Hello, I'm going to rewrite all the chapters to this story. I was reading what I had already written and it's a bit dull. I think Miyuki needs a bit more personality. I also need more details. This chapter is similar to my other however I've added a bit more details that gives Miyuki more character. She's not going to be as accepting about things. (Still friendly just question things more) it's best if you don't skip the rewrite because so much more is going to be added.

Saito Miyuki slowly sat up, pushing the blankets off of her, turning to glare at her laptop. She had fallen asleep while doing research for a school project, leaving the laptop running beside her head. An annoying ding rang throughout her room, much like the first one that woke her up.


Good morning Miyu-chan~

Miyuki glared at the screen; she was going to murder him, she thought as she ran a hand through her short hair, pushing the dark brown locks out of her face.


I'm going to turn off my laptop now, if you ever message me at 4:30am ever again I will find you and I will hurt you.


I believe I messaged you at 4:38am ^.^ sweet dreams Miyu-chan~


I hate you.

Miyuki is currently offline.

Miyuki rolled her green orbs glaring at the screen. He knows no normal person would be awake at 4:30am. Laying back in bed she grumbled to herself about finding him just to slap him before going back to sleep.

Three hours later, Miyuki found herself being poked repeatedly.

"Miyuki~ wake up! Mom told me to make sure you have breakfast since she won't be home to cook." She turned to glare at the young man leaning over her.

"Naohiko, I'm sure what mom meant is if I wake up, you should get me breakfast." Naohiko smiled down at his little sister.

"Well look at that! You just happen to be awake, let's go get breakfast."

She sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "You're a jerk." Her voice was a mix of irritation and exhaustion. She watched her brother leave from the corner of her eye before pushing the purple comforter and sheets off her body grumbling. She didn't have school today. She should be able to sleep in. Not be woken up early twice.

After stumbling out of her bed she went to grab a pair of black shorts that reached her knees and a violet top from her closet. Taking off her pajamas she then slipped into her clothes.

"Okay Nao-nii, what's for breakfast?" Miyuki called out coming down the staircase.

Miyuki silently ate her chocolate chip muffin while watching her brother. She knew that her mom would be upset that he had taken her to a coffee shop for breakfast instead of them cooking something healthy at home, but in her defense their mother hadn't ever had to eat her son's cooking.

"So, Miyu-chan got any plans today?" His dark green eyes locked with hers after taking a sip from his mocha.

"Shoichi is supposed to come over to help with a project for science that I'm having a bit of trouble with."
Naohiko frowned "Your Onii-san came all the way here from Tokyo to see you, and you are going to hang out with someone you can see every day instead?"

Miyuki rolled her eyes, did he really think he could help?

"Nao-nii you won't help me with it, you're horrible when it comes to science too. I still don't know how you got into the university you did." Naohiko glared down at her. "My grades have always been top of the class. I don't know what you're talking about." Miyuki stood up and turned to leave. "Sure, sure. Either way you're not good at explaining things so you'd be no help." Naohiko frowned watching his sister leave, he'd come from Tokyo to watch her while their parents were away, the least she could do was entertain him.

Walking through the park on her way home, Miyuki noticed two of her classmates there as well.
"Tsuna-kun, while your blue boxers with rubber ducks are quite cute, I don't think you should be running around in them."
Miyuki grinned watching the boy's face turn bright red.

"Hiee; Miyuki-San!" Tsuna quickly attempted to cover himself.

"Haha, hey Miyu-chan! We were just playing mafia." Yamamoto turned smiling at her. She glanced at the boy confused. Fourteen year olds 'playing mafia'? That was new.

"Baseball idiot this isn't a game!" Gokudera glared at the taller boy before him. He barely glanced at Miyuki before turning to Tsuna.

"Juudaime, here are your clothes" Miyuki laughed to herself picturing Gokudera with a tail wagging as he spoke to Tsuna.

"What are you laughing at Saito?" Gokudera growled, Miyuki took a step back, not liking the way the silver haired boy looked at her.

"I'm sorry Gokudera-san, I didn't exactly mean to laugh at you, I was just admiring your friendship with Tsuna." She spoke carefully not wanting to upset him more, before Gokudera could respond someone called out to her.

"Miyu~ how could you leave me like that? Did you lie about meeting up with him to get away from-" Naohiko cut himself off noticing the three boys near his sister and glared.
"Miyuki," he started off voice sounding grave, "You aren't friends with these boys are you? I mean look at this one, seems like a bad influence,who runs around in only their boxers?" Naohiko glared at the brown haired boy. Who in turn made an odd sound and quickly went behind his silver haired friend. Taking his clothes to put back on in the process.

Miyuki understood her brother was only worried about her, I mean it wasn't every day you see someone running around in their boxers. However the thought that Tsuna could be a bad influence made her laugh.

"Haha, Naohiko..." She really didn't know how to explain this to her brother; she didn't even know the reason herself that Tsuna was running around in only his boxers. "Tsuna isn't a bad influence." She glanced at the boy tripping over himself trying to get his pants on. "He's too cute and innocent, but you're right I am supposed to meet up with him now, bye." She waved to her brother and classmates while walking away.

Naohiko frowned at his sister abandoning him once again, though he shrugged it off he'd just catch up with her at home. He turned back to the boy and glared.

"Hiee!" The boy 'Tsuna' let out another odd scream. Naohiko shook his head kids these days are so odd he thought. He turned away from the group walking the opposite way his sister went, he'd take the long way home it was nice walking around his hometown again.

Miyuki was about a block away from her house when she saw someone walking a few steps ahead of her, smiling as she noticed his red hair.

"Sho-chan!" She called out while jogging a bit to catch up with him.

"Hello, Miyu-chan" there was a slight blush across his cheeks as he spoke to the girl.

"Let's go, before Naohiko catches up to us." She tugged on his arm as she walked to the house. She didn't let go until they were standing in the middle of her bedroom.

"Sit down; I'll get the paper that explains what the project is about." Shoichi nodded at sat down at her desk.

After finishing the project, which was difficult but still easier than Miyuki had originally thought, they both sat in her bedroom talking about a robot convention that Shoichi wanted to go to.

"If you really don't want to go alone, I'll go with you." Miyuki smiled at Shoichi. He didn't really have any friends that go with him. Only a few he's spoken to online though they don't live in the same area and he'd never meet a stranger from the internet.

"You would be bored..."He trailed off watching and she stood up from the bed.

"I'm going to fix us some lunch or something, you can use my laptop while you wait okay?" She handed him the laptop and left the room, not giving him a chance to list all the reasons she wouldn't want to go with him.

Shoichi signed picking up the laptop and turning it on. When it was on and loaded a messenger program came up followed by a ding.


Hey Miyu-chan~

Shoichi stared at the screen, he didn't want the person to think Miyuki was ignoring them, but he also didn't want her mad at him for messaging the person back. After debating about it for a minute, he decided to respond.


She's not here at the moment, she's making lunch...


Oh? Who is this?~

Shoichi stared at the screen debating if he should tell the stranger his real name. Shoichi is a common name and if Miyuki speaks up this person she must know them in real life right?


Umm, my name is Shoichi...


I'll call you Sho-chan ^.^ ask Miyu-chan to make me some lunch, too hehe~

Shoichi stared at the screen. He didn't really know how to respond to this person. Does he live nearby? Classmates? Though Miyuki had never spoken about anyone named Byakuran before. Maybe Miyuki uses her real name and 'Byakuran' is an aliases?

"Sho-chan I just fixed us some instant ramen, I didn't want to leave you alone too long while I cooked something." Miyuki spoke walking into the room with two cups of ramen.

"Ahh Miyuki! I was, umm..." Shoichi tried to think of a way to explain why he was in the chat with her friend.

Miyuki stood behind Shoichi looking over his shoulder at the chat, sighing she reached over the boy to type a response. Leaving Shoichi pinned between her and the laptop

"M-Miyuki..." Shoichi grabbed his stomach in pain as his face turned a deep shade of red. As she leaned against his back to type a message.

"Hehe, sorry!" She picked up the laptop and moved away from his personal space.


You're an idiot, have you had lunch yet?


I'm eating Marshmallows~


Well...eat some real food, I've got someone over I'll talk to you later.


Yes, yes...I didn't know you had a boyfriend though~

Shoichi reading Byakuran's response suddenly bent over in pain. Miyuki smiled at her friend rubbing his back. "Ignore him Shoichi, he likes to tease people." He glanced away from her thinking 'Byakuran' wasn't the only one.


I'm serious, you'll get fat...I refuse acknowledge your teasing.


Then I'll be like a human marshmallow!

I wonder if Sho-chan acknowledged my teasing...

Miyuki is currently offline.

"I can't believe you Miyuki!" Naohiko gave his younger sister a half-hearted glare while holding a bag of ice to his head.

"Sorry, my hand slipped." Miyuki responded.

Naohiko had barged into her room without knocking, after seeing Shoichi and Miyuki alone in the room he just had to make a comment. Miyuki didn't respond to him, instead she picked up the staff by her door and hit her brother with it while walking out, since she happened to come back with only a bag of ice it was clearly more than just a slip of the hand.

"Anyway, I'm going to that robot convention with you Sho-chan… that's what friends are for right? I mean, I've had you go with me places you weren't interested in, what kind of friend would I be if I didn't return the favor?"

Miyuki smiled at Shoichi as she spoke.

"If you're sure."

"I am."

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