Good morning, Miyu-chan!





Wake up


I am, sadly. I didn't go to sleep until late last night working on my math homework. I hate math.


Doesn't Sho-chan usually help?


He was busy last night


You could've asked me, math is one of my best subjects.


You didn't tell me that

(╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻


┬─┬ ノ( -゜ノ)


(°Д°)╯︵ /(.. \)


I can't believe you tossed me after I was being helpful and picked up the table you tossed. (╥﹏╥)

Miyuki is currently offline.

Miyuki grabbed her bag, an apple and ran out the door yelling bye to her parents. Her chat with Byakuran made her a bit late so she couldn't get anything else for breakfast.

Walking towards school she noticed a certain brunette heading the same way.

"Tsunayoshi-kun, good morning!" She called out waving to the boy.

"M-Miyuki" he cried out noticing the girl. She grinned running towards him. "How are you? Did you finish the math homework?"

"Oh, yeah. Gokudera-kun helped." He smiled shyly at her.

Miyuki stared at him for a second. He was actually really cute. Though his hair seemed untamed it fit him and his soft brown eyes were very welcoming. "Tsuna you're really cute." Tsuna blushed a dark red. "M-Miyuki-san"

Miyuki shrugged. "Well, you are. You actually remind me of my other friend."


Miyuki turned to see the kid in the suit with a fedora. "Oh Reborn, good morning." He nodded in acknowledgment towards her. Then turned to give Tsuna a demanding look.

"Oh right, umm. Could you come with me to my house after school to finish the project?" Tsuna asked refusing to look Miyuki in the eye.


"So, you want me to join the mafia?" Miyuki questioned staring at the table. She had met up with Tsuna after class went with him to his house to finish us their project. They had enough research done and basic idea of what to write for their papers. They would each write a paper tonight and be finished with it. Before she was able to go home the odd kid Reborn stopped her, telling her Tsuna had something important to say. He started talking about a gang, Kokuyo Gang. How he had to fight them or face death. Hibari, Yamamoto and Gokudera were there. Along with Gokudera's older sister. All of them fighting this deadly gang. Miyuki had just nodded and asked basic questions while Tsuna spoke. What was she suppose to say? 'Oh that sounds fun, I'd love to join?' She didn't even believe him. It's not possible, right?

"Yes. I've done research on you. You study bojutsu, you're actually quite talented with a bo staff. You'll actually be safer if you join the family." Reborn spoke up.

"Safer?" Miyuki turned to the kid with a frown. She didn't like the kid has 'researched' her.

"The gang targeted Sasagawa Kyoko and another girl Tsuna is close to named Haru. If you join Tsuna's family you'll become stronger. If you don't you'll be a target and won't be able to defend yourself."

"So you think I'll be safer to join the mafia instead of just put distance between us?" Miyuki stared at the kid refusing to break eye contact. There was something about him.

Reborn narrowed his eyes.

"So, you're a hitman right?"

"I am."

Miyuki continued to stare.

"You do realize that this sounds...crazy."

"I know, but..." Tsuna glanced at the floor unsure what else he could say. He didn't want her involved. He didn't want any of his friends involved in this.

Miyuki glanced up, and smiled softly at Tsunayoshi. "This is a lot to take in, I need to think about it." She reached to grab her notebook and stood up. "I'll see you tomorrow. My mother will be upset if I'm not home by dinner. Goodbye Tsunayoshi, goodbye Reborn."

Turning to see she was no longer within view of Tsunayoshi's home she stopped and frowned. He wasn't Dame-Tsuna.

He was crazy.

There was no way that actually happened! She should distance herself from him and his friends. He said Hibari Kyoya was also there? Sasagawa Kyoko and another girl were in danger? Does he think he lives in an anime or something? Could this be why people keep their distance from him? She continued walking home. She didn't know what to do. Honestly, she was a bit scared. Though he looks so harmless and sweet. Also what about the kid? He told her he is a hitman. There's no way. He also knew that she studies bojutsu. Saying he researched her. He may not be a hitman like he claims but he isn't a normal kid.

Tsuna fell to the floor in pain. "Ow, why did you kick me?" He cried from the floor rubbing his head. Reborn stood on the table and stared down at the boy. "She didn't believe you."

Tsuna sat up rubbing his head. "She told you earlier during the day her parents wouldn't be home tonight. She lied to get away."

"Huh?! Well, you probably scared her! Telling her she'll be a target! She'll probably stay away from me now. She won't be a target because she won't even be my friend, let alone join the Mafia!" Tsuna cried out.

Reborn lowered his fedora to cover his eyes. Frowning he responded. "Too late."

Finally she arrived home. She stepped through the door and reached down for her slippers. After slipping them on she headed towards to kitchen, stopping to pick up a note on the table.

'I fixed your dinner, it's in the fridge. Don't stay up too late. Love, Mom'

Her parents were out for their monthly date night. It was rare for them to get a night for themselves so when Naohiko got old enough to watch Miyuki they started going out. Then stopped for a couple years after Naohiko moved out. Miyuki was finally able to recently convince them she's old enough to stay alone so they starting going out again.

'You'll be a target and won't be able to defend yourself.' Reborn's warning echoed in her head causing her to tense. "No. It's okay. There's no way something like that actually happened with them having to fight a gang. It's not realistic." Sure, there were gangs, but nothing like Tsuna had described. Miyuki placed the note back down on the table and headed straight for her room. She didn't have much of an appetite.

She paced the floors in her bedroom. Thinking about what she was told. She was scared. Her logical side was screaming at her it's obviously all a lie and yet she couldn't let that small feeling of fear go. She turn towards her laptop. She needed to talk to someone.


Miyu-chan (^ω^)

Miyuki leaned back into her chair staring blankly at the screen. After a few minutes she let her fingers hover over the keyboard before finally replying.




Oya? What's wrong.

Should she? She didn't have anything to lose. Even if she told him her darkest secrets it wouldn't matter. After all, it isn't like they'd ever meet. They were just a small white box on the computer screen to each other.


I only have one friend. I talk to girls in my class but we aren't truly friends. I thought I was finally starting to make a friend. Turns out he's fucking crazy, or he just thinks it's funny to try and mess with others minds.

Miyuki's fingers jammed into the keyboard with more force than necessary.


Actually, that's probably it. He was just trying to play games with my mind. Right? I mean, what he said was ridiculous! He was trying to scare me. Him and that creepy kid. I can't believe I'm actually scared. It's all obviously a lie. Why am I so nervous? What's wrong with me?! It's a lie. It has to be. He lied to me. I thought we were friends. Shoichi is my only friend.

Anger rushed through her and she continued to stare at the screen. Her body temperature starting to rise the more she thought about it. Of course. He was being cruel to her because of everyone who bullied him. His friend Gokudera was never friendly to begin with. He was taking his frustration out on her. It's not uncommon after all.


Creepy kid?

Miyuki glared at the screen. What did she expect? Like she said, she only has one friend. She didn't want to deal with him teasing her. Stupid she even said anything to this stranger.


Nevermind. I'm removing you from my friends list. Bye.

Miyuki placed her finger on the mouse pad. Her chest started to tighten as she opened the chat settings to block him. Why was her chest hurting? All they ever did was joke around, of course he wouldn't care. Frowning she clicked her mouse.


Purple eyes narrowed to glare at the screen before them. She blocked him before he could send the rest of his message. The message he typed that couldn't be sent stared back at him. She was talking about Sawada Tsunayoshi. He must've mentioned the mafia to her. He hurt her. He always hurts her. The white haired boy reached for his mobile phone, opening his camera app and grabbing the bag of marshmallows beside him, he held them up and grinned at the camera taking a photo. Never mind. This is perfect. He won't let him hurt Miyu-chan anymore.

She pushed her chair back away from the desk and ran a hand through her medium length hair. She started to blink, trying to blink away the tears building up. Ignoring the tight feeling in her chest the best she could. Why? Why?! Why?!

"He's just a random nobody online. Why do I care?!"

Standing up she grabbed a pair of clean underwear and pajamas.

"I wonder when mom and dad will get home?" Miyuki mumbled to herself sinking lower into the bath water. After an hour she stood up and grabbed the towel next to her to dry off and then dressed herself. She walked towards to kitchen, she really needed to eat or else she'd wake up around two in the morning hungry and her parents would scold her for not eating earlier.

Poking at the chicken on her plate with the chop sticks she sighed. "I'm an idiot. I shouldn't of blocked him, he's been there over a year. But it's not like he was honest with me anyway, right? He even lied about his appearance." Miyuki picked up a piece of chicken and placed it in her mouth trying to picture the white haired, purple eyed boy he described. "He knows my favorite color so he was teasing." Guilt tugged at Miyuki's heart. She was wrong. She had two friends. He never made her feel uncomfortable online like a creep would. Sometimes it even seemed like he actually knew her. Yet, she threw it all away. She was angry at someone else and literally deleted an important person out of her life. She didn't even remember his ID name to add him back. She had changed his name to Byakuran over a year ago. The messenger they used didn't give you a blocked list to unblock someone. Why did she delete the chat too? Her vision started to become blurry again. This is all Sawada Tsunayoshi's fault. Tossing the rest of her food in the trash she went back to her bedroom. She laid back on her bed upset at herself. Trying to remember his username. Why did the damn messenger not have a blocked list you can block and unblock people with. It's stupid. She glared at the laptop on her desk.

Maybe if I look the messenger updated so there is a blocked list and I can unblock him. She thought. She hoped. She prayed. Standing up she reached towards her laptop. Tapping the mouse pad the screen opened up to a new chat with a picture.

A picture of a boy with white hair and beautiful light purple eyes. He was smiling brightly at the camera with a bag of marshmallows in his hand.


You have two real friends. Also, Miyuki I don't think he was just trying to scare you. I think he might be dangerous.

080-1234-5678 text me.

Miyuki stared at the screen. A flood of relief and happiness washing over her. He made a new account. He remembered her account. He was her friend. The handsome boy with marshmallows grinned back at her. He is real. She stared at his eyes in the photo. He didn't lie to her.

Re-reading the message she tensed noticing a small detail, he never used her full name. Since she told him her real name he's only used Miyu-chan.

I think he might be dangerous.

Why would he think that? Looking once more at his grinning face she the turned to reach for her phone.

Miyuki: I'm sorry Byakuran I was wrong. You're right, I have two real friends. I have two best friends. I'm so sorry. I was angry and wasn't thinking. Then I couldn't unblock you and I didn't remember your username because I changed it over a year ago.

Her hands shook as she typed the message.

Byakuran: Miyu-chan don't worry. Your favorite human marshmallow is always here (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)

Miyuki fell back onto her bed smiling. The tightness in her chest completely go. The rollercoaster of emotions today finally settling.

Byakuran: what happen today?

I don't really have much to say other than its 2am and I honestly hadn't expected it to go this way when I started this chapter. I mean, she blocked Byakuran. That just kind of happened while I was typing. But when you're angry you don't think straight. Also I figured any normal person wouldn't believe Tsuna, right? Especially not if you didn't experience it first hand. Though Miyuki is about to experience the mafia life. Will she even join Tsuna? Maybe. Will she join Byakuran? Maybe. Please review. What did you think? Were you worried when she blocked him? Probably not...

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