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Sniper looked at himself in the rearview mirror, thankfully his sunglasses covered most of his face so it wasn't obvious he was nervous. He'd shaven last night so he would look presentable knowing that 'Tuney would need him to appear completely normal or else she'd freak. Mundy had been sent to a boarding school abroad at the same age Lily had gone to Hogwarts to learn magic, which was where he had gained his Australian accent. At the age of 34 now it had been 6 years since he was able to take a holiday away from Teufort and the crazed RED and BLU teams, so he took some of it to visit his sister and nephews who'd be 16. He did hope they were treating little Harry better than they had been last time he had visited. "oh bushman do not worry, they are your family, no?" a heavy french accent spoke from behind him, something that years ago would've scared the crap out of him but after all this time being frenemies he was used to it and relaxed slightly into the other mans arms. As always Olivier was in a deluxe blue suit with his balaclava in place ready to deal with the Dursleys, Mundy having told plenty of (horror) stories about them. Sniper straightened out his jacket and made sure his plaid shirt was buttoned properly underneath and tied the laces on his leather brown shoes.

The duo stepped out of the campervan that was parked around the corner from number 4 Privet Drive so it wouldn't stand out too much amongst all the plain ordinary houses that made up Privet Drive and so that Petunia couldn't moan at her brother for not having a 'proper' car. As they rounded the corner Mundy began thinking to himself i wonder if Harry even remembers me, its been a while since we last saw each other. The poor little piker having to put up with the animal Tuney called a husband and her piggy brat that abused the kid. I can only hope that being in his 5th year of Hogwarts so he should be able to protect himself from them better, as well as the present i gave him last time i visited smirking slightly as we reached the door. Taking a deep breath i knocked on the door and put on a fake smile, Olivier sticking with his expression of seriousness as he squezzed my arm in comfort.

"Boy! Answer the door!" a loud voice bellowed and swiftly the door was opened by a teenager that was clearly undernourished if his size was anything to go by, although the two mercs could see that he had some light muscles he must play Quidditch Mundy thought as the two walked in. Harry recognised Mundy and immediatly went to hug the Aussie man "Kiddo your looking taller since i last saw you, took your grandfathers tall genes i see" he smiled and ruffled the messy black hair, the kid leaning in to the touch, eyes shut in content. "I still have that present you gave me last time you visited! I even made a few modifications with my Magic!" Harry informed looking very proud, and saw the shock on his uncle's face causing him to laugh. "BOY! GET IN HERE NOW!" an angry voice called from the living room, causing Harry to groan as he showed the two men in. Petunia walked over to her older brother and gave him a very awkward hug, one that was more formality than any kind of love. "Matthew, who is this...gentlemen you have brought with you?" she questioned but before her brother could reply the frenchman moved forward and kissed her hand before introducing himself "Bonjour Madame my name is Olivier and i am a close friend and colleague of your brothers" trying not to grimace and stay polite Olivier was glad for his balaclava as it meant she couldn't see his facial expression. "Oh my, well dinner shouldn't be too long, right boy?" the end of her question being aimed at her nephew who nodded and went to the kitchen.

Making lots of awkward conversation it was safe to say all the adults when Harry called that dinner was ready, drills were not as fascinating at Vernon apparently believed. As Harry was dishing the meal up the two mercenaries were amazed at the star quality, the food actually looked like it was from a top star restuarnt in London! It was a traditional roast beef dinner, the beef was cooked to perfection and was just chewy enough to get the maximum flavour, the mash was light and fluffy, the vegetables were cooked perfectly with them all cut and placed around the plate like a work of art. In the middle of the table sat a bowl of roast potatoes that were neither burnt nor undercooked and the mercenaries had to control themselves as they tasted the food. "Harry this is amzing! You have a real talent! Safe to say if you don't want a magical job you could become a Michelin-star chef!" complimented Mundy as he finished his food, nothing left behind. "I agree petit and i could eat this forever, besides we all agree that french gourmet is often a lot better than the Brits, no?" causing Harry to chuckle and go bright red rubbing the back of his neck, not used to praise.

"Hmmf cooking is all the brat is good for, did more for us than his good for nothing parents who killed themselves, we have to house him so why not take advantage of a free worker?" boasted Vernon causing the two other men sat at the table to grow angry. "What did you just say about him, and about my sister?" Mundy questioned in a monotonous voice to which his dearest sister replied with a haughty tone in her voice "Oh come on, you know our sister did nothing with her life, she just gave me her responsibilities, ones she nor that good-for-nothing-husband of hers wanted" turning her nose up as she finished. glancing over to Harry Mundy could see he was shaking badly and with a nod to Olivier he took Harry out of the dining room so he could deal with the Dursley's how he would do a target, not before saying "I never thought you would let your jealousy blind you Petunia, Goodbye" and he shut the door. Blocking most-but not all of the noise coming from inside.

"Harry, Harry! Look at me! Your mother was one of the bravest and smartest women i have ever known, her nickname was Tiger-Lily because of how fierce she was. Ignore your Aunt, not that she deserves the title" consoled Mundy, hugging his nephew tight letting him go after a minute so he dry his eyes. "Now kiddo where's all your stuff? We'll be going soon" he questioned, Harry's eyes widening in surprise at his Uncle's insinuation "Yo-you're taking me away from here? Thank you! I keep all my school stuff around my neck as a locket, i don't trust the Dursley's with my school stuff just let me go and get Hedwig-My owl" and he darted up the stairs at the moment Olivier made his way out of the dining room and straightened his suit jacket and tie, although a few specks of blood could be seen on his shoes and gloves. "Well i do not think they shall be a bother anymore" he smirked benath his mask at the state he left the husband and wife in, contemplating their sons reaction when he came home from his friends. "Enjoyed yourself? Let out some anger " mocked the bushman turning around as he heard his nephew coming down the stairs carrying a birdcage that held a beautiful snowy owl.

The trio (plus an owl) stepped outside and Mundy asked his nephew one last question "Are you sure you are ready?" and with Harry's nod of affirmation they made their away from the plain houses of Privet drive.

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