Until All Are One

Summery: Months after the the teams arrival on Cybertron, Sari is nowhere closer to discovering her origin. With the Trial Of Megatron arriving soon, the Autobots are presented with an opportunity to locate the remaining Decepticons Cells, from an unlikely source, but at cost.

Ship: Sari/Bumblebee

Chapter One: Dreams Or Memories ?

In the final months of the Cybertronian War, Megatron's most loyal servant, Shockwave was preparing his greatest creation. It was no weapon, but a new type of Protoform, one much smaller, but with the potential to be more powerful than the mightiest of Decepticons, possibly even Megatron, and would be the perfect heir, once Megatron passed onto the Well Of All Sparks. Now with their base under attack, he was forced to excellerate the process or the Protoform would not survive. Now all that was needed was a Spark fragment from her father.

"Shockwave is it ready.", Megatron said, walking into the lab, his armored plating clearly damaged from the battle nearby.

"Yes my liege, but considering your current state I would suggest that we terminate th..", Shockwave said but was cut off.

"No, any delay will only further impede our victory over the Autobots.", Megatron said as he layed on the examination table and opened up his Spark Chamber. "Begin the process."

"As you wish.", Shockwave said, begining to prepare the Spark fragment extractor. "I must warn you this process shall most likely take you off line for at least a Deca-cycle."

"Then I will trust you to keep my Sparkling and I safe until then.", Megatron said, knowing that his most lotal servent would do as he was told, even at the cost of his own Spark.

"I shall do as you command my liege.", Shockwave said. Placing the extractor to Megatron's Spark Chamber, after a moment the extractor now held a small glowing orb of energy, which would grow in time. As the fragment was extracted, Megatron's Spark grew slightly smaller, and he began to shut down. Shockwave then removed the fragment from the extractor and brought it to the Protoform, and placed the Spark into the Protoform's Spark Chamber.

After a moment the Protoform opened it's optics for the first time, they were clear white, it blinked, moving it's optics around searching the room. Shockwave then went to Megatron, opening a compartment in his head, which had been retrofitted to work as a stasis pod. "Do not fear youg one, your time shall come, until that day your father, Lord Megatron shall keep you safe.", Shockwave said as he placed the Sparkling in and activated it, causing the Sparkling to fall asleep.


Sari shot up in bed, confused and panting. She had no idea why she would be dreaming about Megatron and Shockwave. Megatron had terrorised her family ever since Optimus and his team arrived on earth, and she had only met Shockwave once, when they were on Omega Supreme on their way to Cybertron. Sari had gone down to the prisoner holding area, when she passed Megatron's and Shockwave's cells, Megatron seemed suprised at her presence, like he knew her. Shockwave just seemed to be calmly looking at her.

After a moment Sari realized where she was, she was at Bumblebee's place on Cybertron. She's been staying there ever since they arrived. Once Sari's breathing calmed down she tried to rationalize her dream, believing it just had to do with the fact that she was still unable to find out were she came from or how she ended up in her father's lab, as she did not match any known type of Protoform, and her mind was just making connections between coincidences. Her thoughts were interupted by a knock at her door.

"Come in.", Sari said.

It was Bumblebee, he seemed worried. "Hey, you ok?", Bumblebee asked clearly still tired, from being woken up from his Stasis, by Sari's tossing and turning in her sleep.

"Yeah, just a bad dream.", Sari said.

Bumblebee yawned. "Want to talk about it?"

"No, I think i'm just going to go back to sleep.", Sari said, not wanting to worry her best friend.

"Alright, well if you change your mind you know where to find me.", Bumblebee said and closed the door.

"Good Night.", Sari said quietly and laid back down and began to fall back to sleep.

It's been six months since Megatron's defeat, and saying she was busy was an understatement. When she wasn't searching for her origins, she was usually training to offically join the Autobot ranks, and when she wasnt doing that she was working with Ratchet at the hospital, training as a field medic, as Ratchet had decided to retire soon, and the team would need a medic when they returned to earth, and her abilities made her an obvious choice to replace him. Luckly she usually had a day or two avalible to just hang out with Bumblebee, Bulkhead and occasionally the rest of the team.

Bumblebee was the only one she saw on a daily basis, but that was only when he would drop her off for her activity of the day, and when he picked her up at the end of the day. Sari hadn't told anyone, but because of their already close relationship, and the time they have spent together on Cybertron, she had began to develop feelings for her best friend.