a bookshop next door he went to recruiting staff members. Now, it's not that he needed a lot of help desperately but he wanted to keep the shop open when he wasn't there. He of course already knew me, I would peek from behind the door when ever he and my dads were talking and was gracious to join me into the room and ask me about the latest book I had been reading. Oh sorry, should I slow down for you to copy all that?

Oh heavens no! Carry on,

So anyways, he knew I was bookish even if my popularity within school diminished that somewhat. So he asked if I wanted to be his assistant, I could ring up books, help people find things (within George's abstract organising system), I would run the store when he wasn't there, and of course I would get paid. So it was set that I would work at his store. It started only on the weekends you know, with school and everything. But then I was able to work at other times, especially when George had to leave for something.

Did you enjoy your shifts at the bookshop?

Did I like working? I loved it! Grant it there were a lot of times when I would get bored because our town isn't (or at least wasn't) the most literate. Or rather, folks can read but if they want to is another question altogether. There's a lot of down time working at the shop but that means I can read. George has great books?

How many of his have you read?

I can't say I've read every book in George's shop but I have read a whole lot of them. Actually, now that you mention it I should tell you that me and Kenny have a little contest running to see who has read the most of George's books. I believe I'm beating Kenny by about 9 books at the moment but War and Peace is taking a while so he's catching up...