Sawada Tsunayoshi nervously shifted in his seat, the teacher had announced that the class would be doing a project that would be twenty-five percent of their grade. If that wasn't bad enough for Tsuna, the teacher added that it would be with a partner that she assigns

"I'll now assign your partners." As the teacher started pairing students, there were groans of annoyance and a few relieved sighs.

"Gokudera and Yamamoto."

Before the teacher could announce the next group, Gokudera interrupted full of rage. "I won't work with the baseball idiot! I demand you make my partner Juudaime!"
Some students flinched at his loud voice while others rolled their eyes annoyed at his antics. Tsuna sighed, knowing he'd have to calm the boy down again.
"It's okay Gokudera-kun, please work hard with Yamamoto." Gokudera tensed at the words before slowly lowering himself in his seat.

"Now that I may continue…" the teacher shot Gokudera a dark look "Sawada and Saito."
Relief ran through Tsuna's body, Miyuki had always been kind to him. He couldn't recall a time she'd call him Dame-Tsuna or laughed at him when he failed. He glanced over his shoulder at her, though. He was still slightly worried she'd be annoyed since he wasn't the best student. His eyes met hers and he relaxed. She didn't look worried about him being her partner, and instead she smiled when meeting his gaze.

"I hope it's okay that we are sitting together for lunch, Gokudera-san seems a bit upset." Miyuki glanced at the boy standing a distance away glaring at her. "Yeah, sorry about him. He just-" Miyuki laughed cutting him off. "He's like a protective older brother. Reminds me of my brother."
They had decided to have lunch together to talk about their project. He knew he'd be distracted if Gokudera and Yamamoto had joined them and nothing would've been accomplished.

"Y-yeah, umm, do you know much about world history? This isn't my best subject." Tsuna rubbed the back of his head as he spoke, when he thought about it, he wasn't really good with any subject.

Miyuki's eyes seem to light up. "Oh, I love history, so I'm sure we will make a good grade on this. If it were math or science, though, we'd be in a lot of trouble." She laughed at bit at herself and smiled at Tsuna. "Really? The science project we did you did great on. You were in the top five of our class." She grinned at his confused expression. "Really. I'm horrible with science and math. My best friend is amazing and a bit of a nerd so they helped me. Honestly, I probably would've barely passed if they didn't help me." Miyuki chuckled.

"We have to write about minor events that aren't really well-known right? Our sensei said it can be from any time period or country." As Tsuna spoke he realized he had no idea where to start and was thankful Miyuki was his partner.
"Well, we could write about what happened to us a week ago; that would fit the requirements." She jokingly said. "I wonder if she could fail us if we did that? It's technically within the prompt." Miyuki started mumbling to herself. Tsuna rubbed the back of his head and with an awkward smile replied. "Miyuki-chan, I think it's best we not push her. She's so strict."

"What do you want to do about meeting up and working together on it?" Miyuki questioned.

"I guess we could work on it at the library after school or maybe go to each other's houses?" Tsuna spoke nervously. He didn't want to make her uncomfortable about requesting to do work outside of school.

"That'll be fine. Would you rather go to my house or me go to yours?"

Tsuna thought about her question, but he wasn't sure she should go to his house. She'd meet Reborn and everyone else he didn't think that would end well since Reborn seems to get everyone around involved somehow.

"Would it be okay for me to go to your house?"

Miyuki nodded. "Sure, that's fine. Is tomorrow okay? I'll go home today and research some different things we can do our project on. We can decide the final one tomorrow and start working."

"Okay but umm, do you want me to do any research for it? I'd feel bad if you had to do all the work today..."

He didn't know much about world history that wasn't already well-known. However, he didn't want her thinking she had to do all of the work.

"I already have quite a few in mind, and if you want to that's fine. Although, you really don't have to since it won't be too much work for me."

After, they agreed Miyuki would do the research today herself.

Miyuki walked through the gate of her house. She had planned to go straight go her bedroom and do some research for the project. However, when she stepped into the house and slipped off her shoes, her parents called out to her.

"Ah, Miyu-chan, you're home." Her mother, Akiko called out. Miyuki changed her direction from her bedroom to the living room. "How was your trip? With Naohiko here, I figured you'd be gone longer than you were."

Miyuki glanced at her mother as she spoke. She'd always admired how beautiful her mother was with her light brown hair always pulled away from her face and her soft, kind brown eyes. Naohiko and Miyuki looked more like their father than their mother. Their father, Eisuke, had brown hair a few shades darker than Akiko's and dark, green eyes.
"It was nice, we are home early because I got called back by the office, which is fine. It was technically a business trip anyway." Her father answered.

"Oh, so when are you going back to Tokyo, Nao-nii? Are you missing class now since you are home?" Miyuki questioned her brother. She hadn't thought about him missing class until now.

"Nah, I have another two days off from class. I'm actually going to catch the train later today to head back to Tokyo." He shrugged leaning back of the sofa.

She nodded at her brother's words and turned her attention back towards her parents.
"I have a project that's a big part of my grade so I'm going to do some research to start." Miyuki turned to leave, but then remembered something. "Oh! Also my classmate Sawada Tsunayoshi is coming over tomorrow since we are partners. That's okay, right?"

She knew her parents wouldn't mind, but it would be best if they knew beforehand.
"That's fine sweetheart. Ask him tomorrow if he'd like to have dinner with us, too." Miyuki agreed to ask and headed towards her room. "Wait!" Naohiko called to his sister before she could get out of the room. "Yeah?" She looked over her shoulder. "Tsunayoshi? Is that the Tsuna kid I met?" Naohiko frowned towards her. "Yes."

"You can't invite that weirdo here!" Naohiko dramatically stood from the sofa, catching their parents attention. "Weirdo?" Their mother questioned. "He's not a weirdo. He's a really nice guy." Miyuki glared back at Naohiko. "He was in the public park only wearing boxers!" He glared yelling.

"What?" The siblings stopped glaring at each other to glance at their father. "I-it's not like that. He wasn't, I mean" Miyuki struggled to find an excuse for her the boy, after all she didn't know what was going on that day. "Honey, are you talking about the one your classmates call Dame-Tsuna?" Akiko spoke up, then turn towards her husband. "He's bullied by the other students in their class from what Miyuki has told me. That might have to do with why he was publicly in his boxers?" She spoke softly. He frowned in response. "I see. Well, Miyuki ask what he likes to eat so we can have a dish he'll enjoy tomorrow."

Miyuki collapsed onto her bed and just laid there for a few minutes, staring up at her ceiling. "Stupid Naohiko, thankfully mom spoke up. I know Tsuna isn't just a weird pervert. Though I wonder why he was only wearing his boxers in the middle of the park?" She sat up looking towards her small bookcase filled with books about ancient cultures and civilizations. "What we should do the project on. I don't want it to be too minor, and it'll be hard for Tsuna-kun to find the information. I guess I could print out information myself for him to help write about it if that happened." She mumbled to herself with a sigh she turned to stare at her laptop.

"I wonder if Byakuran is online." After staring at the laptop a few more seconds, she threw her legs over the side of the bed and headed towards it. It didn't take long for everything to load, including the messenger they use. It took an even shorter amount of time for the boy to message her.




Hello Bya-chan


Oh? You've given me a nickname! ^.^


You know, I didn't think you'd be excited about it...


Mmmm really? Why's that?

Is your boyfriend over today? ^.^


No reason, have you eaten anything besides junk today?


If you say so Miyu-chan...

Oh! I had a sandwich, marshmallow cream and peanut butter. It's really good you should try it! ^.^

Are you ignoring me again? (;¬_¬)


I really hope you eat something besides sweets, I'm telling you, you'll get fat!

He's not my boyfriend, you know that.


What if I'm already fat? What if I'm already a human marshmallow?

I do?


Are you?

Yes, you do.


Would you love me any less?





Haha I suppose not...


I'm not a human marshmallow, I'm actually quite fit ^.^

Also your boyfriend might be jealous when he finds out you love me


Mhmm I'm sure

I didn't mean it like that .

And he's not my boyfriend!


What's your favorite color?


Purple, why?


Mine's white ^.^ my eyes are purple


I'm sure, hey I gotta go...I have a project to do.


First you don't believe I'm fit and now you don't believe my eyes are purple, that's quite mean isn't it Miyu-chan?


Goodbye Byakuran


I thought I was 'Bya-chan'

Miyuki is currently offline.

Sighing, Miyuki signed off the messenger with Byakuran. "I should start looking up information for me and Tsuna."

She opened her web browser and started searching for something lesser-known that had to do with ancient civilizations. She searched a number of things, hoping that Tsuna might be interested in at least one of the subjects.

"Miyuki! Dinner is ready!"

Miyuki paused hearing her mother calling her from downstairs, slowly she pushed herself away from the desk and stood and stretching.

"I'm coming!" She replied before heading to the kitchen.

She sat down at the table and turned to look at Naohiko. "When does your train leave?" She questioned him.

"Two hours, which is enough time for me to eat a meal here." Naohiko wouldn't miss his mother's cooking if he could help it. He doesn't get good meals like hers in Tokyo.

"Oh, you made curry." Miyuki looked across at her mother.

"Were you expecting something else?" Akiko looked at her daughter with confusion across her face.

"No! You just hadn't made it in a while, that is all."

After dinner, Naohiko decided he would go ahead to the train station.

"I hope you eat well while you're in Tokyo."

"Of course I do, mom." He chuckled and rubbed the back of his head while he spoke, and from the corner of his eye, he could see his younger sister rolling her eyes.

"Of course he does, mom. Great diet of instant ramen and convenience store food" Miyuki smiled at her brother when he gave a glare.

"Bye Nao-nii! You should come and visit more often."

"You could always visit me."

"Maybe during the next holiday, we can all visit you in Tokyo." Eisuke patted his son on the back. "You should get going though, you'll miss the train."

Sitting on the corner of her bed, Miyuki laid her Bo staff across her lap. Her father had bought her it years earlier knowing his daughter would love the violet with black vines painted on it. When she first started learning Bojutsu, she had a plain brown one after seeing that his daughter was actually interested and enjoyed it he had her a custom made one for her eighth birthday.

She traced the vines absentmindedly while staring at her wall, then she stood up and she grabbed the case for her Bo staff and put it away. She grabbed some clothes from her closet and headed for a quick shower.

She slipped into her pajamas, dried her hair and walked back to her room and slid into her bed under the blankets drifting off to sleep.

"Shoichi!" Miyuki called out, she was walking to school when Shoichi had walked across the street before her.

The boy turned towards where he heard someone calling his name. "Miyuki, you don't usually walk this way to school." She nodded in agreement. "I know I left home a bit earlier so I could walk the long way to school, I prefer going this way because there are less cars but I usually can't bring myself to get out the door thirty minutes earlier." She glanced away as she spoke.

"You can't fear crossing a busy street too much, I mean if you were really scared you would be able to get up earlier." Shoichi responded. "Well I don't usually think about it until it's already too late...I don't have to explain myself to you!" Miyuki turned to walk away from him and yelled over her shoulder. "I never said it was a fear anyway Irie! I just prefer less cars." Shoichi shook his head as he watched his friend walk away.

"Ciaossu" Miyuki glanced behind her to see a young child wearing a suit and fedora. She turned around completely and smiled at him she thought he looked adorable. "Hello what's your name?" The young boy before her smirked. "I am the hitman Reborn."

Miyuki raised an eyebrow. Hitman? He must be playing a game. "Well it's nice to meet you Reborn, my name is Miyuki." She smiled as she spoke. "I know, you are Sawada Tsunayoshi's partner for the project in world history right?" Miyuki straightened up and she glanced at him, why did he seem like more than just a random child?

"I am, you know Tsuna?"

"Tsuna isn't going to be at school today, however, since you have the project to do he will meet you outside after school." The kid turned to leave. "Wait, are you Tsuna's little brother or" The kid cut her off. "Do I look Japanese to you?" She frowned. The kid was a smartass. "Adoption?"

"I'm his tutor."Miyuki watched as the odd child turned and walked away.

"Should a kid that age even know what a hitman is? Little weirdo."

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