Chapter Five: Give honest thoughts on it


Sorry people but, I really cant continue this fic, I was really excited to do it, but the more i write it, the more problems im having writing dialogue for characters like Bumblebee, and what i am writing the feel like im not giving him much personality, which i need to do since this is a Sari/Bumblebee fic. I dont know why, but I just cant write for Autobot characters, while i think im doing pretty good with Decepticons. For those of you who might want to know how this story would have played out, here it is. Also if anyone wants to do the story themselves feel free to use my description, make alterations, or take things in your own direction. So here it is.

Months after the defeat of Megatron, Sari is still unable to find clues of her origin, until she begins to have dreams of a past she does not remember, being Megatron's Sparkling. Then she is brought before the Autobot Council and asked to speak with Shockwave, who demands her presence in exchange for the location of the remaining Decepticon bases, and directs her to files that were taken from their base the day her Spark was ignited. Once she cracks the codes on the files, she instead finds blue prints of a Protoform that once fully grown resembles her almost perfectly, the only difference is the symbol on her chest. Sari then returns to the Decepticon prison to confront Shockwave, who confirms her suspicsions, she was created from a fragment of Megaton's spark, created to one day take Megatron's place as leader of the Decepticons, and tells her she should except her desitiny, telling her that her memories of her past will return in time, but until that day, he gives her the location to one of the bases.

Sari is left behind, while the rest of the team goes to attack the base, but when they get there, it is abandoned, and when they return they learn that Megatron and his Generals have escaped, and have taken Sari prisoner. At the Decepticon base Sari is sedated, while Shockwave examinse her, discovering thar her memory core was damaged during her and Megatron's crash to earth 50 years ago. Knowing that even after restoring her memories it would be difficult to bring her to their side, so chooses to supress her memories of her time with the Autobots and her time on earth. Once the the memory core is repaired Sari is awoken to see her father standing by her bedside, as they touch they once again feel the connection they felt when she was first created. In the following Months Sari is trained to use her upgrades, and reconnects with Megatron, even experiancing true moments of compassion and love. While Bumblebee tirelesly searches for Sari. When her training is complete Sari is sent on her first mission, to sneak into Autobot high command and dowload the codes to shut down the Autobot defence mainframe.

Once she downloads the code she feels drawn to a room that she had never seen before, as she enters she finds the Allspark, when she touches it, she feels its power course through her, as the Allspart's light begins to fade. Unsure of what just happened Sari hesitates, and in a matter of seconds the door opens and a group of Autobots are standing before her, weapons pointed at her, along with a shocked Bumblebee . Using her training, she quickly took each of the down, extinguishing theit sparks, with the exception Bumblebee who she simply places in stasis cuffs, hinting that the Sari they know is still in there. She then escapes. It is then discovered that Sari absorbed all of the Allsparks energy into her, while at the same time there seems to be strange activity on Cybertron's moon.

As the Decepticons prepare to attack, Sari begins to hear a voice, trying to guide her to the right path, later revealed to be prowl. During th attack Sari was sent to shut down the still damaged Ultra Magnus, but is followed by Bumblebee who attempts to stop her, without hurting her, while she is attempting to fight her programing and stop. In her mind she fights a corupt version of herself, once she defeat it she finds herself standing over a severly wounded, but still alive, Bumblebee. She then deactivates her weapons and tries to help him, but is attacked from behind, by Lockdown, who then leaves with her. When Bumblebee tries to follow, outside he sees both Decepticons and Autobots being attacked by a large group of Cybertronians. Lockdown is seen taking Sari to Cybertron's moon, Megatron follows, and Bumblebee informs Optimus who also follows.

While at first hostile to each other, after a confrontation with more unknown cybertronians. Optimus and Megatron agree to put aside their differences until they find out whats going on, They eventually find a structure that leads beneath the moons surfice. there they see ancient symbols on the walls. After a while they begin to feel the moon moving, when they find Sari, she is still unconsious with tubes attached to her, absorbing energy from her, being monitored by Lockdown and Blackaracnia, both with Transmetal upgrades. After a battle, they manage to get Sari, but as they are escaping, both reseave calls from their men, informing them that something is happening, and that the planet is being evacuated. Once they are outside they see that the moon has transformed into Unicron who has already begun destroying Cybertron, both armies attacking him, but are doing little damage, and many ships are destroyed. All three are soon brought aboard Omega Supreme, where Prime's team is waiting. Sari is taken to med bay where Ratchet examines her, and sees that she is producing energy that matches the enegy that the all spark gave off, while the battle continues, more ships are destroyed and Omega Supreme is damaged, Sari wakes up and slowly makes her way to the control room, telling the team that, shes not sure why, but that she knows what to do. As they see Unicron completely destroy Cybertron, Sari plugs herself into Omega Supremes system and opens a space bridge, and all ships are transported away.

When they reappear, they are in earth's solar system, and Sari collapses from over use of energy, but Bumblebee catches her. When Megatron steps forward to take her, Optimus stands between them, telling Megatron that Sari is staying with them. As Megatron prepares to fight, Sari weakly asks him to stop. Shockwave then contacts Megatron, asking what they should do. Seeing Sari's weakened state, Megatron lowers his sword and tells Shockwave that for now they will retreat and regroup, and that he will join them shortly. Megatron allows them to keep Sari for now, knowing that they would be more equiped to help her, but swears to return for her, then leaves.

While the Autobot fleet remains in earth's orbit, Omega Supreme and the team land on earth and take an unresponsive Sari to Sumdac towers, where they hope Issac will be able to wake her up. They informs Professor Sumdac of what happened, and while he tries, Sari does not wake up, all they can do is wait. Inside her mind Sari speaks with Prowl, who reveals to her what is going on. He tells her about the brothers Unicron and Primus, and how Primus created the Cybertronians, and when Unicron attacked, Primus sacrificed his spark to deactivate Unicron, giving the cybertronian's the last of his power, in the form of the allspark and that Primus's body became Cybertron. He also tells her about the symbols that were found, its a prophacy, that says the reancarnation of Primus would be sparked from a Decepticon, but cared for by Autobots, and would one day light their darkest hour and unite both factions. Thinking that she has already failed, she tries to deny her destiny, but is told that Unicron is not finished, telling her that she is connected to Unicron, and will follow her until one of them is destroyed. When Sari believes she cannot win, considering, Unicron's power and size, Prowl tells her that she must embrace who she is, only then will she be able to defeat Unicron.

When she wakes up, Bumblebee is at her bedside, she tries to apologize, but he says that he knows it wasnt her. A few weeks later Sari is fully recovered, and the Autobots learn that Unicron is near, and heading towards earth. Eventually Sari admits to Bumblebee her origins and the prophecy. While suprised at first, he tells her that it doesnt matter where she came from, this would also be when they tell each other how they feel about each other. Soon after Decepticon ships appear above earth, and Megatron demands Sari's return.

Sari tries to convince Megatron to stop and work with them, revealing to everyone that she is Megatron's daughter. Sari then shares a vision of what Prowl showed her, then Megatron chooses to put aside their conflict and help defeat Megatron.

While her friends except her, many of the Autobots mistrust her, and the Autobots and Decepticon can't seem to work together, while Sari, not wanting to lead cybertronian's, leaves that duty to Megatron and Optimus, while she spends much of her time meditating, to train with Prowl to master her abilities. Prowl also tells her that to truly unite the Decepticons and Autobots, it would take a great sacrifice. As Unicron enters the solar system, they attack, but are easily defeated, and retreat.

Unsure of herself, Sari considers taking a shuttle to leave, believing that Unicron would follow her, so that her friends and family will be safe, but before she can, Bumblebee convinces her not to, saying he believes in her, and he will follow her into battle no matter what.

Sari then takes a more active role in commanding the forces, and planning the next attack. Noticing that Unicron's outershell is impenetrable, she suggests getting back into the chamber she was taken to before, and using a larger version of the cosmic rust weapon to shut down Unicron.

As the weapon is finished, Unicron arrives above earth, and sends his minions to attack earth's military, and the cybertronian fleet. While Optimus leads the fleet, Megatron and Bumblebee help Sari get to the chamber, when they get there, they are attacked by Unicron's body and the weapon is destroyed, and the three of them are restrained. Unicron then begins to drain Bumblebee's and Megatron's spark energy, after a quick vision of Prowl, she finally excepting her destiny, and manages to break free, and after saving Bumblebee and Megatron, kisses Bumblebee and teleports them away. Sari then deactivates her weapons and opens her spark chamber, and unleashes its power, basically fossilizing Unicron, and his forces.

Still damaged, Bumblebee later returns to find Sari, and her spark has almost gone out, and returns her to Omega Supreme. They put her on spark support, but it does little to help, and it only slows the process down. Still badly damaged Megatron tells Shockwave to once again use his spark energy to save her. Shockwave says that in his current state, that the process would be fatal. Megatron knows this, and tells Shockwave to do it anyway. Once the process is over, Megatron's spark fades, as Sari's regains its strength, but before she wakes up, says goodbye to Megatron before he passes onto the Whell of all Sparks.

The Decepticons see Sari as their leader, so Sari is able to end the war, but knowing that she is not ready to lead the Cybertronian people, she appoints a council of both Autobots and Decepticons to lead them. The Cybertronians then build a city on earth.