Harry Pov

Dream Sequence

Slithering along the floor i hissed happily as i saw the woman who was bound and hung in the air with magic, tears in her eyes, i could even taste her fear. "She's useless to us now, she knew nothing, stupid mudblood. Bring in the next one!Let's hope she has more information. Nagini i have a snack for you!" as the Mudblood fell to the floor i hissed with glee as my large body made its way over to her hissinh in delight as my sensitive tongue tasted her unblemished blue-tinted skin i opened my jaw, unhinging it so i could get large amounts in at a time before-

Sequence end

"Harry? Harry wake up kiddo!" i heard my Uncle call as a bright light was shone in my eyes, i quickly covered my eyes with my arms blocking out the light (at least to a point of non-blindness) and sat up, neck aching from the awkward position i'd apparently fallen asleep in at some point during the car journey to the port of Dover and due to traffic it was taking longer than first expected and i nodded off. "Huh? What is it?" i asked vision blurry before i wiped the sleep out of them and took the offered glasses in front of me.

"Well, we were hoping you could tell us. You were hissing and writhing in your sleep cackling and let out a scream of pain just as i woke you" informed my Uncle a worried look on his face, looking down away from the questioning gaze i began to explain about what is was. "Well every now and then i'll fall asleep only to wake up in either the body of Voldemort or his pet Nagini and it's almost as though i really am them, i feel what they do as though they're my own feelings and my thoughts become the same as theirs. Just then i was in the body of Nagini who is able to swallow people whole she's so big, i remember the hunger and the glee I-no she felt as she was finally able to eat her prey. The pain is likely because of my scar, whenever Voldemort kills or in nearby it causes me a great load of pain, as though something is trying to get out my head-it feels worse than a crucio which is a tough feat believe me."

As Harry finished his story and explanation of what had happened the two adults looked at each other and agreed silently that something had to be done about teh boy's scar as it certainly wasn't natural-nor the other things happening in his sleep. "When we get to France we'll head to a friend of ours currently living there, he is apparently using his free time to tour Europe's bars and getting smashed he dabs in magic-supposedly. Hopefully he'll help us anyway..." the Sniper finished remembering the events before their holidays. "Ha, gud luck with zhat, se stupid Scot vill be var too drunk to help us, i still don't know why you zhink he vill help us" the frenchman retorted smoking with his cigar out the window-the Bushman being obsessed with cleanliness in his van/home on wheels.

*Yawn* "Where are we then? I noticed we aren't moving..." moving (shuffling) toward the motor home's windows i could see cars to the side of us, a large Ferry that had P&O on the side of it in front of us behind a tall structure that read Dover 9 and the sea to our other side. Feeling rather chilish i let out an astonished gasp at the sea and the view i had. I could already see France in the distance and for a change the sky was a clear blue, no cloud in the sky-hoping not to jinx it i got out of the van and breathed in the salty and refreshing air. Only to then notice the biting cold from the winds surrounding us and hop back imto the warmth to find Olivier chuckling as i came in. "I was tempted to tell you to get a jacket, but it vas too gud an oppurtunity to get a laugh from you" he explained, i turned to give pleading eyes to my uncle who just angled his hat down so i couldn't see his smile nor guilt trip him.

"Will all passengers please get in their cars, we will be boarding the 11:10 to Calais shortly" a woman's voice spoke from teh speakers dotted aound the port. Getting back into my seat i watched as others hurried back to cars, squashing children into to-full cars and said children refusing to get in. Mundy got into the drivers seat and stuck the keys in the ignition and started the engine, watching the other cars drive up into the Ferry i felt a pit grow in my stomach at all the things that could go wrong as we were directed to the lower decks of 'the Pride of Kent' as we parked we got out the vehicle and went up 3 flights of stairs and managed to find somehere that overlooked the sea ready for when the hour and a half journey to begin and we can buy some lunch and snacks for the road.

"Seeing as we have time to kill, how about we share stories so we can learn more about each other? We've nothing else to do have we?" I proposed as we were sat in the resturant eating good ole' fish and chips as a sort of farewell to English food although if Olivier's face was anything to go by he'd be thankful for the French cuisine that awaits us. "I see no problem in that kiddo, well after i finished school in Australia i joined the army but i was picked on for many reasons, for one i wasn't Australian, i wasn't packed with muscle and had no brains. I was lanky and quick to think on my feet, whilst my crew mates were wrestling 'gators i was sniping wildlife and selling the skins and that for extra moolah. Anyways after a few months this posh lady came in and spotted me practicing and gave me my first job-to assassinate her hubbie, apparently she married into the family and wanted the old man's money but didn't want it to be traced back to her. The old coot was some sort of drug lord who'd become complacent in his age, that was my first kill at 20. From then on i kept taking on more killin' jobs and boy was that a pain in the rear to explain to Mum and Dad ut i kept doing it none-the-less money was always good and it gave me somat to do with my life. That is until i took up the job with RED and i've been in their employment for almost 9 years now-still no clue what on earth we're fighting for but it pays handsomely and i enjoy the challenge, even if it can get a little repetitive...so yeah?" scratching the back of his head Mundy shrugged and leant back as he story was more-or-less told.

Harry expectantly turned to Olivier and waited for him to start-seeing that it wasn't going anywhere fast he quickly gave the man puppy-eyes and although he could ignore the pleading look in the boys eyes he couldn't for long and gave in, though kept it brief. "I don't know where to start, i was born in a small town called Compiegne in rural France to my muzza who vas a seamstress and my father vas a spy for the french during many conflicts and 'e is what inspired me to become a spy. 'e 'ooked me up with some old contacts of 'is and i became fully trained in espionage at ze age of 20. Skip through a lot of death and mystery etc etc and 'ere i am working for BLU the ones who fight RED" taking a sip of his coffee the frenchman didn't see the shocked face of myself not believing that being a spy was a proper job someone could have a be paid for. Must be a horrible job, not being able to connect or form relationships with anyone incase they are used as blackmail.

Feeling two sets of eyes on him Harry went red and began to explain all the (Admitedly embarrassing at times) shenanigans that him and his friends had been a part of in his years at Hogwarts this year included."Well, in my first year at Hogwarts i fought a troll, escaped a cerberus, took part in a life-size chess game-in which both my friend were injured as their pices were sacrificed so i could go on and fight Professor Quirrel who had Voldemorts wraith in it...i turned Quirrel into ash by touching him. Year 2-I flew a flying car and crashed it, uh found out i could talk to snakes which is apparently a very bad thing and fought a basilisk to stop anyone dying-oh and freed a house elf called Dobby who has serious issues i swear. Year 3-Fought a werwolf, saved my Godfather and fought off over a hundred dementors and time-travelled which was very very weird let me tell you. Year 4-I was entered into a death tournament with far more skilled people, fought dragons, merpeople and voldemort and my friends abandoned me thinking i was attention speaking...before i fought Voldemort i watched his servant kill a felloe competitor and friend because he was unecessary" i began to sniffle as my eyes watered at the raw memory and emotions that ran through me once more.

Looking up i saw murderous looks on the two mercenaries were murderous "you are not going back there. Not if we get a say so-and as your guardian i do" growled Mundy, Olivier nodding in agreement. The two wondering how on earth Harry was alive with all the crap he has gone through needlessly, do the teachers not supervise or care for them at all? As their boat trip came to an end and they queued to get to the van I noted the determined glint in both adults eyes and decided this summer was gonna be very exciting and he would be safe with them. Moreso than at the Dursleys or wizarding world.

Tada i live! i apologise for spy's accent i have no idea to write french accents...