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Arthur was feeling pretty anxious lately. Whenever he saw a girl he started feeling all weird. It was like his eyes were being magnetized towards any female that came close to him. He didn't really know what it meant and he didn't know how to handle it. And the worst thing was worrying that someone would notice that he was acting odd.

Arthur got packed up and was ready to go to school now. On his way out to the family car he started thinking. He noted he was not attracted to his mom or his sister yet he was fairly attracted to some of the girls at his school. Why was it that this was happening to him? Last week everything was ok. He never looked at any girl any way aside from just recognizing them and hanging out sometimes. He contemplated the whole way to school.

Arthur arrived at school and was thankful there were no girls around yet.. Just Buster. "Hey Arthur" said Buster. "Hey" Said Arthur. "Did you see the latest episode of Bionic Bunny?" Asked Buster. "No. I had to catch up on some homework. My mom kind of made me do it" Said Arthur. " You missed out" Said Buster. " Bionic Bunny got captured my Ms Mystique. She put him under a spell called an allure and made him do whatever she wanted". Arthur kind of froze and thought about that for a minute before heading to class with Buster.

Arthur tried to pay attention in class but he kept looking over to Sue Ellen. He was thinking how nice she looked in the sweater he had made fun of her wearing just recently. He was noticing her hair's unique style and he skin's tone and complexion. He decided she looking nothing like a dog at all and had no idea how he thought she did before.

After class Arthur decided he should ask Buster what he though. Buster was always a good friend and could be trusted to keep an important secret… at least Arthur hoped so. It was so embarrassing that only Arthur's best friend could help. "Buster…" Arthur said. "Yes?" said Buster. "Is it weird to think a girl looks pretty?" said Arthur just getting it out there bluntly. "What do you mean" asked Buster. "Actually I guess I have noticed that some girls actually look pretty good and I don't know if that is normal" admitted Arthur. "Oh" said Buster waiting a second "Yeah that's normal. It means you're growing up. My mom has told me that all boys eventually start looking at girls as they get older and then they become men and get married. Its normal". "Alright" said Arthur feeling a bit better but still not sure of himself. Then he asked "Do you look at girls Buster?" but Buster was on his was to his moms car that has just pulled around. "Yeah" Said Arthur "There is nothing wrong with looking at a girl".

Arthur waited for his dad to pick him up from school. He needed to use the bathroom and headed back inside. He went to the bathroom and relieved himself and went back outside. He saw Sue Ellen who had taken off her coat to show a more revealing shirt. Arthur kept on looking and had his eyes all over her body. His eyes stopped at her butt. He couldn't stop staring at her butt. "Hi Arthur" said Sue Ellen not noticing Arthur looking at her butt and Arthur ran… He went in the building. Arthur thought to himself: What am I doing? How can I look at a girls butt and like it? I must be going crazy. He realized he wanted to put his hands on her butt and he felt even more like a freak.

Arthur slowly calmed down and then went back outside. Sue Ellen was still there. Arthur wanted to hide but he had to wait for his dad to pick him up and ride him home. Arthur caught himself looking at Sue Ellen's Butt again. He thought it look nice and round and pretty big. Arthur couldn't help it. He took his hand and slapped Sue Ellen's butt. She made and "oh" sound like she was surprised and turned and looked at Arthur very confused. Arthur stopped for a second and then said " Ha ha you have a big butt" pretending to bully her like he did last week. Sue Ellen opened her mouth and ran off back into the school maybe even crying. Arthur felt horrible. He turned and saw his dad's car finally in the distance.

"Everything ok Arthur?" asked Arthur's Dad. "Yeah" said Arthur "Everything is fine dad". On the way home Arthur felt horrible. He decided he'd just have to tell Sue Ellen the truth.

The next day Arthur was in class. He saw Sue Ellen but didn't look at her in the way he did yesterday. He was feeling sorry for what he had said and done to her and he decided to talk to her right after class so that he could make things right. Until then he would just have to put up with another lesson from Mr. Ratburn.

The day was long and hard for Arthur but when class was over he followed Sue Ellen out and ran up to her when noone was around. He was determined to end this now and fix things. "Sue Ellen please wait a minute" and to his surprise she stopped and turned to him. It was his time to finish this even though he could see she had a face that hated his soul.

Arthur went up to Sue Ellen. She paused and looked at him saying nothing. "I'm sorry for being such a jerk to you. I actually think you're really cool and… Well I think you're pretty and I like the way your butt looks. I know it's weird and I don't know why I feel that way. I'm sorry I hurt you. Really." Said Arthur. Sue Ellen just stared at him with an expression he thought was confusion. Then she ran off. "Wait" said Arthur but she had already gotten away from him.

To be Continued...

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