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Fast Enough part 1

"Get the hell off me!"

Matt demanded, pushing off the creatures. Their claws sliced his arm slightly, but he just ignored the pain and rolled onto the ground.

He went to attack them, but the creatures just dropped him off, and left the area.

"Yeah, that's right, you better run away!"

Matt blinked, and looked around.

The place he ended up was…

He saw that he was in an open field, with the stars twinkling in the sky. But he didn't care about that. Despite it seemingly being night, it actually was lit up like it was day. Matt could see himself, and the surrounding's very clearly.

His eyes went around the area, taking in the greenness of the trees, and the grass as well. He heard the sound of laughing and crying children. He looked around but he couldn't see any children that were running around.

He found that odd.

"Just what kind of place is this…?"

Matt didn't understand.

He didn't want to be there, he remembered everything that had gone on, and needed to return back home to his family.

He just wanted to escape.

The feeling was eerie, it didn't sound good to his ears either. The lights dancing on the ground seemed too unnatural. The way that the air felt on his skin didn't feel right.

Matt could also see that there was two people in the middle of the field, and he knew who they were instantly, he could see who it was, and it surprised him.

"Andrew...Andrew, is that you…?"

He rushed towards it.

He didn't know why it made sense, he didn't care.

To just see his brother again, he didn't care at all.

He wanted to go and hug his elder brother.

"Andrew! Andrew, it's me! Andrew! Please, wait for me!"

He shouted louder, wanting to be close to his elder brother.

Even if a lie.

Even if the truth.

He didn't care.

He felt like a kid again, running towards the man in the field.

But as he got close, he saw that the image of the grassy tress were becoming different, but he didn't care.

When he made it, he saw that it was Andrew, and, himself as a child. He saw the child version of him looking at the ground, and despite looking as if his arm had just been broken, he wasn't shedding any tears or anything of the like.

"Now, now, don't worry Matthew, I'm here now."

Andrew spoke towards the younger Matt, Matt looking on with bewilderment.

He remembered this, he remembered many times when Andrew came to comfort him, and it made him feel good inside.

"I'm not, crying, Stone's don't cry."

Younger Matt said, Andrew giving him a pet on the head. Then, he took the boys arm, and slightly grazed it with his fingers, he winced. Matt also felt the pain on his arm, he remembered this scenario, he remembered it.

"That's not true." Andrew's eyes turned to the real Matt, said Matt slowly backed away. "Stone's do cry, don't they Matthew?"

Matt pushed backwards as the child version of him disappeared into nothingness, and raised his fist, seeing the lifeless eyes of the young man before him.

"You're not my brother...what are you, and how dare you steal his form? That's my brother you son of a bitch. Get out of his form, now!"

Andrew(?) cocked his head to the side curiously.

"Don't worry about such things Matthew. The important thing is, you've come here now, and I am very pleased to finally see you, face to face. This is a meeting I've been looking forward to for so long now, please don't be worried."

Matt didn't know what this thing was. He knew it wasn't his elder brother, he didn't like that this was going on right now. He didn't like that this creature was taking his elder brother's form, and caused his heart to feel broken, alone, and desperate to see his real elder brother. But he knew that he wouldn't be able to see him ever again and now to see this person pretending to be his elder brother, he didn't like it at all.

"What are you…? Why did your creatures drag me here? And why are you doing this? I don't understand what's going on, please tell me what's going on right now! And just get out of that form already! You dare taint him like this?!"

Andrew(?) leaned closer and closer, Matt pulling away.

He almost wanted to move closer. But he couldn't, he wouldn't be able to do that. Matt felt like if he did, he would be living the lie, and he didn't want to live a lie, he wanted to live the truth, and be close to the man that was dead.

"All shall be answered soon, my brother."

"I'm not your brother, don't call me that. Only Andrew and Jean can call me that, and you're neither of them, and I just watched someone that means the world to my sister die, so don't even think about anything to do with me. I will beat you back myself if you try anything with me. I need to get back to my loved ones now, so either open the door back, or I will force you."

Matt felt weak right now.

He knew that he didn't have his powers right now, or rather, they were slowly restoring themselves.

Even then, he still wasn't going to give up this fight.

The possible look alike like Andrew inched closer, and his finger went to touch Matt, but Matt pulled away.

"I wouldn't try anything with you, you're very interesting to us. We've never come across something like you before. You've not gained your powers from the Speed Force, yet, you've got an intense, connection to it, very curiously indeed. We can see it, feel it in you, you're one of us, and we're one of you...we're connected, on different levels."

"Speed Force...I'm in the Speed Force? The thing that gave Barry his powers, right?"

The man's eyes broadened excitedly, and then all he said was "Welcome home." as Matt's eyes narrowed. He didn't know what to believe at this point, if he was supposed to be depressed, or happy right now. To see his elder brother was a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Standing in Caitlin's private lab, was Jean. She looked broken. Seeing the man she loved die, and also seeing her brother be dragged away, the emotions filled her, and she couldn't breathe properly, she just looked down at a picture of herself, and Ronnie.

"Ooh Ronnie...why did you have to die…? Why did you have to disappear? And brother...why did this thing take you now…? I don't understand...why is this all happening? Because of Eobard Thawne, and Rachael, that scummy bitch, I hate her...and him, and they both deserve death..."

Jean's eyes tightened on the sight before her, and her anger grew. She felt like it was going to be insane for it to happen. But, she knew that she was pissed off right now, and she wasn't going to stop either.

Bette moved closer, passing by the sitting down Caitlin, and went towards Jean.

Slowly, she placed a hand on her shoulder, and gently rocked her side to side.

"Hey Jean, everything's okay, don't worry about your brother, he's tough, and he's going to make it out of that place. He will come back, and..." She paused, looking towards Cisco who was in the cortex, and then looked back at Jean. "I'm so sorry about Ronnie, I didn't think that this would happen. I didn't know, and I'm so sorry that you're going through this right now."

Jean slowly placed a hand on Bette's own, showing that she understood, but couldn't think right now.

"I know you're trying to be kind right now, but I don't know if I could be strong right now. Everything of my world has just fallen apart, and the people that should be here, aren't, and the people that shouldn't be here, are here, Ronnie and Matt, should be here, and Eobard, and his bitch Rachael are here, and I can't believe Barry didn't just kill the bastards already."


Bette tried to console, but she pushed her away.

"No, I just need to be alone right now. Please, could I just be left alone right now? I just want to be along right now, please, for me Bette? I just, need to process all of this, I need to think clearly about this, and I can't just go through my life, just...like this, I need to rethink many different things."

Bette understood, and left.

She walked towards Cisco, and sighed sadly.

"Seems like everyone's down, and I get why. With everything that happened, Matt's gone, and Ronnie's dead. I can't even imagine what it must be like for the Professor, since he was close to Ronnie, but he's keeping to himself."

Cisco's eyes went towards him, and saw that Martin did look depressed right now. Cisco's eyes then went back to Bette.

"Hey, how are you feeling? Matt's one of your best friends. You've known one another since you were kids, how are you doing?"

Bette didn't even know how she was supposed to feel right now. She wanted to feel something, anything powerful. Yet, right now, she couldn't, she just didn't know what to think, what to feel, she just knew that she had the time of her young life to get her head around all of this.

"I'm...I can't even tell you what I feel right now honestly." She revealed sadly, seeing Barry walk into the lab. "I, just have to be strong for the others, that's all I can do right now." Her eyes went towards Barry. "Hey, Barry. How are you?"

"Yeah, I'm alright. I'm going to go and get some answers from Eobard soon, we deserve to know what's going on with everything."

"Good idea..."

Bette's eyes went towards Caitlin and saw the saddened look on her face right now.

Caitlin was sat nearby, running her hands through her hair, trying to understand what had just happened. Seeing Ronnie's death did hit her rather hard, but she could've gotten through it, if she didn't see Matt disappear into the hole in the sky, which she didn't even know what it was.

She ran her fingers through her own hair, trying to understand everything that was going on.

From the fights, pretty much everyone was exhausted at this point, and even though Hartley was as well, he was analysing the data he got from the hole that had closed, the stuff that satellites had picked up, and other things like visual data as well.

"Hartley..." Frankie spoke up, moving to the side of him with a drink. "Here, you've not had anything to drink in a while."

Frankie gently smiled as Hartley took the cup.

"Thank you Frankie. I'll drink it later." He decided, placing the cup down. "I just need to find Matthew, after...everything that happened. With Ronnie, and all...and now Matthew's gone to, God knows where..." His eyes went towards Frankie's who's face turned downwards sadly. "Don't worry Frankie, we'll get your Father back, I can say that with certainty, and Matthew isn't going to be sitting on his hands, he'll be doing his best."

"S-So you don't think he's dead then?"

Seeing the worried look on Frankie's face, Hartley paused in his work, and placed a hand on the top of her head. Frankie looked up towards him, and saw Hartley's rare smile, that she had only seen for Matt beforehand when used by Hartley.

"No, he's not dead Frankie."


Frankie wasn't sure, but Hartley reassured her very well what was going on right now.

"Matthew's, very strong. And I know that he isn't going to be dead, don't worry about that now. We'll get him back somehow, and that will be, something that we...we just have to get him back. Not for me, but for the others..."

"Allow me to help then."

Martin walked closer, and said it with a dampened expression.

"Professor Stein, are you sure? With everything that's going on, are you sure? You just lost Ronnie, and..."

"Ronald, made the ultimate sacrifice. I used to think many things about that young man, but he was very brave, and he wanted young Mr Stone to live as well. So we have to find him, wherever he has gone, and I understand some of what this might be, different dimensions and other things as well. I shall help you."

"Then let us begin."

Martin nodded, and together, continued examining the evidence and what they might need.

Barry ran his eyes across the people in the cortex. He saw Caitlin sat down and moved closer.

"Hey, Cait, you know Matt isn't..."

"No, he's not dead." She said sadly. "He's...I know this sounds strange, but I feel him deep inside of me. I don't get it, but I just know that he is okay, though he feels sadness and rage right now." Caitlin looked up to Barry. "Barry, Eobard can't get away with this, neither can Rachael. They both caused Matthew to disappear, and I don't, and can't accept this, and they also took Ronnie, this is all their faults..."

"I know, I'm going to go and see him now. By the way, how is Eliza anyway?"

Caitlin looked to the labs, and saw the unconscious Eliza.

"Yes...she's going to be okay. She was, hit by lightning, but she's presenting similar but different, symptoms as yourself."


Caitlin shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know if she is or not. She's just acting the same way you did when you first gained your powers. However, there are, differences going on. I'm not entirely sure how that works however, all I know is that there's something going on in Eliza right now, and I don't know what it is, but I am going to keep an eye on her."

Barry nodded his head, but did wonder if she was a speedster. And if she was, then another speedster could be useful. But he wasn't going to push it right now, he couldn't do it right now, he had other things to do, and he had to wait and see what's happening to Eliza for her to do whatever it is that she needs to do.

"Alright then, I'm going to go and see him now."


"I'll find out what I can. If anyone knows, then it is him down there."

Barry said, and then walked out. Everyone else looked on and thought about what was going on.

Barry walked through S.T.A.R Labs, with a heavy heart. His own heart pounded, he had a very heavy heart right now. Because of his friends disappearing, he had to fight and do what he needed to do, he just had to do this now.

Going down to the accelerator holding cells, Barry opened up the door, to see Eobard right there, and was folding his arms. Barry felt his heart in his mouth, and didn't know what to even begin to say, and even then, he felt sick by looking at Eobard.

Eobard on the other hand, just grinned at the sight of the young man.

"What? No Big Belly Burger? It's one of the few perks of living in this time. We're out of cows where I come from. You don't care about that. You have questions. Go ahead."

"Not sure where to start Thawne." Barry spat out angrily, the questions dancing within his mind but he didn't know how to fully accept it. "That is your real name Eobard Thawne."

Eobard didn't even show a surprised look, he just continued the smirking that he had going on.

"Since the day I was born."

"And when was that?"

Eobard rolled his eyes, knowing that he wasn't thinking about that. He didn't have to have Matt's mind reading power to know that.

"One hundred and thirty six years from now. That's not what you want to know. Go ahead, Barry. Ask it."

No longer was Barry going to hold back, he was going to ask it directly.

"What happened to Matt?"

Though he did of course want to ask about his mother, but his friend was in trouble right now.

"Matthew huh? I had heard that creatures came out and dragged him into a hole. If it is what I think it is, then he's gone into the Speed Force. Interesting, seems like the time is nigh, and he's going to have to make a decision."

"Why did it take him, and how do we get him back?"

Barry demanded from the man before him.

Eobard tipped his head.

"Hmmm, that's a good question. You could go into the Speed Force yourself and rescue him, or you could go to the place he disappeared, and hope that there is still something there that could be opened and get him back. We don't know though what's going on with Mr Stone, after all he could be going through the transformation."

Barry's ears perked interested.

"What transformation? Is it to do with that Guardian of the Speed Force Matt told me you said."

Eobard was surprised about that, but then smiled.

"Aah yes, this could be the time. This is early, but then again, I have messed with the timeline, so he could be becoming the Guardian right now, and if he is, then it is going to be interesting when he comes back out."

"Why...did you, want him to do this?"

Eobard tipped his head to the side.

"Well, in so many words, Mr Stone is rather interesting, isn't he? You, or him, it didn't matter. He's my backup plan after all. But now enough of Mr Stone, why don't we talk about what you really want to talk about?"

"Tell me how to rescue Matt first."

"I already have done. Either go into the Speed Force, or open the portal the place he disappeared, and hopes he comes out. Maybe his wife can help out, they have a very special connection with one another. Even in the future, those two do have an interesting future together, you know? Or Hartley, he's a very intelligent young man, I'm sure that he'll be able to help out."

Barry's eyes slitted themselves.

Eobard didn't care though and just grinned.

"So, Barry. What else shall we talk about? Come on, I know you want to talk to me about something, tell me."

Barry inhaled a breath, then closed the distance between the two of them.

"Why did you kill my mother?"

"Because I hate you." Barry's eyes sharpened. "Not you now. You years from now."

"In the future."

Gritting his teeth, Barry had to face the reality that was before them all.

"In a future. Yes. We're enemies, rivals, opposites, reverses of one another."

"Why? Wh-Why were we enemies?"

Barry stammered out, wanting answers that only Eobard truly could give right now.

"It doesn't matter." Eobard denied what Barry wanted to know. "It doesn't matter anymore. What matters is that neither of us was strong enough to defeat the other. Until I learned your secret. I learned your name. Barry Allen. And finally, I knew how to defeat you once and for all. Travel back in time, kill you as a child. Wipe you from the face of the earth. But then you, future you, that is, followed me back, and we fought. We both landed some pretty solid shots. And then you, future you, got your younger self out of there."

Eobard stated, Barry's eyes continuing to narrow.

Eobard then continued, leaning against the back of the containment cells.

"I was so mad. But then I thought what if you were to suffer a tragedy? What if you were to suffer something so horrible, so traumatic that your child self could never recover? Then you would not become The Flash. And so I stabbed your mother in the heart, and I was free. Finally able to return to a future without The Flash, only to realize that in traveling back I'd lost my way home. Lost my ability to harness the speed force. And without it, I was stuck here. Stranded in this time, unable to return to my own. And the only way back was The Flash, or The Psyche. But The Flash was gone, and so I created him, and of course, Mr Stone as well."

"Why train me? Why help me save so many people?"

Barry just didn't understand. He didn't get what was going on with Eobard. He didn't understand his reasons or anything like that.

"Because I needed you to get fast. Fast enough to rupture the space-time barrier and create a stable wormhole through which I could return home."

"Why would I ever do that?"

"Because Barry Allen, if you give me what I want, I'm gonna give you what you want. You can go back and save your mother. You can prevent your father from going to prison. You can reunite the Allen family."

"No. No, I don't believe you." Barry denied it, shaking his head in disbelief. Eobard just smirked at him right now, and leaned closer. Barry's rage was fuelled more and more. "I want to kill you right now!"

Barry raged harder than before, Eobard held his dirty smirk on his face.

"I know that rage. I used to feel that rage every time I looked upon you. And now, somehow, I know what Joe and Henry feel when they look on you with pride. With love."

Barry leaned closer to the glass, wanting to punch the glass and break his spine. His breath fogged the glass before him, and his heart felt like it had been hollowed out.

"No. No. Don't you ever say that to me!"

"I know you're upset, but I'm giving you a chance. I'm giving you a chance to undo all the evil I've done. Don't you want that chance?"

He couldn't let Eobard win, not again. But the temptation that he felt to go and save his mother, it was very powerful, and he couldn't let himself feel anything like this. He wasn't going to lose to Eobard anymore.

"Get away from me!"

Matt demanded, walking away from his not-brother Andrew. The man walked slowly towards Matt.

"Don't run away Matthew, I want to talk to you."

"Leave me alone! And stop using my brothers form! You dare to use that form in front of me, it almost is the same as Rachael using what Claire could have looked like back then. How can you people do this to me?"

"You would like me to use this form then?"

Matt paused, when he heard the voice change to a young girls voice.

He looked back around towards Andrew, but now saw that it was a young girl, a young girl named Claire. She looked around 8-10 years old, and she held the same smile that Matt remembered from long ago.

As soon as Matt saw her, his eyes began to water up. Tears shed from his eyes, and ran down his face like rain. He could feel the water dancing on his cheeks, but he made no effort to wipe away the tears at all.

"Why are you doing this to me? S-Stop this right now, and let me go home. I don't want to see the people that are dead. I can't, see the people that have died, alright? Just stop this right now!"

Matt yelled at the young girl Speed Force, but the young girl walked closer.

"It was not our intentions to cause harm. We only merely wish to understand what you are."

"Ooh yeah, the last time you sent your demon creatures after me, you almost killed the woman that I love! When it was trying to kill me! Get the hell away from me! Don't come near me, and stop showing me dead people! I'd rather disappear than see this! Go away!"

Matt panted from the use of his lungs, but he couldn't stop.

He couldn't hold back the fears, and tears that he held within his eyes.

The Speed Force didn't even seem to be bothered.

"We're using forms much comfortable for you than what you'd usually be accustomed too." It explained. "You, held a lot of affection for this girl, named Claire, and your brother as well. So, we chose to have these forms for your comfort, because we don't understand, why you're connected to us. You shouldn't be, yet you are."

"Well, if I don't know, and you don't know, how are we going to find out?"

The Speed Force moved closer, and held out her hand. She tipped her head.

"Follow me, and we'll find out, Matthew. Lets look around in your past, maybe you have the answers inside, and we can finally understand together, why we're connected. You've felt us for a long time, haven't you? We've felt you. We've been monitoring you, the times you connected to us, and the times we sent the Time Wraith's out to get you."

"Time Wraith's...that's what they are called. Those things tried to kill me, and nearly killed my girlfriend. Then why did you send them after me? Why did they try and kill me exactly? And why drag me here now?"

Matt murmured, the Speed Force version of Claire nodded.

"We, at first wanted to harm you, we were, worried of what your existence could bring to us. You're an anomaly, something that shouldn't of existed in this plane with us and we thought at first, you were too dangerous to let you live. But you need to exist, your existence and ours, have intertwined together on many levels without even our knowledge on how, and we're apart of one another, yet in different ways than the way that of Barry Allen and others."

"There's other speedsters, besides Barry and that idiot Thawne?"

"Many different ones yes, in the past, present and future. But for now, come, with me so we can find out together?"

The young girl held her hand out once more.

Matt was intrigued, he wasn't going to lie. But he needed to find out.

"...Do you already know?"

"We have a feeling, yes. However, even we don't know everything, and you, are most fascinating. Very interesting."

"If we find out, will you take me back home?"

"I assure you, we're not here to hurt you."

"You didn't answer my question."

Matt pointed out, so the Speed Force gently smiled.

"We know, come on, lets find out, then we can get back home. First stop, your past home."

Matt didn't have anything better to do, so he took the young girls hand, and held it tightly, allowing her to lead him off somewhere else.

Back in the cortex, everyone was discussing what they found out from Eobard, and spoke about it, Jean didn't look happy though that they were discussing it. Everyone, besides Hartley that was as he was trying to work out many things to do with the Speed Force and such that was going on and though Bette wasn't a scientist, she was trying her best to give assistance.

"The rare opportunity to go back in time and right a wrong and save your mother's life quite the paradox Harrison has presented you with, Mr. Allen."

Professor Stein seemed interested in what was going on right now. Jean looked on, and her expression was forlorn, but it was Frankie who was the one who spoke next, thinking about her father, and the current situation they were in.

"The chance to be with someone you love? Seems pretty cut and dry to me. Though we should do this to save Dad or...Ronnie...but, if we did...this is wrong..."

"At first blush, Miss Kane, it would appear so, but this gift has unparalleled risk. Barry, the night your mother died, the night you saved yourself from being killed, that event altered the timeline you were already on and changed the course of history. It is the same as saving Ronald...if we did, someone else could die, or worse, the city could explode, even if I want to save Ronald...we don't know the consequences of that."

Martin spoke sadly, and his eyes briefly went towards Jean. Jean's face couldn't be read right now, she just looked so down that it was heartbreaking, she didn't want to speak about anything at all, honestly.

"So what you're saying is we're living in a parallel universe?"

Cisco weighed in, as Caitlin thought about Matt, and wondering what was happening to him right now. She just felt that he was going through something and she didn't know what it was. She was scared that the longer he was left, the longer he was in danger.

"Just like when I time travelled before."

Barry whispered, his mind briefly slipping to Matt, and Jean looked towards Barry slightly angrily.

"But he...he only changed one or two days that time."

Cisco added into the conversation, Frankie looking somewhat lost. Though to be fair, even some of the adults like Joe was lost as well.

"Exactly. Now imagine 15 years of compounded experiences. One different decision, no matter how big or small, impacts everything that follows. Moments upon moments, choices upon choices. No relationships, nothing would be as it is today, and you'd never know the difference because you'd never remember any of it."

Martin explained the best he could. Barry felt his head slamming around and he felt a little sick honestly. The thoughts going on in his head, made him feel sick.

"So if I go back and save my Mom, my Dad doesn't go to prison. I never live with Joe and Iris."

"You might never meet me. Or Matt, Caitlin or anyone else here."

Cisco added into the conversation, but before he could finish, Jean stood up.

"Why are we even debating this? This madman and his bitch, are still alive, why? Why don't we just kill them? They've caused us enough misery, I say that we end their own life right here, and now. Today, we have to stop them, and make sure they disappear! We also have to find Rachael and force her to stop this now, and to get rid of her!"

"Jean, it's not like that. We're not killers, we can't just kill them."

Barry said, but Jean looked harshly towards him.

"Then what is it like? Because that monster and his bitch just took away my brother, and my love all in one go. We have lost both of them, and all you're thinking about is going back to save your mother? What about the people here?"

"I'm not going to let Matt die Jean-"

"Then why aren't you even discussing it?" Jean shot back, her eyes full of tears. "My brother is lost in something because of Eobard doing all of this. In the first place, that bastard has ruined all of our lives. If he never came here, then Rachael wouldn't of ever got that device that Ronnie used to sacrifice himself for to save this city! And now you're talking like he isn't dead! And Matt isn't dead either!"

"Matthew isn't dead Jean."

Caitlin calmly said, but Jean didn't look pleased.

"Are you sure about that? Those things last time almost killed him, and you, what if they've succeeded this time?"

Caitlin knew she was angry, but she also knew that Matt was alive, she just knew that it was true that he was alive out there, somewhere, going through all of this pain and misery, and she didn't like it either.

"Because I know Matthew isn't dead, he wouldn't die so easily, and you shouldn't give up on your brother so easily. If you know Matthew, then he's fighting right now, and we have to do what we can. But you have to understand, that this is Barry's wish as well. Of course he's going to think about it, it is the same as if I could do the same thing and go back to save Matthew. But if we do that then, things could happen and it wouldn't be pleasant."

"S-So, it's alright that he is gone...Ronnie's gone, and Matt's gone into some hell thing, and we're just sat here, doing nothing while Barry's talking about destroying our lives to save his mother, which I get, of course I get that, but this could ruin our lives, we could all die as a result, and no one's saying anything at all...why is no one saying anything?" They didn't answer, they all knew it was wrong, but didn't know how to say. "And I can't, I just can't accept any of this, I'm going to get my brother back, even if I have to kill Eobard myself. One way or another, that pig is about to squeal some answers for me."

Jean, with fire in her eyes, went towards the door.

Barry used his speed to get in front of Jean and stopped her.

"You can't! Do you want to become a killer?"

"Why not? It's because of them that people in my life have suffered. I suffered because of Rachael, and Eobard. My brother nearly went crazed because of him, and they also went to kill Frankie as well! Everyone in this room, has been hurt, and you're thinking about yourself! You're selfish Barry Allen. Have you even thought that this could cause a paradox so massive that it could break time? Everything around us is connected, just think when you went back in time one or two days, and things almost got worse because of it! Just think of this, this could even be worse than that, and we can't have that, can we? Are we really going to put everyone at risk, because Barry wants to change something? It's wrong to mess with history! We can't just play with time, doing this could even result in more damage! Barry, if you do this, maybe not just one person here, all of us could be dead. Joe, Iris, they all could be gone as well, and you wont even know us, you could even be dead, we don't know what this will do to everyone. I want Ronnie back...but, even if you went back in time, not Ronnie, but more lives could be lost, and I know that he wouldn't want that...it kills me knowing that...and he's really gone, and I couldn't save him, and now you're wanting to change everything...Ronnie wouldn't want this, and neither do I..."

Though Jean was emotional, some could see her points, and could see that they were right, and she could, be right about this, and that doing this, could cause a lot of problems, and they all didn't know what to even say about it.

"Jean I-"

"If you're doing this, I can't be apart of it." Jean turned towards the side. "I'll deal with Eobard myself. Since you're changing time, it doesn't matter if he dies."

Hearing that, Barry stood in front of her, stopping her.

"No, you can't. Your brother wouldn't want you to kill someone."

"I think he'd forgive me if I did this. He probably wants Eobard gone as well, and we have to do this together now. Ronnie also will be happy that he's gone as well, it's time to kill the murdering bastard."

Jean turned to the side, and tried getting past Barry, but he wouldn't let her go.

"Jean stop!"

"Get out of my way!"

Jean was getting annoyed, and then put her hands forward, sending winds at her opponent.


Barry was caught up in the winds, and knocked down to the ground, since she was weak right now due to overusing her powers, but still it was enough to knock Barry down.

"Jean! A-Aunt Jean, why are you attacking Barry?! Dad wouldn't want this! And neither would Ronnie!"

Jean turned towards Frankie, and saw that she had on a sad face right now. Seeing that hurt her even more than she thought it would, and she felt disgusted with herself, that this had happened, that she had even done this.

"Frankie I, I didn't mean to, it just got out of hand and then...I have to go, and think about all this...Ronnie...I'm sorry everyone...Barry I didn't mean to attack you...I'm sorry...Ronnie...Matt..."

Jean walked out of the labs in tears, and Bette followed her to make sure she didn't try and kill Eobard or Rachael right now even though she wasn't there.

Making it outside, Jean looked at the sky, and thought about Ronnie and Matt, just praying that they'd come back. She knew Ronnie was dead, she just knew, and then there was Matt himself, she didn't even know his fate, she didn't get what had happened to him.

Bette moved after her, and stood beside her.


"Bette, I can't right now, I'm sorry, I just can't go back in there right now, and just do all of this."

Jean's reply was understandable to the young redhead.

"You're right, I agree about Eobard and Rachael they should be punished for their crimes, but we're not killers, and we can't pick and choose who's lives we destroy. Killing and saving are different things. If it is killing them, are we any better than them? They've took people away from us, are we much better than they are? Then again, I've been wrestling with that dilemma myself, and I think that they should be punished...and if it is self defense, then they should die, or are too dangerous to contain, they should die...but, to actively seek out their deaths...we're better than that."

Jean's eyes lowered towards the ground.

"Bette...I miss Ronnie, and I don't even have my brother to comfort me, and all they seem to talk about is Barry and his problem. I get that he wants to save his mother, but don't they see the consequences to what he wants? He could ruin all of our lives by doing this, things could be a lot worse if he does this, or even a lot better, we don't know what this is going to cause, this never would have happened...what if, in this other timeline, Matt, and I never got away from Dad...we'd be at his mercy even now...and Barry's...he's not even concerned for us...I get the mother thing...but, aren't we all family...? Aren't we enough...? I know for me...my brother was enough, for all my life, and he has Joe, and Iris...can't they be enough?"

Bette inhaled a breath, wrapping her arms around the young blonde. Jean returned the hug, holding slowly onto her form.

"At least. I know Cisco knows what it means, and we can't be selfish, I know what it means too. If they do this...if Barry does this, we have to at least try and make sure he does it right. Without breaking time or something. Because, we know what Barry is like, and he's going to do it with or without our help. And we'll be right there, helping him and making sure that he doesn't do anything too dangerous."

"But, we shouldn't help Eobard go home, when he's destroyed ours."

"Eobard, will get what's coming to him, I know that he will. But right now, we have to go along with the others, and make sure that Matt comes back, we have to be strong Jean. We have to be strong for Ronnie, and for Matt, and for the others. They all miss him and them in there, but they are keeping it deep down, just look at poor Frankie, and what's happening with her, we have to be careful with how we speak right now. I don't want to upset that girl, and neither does Caitlin, who also lost two important people."

Jean could understand what she was saying right now, and she felt sorrowful on what was going on.

"You're right, we have to do it. I'm so scared on what the future could hold...but, I know that it is...wait." She paused, remembering something. "Matt told me that before he left, FeFe-"

"Who's FeFe?"

"Felicity, messaged him, and said that they were going to the place Ra's was, and that they could need saving, and since he's not there, and we don't know what's going on...maybe they are in danger. They haven't contacted me yet...and they said they would by now..."

Jean took out her phone, and rung the number.

She waited to get through...but, it didn't.

She tried Laurel since Matt gave her the number, and the others that she knew where there, but they weren't answering the phone.

"Bette, they aren't answering. It means they could be in danger at Ra's place, they might need help, and right now, Barry's too busy with his Eobard boyfriend, we should go and help them, right?"

"You think?"

She nodded, and placed her hands outwards, using the winds to propel herself upwards, Bette latching onto her back.


"I'm coming too, don't worry, I have to go with you as well, we can't lose three people today to either death or ghost things, we have to work together, and kick some ass, alright Jean?"

Jean slowly nodded her head, and flew off with Bette on her back.

Matt in the Speed Force, holding the Speed Force version of Claire, walked into his old home. Slowly, he followed the noise of screams and yells, it was so real, so powerful, he remembered all of this, and hated all of this.

He walked towards the noise, and found, his father. It took everything he had right there and then to not lose it. Even the sight of him caused great anger to stir within him, and now, he wanted to murder his father.

"Why aren't you realizing your full potential?!" Matt's father growled, slamming his fist into child Matt's stomach, causing him to cough out bile, and then landed on the ground with tears dangling in his eyes. The man leaned down and grabbed child Matt by the back of the head, pulling him upwards. "Stone's don't cry, it is emotional blackmail, don't shed tears in front of anyone you weakling!"

Matt's eyes narrowed as they flashed blue and red, he felt Mentalist wanting to come out, and it was very real right now.

"I-I don't know what you mean..."

Child Matt cried, only to get punched in the face, knocking him into the ground. Matt's eyes slowly went downwards, remembering all of this, each and every fist that he felt, and every time he was hit, it was all very real in his mind.

Matt watched on as Matt's mother walked over, and injected the young child with some form of a drug, Matt's eyes narrowing.

"What are they injecting you with?"

Speed Force Claire wondered aloud, Matt shrugging.

"I thought you'd know that, since you seem to know everything about me."

"I'm not omniscient, I do not know everything."

Matt was surprised, and intrigued at the same time.

"I never was told what it is. They told me that I was supposed to unlock something and that I wasn't doing it, I never understood. It never became a problem after I left home, so I didn't think much of it...but, why are you showing us this?"

"I merely searched for your mind for the likely causes of the connection we have and this came up."

Matt looked towards Speed Force Claire.

"This...this was way before the accelerator, why would this..." Matt's eyes flickered. "...wait, my Dad used to say that I'd..."

"You're supposed to be connected to everything, you little bastard."

Matt's father growled out to the child, who whimpered silently, or as silently as he could.

"That...I never thought much of it...did they experiment on me with some psychic powers or something…? Where they, trying to do this to me since birth...before birth...what's going on with this…? Why would they..."

Speed Force Claire looked towards the mother and father speaking to one another.

"It doesn't seem to be working dear. We've been doing this for years, and he isn't showing signs...unless, maybe, he needs a jolt to wake up these powers? Yes, that could be one of the requirements dear, we didn't make a miscalculation, this is what we're missing, we have to jolt his powers up! Maybe mixing in dark matter as well, but such things don't exist yet, or rather, we haven't the technology to access that on a grand scale. It's only a theory for now."

"An energy that high would be very hard to acquire, I am not sure we have anything in this world that could. If we could, then maybe the Multiverse theory is true, and Matt here, would be able to traverse them, and dominate them with his connection to the world, and the people, if this theory is true though and I have no doubts it would be...and dark matter...isn't someone working on that right now..."

Matt never remembered that, but usually when they talked, they whispered. But now that he was so close, he could hear them.

"Multiverse...dominate...connect to...everything...the multiverse even exists in the first place…? That means we have to...yes, we have to...that means that time during the separating with Ronnie and Stein, I saw different people not of this earth, that means..."

Once listening to the conversation, Speed Force Claire looked up at Matt once more, as he looked down.

"It seems since the conditioning of your birth, they have been trying to connect you to psychic energies and or energies of reality, and didn't realize they had done much, bigger than they have realized to get us connected when you aren't a speedster."

Matt placed a hand to his chin, humming deeply about all of this.

"The day the accelerator exploded, I didn't gain these powers from that…I had it dormant inside of me my entire life? I always thought it came from there, but it was because my DNA was changed or something before then and the dark matter, and energy and whatever, just awakened my powers?"

"Yes, it seems to be the case, though your powers were amplified the day of the explosion, as you call it. Ever since you were born or when you were in the process of being created, you always had these powers. Dormant inside of you, the powers stayed. But the day that Barry Allen gained his abilities, your powers were awakened, and you connected to all realities, every world in the Multiverse became connected to you and you became connected to them, and ourselves as well, more than ones called Breachers, you seem to have a deeper connection to them, all of it."

"So that's why, I'm connected to you as well?"

Matt asked the Speed Force Claire, and surprisingly, she didn't fully know.

"Perhaps, from what we're witnessing, it seems to be the case."

"Why would my...no, maybe I already know...they said dominate...my parents, with my powers, would be terrifying. They wanted me to become their weapon...but when I showed no sign of my powers, they thought I was a failure...that's why they didn't mind me leaving...they saw me as useless...it makes sense..."

"I believe that we're close to finding the answer." Speed Force Claire looked towards Matt again. "You are a unique person, Matthew Lee Stone. Shall we adventure more?"

"No…I don't want to know anymore...my life, I was made just to be their weapon, they never had any intention of caring, I wasn't even made in love...I was made to rule, and have people fear me as some dictator, with them at the helm...God, what am I…?"

Matt questioned what he was right now, he just didn't know what he was. He was an experiment on his body. He was experimented, to be a weapon, and he hated himself, he hated everything about himself right now.

Speed Force Claire's body went through a transformation, and came into Sara's form now.

"Come on blondie, time to see some other things. This is a chance of a lifetime, better not miss it."

Matt's eyes went towards her, and was shocked to see Sara.

He didn't like seeing all of the people that he had known to have died.

"Why are you doing this to me exactly? I can't see others that are dead, can't you be people that I know are alive?"

"Because, this is giving you a chance to see others again, and you'll have fun together with me. We always had fun together, remember, with Nyssa? That's correct, yes?"

Matt rolled his eyes, but followed after Speed Force Sara.

Meanwhile as that was going on, Jean flew all the way to the place that Ra's called home. She landed on the ground with a gust of winds, and caused it to blow up all the dust in the area. Bette got off her back, and looked around.

"We need to hurry."

Jean nodded, and together, they rushed up the stairs.

Once getting to the top, they rushed through the doors, and went down the hallways. As they ran, they saw two guards leading off a young woman who was in chains. Bette and Jean nodded towards one another.

"Try this!"

Launching her hands forward, Jean sent off a powerful gust of winds, forcing one of the young men down onto the ground, and then Bette thrusted one of her own hands towards the other one, an explosion erupting and knocked him down onto the ground.

Jean grabbed a metal stick she kept with her, used her powers to modify it, and used her somewhat decent combat prowess to land devastating blows onto the young men, knocking them out for good, but didn't kill them.

Bette walked closer to the young woman, and placed her hand on the chains.

"Bette wait-"

"No, it's okay." Bette spoke up, as the chain exploded, but left both her, and the young woman unharmed. "Thanks to these gloves, I can localize explosions and leave others unharmed from them, and got these chains off, and also, thanks for revealing my identity to the young woman here."

Said young woman looked confused by what was going on.

"Who, are you people?"

Jean slowly smiled weakly.

"Just your friendly neighbourhood friends, Jean and Bette, at your service..."

"Tatsu Yamashiro."

The young woman answered with a question mark above her head, she didn't even know these two, yet they, to her eyes, displayed freaky powers, more than she thought that she would ever see honestly, she just didn't know what was going on with these two before her.

"Tatsu Yamashiro, huh. Nice name, cute, you should probably escape now though. See ya!"

Bette watched Jean run down the corridor, and she then tipped her head.

"Tatsu Yamashiro, you hold such sadness in your eyes, I'm sorry that you've lost someone important."

"How do you..."

She was about to ask, but Bette took off down the corridor.

Tatsu looked on, and didn't know what to say, she only looked on.

Bette and Jean went around the complex, using their powers to defeat some of the members of the League. They got the drop on them with Bette's power, using it to explode marbles around the area, usually to knock them back with the power, and then Jean would quickly get them with her powers, and make rope as tight as steel around all of them.

Once they got to a certain room, and took care of the guards, Jean looked at a pool that was nearby.

"Ooh, that's the pool, that can give you life, what's it called again…Lazarus Pit or something like that?"

"Ooh it is, isn't it? Matt once told me about it, it can be used to bring back the dead. Though I heard that it only brings back the body and not the soul...I wonder how you get the soul back…? Who knows, anyway Jean, we have to find the others."

Jean nodded, and together, went through the compound to look for them.

Going towards the dungeon, they found a door.

Moving closer, they observed people inside.

"Oooh, okay! They are in there. FeFe, it's me!"

Jean pressed herself against the glass, showing a goofy smile on her lips to mask the pain deep inside of her heart.

Felicity, Diggle, Malcolm, Ray and Laurel, were all in their, looking like they had seen better days. Felicity crawled across the ground, and looked through the glass, to see the pair waving at them happily.

"Y-You're Matt's younger sister, r-right?"

Felicity spoke out in surprise, Jean nodding with a grin on her face.

"That's right, so you guys are totally locked in a cell, huh."

"Didn't take Matt's somewhat father to be like this honestly."

Bette admitted casually, Malcolm didn't look happy right now.

"We'd also like to get out now girl!"

Malcolm yelled, but Jean turned and wagged a finger.

"With that attitude, I'll leave you in there. And I know that you've tried to kill my brothers, both of them, so watch your language, please."

Malcolm's eyes lowered, as Laurel looked on.

"W-Where's Master?"

"Ooh God, you call Matt, Master?"

Bette couldn't quite believe it, but Jean lowered her eyebrows.

"Don't, worry about him for now, he's lost, but we'll get him back, somehow. Now, stand back, Bette."

Bette nodded, and Jean placed her hands on the door. The others pushed back, watching Jean use her powers to alter the molecular structure of the door, and lowered its durability, then once it was, Bette slammed her foot into the door, smashing the door, opening it.

As soon as the door was open, the pair rushed inside, and used their powers to either explode, or weaken the cuffs and pulled them off the people inside, all of them looking on with grateful looks on their faces.

They all exited the basement and went into a room full of weapons.

"Excellent, now how many assassins are there?"

Bette and Jean looked at one another shyly.


"We kinda kicked some major ass, and stopped them."

Diggle, who asked the question, turned to the young girls.

"You two...together?"

"We are Metahuman's, you know?"

Bette stated, Jean nodding.

"I think we're stronger than the average human, and these guys...are scary, but we dropped a surprise on them all, and stopped them."

Laurel went past Jean, showing a small smile.

"You do definitely resemble, Matt."

"Well, we are brother and sister."

"And quite beautiful, I might add."

Ray put on a smile for Jean, who smiled softly back but was fighting off sadness due to what happened to Ronnie, this kept her busy.

"Eeh, thank you, I think..." She saw that Ray's eyes were on her cleavage. "Erm, you're looking at my chest..."

"Sorry! I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking at all, please don't worry about someone like me!"

Ray pulled away with embarrassment splattered on his cheeks, Felicity moving closer.

"Jean...Bette, we really could use your help here right now."

"We're sorry, we've got to get back, Barry might mess with time, and then this all wont matter, huh."

Felicity's eyes widened.

"M-Mess with time?!"

"Yeah...we're worried too." Bette admitted. "But don't worry, we also have to rescue Matt, and make sure that he isn't dead. I'm sure that the nice but grumpy man with the bow and arrow has all of this, you know with his adorable screw me eyes."

Felicity blinked at Bette, but she just weakly smiled.

Diggle didn't believe that they actually knew it.

"I wouldn't count on it."

"He hasn't exactly been forthcoming with his motives as of late."

Laurel added, to the worry of Jean. Jean, cleared her throat, then spoke gently.

"I don't understand what's been going on in your city, but Oliver has my brothers, and my respect, if nothing else. I'm sure that deep down, he's doing the right thing, whatever that right thing is, we don't have a clue yet. And you guys...you're his team, all heroes, or vigilantes, need their helpers, and that's you guys. So, be strong, and do what you need to do. Bette, lets go. Once this is done, we'll come and see if we can help, if it isn't over already."

Bette nodded her head, winked, and took off on Jean's back, flying high.

They watched on, then Ray sweatdropped.

"How are we supposed to get back?"

Ray chuckled awkwardly, Malcolm rolling his eyes.

"We can go in the plane we came in, but we've got to hurry."

Malcolm walked forward, and looked slightly depressed from the look that he was getting from the others.

Back in the labs, the others worked hard to find the answers to getting Matt out of his prison. Frankie on the other hand, slowly made her way out of the labs, and went down towards the cells. She walked slowly, and made sure that she wasn't followed.

Once making it to the cells, she opened the door, and revealed Eobard stood there, Eobard being surprised in seeing her there.

"Well, if it isn't daddy's fav daughter."

"Eobard." Frankie growled. "Why, have you done this now? I mean, after everything that's gone on, you did all of this. You're the reason that Ronnie had died, and you're the reason my Dad is gone. Why did you do this?"

Eobard slowly ran his finger across the glass before her, and still showed his own smile.

"Because, I wanted something from your father, and Barry Allen, no other reason. If Matt was dead, then I'd be gone right now, so he's not dead."

"You did this all...because you wanted something? You murdered people, you threatened my Mom because...you wanted to use my Dad...? You've done many messed up things, and now Dad is...Dad's really gone and you're still here..." Around Frankie, metal objects began to shake. "And Aunt Jean's depressed too...because of you, why do you hate us that much? You didn't have to be evil, no one ever told you to be like this, this is all your own doing! You are the evil one around here, and it is disturbing to say the least!"

"That's cute, paint me as the villain, yeah, do that. But, don't worry little one, one day, you'll have a bright future ahead of you, Magenta. I wonder if you'll be a superhero, or a supervillain? Who knows."

Frankie shook her head.

"I've got my Dad's, and Mom's love, I wont ever be evil."

"Hmmm, if that's the case, then pay no heed to my words, young one. You know, that day when I first discovered you, I had Rachael go and kill you, but the idiot girl didn't do the job. Too bad, I could have saved you heartache of this, huh. Poor Frankie, passed from pillar to post, and now has a life with the Stone's. Is it lovely?"

Frankie's eyes lowered for a moment...

But then lifted her head to meet his eyes.

"I don't care what you say, because you're evil. You tortured my Dad, you held my Mom captive, and you've nearly killed us so many times. Whatever made you so bitter and twisted, I feel sorry for you."

Eobard scoffed.

"You feel sorry for me?"

Frankie scowled.

"That's right, I feel sorry for you, and you'll get what's coming to you one day, I'll make sure of it."

"My, such threatening words Frankie...sorry, Magenta. We'll soon see in the future, the super villain Magenta, along with Mentalist, and maybe even your Mom too. Such an evil threesome, super scary. Father, mother, and child, all Meta's, and all equally frightening, and together, very frightening and powerful."

Frankie heard footsteps behind her as he said that.

She looked behind her to see Barry walking closer.

"Barry, what are you doing here?"

"Ah, Frankie. I've, come to talk to Eobard...wh-why are you speaking with him?"

Frankie's eyes went towards Eobard once more, and then lowered her eyes.

"I don't know, I'm sorry Barry, I need to go now."

Frankie walked out of the accelerator area, Barry's eyes narrowing towards Eobard.

"What did you say to her?"

"I didn't say anything to her, she came to speak to me. Not my fault she didn't get the answers that she wanted." The man looked towards Barry with a dirty smirk on his face. "Ah! Well, if it makes you feel any better, it took you a whole hour longer to decide than I thought it would."

"So how does this work? Your grand plan?"

Barry demanded slowly from the elder man, Eobard didn't seem to care all that much however.

"Well, it's really not that grand at all, Barry. In fact, it's rather simple. We use the Particle Accelerator."

Barry couldn't believe that Eobard would ever say something like that, he really didn't get what Eobard's angle was here.

"The Particle Accelerator. The last time that happened, you caused an explosion that hurt a lot of people."

Eobard expected Barry to say something of that nature.

"This time, the accelerator will operate exactly the way it was designed to. Except, instead of two particles moving in opposite directions, colliding at the speed of light in the inner ring, we're only going to inject one particle into the accelerator. And I'm what it collides with. And if you can go fast enough, Barry, if you can hit that particle with enough speed, you will punch a hole right though the fabric of reality. And you will create a portal connecting this time to infinite times. A wormhole. Through which one might travel back to the past, say, to the night your mother died or forward to the future, to, say, my time."

Barry listened intently, but he had a question for the man before him.

"You said if I run fast enough. What happens if I don't?"

Asking carefully, Eobard tilted his head backwards.

"If you don't achieve the desired velocity, Barry, you'll die."

Barry looked on, and didn't know what to say as a result. He was shocked however, and he was sure that he was going to say something he might regret, but, he held it back for now, and just kept up the glare that he had for Eobard.

Meanwhile, as that was going down, Matt and Speed Force Sara arrived at another location that Matt recognized. It was a place that Matt recognized, the first day that he met Caitlin. The way that he, and she looked at one another, it seemed so foreign that they looked at one another like that, like they didn't know one another.

He could however stare at Caitlin all day and not become bored. He just loved her that much that he was excited to always see her, even now, as the past two looked at one another, as he saved her from being shot, and speaking about loneliness, Matt thought that this was a truly beautiful scene between the two of them.

"Why are we here?"

"It's a very strong memory in your head. The moment you met this girl, she seems very important to you."

"Of course she is, she's the girl that I love, and want to be with, always. But why are we here like this? Nothing significant happened this day."

"But, it did." Speed Force Sara revealed. "For the first time in a long time, you looked at someone who looked at you, and a connection was formed. It was, fate, destiny that you met one another, and in the future, you're going to be very interesting. At least, that's what we hope."

"You hope for what?"

"You, Matt." Matt pushed away, but Speed Force Sara held up her hands. "Do not be concerned, we have decided that you, are too unique to let go of. You, a connection like no other, connected to the worlds, the universes, and the timeline's as well."


"Yes, that is why, we wish for you, to become its Guardian."

"Guardian...of time?"

"Of the Speed Force." Speed Force Sara revealed dryly. "You, out of every single person we've ever encountered, is an anomaly, you shouldn't be connected to us, yet you are. We feel you, as you feel us. To encounter a being as you, shouldn't have happened. However, this was always predestined to happen. Being connected to Barry Allen, Eobard Thawne, Hunter Zolomon and others, along with a new addition in the form of a girl who gained access just recently."

"Hunter Zolomon, I didn't know he was..."

Matt murmured the name like he remembered it.

"All, of them, and you, are by design, very interesting. Become our protector, from timeline aberration's that speedsters do without our consent. Also, stop people from harnessing our powers, and other duties as well."

"What's in it for me? What would I gain? And don't offer me power, my power tends to try and kill me whenever it seems possible. Telepathy, nuclear power, telekinesis to a fault, and other things as well."

"Your Telepathy, have you never wondered, why it is so out of control?"

"Because, I can hear thoughts of people around me and that overwhelmed my mind-"

"Yes, but it is apart of your expansive powers. Unlike most telepaths, you're not just hearing thoughts from your own universe, but from others as well, even if you didn't realize it, deep within you, you connected to other universes, and we, also heard your pleas for help a few times, and each time, we sent a Time Wraith to see what it was, this strange being, connecting to us, and each time, we came up empty handed."

"Sorry about that, killing your Time thingy's, kinda busy not dying from it, the times you sent them at me, you know, to try and kill me off. It wasn't always pleasant, you know something like that?"

Speed Force Sara waved her hand like she didn't care.

"It is fine, Matt."

"It really is creepy when you speak with my dead friends faces, I don't like it to be honest."

"Then, how shall we appear? Do you want us to appear as your daughter Frankie, your girlfriend Caitlin, your friend Hartley, your friend Cisco, Barry Allen who is also your friend or shall we choose someone else for this endeavour?"

"No...I don't want you to be anyone, I just want to go back to my friends, and leave this place. I don't like it, everything here, everything that has been said or done here, I don't like seeing the peoples faces that I miss, and I don't like how I have to...I don't like this at all, please don't make me see anymore of my loved ones."

Speed Force Sara slowly moved her body towards the other side of Matt. As she did, Matt felt her fingers drag across his back, and then moved up his back. Matt cringed at the feelings he felt inside of himself, it just made him feel squirmy inside.

"Matt, the reality is, you and I are connected on different levels. And I believe we can be of assistance to one another. We can help you gain control over your abilities, and you can keep this area safe, and do as we ask when we ask of it."

"You're asking me to become your unwilling slave? Thanks, but no thanks, I don't want to become a slave honestly."

Matt murmured, but Speed Force Sara, rolled her head around.

"Not slave, partners."


"Exactly, all we ask is you reason with us, and we'll also reason with you, and come to an agreement. It is, odd, as we've never done this before. Even being this alert, has been a long time, it is because of your own abilities that we're able to cooperate in this life like this. And, there is one thing that we can show you, that is a very possible future."

Matt didn't know what that meant, but then the space shifted all around them.

Back at the labs, Hartley had been dragged into helping with the time pod that was going to be used for Eobard, and Rachael unfortunately, at least that's what Hartley thought anyway. He didn't really want to help them, but Cisco was working on the device to help Matt escape, so he at least decided to offer his assistance.

"According to Wells' calculations, Barry super-speeds inside the accelerator ring. Once Barry reaches optimum speed, we then launch a hydrogen proton into the accelerator. Once the collision happens, a wormhole forms, opening a gateway into time itself."

Hartley spoke towards Barry, who looked right back towards him curiously.

"What do you think?"

"Honestly I don't like that you're doing this. It is reckless, and could change the future. But I don't have the means to stop you, and I would prefer to be here and help in doing what we need to do right now."

"How fast would I have to go for this to work?"

"By my estimates, Mach Two at a minimum." Hartley's eyes went towards Barry. "You've never gone that fast."

"So what happens if I don't reach that speed?"

"You're, going to go splat, as Matthew might say." He began, but then looked at the metals that Wells apparently had gathered. "However, this isn't going to be able to go through such things, the tungsten."

"So, what does that mean?"

"These tiles they're made of tungsten."

"Well, tungsten does have the highest melting point of any other element."

Cisco said as he came into the area, but Hartley shot him down.

"Yeah, but the dust it generates is flammable. The pressure exerted from the wormhole-"

"Yeah. Yeah. It could cause a hole to be melted into the exterior. It could explode."

"Any ideas?"

Barry asked the pair, but Hartley was less willing to do any of this, he didn't want to do this. Cisco could see the way that Hartley was looking, so he put himself forward.

"Let me ask Dr. Evil. Which used to be a name that made me smile."

Cisco turned around and walked out of the room, leaving Hartley, and Barry together.

Hartley's eyes went towards Barry.

"Barry, I can't stop you, and I don't intend to either. But I do have to say that isn't the right way to go. Even if you don't like hearing this, this is the truth, we can't just sit back here, and wait for everything to unravel. Do you think that you'll truly get what you wish, even if you put us all in danger?"

"I know, Hartley, I know what you're saying...but, this is my Mom-"

"And what about my parents?" Barry's eyes lowered. "What if I could change the past and make them see that I wasn't a bad guy, or I could go back into the closet, and pretend, if I did, then I never would have met Matthew, and the others. And speaking of, Matthew himself. What if he could go back in time and rescue his brother, things would drastically alter. We can't mess with time."

Barry knew what Hartley was saying, he knew what was right. But he couldn't get the thoughts of his own mother out of his mind, he just couldn't let this opportunity slip away.

"I know, and I respect your opinion, but Iris told me that it should be my decision."

"And it is, I just hope you're not making the wrong choice."

Barry lowered his eyes once more, knowing that he was speaking the truth, he just didn't know what he was supposed to do now.

Later on, Hartley slowly continued making the device that would help them get through to Matt, if he was still alive. Martin also helped Hartley with what was going on, and Frankie did her best to lend her support.

"This is honestly something I haven't ever thought would be possible Mr Rathaway."

Martin breathed out worried that they wouldn't be able to do it.

"I know, and though it is a worry, we have to try. If we leave Matthew there, then we'll be pretty terrible people. I can't leave him there, he's needed here, and if we can save him, then we're going to do just that."

"But taking in all the calculations that you, and I have done, how can we be sure this wont cause something terrible?"

"Because we've only got this chance, Professor Stein. Matthew's there, and he's supposed to be needed here. We need his assistance here too, at least to talk Barry out of this suicide mission, I've checked the calculations, and things, aren't going to go the way that Eobard has said."

"Yes, I have similar feelings, but who are we to tell him that he can't go and save his mother?"

"At the price of our existences?"

Martin became silent, so Frankie smiled out to the pair.

"Don't worry guys, everything will work out."

"I love your optimism Miss Kane, but we don't know what this could do space-time. We don't even know what ramifications that this could all cause. We could be going to a deadzone of time, and we could all cease to exist."

Frankie shook her head at Martin's words.

"My Dad will fix it."

"Again I love-"

"My Dad will fix it." Frankie stated again. "My Dad might not be like you guys, but I know my Dad will fix it, somehow. He always saves the day, that's why we have to bring back my Dad, and I love my Dad, so...please hurry and bring my Dad back so he can do something about all of this, and that we can see one another again."

Hartley gently smiled, patting the young girl on the top of the head.

"We are definitely working on the way to bring your father back Frankie, don't worry about that now, we will bring him back to you, and then we'll all be happy together. Don't worry about anything else now."

Hartley assured her, wanting to covey a sense of trust, and care for the young girl, so she didn't have to worry about anything.

Caitlin walked up towards them, and saw Hartley, working hard together with Martin, and Frankie together. Caitlin looked to the side, and saw that Eliza was still unconscious.

"So, how are we going here?"

Caitlin wondered to the group, seeing Hartley hard at work.

"We, might be able to get through to Matthew, hopefully. Hopefully, the hole itself is still there, and we are making a device to, say widen it. Others might be unsure of it all, but I have determined the right frequency for the data we recorded, and hopefully-"

"You're using the word 'hopefully' a lot Hartley."

Frankie pointed out, Hartley rolling his eyes.

"That's right, because this is very experimental, I don't even want to get into the things Cisco is doing right now with that time ship or whatever it is called. But this, should work, if we can connect to it that is, but then..."

"But, what exactly?"

Caitlin asked straight out, wanting to have her boyfriend back.

"Well...we don't know how vast this dimension is, if he's in some kind of dimension which is the only explanation I can give. Matthew is going to need to be near it, or is going have to somehow sense that we're there and come to us, and there's no way that we could pinpoint him until we're inside, and going inside is...rather dangerous. We don't know if there's breathable air inside, if there's any air at all, we just don't know."

"Even if there isn't, I'm going for Matthew, and going to bring him back...say, where's Jean exactly?"

She looked around, but she couldn't see Jean at all.

She should have been there, but she wasn't there at all.

She didn't even see her.

"We don't know, she's not in S.T.A.R Labs anyway."

Frankie reported, Hartley nodding.

"She left a little while ago, I guess she wanted to be alone. She's been through a lot."

"I didn't expect you to say something like that."

Caitlin noted, so Hartley chuckled.

"I know, it is rather strange. Before coming here, and meeting Matthew, I would have said something like she was throwing a fit or something, but now, I understand that she's depressed and I can see why. Her brother, and lover have disappeared, one died, and the other is unknown, so I understand what's going on inside of her head, even if I think that this would probably be the right thing to concentrate on."

"People deal with grief in different ways. Like myself, I miss Ronnie, but concentrating on getting Matthew back gives me what I think that I can do, and get what we can do and get Matthew back here...we need him, I need him."

"And we'll get him back, Caitlin."

She smiled gently, and then inclined her head in agreement, and helped the best that she could do with what was going on.

Back in the Speed Force, Matt was taken somewhere else, and now the person who appeared, wasn't Sara anymore, the man that he saw was his brother once more. Matt didn't like looking at him like this.

But the place that Speed Force Andrew brought him, was a place he didn't recognize. Matt looked around and saw flowers decorating the area, and rows of seats. He saw friends like Nyssa, Barry, Cisco, Hartley, and the likes. He also saw that there was Iris, and others as well. There were even people he didn't recognize, yet felt like he did and he couldn't explain it.

At the front, there was a priest, and Matt himself, along with Frankie.

They were all dressed up in fancy clothing, but Matt didn't quite understand what was going on right now.

"Where are we exactly?"

Matt asked his Speed Force brother, Matt looking at him curiously.

The young man smiled gently, moving closer to his younger brother, at least the form he was taking used.

"This is a possible future that you could grow to have. The thing that you have done, all the pain and misery that you have endured, could lead to this." Speed Force Andrew directed his hand down the aisle to see Caitlin, in a wedding dress, a tear brought to his eye. "Your future, with this Dr Caitlin Snow."

"You can see the future?"

Matt asked curiously, but the young blonde retorted with a sly grin.

"You can." Speed Force Andrew revealed. "You're the one who can see the future, as well as go towards the past, and different dimensions as well." Speed Force Andrew's eyes looked towards Caitlin. "She's quite beautiful, isn't she?"

"Y-Yeah, she really is...b-but, this is, you said I can go to the past?"

"You, can do many things. Your powers, are defined by your limits. Right now, you have the potential to send your consciousness into the past, and to see the one person who you want to see the most, and you know who that is."

Matt's eyes began tearing up, looking right towards the Speed Force version of his brother.

"You...my brother."

"Yes. Changing time, is a very thing that I pray you see is the wrong thing to do."

"Of course…I know that changing time is wrong, and I wouldn't do that, as if I did, I might never meet Caitlin, or adopted Frankie, or anything else I've done that's good. I wouldn't do that to people I love...I couldn't do that to my loved ones, even if I truly wanted it."

"Exactly, that is also a reason that I believe you and we are supposed to have met under these circumstances. You share the will of the Speed Force as well, to preserve time, and to make sure that people do not abuse our powers either."

"Can you choose to give your powers to people?"

The Speed Force didn't answer, and then turned towards Matt, as Caitlin made it to the other Matt.

"Matthew, you want to see your brother, we can allow that to happen."

"I don't know if I want to become your Guardian or whatever it is. I don't know what that would mean for my life, and I don't know if I could make that commitment. All I want to do is..." His eyes went towards Caitlin and the other Matt, as they held hands, and prepared to get married. "...I want to return home to my family."

Speed Force Andrew hummed to himself, then turned to Matt.

"I see, then how about, a gift from us. We'll lend the power to allow you to send your consciousness into the past, just this once. One day, you'll be able to do it yourself, but right now, your energies have been drained, so I will allow you to have some of our power."

"Why do you want me to become your Guardian so much?"

"Because, you are one of a kind, and I am very interested in seeing what your potential could be. So, what do you say? After this, we'll give you time to think, and reflect, and allow you to come to your own decision."

Matt's heart felt hard in his chest, and he didn't know what he was going to do. If this truly was a gift or not, he didn't know at all. But, all he knew was that he was getting the offer of a lifetime, and that was to see his brother once more.

Back in the real world, they were finally ready to go and get Matt. They walked towards the area that they could be in. since it was a populated area, they had to try their best to be quick about this, especially with what Hartley could see.

"This is highly experimental, and this, could cause a hard truth to come...but, this energy signature is closing, the portal here, isn't going to remain here for much longer. We have to do this now, if we're going to save Matthew."

"What are the risks involved with all of this?"

Frankie asked, but Hartley shook his head.

"I couldn't even tell you. Opening a portal to another world. We should be thankful that we aren't going to have to open it ourselves from nothing. We're lucky that this one is here, and we will be able to get through to him."

"According to this, we only have about 12.8 minutes before the rupture in space will disappear."

Martin said as Hartley brought out a weird looking gun.

"To be honest, even I don't know if this is going to work. But it is all that we have got, so I can't say that this is the best method for us to do something of this nature. All we can do now is hope that we're going to be able to open it up, and get Matthew out. Even if we get it open, it wont have long before it closes itself."

"Yeah, you're right, Mr Rathaway, so we should act now."

Caitlin looked on as Hartley brought up the gun. The gun itself aimed at a certain part. She was glad that he could do this as she wasn't truly sure if this was going to work all she needed to know was that she was going to get Matt back, that's all she wanted to know right now.

"Right, we'll only have a few short minutes in this, if Matthew is to come back, then he best move quickly."

Caitlin nodded, and allowed Hartley to do what he needed to do. She could only watch on in worry as the device was activated, and a beam came out of the gun Hartley made. The beam looked bright orange, and the others just watched on as the beam 'hit' something in the middle of the road, and from that, the portal was opened.

The portal swished and danced in the air like there was no tomorrow, and slowly got bigger.

"The wormhole, is stable, for now. But we don't have long, whatever Mr Stone in there is doing, he best hurry."

Martin reported, Hartley nodded.

"Come on Matthew, I know that you can come through to us."

He murmured, Frankie looking on with worry.

"Dad! Come on, come back to us! Please come back!"

She yelled through the hole, but she didn't get any answer.

Worry built itself within her heart and she didn't know what she was going to do.

Caitlin looked on as seconds ebbed by like minutes.

She felt like he wasn't going to return, she felt like he was out of their reach…

But she couldn't lose him.

She couldn't lose the man that she loved. She already saw Ronnie die again and then saw the man that she loved disappear all together through some wormhole, she wasn't about to lose him all over again, there was no way whatsoever.

But then she made a decision.

Grabbing a piece of rope she brought, she tied it around herself, and then to a lamppost, so she could pull herself out. Since Hartley and the others didn't know what she was doing, since they were preoccupied with their own stuff, they didn't realize until it was too late.

"Caitlin! Don't!"

Without even saying anything, Caitlin ran towards the portal, and jumped inside.

The others couldn't be more surprised by what happened, and they looked on with shock.

Caitlin entered into the dimension, looking around with widened eyes. She saw different colours, and different aspects of life, and other things. She couldn't comprehend it all, but everything was swirling around her.

"Matthew! Matthew!"

Caitlin called, running through the area she was in.

She didn't even know if she was moving at all. It didn't feel like anything was going past her, all she knew was that it was a strange area being in. But she wasn't going to give up, she was going to find the man that she loved and admired, no matter what else happened, nothing was going to stop her from getting what she was going to find.

She continued moving, and looked around but everything was surreal, she just couldn't give up now. She wasn't going to give up, she had lost too much in all of this, but she wasn't about to stop now, and she was going to make sure that he was okay now.

"Matthew! Matthew! Matthew!"

Inside the Speed Force, Matt heard Caitlin's voice, beckoning him to the reality that he was needed in.


His voice felt distant, but she definitely heard his voice carrying over to her ears.

"It seems that she has come to save you. Though you are in no danger." Speed Force Andrew spoke, looking to the left. "She's over there. However, our gift still holds true, that we're going to come and give you the power to see your brother."

Matt's eyes went to the image of his brother, and held his bottom lip with his teeth.

"I don't know if I'm ready to ever do something like that. Seeing him again, it seems so difficult, and I don't know if I could...but, maybe seeing him would be...seeing my brother would be...to see him once more...but, the others need me, and I need to get back to the others..."

"Matthew! Please, where are you!?"

Matt heard Caitlin's voice again, and turned to Andrew.

"I wish I had more time but I don't know what I am supposed to do in this adventure...do I get to really see him once more…? To just see Andrew once more...is..."


Matt heard her voice once more, and turned to see her coming.

He looked towards Speed Force Andrew, and then his fingers and his own touched one another's, and he felt, sparks of power running through him, his eyes lighting up, with sparks, and then he felt Caitlin's hand touch his own.



Matt held onto her, feeling different than before.

Matt and Caitlin rushed out of the Speed Force the way Caitlin came, and landed on the ground just as the portal closed. However, as he landed on the ground, Matt's eyes closed, and he went somewhere else entirely.

"Matthew...w-what's happened? Matthew, please, what's going on…?"

Caitlin petted his face, but he didn't reply, he was out cold for the moment.

As that happened, Matt's spirit was cast back. He felt himself, weightless. He didn't understand how this was going on, but he could see time itself. Like it was happening in reverse. He saw different events playing out in his field of vision.

He felt like he was in the twilight zone right now, he just didn't know what was going on.

He saw different images of his past, and what appeared to be some of the future as well. It was like he was travelling a time-stream, and he wasn't sure if he liked it or not. Either way, he felt like he knew where he was going.

He definitely knew where he was going, and that was to a new place, and time.

But then he was thrusted into a room.

The room was dark, and he could barely see anything, but he could see on the ground, his elder brother. The man was stained with blood, and the ground around him held a pool of blood. He immediately felt his own heart pounding inside of his chest.

Matt looked at the closet, and saw himself there, trying to keep quiet. He could barely see him, but he could see the small blonde there, and he remembered it. He remembered when he had to watch his brothers death at the first time, and now he had to watch it all again, and he murmured "That must be before I was knocked out as well..." remembering how that happened that faithful night.

Tears formed in his eyes, and his heart felt like it was swelling inside. The man's eyes barely held any light within him. Matt slowly walked closer to him, and bent down his body, looking right into the eyes of the young man.


Andrew's eyes widened at the sudden voice, and his eyes landed right on Matt's ethereal body, shocking the young blonde, both young blondes at that, the pair looked shocked to be staring at one another, Matt especially didn't think that he would see him.

"W-Who's there…? S-Stay away from Matthew..."

Matt gasped in surprise, looking at the man with wide eyes.

Matt could barely feel himself right now, he couldn't even think. But he bent down towards the young man, and smiled softly, showing a caring and loving attitude.

"It's me bro, it's me. It's okay, everything's okay now."

Matt muttered out, smiling towards his elder brother. The elder brother, who looked around the same age as Matt was now, maybe a little older, peered up at the young man, and caught his blue eyes.


Matt's eyes shed a few tears, leaning down even more, placing his hand on his own hand. Even though he thought Matt was a ghost, he still felt his hand. It wasn't like it truly was a hand on hand touch, but they both felt the sensations that the other was touching the hands.

"Yes, that's me, I'm your brother…from the future. It doesn't make any sense to you, but I am, your brother, Matthew, or I go by Matt now mostly."

"Future...I don't understand..."

"You don't have too..." Matt sobbed, as Andrew's face turned kinder. "All you have to know is, I'm okay. You protected me this night, I live, and I love, again. You saved my life Andrew, and I love you so much, I wish that we could have longer together, something that..."

"Matthew...you look so handsome...we look so alike now..."

Matt chuckled through the tears.

It was true, they did look alike.

It would be hard to distinguish between the two of them.

"Yeah, I'm in my twenties now. I'm not that kid anymore. And it's thanks to you, for protecting me, for saving me, you..." Matt sobbed even more, his tears raining off his face. "I'm so sorry, I...I can't...Andrew, I..."

"I'm...dying, aren't...I…?"

Matt continued to shed tears.

He didn't want to believe in this cruel world like this. Seeing his brother like this all over again, he just couldn't take it, he couldn't accept it, and he didn't think that this ever would be possible, he wished that he could move on with his brother sometimes, and seeing him like this, brought everything back to his heart.

"Y-Yeah...but you don't have to worry anymore, my brother..." Andrew's hand went upwards, touching somehow Matt's face, gently stroking his cheek. Matt's hand cupped Andrew's on his ghostly face, the touch always felt so comforting, so loving, and he couldn't feel any better than he did right now, despite crying. "Andrew..."

"Y-You're so...handsome, so strong looking...you really live..."

"I do, me, and Jean, live. We make it, we escape from Dad, and we live happily. Things go wrong sometimes, but I'm a father now, to a teenager, I know it sounds odd, but I did what you always intended to do with me, and with Jean, take us in and raise us like your own children...and I also was trained by Ra's al Ghul too, I became strong, and I am now, a hero, with psychic powers, that's how I'm able to do this. I'm a superhero now, and I have a loving girlfriend, and a lovely daughter, and wonderful friends, and that's all because of you...you saved me Andrew, thank you..."

Matt's tears continued to rain off his face as he choked on his own words because of the incredible amount of tears that came out of his eyes, disappearing into nothingness before they could touch Andrew's face.

"Don't thank me...I couldn't pr-protect you enough..."

"You saved me Andrew, and because of you, I have a good life...and I love you so much...you have to know...I do, and I am grateful for everything that you have done and will do for me, because of you, I managed to go through life, stronger than without you...you gave me the courage to adopt Frankie, to find love again, and to finally, feel accepted...all because of the first signs of love you showed towards me, I can't ever stop thanking you Andrew, and I'll always miss you..."

Andrew smiled, despite the pain he was in.

"I love you too, and I always will."

Matt's head fell downwards, and touched Andrew's forehead. Matt felt the man's head on his own head, and loved the feeling, of just once more, to feel such a thing, to feel Matt's head on his own head.

As they embraced, Matt could feel a pull, like he was disappearing.

"N-No, I don't want to leave! Andrew, there's so many things that I want to say, I want to do with you...please, just let me stay here for a little while longer...Andrew..."

Andrew's kind eyes went into Matt's own, and then a large smile spread across his face.

"Go, and be with your daughter, with Jean, and always keep them safe. I know you can do it, because you're my brother, and you're so strong, so loving, so peaceful, and I really, do love you Matthew, always stay as kind as you can be."

Matt's smile brightened up Andrew, despite his pain.

"Yeah, I always will...don't tell the other me that you spoke to me, okay? It could affect..."

"The time-line, I know, I learned that, from you, my boy."

Matt's body then disappeared, and Andrew's smile slowly faded away...

Inside of S.T.A.R Labs, Jean and Bette finally returned after what they were doing along with Iris and Eddie who turned up as well, and stood around while Caitlin held onto the unconscious Matt's hand, Frankie doing the same thing on the other side of him. They had nearly built the time ship now, and were going to do the plan (even if some where against it) but Caitlin just looked at Matt.

"Is he, alright?"

Hartley asked Caitlin, who nodded.

"All vitals are normal, it's like he's in a-" Matt inhaled strongly, and his eyes opened, looking around as he gasped for breath. "Matthew!"


Frankie called, hugging her Dad. Matt held onto her body as well, and pressed her forehead and his own together, as he began crying. The others didn't know what was going on, but Frankie held onto the young blonde tightly, and Caitlin joined in as well.

"Matthew, what's going on? What happened?"

"I...I saw, my brother...I talked to him..."

It sounded crazy, Matt knew that. But he knew what he knew.

"That was a dream, Matthew, you've not been anywhere, it was all just a-"

"No, Cait, it wasn't a dream." Matt looked towards her, his eyes resolute. "It was, my brother, and he was, there, speaking to me, we talked, and he held...he still held that same look as he did look like in his past as well...in my past, he looked, so real, he was there, and I just, I just can't believe what was going on...Andrew..."

"You really saw him?"

Jean asked, showing a sad look.

Matt slowly nodded, as Jean hugged onto him as well.

"I'm so sorry about Ronnie, Cait, Jean, Professor." He directed towards the elder man in the corner, who shook his head. "I should've stopped Rachael sooner somehow, if I had killed the bitch sooner then all of this could have been avoided, she could have just died, and then we would have been safe from her, and maybe Ronnie still would be..."

Matt regretted that, Ronnie died. He wished he could correct it, somehow. He definitely wanted to do something, but as it was, he couldn't do anything.

"No, this isn't your fault." Jean cut him off, Caitlin nodding in agreement. "None of this, is your fault, bro. We don't know the future, we didn't know this was going to happen. All that matters is that you're back, and please smack some sense into Barry about messing with the time-line! Please, he's telling us that he's going to risk opening up a wormhole in Central City for-"

"I know." Matt looked towards Barry as his necklace for telepathy was off, knowing what was said due to reading their minds, and offered a small smile. "If it could endanger others, I'm not for it and I know how hard it is, because I just saw my brother, and I realize how important it is for you Barry, because that small conversation I had with my brother, meant the world to me. But, I can't be apart of this Barry, you understand. This is wrong, I know this is your mother, but this is wrong Barry, if you do this, our lives could drastically alter. You might never have met us, you might not even know Iris at all, Cait and I..." His eyes went to Caitlin who held her head down. "...we might have never even met, so I can't be apart of this. If I could, I'd take you back the way I went back...but, this, there's a very high chance it's going to lead to a wormhole opening up, and killing so many people, and I can't have that on me."

"I understand...I have to do this though, I hope you, and everyone else who doesn't agree, understands."

Matt felt complicated about that, but then looked towards Caitlin.

"So...you jumped into the Speed Force thing for me then? Talk about insanely reckless~"

Caitlin adopted a coy smile.

"Hehe, I get my recklessness from you. I never used to be like this, you've done this to me...though I am glad you did because I've never regretted anything I've done when I'm with you. And, I am glad that you're back. So, what was it like? Being in that place?"

"Eeeh...it was like a messed up acid trip. The...thing, force thing, offered me different things, he...she...it, made me go back into my past, I saw my parents, I learned a few things about that, and why I was probably really created..."


Matt waved "Another time." and continued.

"Yeah, I saw Sara, Andrew and Claire as the...Speed Force thingy, it offered me the position of its Guardian."

"Guardian...? What does that entail?"

Hartley's questions were raised, but Matt couldn't truly answer.

"I honestly, don't know. It gave me some ideas of what I would be doing and has given me some time to think...but, it did give me the power, or rather unlocked my power, to send my consciousness through time, it's weird though, out of body experience, and my brother could see me somehow, I thought that I would be invisible..."

"Astral projection!" Cisco called happily, the others looking at him curiously. "It sounds like it anyway...could be soul projection maybe..."

"Yeah, and I also saw..." His eyes went towards Caitlin and saw her in the wedding dress once more, his lips curling upwards. "I saw everything I've ever wanted as well since the moment I met, one of the most important people in my life. And I can't wait to experience it for myself."

Caitlin tossed her head to the side, but Matt chuckled and didn't reveal anything.

"Well, I'm just glad you're back with us again."

Caitlin hugged Matt around the chest, so he hugged her back, and the pair locked lips briefly.

"Yeah, I'm glad to be back too, that place was really weird, I don't want to go back there anytime soon."

Matt assured her, so they stayed in a hugging position for a little while.

Matt was about to speak again, when he paused, and looked to the side. He seemed to be focusing in on something, and his eyes lit up with sparks. Everyone saw the sparks run through his eyes, and then he blinked rapidly. Once processing what he saw, he furrowed his eyebrows, and felt worried, and he, didn't want to lose someone else.

"I need to go, Ra's is...erm, someone piss me off."

"Eh? Why?"

Cisco wondered, he didn't get why Matt needed someone to piss him off all of a sudden.

"I, need to activate Mentalist, it isn't just as easy about as switching on a light, I need to become a little pissed off so he can allow me full access to my powers, and allows me to teleport places."

"Oh erm...Hartley takes naked pictures of you to enjoy for himself while naked."

Hartley's eyes glared towards Iris as she smirked.

"Even now, at the finale, you have to try and start."

"The finale?"

Iris carefully groaned with the others looking on with worried eyes, Hartley rolling his eyes.

"As in, the finale of this event, with Eobard."

Iris looked towards Matt, as he made a fearful face.

"That doesn't make me angry, that makes me scared."

"Yeah, that makes me scared too..."

Jean admitted, Barry holding back a small chuckle.

Frankie thought about what would make Matt angry, then nodded to herself.

"Dad, I have a crush on Martin Stein, and he agreed to go out with me, we're dating now, he's my lover, as I say, I like the oldies~"

Everyone looked towards Frankie with horror, but her plan, surprisingly worked.

One of Matt's eyes turned red immediately, turning to her bewildered.

"First of all, that's disgusting sweetheart, and second, thank you, and third, you're not having an older boyfriend, especially a man in his 60's, that's gross." Matt allows energy to wrap around his form. "I'll be back soon. See ya later~ Don't destroy the world Barry or I'll destroy you~"

Barry backed down due to seeing his red and blue eyes, knowing that Mentalist had a hand in the threat, so he didn't take it from Matt to heart, but still was worried on what Mentalist would do to him.

Matt then disappeared with a flash, leaving the others bewildered on what had actually just happened.

Meanwhile, at another place all together, Rachael was pacing the area, going up and down, wondering what she was going to do.

With Eobard captured, she knew that storming the base would be suicide, and most of her forces had been taken down. It wasn't a very ideal situation for her, and with Grodd nearby, she looked towards him, and gave a gentle smile, something that was surprising from the young girl.

"Don't worry Grodd, I'm okay, I've healed, and I'm going to go and join your father soon. We're going to be together again. Knowing my baby, he's probably already come up with a plan, and when the time is right, I can go and join him and make sure that he is alright."

"Grodd, will make sure, you get to father."

Rachael smiled at the telepathic message from Grodd.

"Yes, thank you my sweet Grodd. Don't worry, he'll take care of us...we're his family too...yeah, we'll be together and then we'll go to the future, and be together...all I have to do is kill Matt and Caitlin and that little bitch Frankie...all of them need to die...that's it, that's it now...they've done too much to me...I wont allow them to get me ever again..."

Rachael swore to herself.

This time, she wasn't holding back.

She was going to use what was inside of her, and she was going to finish off Matt, and the others.

She had reached her limits, and now, while she felt some doubt, she was plenty sure that Eobard would still be with her, and love her.

She depended on him that much and her love, allowed her to continue onwards.

End chapter!

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