Okay! Here is it! I got round to making my Flash story! Lately, I've been watching Flash, and just thought, screw it, I'll make a fic, had the idea before, and now it resurfaced, might as well write a fic for it. So, here is this fic! It'll be updated, when I get a chapter of it written up. Usually, I try and stick to a weekly schedual, but for this, it'll just be when I can, so yeah, here it is! Hope you all enjoy!


Usually, hero's start off in simpler ways.

They start off as humble, kind, and honest. Usually, they start off from nothing, and build up their legacy and powers. They are usually people that start off in remedial jobs, with not much going on in their lives…but that wasn't the case for this boy.

And usually, hero's don't start off with running a nightclub…not usually anyway, though some can, and this one did.

"Hey there David, not hitting on my staff right?"

A blonde haired man came across another man with brown hair. The blonde was 5 ft 10 inches tall with pearly white skin, blonde hair that came down to his chin, styled so it parted down the middle. His eyes were crystal blue colour, and he was a man that looked to be in shape. He wasn't overly muscular, and he wasn't thin as a stick either. He looked like a healthy young male at the age of his mid twenties, and he had a charm that, almost made him childlike, but he was far from being a child.

"Aah, man, come on. Rach is hot! Can't I!?"

"No I said." The blonde stated, in the raving nightclub that was his own. "My staff are here to do work, not to be flirted with. Besides. Rachael is a trusted employee, no flirting with her yourself now or I'll have to make you leave~"

If it was one thing, then it was people that tried to annoy, flirt when they didn't want to, or generally be nuisances to his staff. He was a boss that looked after his people. No matter what problem they had, and he was kind of a peoples person too, rarely did he sit around and wait for something to happen.

"Ugh, fine…I won't hit on her."

The blonde grasped the other man by the chin, and wagged it.

"Good boy, you do learn. Besides, there's plenty of hot babes in here tonight, but don't try and do anything funny, you get me?"

The man snickered, and walked off into the sea of people and lights.

The blonde himself smiled as he waded through the crowds like a man on happy pills.

"Hey there, having fun~?" A man nodded happily with a woman by his side. "Good, good. Gonna sing later? You know, it's fun to make fun of karaoke night~ It's all in good fun~"

"You gonna do it?"

"Maybe, we'll have to wait, and see~ I was thinking of singing a real old song like, I don't know, we'll have to wait, and see. Oh, if you have a chance, we're doing a charity donation here tonight." He pointed over to the far end of the bar, where a person was set up from a children's charity. "It's for that awful fire that claimed those poor children's lives at that orphanage. If you can, donate."

"We will, thanks."

The blonde smiled, and walked away.

He greeted people like they were his best friends.

Some he didn't know, some were loyal customers, and who loved seeing him and vice versa. He did run a pretty successful nightclub after all. He might've been young, but he certainly knew how to get things done.

As he was walking through the club, he felt his phone vibrating, so he went into his pocket, and went to a quiet area, seeing that it was his little sisters number.

"Jean, don't tell me you're bailing again."

[I'm sorry bro, really, I am. I'm just tired, with college, and all.]

The blonde took in a breath, then sighed.

"Ugh, you're gonna have to learn to relax~ Screw what Mom and Dad wants, no one can really compete with their expectations. No matter what we do, we're always failures in their eyes, unlike…him."

[Well, I am still trying. Anyway, I'm home now, so I'll speak with you tomorrow. Love you.]

"Yeah…love you too."

He hung up the phone, and walked back into the crowded club, going around with a grin on his face.

"Hey there, boss."

A woman came up to him, who looked to be in her early twenties. She held a shy look on her face, and she was quite beautiful. Though she was the cute type more than beautiful, but she still looked like she could be quite beautiful too.

"Yeah, Susan? Something wrong? You look a little frazzled."

She hesitantly pointed towards a few people, some ruff looking people who looked like they had a lot to drink.

"T-Those men are being rude to customers, and even groped my butt…"

The blondes eyes changed angrily, he didn't like it when people mistreated his staff, and his customers as well.

"Call security and throw them out on their asses. They're banned if they think it's alright to do that."

"Aah, thanks boss, you're the best!"

"Of course!"

Susan bowed her head, and went to get security.

The blonde walked towards the bar, to see a large chested woman serving. She was quite beautiful, having long dark hair, and a beautiful face. She was, in essence, very beautiful, it was hard to say that she wasn't.

"Hey Rachael, what's going on?"

"Besides some Neanderthals, nothing much. What about you boss?"

"Ah well, the usual. So, how are we doing tonight?"

Rachael looked over the money secretly of course.

"Not too bad actually. I think we should put some away though, you know just in case of, the usual's trying to take it."

"Good point. Get Mark and Chris to move it."

"Right away boss!" She spoke chipperly, then tilted her head. "You know, I find it really odd sometimes, boss."

"What exactly?"

He asked as she handed him a drink.

"It's just, I was watching you before, and it's like you know what people are thinking, what drink they'd want. How do you do that exactly? I've tried, but I can never guess right what is going on with peoples heads."

The blonde smirked, and leaned closer.

"It's a secret."

Rachael puts on a pouty face that looked too adorable.

"Don't be so cruel, and tell me."

He leaned over the counter, and locked lips with her briefly, then broke apart.

"Trade secret my girl. But maybe, I'm just a mind reader. Who knows."

"Yeah right." The brunette pushed him back. "Mind reader huh, then I'm Elvis reincarnate."

"You better not be, I'm not dating Elvis."

Rachael smirked, and leaned closer herself, getting right into his ear.

"Don't worry about that baby, you'll definitely see how un-Elvis like I really am tonight Matt."

"Ooh, can hardly wait babe." He pulled away from her, then smiled. "I'm gonna check the stock, need anything?"

"Oh, we need some more vodka bottles, seems like that's running out quite quickly tonight."

"Really? That's quite unusual. But it is vodka and all, could use a drink myself actually."

"You better not, still gotta have fun tonight. Don't drink anything, I swear to God."

Matt put on a troubled face.

"Come on, who's the boss around here?"


She sniggered back. Though she wasn't, she certainly did act like it sometimes. Matt was okay with that though, and didn't really seem that bothered if he wanted to have that for himself.

"Just because you're bedding the boss, doesn't mean you can-"

As he was about to finish, the whole nightclub began shaking, and panic ensued. Panic overcame Rachael, and the girl rushed to his side, clinging to his frame, as he held onto her. It was like an earthquake was going on.

"Ooh, I've never experienced an earthquake quite like this before Matt!"

"Don't worry Rach, it's fine. It's just an earthquake, it's not that bad. We'll be alright-"


"We're all gonna die!"

"Get out!"

The customers panicked, and cried, only for Matt to clear his throat.

"Everyone calm down! It's just an…"

A light reflecting on the ground caught Matt's eyes, so he followed the source with his eyes.

Matt looked up, and saw that there was heavy rain coming down from the sky, and also something else. Because they had a skylight, he could see that there was some weird thing going into the sky, and was coming towards their locations.

"Shit…what the hell is that?"

Matt pointed towards the sky, as Rachael looked up, stunned by what she saw.

"I don't know what the hell that is. But Matt, we have to keep the customers-"


An energy wave came over them, and the glass above shattered.


The customers all cowered under places that they could for protection. Matt and Rachael were about to do the same when some weird energy came over them, and slammed against them, blowing them backwards, and hit the bar, glass shattering everywhere.

Matt's head was coated in strange lights, as a weird energy surrounded Rachael, the pair of them going to the floor, and slammed their heads on the ground hard, knocking them nearly out. Matt at least put a hand to his forehead, and felt some pain, as Rachael whined.


"Rach, you alright!?"

The members of staff, once confirming that it was safe, came running out of their hiding spots, and to the bosses side, and Rachael's as well.

Matt recovered first, putting a hand to his forehead.

"Shit…geez, what the hell was that?"

"Matt, are you okay!?"

Susan was concerned, putting a hand on his shoulders.

"Yeah, I'm okay, just got a bit of a headache." He told truthfully, then turned to Rachael. "Rach, you alright?" He helped her off the ground, where she latched onto him tightly. "Shhh now sweetheart, it's alright."

"B-But what the hell was that?"

Matt didn't know the answer, and just looked up at the clouds. From where he was, he could see that a flash of weird looking lightning rained down somewhere, but he couldn't see where that was exactly.

"I don't know baby, I don't know. But it wasn't normal…but, I feel fine, do you feel fine?"

"I'm fine. The club?"

Matt looked around and saw that most of it looked okay. But, some stuff, mainly the skylight was broken. Clicking his tongue, he sighed.

"More fucking money spent repairing."

He sighed out, remembering the last time that he had to repair.

"Ooh baby, don't be so cynical." Rachael comforted as she kissed him. "I'd rather it be spent fixing up the place than anything else like I don't know, death or something. That wasn't ordinary, I mean, what kind of thing does that anyway?"

"I don't know, but you're right. I'd rather have to repair, then anything else. it's gonna cost a bit though, and we're still paying off our loan as well." Matt saw everyone's face turn gloomy. "Ooh people don't worry my lovely staff, your cute and adorable boss will come through…somehow."

"Ooh boss, don't make such a face. We'll do all we can to help."

Susan spoke gently, as the other staff agreed.

It was like a family.

Despite him being the boss, and them being employers, it was like they were a family. It was quite rare, yet at the same time, it was quite amazing how they banded together like this.

"Lovely, that's great Susan. But first, we'll have to deal with this, and see if our customers are hurt, call for ambulances if necessary. Get to it people, I've gotta make some calls about this anyway."

[You got it sir!]

As they got to work, Matt was on the phone. He knew that this was going to be a long night.

The next morning, he woke up in his large apartment, with a naked Rachael beside him, cuddling up next to him. He liked this little scenario very much. After the hectic night of phone calls, and a small headache that he had.

He didn't bother waking Rachael right now, he was just basking in the glow that was his girlfriend, and maybe one day wife. He was that serious about her. He truly did adore her, he loved her even, and wouldn't want to ever be separate from her.

But the peaceful bliss didn't last long, as his phone buzzed.

[Hey, where are you exactly?!]

As he answered the phone, he sighed, hearing his bosses voice over the other line.

While he owned a nightclub at night, during the day, he worked as a reporter.

"Hmmm, what's going on? Is it about last night?"

[Seems like there's more to it than what we thought. I need you at S.T.A.R Labs immediately, and question the man responsible for this disaster. His name is Harrison Wells, and apparently, reports are coming in about dead, at least ten, possibly more in the next few hours.]

"We were some of the lucky ones then…"

Matt murmured, wondering how this happened in the first place.

[What did you say?]

"Nothing, nothing. I'll be going soon. Had a rough night too. That weird, whatever it was, totally wrecked the club as well. I don't know what the heck it was, but I'd like to see this Mr. Wells too, and ask why he did whatever he did, and what really happened."

[I thought you'd want to be there. Get going, and get us the news, okay? The press conference starts in three hours.]

"Right, right. I'll be there. So, where is it being held?"

[Outside S.T.A.R Labs. Three hours…well, two hours and fifty eight minutes now.]

Matt almost rolled his eyes at the ridiculousness of everything that was happening.

"Okay, I get it. I'm going soon. Geez man."

The phone was then hung up rather rudely, as Rachael stirred, sitting up to see Matt's face, Matt sending his sister a message, but she didn't reply.

"I wonder who was on the phone?"

"Oh, that was just my boss." He answered her as she gained a confused face. "Something wrong Rach?"

"No…but, I didn't ask…whatever, so work?"

"Work." He sighed out. "If I didn't have enough problems already. Seems like that dodgy place S.T.A.R Labs might be involved. Don't know how yet, but that's what an investigative reporter finds out, right baby?"

"Right babycakes." She leaned up, and kissed his lips. "I'm gonna make you a nice breakfast. You don't have to shoot off too soon, right?"

"Unfortunately, I need to make a stop off at work, to collect something's, and such. My life, never do I get a good moment to myself. Don't worry about breakfast for me, I'll just grab something at the local café."

"Hmmm, you spend more time there than with me, should I be jealous?"

Matt waved off any concern that she could have.

"Don't be silly."

"But still, you do seem to talk about this Iris girl a lot."

"Iris? Me and Iris, nah. She's just a somewhat friend. She's interested in becoming a journalist or something and we sometimes talk. No biggie."

His reassuring looks seemed to brighten up whatever downer she was currently on.

"Until you cheat on me with this bitch."

Matt looked towards her incredulously.

"I wouldn't like cheat on you! And Iris isn't a bitch. Geez Rach, can't you accept that I love you?"

"Could we not have this…wait, how did you know that…"

"Know what?"

She pulled away from him, the boy being confused.

"About what I…ugh, never mind. I've gotta get up anyway. Don't worry about the club, I'll get an estimation on repairs."

He overlapped his lips with her own, and got out of the bed, fully naked. Rachael's eyes laced over his certain member, and grinned devilishly to herself. He didn't even have to be a mind reader to know what was going through her head.

"You're a star babes. I'm gonna have to get going. Love you."

"Love you too."

She announced back, pulling the sheets up to her chest, and stared longingly at him.

He walked towards the dresser to get some clothes, as Rachael's eyes danced over his form.

"Damn, what a cute ass he has. What I wouldn't do to grab him right now, and have him right here and now."

Matt smirked to himself, and looked behind him to see her eyes on his form.

"Oh, thanks babes."

"For…what exactly?"

She held confusion on her face, a genuine confusion.

"For saying I've got a cute ass. Not everyday you get an oddly weird yet adorable sentence out of people." He retorted, Rachael looking a little freaked. "And yeah, I wish we could do things right now, but work calls, and this S.T.A.R Labs intrigues me. There's always been some weirdness hanging over their heads."

Rachael still looked confused as he got dressed. He didn't wear anything fancy, just a shirt, and jeans which hugged his form quite well, at least Rachael seemed to appreciate them all the same anyway, if the moistness of her lips were any indication.

"I guess…just don't get into anything dangerous."

"Aah you know me Rach, don't worry. I'll be good."

He assured her, but she still didn't look assured in the slightest.

"I still think we should get checked over by the hospital for that weird stuff that happened last night."

Matt stopped in his tracks, and went over to Rachael, seeing her concerned face.

"Oh my baby, don't be so worried. If anything happened to us, it would've shown itself by now, right? But if you're that worried, make an appointment, and we'll get ourselves checked out at the doctors."

"It's like you read my mind."

Matt stared at her odd for that.

She said that she wanted to get checked out, so how did he read her mind?

Shaking those thoughts, he got what he needed for the day, and went towards the door.

"Gotta go babes, see you later."

"I'll call you the estimation, and I'll get Susan to check over the supplies with Mark and Chris."

"Right, good thinking. You never know when some sick bastard might've stolen stock during the panic. Well, gotta get going. Bye. Love you."

"Love you too my baby." She said with a clearly fake smile, she wasn't happy about something. "I wonder if he says that to Iris…or, does he think of that Sara when he is with me..."

"Sara? You're bringing up Sara now!?"

Rachael looked confused.

"What are you...but seriously, she must be on your mind huh. She always freaking is."

She huffed out, folding her arms across her chest.

"Hardly, we had a thing, didn't last, and we ended it, that's how it was. Stop thinking that I am not in love with you, didn't I put myself into debt for the nightclub because you wanted to start a business!?"

"Don't throw that back in my face! I was trying to dig you out of the mess you call a life! Before me, you were nothing! And you still are!"

Matt felt like he was going to explode, so he took a few moments, backed himself down, and breathed.

"Look, I've already got a headache this morning and it's making me feel a little sick. I don't want us to fight. Can't we just put it on hold for a little while? Or just forget it?"

"Yeah, sure, let's just forget it, last night already was freaky enough." She said. "Even then, you'll always think of Sara above me, it's just a good thing that I can leave anytime I want."

Matt stared at her incredulously, then shook his head, and left.

Something odd happened as he walked towards the usual café shop that he went too when he was in a hurry, and to be honest, that was most of the time. He went down the usual path that he took, but something else was happening.

"I wonder if my Mom will know I snuck out last night?"

Matt heard as he walked past a 12-14 year old boy, who stood right next to a woman he presumed to be his Mother. He didn't know why he'd say that out loud, it didn't make sense to him, but he continued on anyway across the street.

"Damn, he's pretty cute."

He heard once again, so he turned to see a girl there around her twenties. He waved at her, her eyes shooting open, then she looked away saying "Did I say that out loud…" and went across the street in the opposite direction.

Walking into the café, he saw that unlike usual it wasn't that crowded. Yet, he felt like twenty people were all talking at once, and it was giving him a slight headache. But he pushed those thoughts aside, and went over to the counter.

"Oh, good morning Matt. The usual."

"Aah, yeah, thanks. Iris not here?"

The woman behind the counter, Matt believed it to be Tracy but he wasn't sure, shook her head.

"Apparently, something happened last night during that freaky atom bomb thing going off, and I believe something happened to someone she cares about, so I was called in to cover her shift. All over the city, people have been hurt, and killed. What a scary time in this city, right?"

Matt chuckled deeply, but had a sense of dread come over him, and he wasn't all that sure why he was having this feeling.

"You're not wrong. Just on my drive here I saw more insane people than usual. Well, I guess that everyone was affected in some way shape or form. We need the arrow guy or whatever he's called over here to sort them out."

Tracy got to work on the order, and finished off in record time, which the boy was grateful for, since he was a little busy.

"That comes to the usual amount, you know the deal by now."

"Aah, great then…" He went into his pocket, and fished out…not enough. "Damn it, ugh…left my change at home…" He looked towards Tracy, and put on a cute expression. "Can you let it go for 1.35 please?"

The girl looked surprised at the expression, but found it cute, and nodded her head.

"I can let it go for 1.35, it's fine if it is you."

Matt was surprised, but extremely happy that she was deciding to let it go.

"R-Really? Great! Thanks!"

"T-Thank you, hope to see you again!"

Matt smiled, and walked towards the door.

However, just as he was about to open it, a young woman with dark skin, and a beautiful face came in, without even looking, almost knocked over Matt, the boy recoiling just in time so he didn't spill hot coffee all over her.

"Whoa there, where's the fire Iris?"

Iris was a girl that Matt was quite acquainted with. They talked, had a laugh, and occasionally talked over the phone. They weren't best friends by any means, but all the time that Iris had been working at the café, they had developed a good friendship with one another.

Iris looked up towards Matt, and she looked like a drowned rat.

Her eyes were releasing many tears, and she was shaking. It was like her life had been forfeited.

"Barry, he might die. Gotta get back."

"Barry? Who's Barry? He's going to die?"

Iris wore a surprised face, slowly backing away.

"H-How do you know Barry?"

"You just said, something's wrong with Barry, whoever that is?"

"I-I didn't say that…"

Matt was thoroughly confused now. She did say it…she must've said it. He didn't know anyone named Barry, and he wouldn't suddenly just say it either. The unsureness of Iris's face didn't exactly help either.

"You…it doesn't matter. This Barry might die…? W-Why are you here?"

"I just need to get something then get a taxi back to the hospital."

"Forget the taxi, I'll drive you, it's on the way."

"Are you…"

She looked unsure, not because she didn't trust the blonde, but because she didn't want to be an inconvenience.

"It's fine." He assured, giving her a reassuring hand on the shoulder. "It seems like you really care, and a taxi could take ages yet, seems like bedlam out there. Don't worry, I can drive you over there and get you there safely."

"Ooh thank you Matt. I'll be a few seconds."

He didn't have a problem with taking her. If roles were reversed, she'd probably do the same, and it was on the way to where he was supposed to go anyway. So, taking her wasn't anything that would bring him too far off course.

Iris came back with a bag a few moments later, and made her way over.


"Alright then, let's get going."

He walked out of the café with Iris, but thoughts danced around his mind, his own. He couldn't let go of the fact that he didn't know who Barry was, yet he somehow knew the name. Iris said the name, yet she said she didn't. And Tracy allowed such an order to be let go, even though under normal circumstances, he wouldn't be able to get away with something like that.

Something was going on, and he didn't know what that was either. But, he intended to find out.

When making it to the hospital, Matt could clearly see that Iris was a mess, and wouldn't know how to go on. She clearly cared for this Barry, whoever that was. And the strangest thing happened. On the way to the hospital, as he drove, it was like people were talking to him…or talking in general, from places he wouldn't be able to hear.

He was very confused, this hadn't happened before. He didn't think he'd be able to continue on like this. Everything was just confusing, and his headache was growing by the second, like people were talking right into his ear very loudly, at the same time.

"Thank you again for driving me. My Dad is here, and my car is…"

"Don't worry Iris, as long as you're alright, it's fine."

He assured her that it was okay, as this was another person affected by the…whatever happened.

He still needed to find out about that, he didn't know how. But, he was a reporter, and the people wanted the news, so that's what he was going to do, and get the latest, even if he had to get it from the man Harrison Wells himself.

"Say Iris, this Barry was affected by what that weird Harrison Wells did, right?"

"I think so…why?"

"It's nothing really. It's just this has…well, at my club last night, there was this weird…"

"Iris! There you are!"

A strong male voice called, and Matt saw that there was a male of a dark colour similar to Iris, but he was well built and had facial hair too. He had a cold look to him, and when he flicked his coat to the side, Matt was surprised to see a badge there, guessing that he was from the police.

"Dad, ooh God, there you are."

Iris walked over towards her Father, Matt following without even thinking to just introduce himself.

When the man looked at Matt, Matt curiously looked at him back.

"Who is this blonde guy escorting my daughter and what does he want with her?"

Matt understood how protective a parent could be. But, at the same time, he didn't expect the man to just openly say something like that either. If he was a Father, which he wasn't, then he wouldn't really say such things out loud unless needed, and he didn't think it would be needed right now.

"Oh, I'm sorry sir. My name is Matt Stone, and Iris and I are, friends, I guess we could be called. I gave her a ride here."

The man cocked his head to the side, then chuckled deeply.

"Haha, you read my mind. I was wondering who you were."

"…You didn't say anything?"

"Not to you no."

Matt looked confused, as Iris introduced Matt.

"I'm sorry Matt, this is my Dad, Joe West. Dad, this is Matt. He's my friend from the café…well, he frequents the café anyway."

"Oh then, nice to meet you…sorry I can't offer more than that. Barry you see is…"

Joe looked towards the left, so Matt did as well.

What he saw was a young man in his twenties, with brown hair, laying there with different medical equipment attached to him. Matt didn't know much about what was going on, but he did know a little bit of medicine, and could see different types of drugs being used…

"Wasn't he on that show, Glee or something? Rachael made me watch it, so boring, but he looks like that one from…whatever school it was. I didn't care to memorize these things…but, it's not just me, is it?"

Joe, and Iris shared a look.

"Barry wasn't on Glee, maybe someone that looked like him…"

Iris admitted sheepishly, and now that she thought about it, there was someone on it that did remind her of someone on there, that looked like Barry.

Matt continued to stare at Barry, and walked closer, feeling sorry for the man. He had been told the gist by Iris, and how she felt so worried, and cried a lot. Now being this close, he could see how both Joe, and Iris wished for Barry to recover, which was obvious from the get go honestly.

However, that suddenly changed when Matt was bombarded with information.

So much information was coming from Barry himself, even though he was unconscious.

It was so fast than he couldn't keep up with it. Maybe thoughts ran through his head, and this time, he knew it wasn't Barry just talking. He couldn't, he was put into a coma, so how would he be talking to Matt at all?

No, it was something else entirely.


Because of the overload in his mind, Matt felt like his skull, or brain, he didn't care which, was being compressed, being overloaded, it was hurting. He felt like his skull was on fire, and he dropped to his knees, but he managed to pluck out one word.

"M-Matt, are you alright?!"

"Please sit down."

Joe grabbed a chair from the side, and sat down the blonde. Iris peered at him in concern, she couldn't have someone else she had grown to care for being in pain on the same day.

Matt blinked a few times, then looked away from Barry…which seemed to help.

Though the pain wasn't completely gone, it was easing off.

When he was more, back to normal, he looked up at Iris, and Joe, seeing their concerned faces, as well as some doctors, or nurses, he didn't care to look, looking towards him. Trying his best to smile despite the pain, he rubbed his head.

"I'm sorry…I worried everyone…i-it's nothing, just a sudden headache, it's going now though. But, Iris?"


"This man…erm, Barry, he's…calling out for you."

Both Iris, and Joe remained confused, getting more confused by the second, neither knew what was going on. Barry wasn't awake for him to call out to anyone. How would Matt know that he was being called too? It didn't make sense, even Matt couldn't make sense of it either. All he knew was that there was someone, Barry in this case, calling for Iris. The words might've been fast, but he did pick up the word Iris again and again.

"Calling out for me? What do you…"

"Don't question it please…I don't fully understand either, but he's crying out for you to be by his side. A-Anyway, I'm sorry for wasting your time. I hope your friend gets better, I've gotta get to work now. Bye Iris, nice to meet you Mr. West. Goodbye."

Before they could say anything, Matt took off, with a headache forming.

"You've got a…strange friend Iris."

Joe didn't know what to say, so he said what was on his mind.

"I wonder what that was about?"

Neither Iris, or Joe knew what was going on. But Iris walked towards Barry and grabbed his hand.

Matt walked out of the hospital, hearing more and more voices, even though not many people were speaking. He got to his car, and got into the car, putting his head on the steering wheel, feeling more and more pain entering his skull.

"Geez…what's going on with me…"

This was all new, and scary honestly.

He hadn't ever experienced anything like this before, and he wasn't sure what to make of it either.

The pain in his head increased, but not enough that it was unmanageable for the moment. But when he stared at Barry…when he was near Barry, it was like he was running his thoughts so fast that Matt couldn't keep up with it, and it was hurting him…

But how was it possible?

Matt didn't know what the hell was going on now.

He must've been dreaming. He must've been dreaming, that's the only explanation for this.

There couldn't be another explanation, could there?

"Mommy, Mommy please be okay…"

Matt looked outside to see a young girl crying her eyes out, as she was being carried by a large man, he presumed to be her Father.

"Shhhhh, sweetie. It's going to be okay."


Because she was crying, coherent words wouldn't come out.

But, he heard her clear as day.

Until they disappeared into the hospital he could hear "Mommy please be okay." again and again.

"How can I hear her…? She's…and I am…" Matt was slowly putting it together. "Wait, Iris mentioned Barry…but, she said she didn't. Rachael spoke like I had read her thoughts, and Barry was speaking to me…even if it was in a blinding speed…if I'm right then…no, I couldn't be doing that…could I? Could I be…reading peoples thoughts? No, that's…but, it would make sense…if this makes sense at all…I could pass off the others as coincidences or they were just lying to me…but, that man. That Barry was in a coma, he was not capable of speaking, especially that fast…"

Matt didn't know what to make of this.

But if he had the power to read minds…then new possibilities were going to be opened up.

If he could, then there were many things that he would be capable of doing.

He knew that he would have to do something with this…but what would he do with this kind of power?

At that time, his phone lit up, and he looked at it.

Seeing that it was Rachael, he picked it up.

[Hey, I've got the estimations done.]

"That was quick."

He joked, not revealing about his possible mind powers just yet.

[Yeah, that's the good news, the bad news is…it's going to be cost…erm, I don't know how to say this…but, it is going to cost a lot to fix. More than what we made in two months I'm afraid.]

"Shit...we can't afford to be closed for long. Did they say how long?"

He banged his steering wheel with his open palm.

[They can start today, but it might take a few days. Not just the glass, but other things were damaged during…whatever that thing was. But, you see, today I've been experiencing something…no, it doesn't matter.]

"What is it Rach?"

Concerned for his girlfriend, he of course wanted to make sure that she was alright.

[No, don't worry. I'm just going through…something, and then there's, the cost and all. What are we going to do?]

"How much is it?"

Rachael didn't want to tell him, but told him regardless.

As soon as he heard, he felt like the world was against him. It was going to cost a fair bit to do up again. Even with the speedy recovery, the money wasn't something they had on hand readily, Matt didn't know what to do at all.

[Matt, what are we going to do? We can't afford this, even if we charge double, it would take us…]

Matt's mind then got to thinking.

He thought about what he had happened today, and a woman walked past, and despite her mouth not moving he definitely heard "Let's hope that old fool dies so I can inherit his money…" which made him feel disgusted in the woman herself, but it gave the boy a good idea, an idea that he hoped would work.

"Don't worry babe, I've got this."

He smiled, as more and more people walked past, and he read each of their minds.

He didn't mean to, but it wouldn't switch off.

Even then, he was sure he could put this to good use.

[Matt? What do you mean…ooh God, you're not going to take out a loan, are you? We have to pay off the last one yet. We don't have anything to borrow against. Matt, please think before you start taking out loans again. I don't want another fight about money.]

"I'm not taking out a loan. That's the last thing I'd do. Don't worry, I've got a…semi full proof plan. Leave it to your baby now to fix this. Gotta go Rach, see you later."

[But Matt, what are you going to do?]

"Oh nothing, just some mind reading."

Rachael didn't know what that meant, and could only wish him luck before going off the line. Matt smirked to himself, and put his hands on the wheel. Maybe, just maybe, he could finally do something worthwhile with his own abilities now.

Matt didn't like coming to places like this, where it wasn't exactly above board. But, in this instance, he had a sure fire method that couldn't lose. He walked into a house of gambling, and other things like that.

"Ah, Matt. I didn't expect you to show your face around here again."

Men surrounded Matt, looking menacingly towards him. Some took him by the arm, and dragged him to a large balding man, who was quite fast as well. He looked like the typical villain type of character, that's how Matt always thought of him.

"Hey Tony, yeah, been a while, haven't I?"

Matt looked around, and checked if he could use his ability…and he was picking up the thoughts of everyone around.

He smiled to himself, and looked towards Tony.

"Since you do owe us a lot of money, I thought you wouldn't be stupid enough to step your game up and come back here. Do you want your innards on the outside?"

Matt didn't bat an eyelid, and leaned forward.

"Now, Tony. I know that we've had our differences, but I am here to settle the debt right now."

Tony waved his hand to the men to back away, intrigued.

"I see, so what's going on?"

"You see, I just want to play a game with you. Just a guessing game is all. With a bet going on, of course. I'd say, 100 dollars a go? At first that is."

Tony couldn't resist a game. No matter what, a game was a game, and he loved games.

"Okay then. I'm interested. So, what game is this again?"

"You just think of a number, and I guess it. It can be between 1, and 1000. Any number you want, and just think of it. I win, I win the money. You win, you win the money. So, what do you think Tony? Interested?"

"Haha, are you foolish Matt? If you just want to waste more money, then whatever. I'm going to enjoy taking your money."

"Okay, then let's go."

Matt laid down a 100 dollar bill, so did Tony. The goons looked on, and just thought it was foolish of Matt. He wasn't going to get it. He was going to be basically throwing money away. But Matt had his secret.

Tony then thought "He's never going to get this, but let's see if he gets 107." so, Matt smiled.


Tony looked shocked, as did the goons, Matt taking Tony's 100 dollars, and then laid it down again.


"200 or nothing?"

"F-Fine. Lucky guess, that's all it was. Try this one then."

Tony laid down 200 dollars as well, and then thought "I don't know how he got that, but he's not going to get 458, stupid fool…" but Matt heard it all, and smiled gently as he said.


"How in the fuck…?"

Tony didn't know how Matt was doing this. Once was a shot in the dark, and a very lucky guess. But two in a row, and without pause. There's no way. He'd accuse Matt of cheating…but he couldn't. He was just thinking, there's no conceivable way that Matt would get all of these answers so easily.


400 had been laid down, Tony gritting his teeth, and agreed.

So, it went through different numbers, such as "489." and "902." and others like "839.08." or "222.22." and still, he got them right. he got them all right, Tony watched as he was the one pissing away money now, giving up to thousands away, being so caught up he didn't realize it. he even betted a golden watch and ring, Matt was going to keep them for himself.

"And, that's how the cookie crumbles, Tony. Thanks. See, I told you, it would be interesting, huh. Oh, and here, for the debt and all, all paid off now, right?"

Matt grabbed all of the cash once giving Tony back some money he owed the large man, and put them into bags, that he got from himself, having brought them before, and walked away.

However, Tony couldn't just let it go, and gestured to one of his men to attack Matt, getting out a switch blade.

Just before the blade could touch him, Matt dropped to the ground, dropping the bags in the process. The blade went above his head, the boy sweeping his leg backwards, forcing the bald man to the ground. With a precise movement, Matt did a backflip, where he landed on the mans chest, quickly turned around, and slammed his open palm against the mans face.


Matt didn't know if he broke the mans nose or not, but it was bleeding. He didn't care, grabbing the blade, and held it to the mans throat, as the others watched on.

"Tony, Tony, Tony. Sending someone to stab me? Geez man, don't you realize that's a bad move? I used to do jobs for you, and you don't know my fighting prowess? Really?" Tony grimaced, then Matt looked down at the bald man. "And you, cue-ball. Attacking me with such noisy footsteps. Did you really think I'd let you get away with this!?"

The man feared for his life, as Matt closed in with the blade.

Sweat poured down his face, even tears came to his eyes.

Matt looked menacing as the blade touched the mans throat, Matt's face right in the mans face.

But then, Matt just winked, and rubbed the mans bald head.

"Good baldy, you do need to learn not to attack. Welp, I'm gonna go and enjoy my money, thanks Tony~"

Matt jumped off the ground, and the bald man tried to get up to attack, but Matt swiped him across the face with his foot so hard that he was knocked out, his head hitting the ground harshly.

Matt then looked towards the fat man Tony.

"Tony, you need to teach your men discipline. Oh...by the way, ever try and come for me..." Matt suddenly looked dark as he threw the knife right at Tony, with such precision that the knife cut the mans arm, but didn't stab him, Tony wincing. "Never piss me off again, understand me? I, don't like it when people threaten me. Well, goodbye! See you later!"

Matt grabbed the bags of cash, and strode away.

A gleeful smile was on his face. He couldn't be happier as he strolled out.

Tony was left baffled, yet angered that Matt managed to do that.

It, shouldn't of been possible, but it was possible.

Whatever happened, Tony was pissed off.

Matt had driven away, and put the money in a secure place.

Because he might've been robbed later on, he wasn't an idiot, he knew that he would have to hide it well, and that's what he did, and at the end, he made it to the place where Harrison Wells was, with a girl that looked down, and a boy who also looked down as well.

Before him, he could see reporters, and others who wanted answers. To the side, he saw the police around, a few cops were around. He guessed that was because of the fact that this man could be on a hit list, after everything he found out.

He waded through the sea of reporters, wanting answers, Matt being slightly overwhelmed with the many peoples different thoughts being projected into his bed. It was painful, and he knew that he probably would be better to get away, but he had a job to do.

"What happened yesterday, was an accident, that shouldn't of happened."

The man named Harrison Wells spoke from a wheelchair. Matt didn't know if he was paralyzed beforehand or not. But if he was after, then he was affected too. But at the same time, he didn't hold much sympathy right now, after finding out what happened to the city, how some people died, and what happened with others, like the likes of Barry.

As he listened, Matt didn't know if he should be angry or not.

But, he felt something odd from Harrison.

He didn't know why, but he felt something weird coming off Harrison Wells, and he didn't know what to even think about.

Matt of course asked some questions, but they were diverted.

It was clear that Harrison Wells didn't want to talk about it, yet the people had a right to know about it.

However, as the press conference was going on, a wild man jumped onto the stage, waving a gun around.

"D-Damn it!"

Matt heard one cop say as they rushed the stage to stop him.

The man shot into the air, scaring off most of the people around. Screams and other things entered Matt's ears, and he also felt the double panic inside of his mind. He gripped his head in pain, he wasn't able to move due to the screams of mental anguish.

"Don't come closer, or I'll blow this bitches brains out!"

The man clearly wasn't in his right mind, grabbing the girl that was on the stage. She gasped, and looked fearful, the gun holding right to her temple.


Matt heard the man with long hair shout out to the girl, who was called Caitlin. Caitlin herself, didn't know what to do, she just stood there, as the man held the gun to her head. The police didn't know what to do, and were formulating a plan.

"Now, you don't want to do anything stupid…"

One of the cops tried to talk him down, but the man was shaking, angrily, and cried heavy tears.

"D-Don't come closer!" The cops backed away, as he shakily held the gun at Caitlin and then turned to Harrison Wells. "Y-You bastard! B-Because of your experiment, my little brother was taken away from me! Y-You son of a bitch! I'll kill you!"

Matt just looked up, and saw that Harrison Wells, if he didn't know better, didn't look all that bothered honestly.

Matt found that to be suspicious and walked closer, but he could see that the girl named Caitlin was already frazzled, and he heard "Ronnie…" in his mind, from her mind, and the way it was heard, Matt knew, he just knew that something had happened to someone named Ronnie, whoever that was.

Matt didn't know what he could do.

He couldn't out think this person.

He couldn't use his mind reading powers here…

But he couldn't just sit there, and do nothing.

He should be able to do something here, and save her life.

Whatever it was, he couldn't just allow a girl to be shot, and even though it was foolish, even if he might get killed, he couldn't just stand there, and do nothing, so he foolishly rushed the stage, and yelled "DON'T SHOOT PLEASE!" and hopped onto the stage, the girl and the crazed man looking at him, both looking pissed.

"He's going to shoot me! D-Don't do anything stupid!"

"I'm trying to help you here, calm down."


Matt's eyes glowed a bright blue colour, he didn't know that thought, and stated as he and she stared a look between them.

"Just let me do this."

Caitlin didn't know why, but she trusted him, and didn't know why. A huge sense of trust came to her, so she didn't say anything.

Matt looked towards the gun wielder, and thoughts ran around his mind, images of a brother he didn't know, looking so young, maybe only around 10 years old, and looked like the gun wielder.

"Look, listen to me, you don't want to do this."

"W-What do you know about this!?"

He roared, waving his gun around.

"Your little brother, George, right?"

Caitlin, Harrison and the man behind him didn't know how Matt knew that.

"H-How do you know his name..."

"I...I know, what it's like to lose a brother, I lost mine when I was young too. He died, and the pain never goes away. It never does, even now, I feel it all the time. But, would he, really want you to do this?"

"I...I have to get revenge on that bastard there! It's his stupid fault! That damn experiment of his! It killed my brother!"

He shot a glare towards Harrison, so Matt pointed towards the girl.

"And, why use her? What has she done to you? You can hate Harrison Wells, but that girl, hasn't done anything to you, and your brother...from how you...he really wouldn't want you to hurt her. She hasn't done anything to you, and if you really need a hostage, take me instead. Just leave her alone." Matt glanced towards her, and a wave of sad thoughts came towards him. "She's already going through something terrible anyway."

Caitlin didn't know how he knew that, but it seemed like he did, for whatever reason.

"Why...would you give yourself up like that? To save her? Do you even know this girl!?"

"No, I don't know who she is, but you're taking your pain out, on the wrong person. She hasn't done anything, and you, you're already going through something no one should have to go through. So, just let her go, and just, get everything out. No violence has to be committed here today, at least of all think of your brother, think of him. Does he want you to do this? Would he want his name to be associated with killing an innocent person?"

The mans head was so messed up, that he couldn't see what was right before him.

Matt was right.

He didn't want to bring his brother through the mud like that, even if he had died, he didn't want his brother to have to suffer through death because of his actions.

The man dropped the gun from Caitlin's temple as Matt held out his hand.

"Walk slowly."

Caitlin did walk forward towards him very slowly.

Every inch felt like a mile.

She was aware that she could be shot from behind. But, she didn't pay attention to that. Something about Matt seemed reassuring, seemed like he wasn't going to allow her to be shot. She just took this chance to believe in him.

When she was close enough, he grabbed her hand, and pulled her behind him, towards the boy with long hair, who then hugged her tightly, the girl doing the same thing, not wanting to ever let him go ever, the same for the boy.


"Caitlin, are you alright!?"

She nodded, and watched as Matt walked closer to the crazed man.

"I can't live like this!"

The man raised the gun to his forehead, ready to pull the trigger.

Gasps rang throughout the area, as this could be very serious, a shooting that was.

But man put his hand up, and slowly crept closer.

"Don't shoot yourself!"

"But I…"

"You don't want to kill yourself. Your brother wouldn't want you to kill yourself."

The man thought about his brother, and how Matt was right. His eyes leaked tears, running down his face like a waterfall.

"My brother doesn't want me to die…but I can't live without him..."

He had been through something terrible, and couldn't stop, holding the gun to himself.

Many people thought that they were about ti se an execution of onesself about to happen, but that wasn't the case.


Matt crossed the distance fairly quickly, just before he could pull the trigger, and kicked upwards. The gun left the mans hand, flying up into the air. While in the air, Matt went into him from behind, twisting his body, and slammed his elbow into the mans chest, forcing him to stagger on his feet.



Matt twirled around at the same time, and as if it was like he was trained, he delivered a decisive kick to the mans face, knocking him down to the ground and put his foot on his back so he couldn't get up, just as the gun came down, Matt catching it with one hand, and took a breath.

"What is he? A freaking ninja?"

Cisco remarked after the fact happened, no one had an answer for him.

As soon as he did, the police came right in, grabbing the man and forcing his hands behind his back, handcuffing him, the man was already in a daze.

People began clapping, having witnessed what he did. They didn't know how he did it, but he did it.

Matt watched as they roughly pulled him down the steps, as a cop came to him.

"That was a good service young man. We could use people like you on the force."


Matt handed him the gun, and looked towards the crowd.

Thought after thought exploded in his mind, he could barely hear his own thoughts, then his eyes he fell down to his knees, immense pain ripping through his skull. It felt like his mind was tearing apart, like it had been through a lot of stress.

The cop didn't know what to do, and took several steps backwards, Matt's intense pain increasing.


He released a cry, and his eyes became slightly teary.

Caitlin, and Cisco ran over, and bent towards him.

"Dude, are you alright?"

Cisco asked the boy, as he felt his skull or brain, whichever he didn't care, still hurting. It was the worst headache he had ever suffered. Because of his powers? He guessed that was the case. But honestly, Matt didn't know at all.

He couldn't answer right away, he was trying to get his thoughts into action, trying to think clearly, but the sounds of others screamed through his head, and the pain from, whatever he just did continued to play with him.

Caitlin bent closer, appreciation on her face.

"You saved my life. Are you okay?"

Matt looked towards her, and the thought "Ronnie…" came again and again to him. It was full of pain, anguish, like she had lost someone important. He knew that all too well, he remembered when he lost someone important to him, and right now, Caitlin had the same thoughts that he had.

"Question is, are you alright?"

"I'm fine…"

It was so hollow, the wounds fresh in her soul.

"No, you're not fine."

Caitlin blinked, as Harrison rolled himself over on his wheelchair.

"What do you mean…"

"You're not fine. You might be physically fine, but you're internally not fine at all. You're not fine. Your pain is screaming in my head…my God, I'm so sorry for your loss. This Ronnie must've meant so much to you. It reminds me of my brother...so much pain from you...so much...and yet, you're keeping it inside even though it only happened yesterday...I'm so sorry for your loss, and if I spoke out of term...I'm just so sorry for your loss, no one should have to feel such pain, and have painful...thoughts..."

Caitlin looked down, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

He somehow knew.

She hadn't even indicated, but she somehow knew it was like this.

He knew of her somehow suffering silently. Even though it happened yesterday, she hadn't processed it. But somehow, he had processed it for her, and directed reality towards her.

Matt continued looking at Caitlin, then placed a hand on her shoulder.

"If it makes you feel better, I can relate to the pain you're feeling right now."

Caitlin didn't want to show her emotions, she was trying her best not to show them, but she couldn't in the end, and broke down.

Everything he said, was true.

She didn't know why, but he knew it was true.

It was amazing, and true.

Yet painful...

"Here, a tissue."

Matt grabbed one from his pocket, handed it to her, the girl using it to dry her eyes, as Cisco looked very curious.

"But, how did you know what to say to stop that guy from shooting Caitlin?"

Cisco insisted to know, but Matt shook his head, and stood.

"I-I've got to go."

"Wait a second young man."

Harrison called out to him as he turned towards him. Matt looked at him, and all he got from Harrison was static. He didn't hear any thoughts, he just heard static, which was the first time that he had heard anything like that.

"I've, got to go, so, yeah…"

Harrison pulled out a card, and held it to him. Matt looked, and saw that it was a card with STARS labs written on the front of it. there was a number on the bottom of it, Matt didn't know what he was supposed to do with this.

"If I am right, then you are, different to normal people now."

"I'm normal thanks."

He didn't want to be known as anything other than normal, especially from the person before him, he didn't really trust Harrison Wells, and he didn't know why, he felt, different.

"Then, if you experience anything, abnormal, please contact us. Even if it is absurd, contact us and we'll help you."

"I don't need assistance thanks. But, if you want to answer any questions for my newspaper, then I'd happily set up an appointment."

"I've already said what I need too."

Matt should've expected an answer and tried one last time to read the mans mind…

But he couldn't.

He was getting static once again. It was like an old television that had problems, nothing but noise was coming through. Matt looked at Caitlin, and could read her mind. He looked towards Cisco and read his mind too, but Harrison, he couldn't for whatever reason.

"Then, I've got to go. Feel better Caitlin, sorry for your loss."

Caitlin just watched as the blonde dived through the sea of crowd, and made his way to his car, wondering how, he knew that about her.

When he arrived home that evening, Matt had some bags in his hands, and saw that Rachael's shoes were by the door. knowing that she was home, he walked to the living room, and couldn't see her. The doors to the bedroom was open, but he couldn't see her there either.

"Babes, I'm back, and you're never gonna guess what happened to me? Where are you?"

Matt looked around but couldn't see her, then he felt pain come to his head, and random thoughts from outside entered his mind. He placed a hand on his forehead, and deeply breathed in, trying to not be hurt by it.

[I-I'm in the bathroom Matt, I'll be out in a minute.]

"Okay then. You're never gonna guess what happened to me. It's really freaking amazing. With this gift, I'm really going to be able to do good, and also, do us good too."

Matt, despite the pain that he was feeling, couldn't help but smile brightly.

Inside of the bathroom, Rachael held up her hand, and it began changing colour. From her usual white skin, to a darker colour. Her eyes were popping out of her head, and she looked into the mirror, seeing her face looking like Iris.

She blinks, and then looks again, to see that her face was back to normal.

Was it an imagination? She didn't know, and she didn't care to find out.

She looked down at her hand, and saw that it was back to normal.

Rachael didn't know what to make of this.

Back in the living room, Matt leaned on the couches back, waiting for Rachael to come out of the bathroom.

"Are you okay in there babes? You're not ill, are you?"

[I-I'll be out in a minute, don't worry. Just feeling a bit sick, is all.]

Matt accepted that as fact, and waited for her.

Replaying the craziness of the day, Matt didn't know what to think of it.

But he would say that his life was on the up.

His bills were paid for, everything at the club was coming along, and he was going to be reported as a hero by a few people. Even his own paper caught wind of his action, and now he was being honoured for his heroics.

He wasn't going to say that it was unwelcome though.

Having powers might be cool.

It could be interesting.

Though he could do without the constant headaches that he was going through.

The headaches of whatever was happening, did bring it down. For now though, it was manageable. He could manage with these headaches, for the time being anyway. Even if it truly did hurt his brain, he could just…


His phone went off immediately, as he was deep in thought.

He picked it up without looking, answering it while sighing.


[Yes, hello. Is this Matt Stone? The brother of Jean Stone?]

Matt took his ear away from his phone, and saw that the number was Jean's number.

"Who is this? And yes it is, who is this?"

He demanded stronger, worried for his sister.

[I'm, a paramedic.]

"P-Paramedic? W-What do you…w-what's going on?"

[I'm…sorry to have to inform you of this, but a few minutes ago, your sister was announced dead at her apartment. A neighbour said that you were her brother, and…]

Matt dropped his phone.

He didn't hear anything else.

It was like the world stopped.

Everything was going in slow motion. The birds flying across his window, outside of it.

They looked to be in slow motion.

His mind couldn't comprehend this. He couldn't comprehend this.

Tears came from his eyes, they might as well have been from his soul.

His hands shook, and his eyes turned red…

No, they literally turned red.

His eyes gave off a very eerie looking glow of red. Negative thoughts entered his mind, not from just himself, but others around. Negative thoughts slowly began creeping into his mind, and it was turning him down a different path than he usually was on.

"Matt, what's going on?"

Rachael came out of the bathroom so Matt's eyes snapped back to normal before she could see anything, to find her boyfriend shedding tears, yet didn't make a sound.

Concerned for him, he strolled over towards him, and hugged him around his neck.

"Matt, what's happened…?"

She didn't even hear the phone, the paramedic that was, and just concentrated on her boyfriend.

With hollow eyes, he looked at her, he couldn't even look like anything other than his world shattering around him.

"…She's dead."

He only managed to say that his voice failing him.

"Who's dead?"

Rachael by now had tears in her eyes as well, worried for what was going on with Matt. She hadn't seen him like this before. Naturally, she forgot everything that was happening with her right now, and concentrated on him.

"Jean…she's dead."

Tears escaped his eyes. He sobbed uncontrollably. He couldn't hold back, he couldn't stop crying right now.

However, Rachael looked smug.

"So, that bitch steals my thunder again."

"Y-You what!?"

Matt roared, his eyes turning red again.

"Seriously, you've got to be joking about this, she's not dead at all. It's a prank, or you're trying to get out of the fight we had this morning. You're not getting out of it that easily, and while you were away, cheat on me did we?"

"S-Seriously!?" He cried, his tears couldn't stop. "I just told you my sister is dead, and you're calling her a bitch!? And stealing thunder!? Are you fucking mad!? And cheating on you!? Why would I do that!? I've never done that, and I never would! I know someone cheated on you in the past, and that's not me so that's not fair, especially right now after I just heard... Right now, I really don't care about your drama because I've just heard...my little sister, is gone...and all you care about is some thunder and accusing me for the millionth time that I've cheated on you...really? Are you high...?"

Rachael continued to stare at him, and couldn't work out if he was being truthful or not.

"Are you really telling me the truth?"

"Why would I lie about my sisters death!? That's my little sister! I don't give a shit about your fucking thunder right now! I need...I need someone to...I've already lost my big brother...and now my sister is...and all you care about is your thunder...? Really...? I know you didn't get along with her...but, she's gone...she's really dead..." His eyes slowly returned to being blue rather than red, and he dropped to the floor, shedding more tears, Rachael biting her bottom lip. "My little...sisters gone..."

Rachael didn't know what to do, so she just stood there, and watched as Matt sobbed his poor heart out for the sister that he had lost.

Meanwhile, inside of a small apartment, was paramedics, with the body of a young girl on the ground, paddles to her chest, her long blonde hair laying lifeless on the ground, just like her body as well. They had been trying to shock her to life and put an oxygen mask on her, but it seemingly hadn't worked at all.

"God, and she was only 20 years old."

One of the paramedic called, as he began packing his equipment away.

Outside was the girls neighbour, and she was crying just as much as Matt was doing right now.

What they didn't notice was something extraordinary.

The girls body began moving ever so slightly.

Wind picked up from around her fingers.

Her hair swished like a wind was enclosing around her.

How this happened, could be anyone's guess.

But, it was clear that something was going on.

The paramedic that called Matt regretfully looked at the girl on the ground and was about to take the paddles off her, when her hand sudden shot up, grabbing him by the wrist, and her long blonde hair danced in an unnatural wind.

"W-What in the hell!?"

He tried to pull his hand away from her, but she looked right at him, and a gust from her fingers escaped, then she put her other hand towards him.

What happened next shocked her and everyone else.

"What have you done!?"

The other paramedic screamed as a blast of wind came from her hand, forcing the mans body away from her, crashing through the window. Fortunately, she didn't live on a high level, so when he hit the ground, he just was knocked a little around.

The girl turned towards him, and then shot out her hands, winds springing forth from her fingers, wrapping around the guy, and smashes his body through the door, creating a paramedic shaped hole in the door.

"Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Jean!? W-What's!?"

Jean looked up towards her neighbour, standing at the door.

She looked down at her fingers again.

Finally, she looked right back towards the woman, and stuck out her head. A gust of pure air erupts out of her hand, and goes for the woman's body, blowing her off her feet, knocking her out.

Jean stood up, and looked around like this was the first time she had seen the world.

Her eyes, were glowing red, and the air around her hands seemed to dance with her emotions.

"This will be interesting."

A hollow voice came from her mouth, as she walked out of the door.

The wounded paramedic tried to stop her, but she kicked him in the face, knocking him out all together.

"Don't get in my swine."

She continued onto her path…no one knew where she was going, or what she was going to do now.

End chapter!

So, I finally got round to the Flash idea I've had for a while now. As you can see, Matt is quite, the guy huh. He's got a bad past, maybe though he can certainly handle himself in a fight, he's got a girlfriend (for now anyway) who seems to have developing powers, and his sister has turned into wind girl.

As for himself, he's going to be going through things. Like his powers for one. He's got Telepathy, and will eventually develop different powers to do with the mind, and also will be able to shoot off psychic blasts to cause pain to the mind, telekinesis and other things like that, what you'd usually associate with telepathy and telekinesis and such. But as shown, there's a drawback on his powers. He can't switch off the telepathy, it hurts when he tries to control someone though he'll grow. Oh, and he can't read Speedsters minds, as their thoughts are going too fast for him to even comprehend, like how telepath's can't read the Flash's mind due to that, as I've read somewhere, so that applies here too. Plus he's not bad at hand to hand either, reasons, shall be revealed in the future.

As for the pairing, he and Rachael, minor spoiler, aren't gonna stay together, obviously since how rotten she does tend to treat him, something that will be explored more in the future. But, she does have a unique role to play too in his life, development and such. His ultimate pairing, is gonna be Caitlin, as I feel, she goes through a lot with her love life, either they die or turn evil or are just, eh to me, they don't click well, and I'm not going to lie, I really like Caitlin, and Killer Frost too, though what happens with that here shall remain secret for now.

Oh yeah, the reason why he, Rachael, and Jean got their powers right away is because, well I needed them too, especially Matt, as the months leading to Barry's awakening, turning into Flash, and such, aren't going to be kind to his mental state. But, that's apart of progressing with his character and such.

So yeah, here's the first chapter, hope you guys liked it, and until next time, thanks for reading! If anyone has a mental/psychic ability they'd want to see Matt do, as long as it isn't too OP like, I don't know, control every Metahuman to do his bidding or something, then please suggest as his abilities could be quite, diverse.

Well, that's it, thanks, and see ya next time!